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Jun 10

A Life Worth Saving

My introduction to Grandmaster Dr. Kam Yuen came from my good

friend, Dr. David Silva in June of 2009. David was seeing a 5-element
acupuncturist and YM certified practitioner, Dr. Meei Meei Soong. I had not
heard of Dr. Yuen, Dr. Soong, or 5-element medicine. I did know that I
needed help and traditional Western medicine did not have the answers to
resolve my pain.
If you have never taken a physical seminar with Dr. Yuen, it's safe to
say you don't know what you are missing. I could use all kinds of adjectives
to describe what happens when your bio-computer downloads all of the
corrections needed to be open to life without limitations. It's very simple and
not even mysterious. And yet, it is so frequently not realized without the
required balance and foundation of body, mind, and spirit.
What is it exactly? It is when we, as human beings, operate at 100%
with infinite potential. In this place, we are able to access our human
birthright. Here we are able to live from intuition and spontaneity of action.
It is a perfect place of neutrality where we are fully engaged in life, in it but
not of it. It is a place where the body, mind and spirit are equal. It is a place
where logic and reason work for us instead of the mind working against us. It
is truly a path to a better future for humanity.
Dr. Yuen taught me the value of letting go of everything I don't need.
He taught me the value of separating thinking from emotions, emotions from
feeling, and feeling from intuition. He taught me practical application of
Taoist principles in human life. His method is not philosophy or religion and
it requires no belief. This method only requires a willingness to perceive the
Dr. Yuen will give you the right information so you can find out what is
holding you back. But he doesn't stop there. Dr. Yuen will teach you how to
correct body, mind, and spirit so you can realize your full potential. If you
ever thought you wanted to change your life or the world around you, this is
truly a good place to start.
As human beings, we often arrogantly assert that we know the truth of
who and what we are at the core. Dr. Yuen will show you how to find the
truth without embellishment, he will teach you how to have mastery over
your own life. It is an artful and revolutionary way to undo what has been
done, by using the past to repair the present and prepare for the future.
The Yuen Mastery system will teach you how we resolve everything
from your ancestors, descendants, spirits, personalities, and collective
humanity at the conscious, subconscious, and non-conscious levels.
Now is a very good time to learn how to step out of the darkness of
misinformation and untruth. Dr. Yuen is carrying a torch and leading the way
for all of humanity. And from here the future looks pretty bright.
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Connect to answers, awaken to your own intuition, learn how to clear
away obstacles effortlessly.
Jun 10

Body, Mind, and Spirit Correction
Here's a quick method for doing a general correction for body, mind,
and spirit.
Go to your centerline and check for neutrality
Sweep your attention up and down your centerline and say
"Neutral." Do it three times.
Strengthen any weakness with a thought to the midline or
centerline, put a little energy behind it.
Before you begin, you can check the BMS triad level as a percentage
of 100% with infinite potential. Start counting from 0 to 100, when the
energy goes weak that is your baseline. Or just wait for your insight to give
you the number. Then you can check again after you've corrected the BMS
For the BMS triad, check the external boundary, internal boundary,
internal dynamic, and external dynamic individually:
Body, mind, and spirit should be strong in coming together and
strong in separating (the apexes should be strong)
Correct any weaknesses. The three should be more even rather
than less; you want evenness in the triad.
To enhance the corrections, use the awareness triad, and time
Awareness triad is non-conscious, subconscious, and conscious
levels. Time factor is past, present and future.
Correct any weakness, make it strong and delete the cumulative
effects of any weakness, zero to power of minus infinitysend to other
dimensions, places unknown, other energy fields, other universes, and black

A Taoist Testimonial
Dear Friends,
What do you get when you mix Taoist 5-Element Medicine with YM
Chinese Energetic Medicine? It is the inestimable Dr. Meei Meei Soong, of
I came to Dr. Soong to resolve all of the pain Western medicine could
not. After only a few sessions, I returned to my surgeon for a follow-up
exam. He could not believe the improvement and recommended against
surgery. Its a miracle, he said.
Of course, it appears to be a miracle to any person who doesnt have
the right information, or when we mistake physical causes for non-physical.
Back in Dr. Soongs office, I announced I wanted to learn from her
teacher, Grandmaster Dr. Kam Yuen. After all, I was a kid that grew up on
Star Trek and Kung Fu: The Series. And this was a chance of a lifetime,
staring me in the face!
Dr. Soong practices her art with patience, attention, and love. Vibrant,
quick, and agile, here we are not limited by past, present, or future.
And so, as one teacher passes, another arrives. As human beings we are
body, mind, and spirit. How could it be otherwise?
Your friend,
Adam Shiffman

Davis, California


Clarity or No Mind
It's not so much that we don't need a mind. It's more like we need a
mind that works for us and not against us. The mind should be quiet when it
has nothing to do. If there is no peace and quiet, how can we perceive
Yes, meditation is a useful tool for quieting the mind. But it is slow.
What is the sudden method? Hold your breath for a quick correction. No
thinking, no emotions.
True, we cannot hold our breath forever: it is simply a pause or an
interruption in the endless cycle of recreation we engage in every day. What
are we recreating? Is it pure essence or the web of manifestation?
The problem with the untrained mind is it's always running off in every
direction. When the mind does not serve us, trouble ensues. Yes, every kind
of trouble under the Sun is what we get from an unruly mind.
With an unruly mind comes a lot of static or interference. Is the mind at
all like a radio? When you tune into a station and hear 3 or 4 other stations
playing over it, how can you make sense of any of it? When there is so much
static, there is no clarity of mind. When there is no clarity of mind, there is
no right action. What leads us to right action?
Right action (or spontaneity) is informed and directed by our intuition
and conscious intention (will). It is not a thought or an emotion. What leads
us to our intuition? With great certainty and no doubt, clarity of mind leads
us to intuition. Clarity or no mind is the doorway to our intuition.
The heart of the mind should be like a clear pool. Thinking and
emotions are just ripples in the pool. Our feeling gives us a sense of the pool:
is it shallow or deep, murky or clear, moving or still? When the pool is still
and clear, it reflects all of creation perfectly.
Intuition is our birthright; it allows humanity to engage in direct
perception of truth.
Always seeking clarity reveals truth. This is the path of wisdom.

Feb 10
The Flower: Five triads
Person: Body, mind, spirit
Events: Time, place, person
Time: Past, present, future
Awareness: Conscious, subconscious, nonconscious
Life: Tension, relaxation, effort

Feb 10

Intuition, Logic, and Creativity
This is the third article in my series on intuition.
Before we talk about the connection between creativity
and intuition, let's first look at using logic and creativity to
help us ask better questions.
We already know that for any given issue or situation,
there will be an answer that is capable of resolving that issue. The universe is
full of answers, there are trillions of answers. But until you get to the answer
that resolves your issue, knowing them all is really of no help.

Using the Yuen Mastery System, we start by using logic.

To summarize the process, we use: logic, feeling (strong/weak),
perception, and intuition.
How exactly do we ask good questions, and how do we employ
creativity in this process?

It's pretty simple.

Start by using creativity as a kind of lens for your logic to both widen
and narrow the field of your questioning as it applies to the situation.
Sometimes you will want to ask very broad questions to get you in the
'ballpark' and sometimes you will want to narrow the focus to be very

If you find yourself getting stuck, you might prepare yourself by

clearing any personal weaknesses.
You could make yourself 100% strong with infinite potential to using
logic, creativity, feeling strong and weak, and accessing your intuition right
If you are having trouble getting into a meditative state, you can use
corrections to separate thinking from emotions, emotions from feeling,
thought from feeling, and so on.

Once you begin testing it's good to keep in mind that you can test many
areas of a person's life for weaknesses.
If you are looking for a specific cause to a specific issue then you will
need to focus on a very exact answer. However, many issues can be resolved
in a more general way.
And if the general correction does not clear the specific issue, then you
may have to narrow your aperture again and look for more weaknesses.

Let's begin with a hypothetical case.

A client asks you to help clear some leg pain.
Their symptoms include back and leg pain including numbness in the
right leg.
They tell you it's been going on for several months and now the pain is
so bad it's hard to stand up.
You might begin by asking what their desired state is and what is most
bothersome about the symptoms.
If you like, you might ask them to estimate the intensity on a level of 1
to 10 to give you a baseline.
Whatever your client tells you can be tested for strong or weak.
If there's numbness involved, you might ask what is being numbed?
Does your client feel like they don't have a leg to stand on?
Remember, you can always start by testing broad categories such as
aging, fitness, career, finances, relationships, and health.
This can help narrow down the possible choices using logic and feeling
What's most important is identifying the weakness and following the
trail of any weakness you find.

For example:
- Is the issue one of body, mind, or spirit?
- What influences are at work?
- Is it ancestors, descendants, collective influences, spirits, or
- Is the issue simply your client's issue or is there an outside influence?
- If it's an outside influence, is it parents, friends, or coworkers?
- Does the issue come from the past, present, or future?

In the end, it's intuition that gives you answers, but creativity is
important in giving logic a little boost.
Logic alone can be a little dull and slow, especially if you are
accustomed to traveling faster than the speed of light!
After all, even Mr. Spock ultimately realizes that logic is not sufficient
to account for friendship, and that sometimes the needs of the one are greater
than the needs of the many.

Jan 10


Why Intuition?
It's a legitimate question.
First of all, most of us in the West are raised and
educated to use reason and logic. If we are lucky
and took an art class or two, or happen to be artistically
inclined, we might have a better idea of what
intuition does for us.
Then again, maybe we do not.

Why is intuition so fleeting and difficult to pin down?

It's because most of us spend a lot of time in automatic modes of
thinking and feeling (emotions); so much so that we never even notice our
intuition at work.

Intuition is fast and accurate.

It is not guessing, or conjecturing in any way.
In fact, intuition is 100% accurate. It's true, sometimes we mistake
intuition for wishful thinking but they are not the same thing.

Why do we care about intuition?

We care because it provides real answers to life's questions.
Intuition is a human being's best barometer for living well.
There is a relationship between creativity, spontaneity (doing things for
the same of doing them), and intuition.
When that triad is strong in a human being, their life is working for
them at 100% capacity with infinite potential.

What is intuition exactly?

Some of us talk about having 'gut feelings' when we just know we
should take some action, or avoid doing something. This is intuition.
But intuition can also be extremely subtle.
If we are used to working with coarse energy in our lives, then it must
naturally present itself to us in a coarser manner.
If we are used to working with finer energy, intuition will speak to us in
a different way.
Intuition can even speak to us through our dreams.
The more we refine and simplify our inner life, the more we have
access to our intuition.

Is intuition the same thing as meditation?

No, not at all. Meditation may lead us to our intuition, but there's no
guarantee. As long as you hold on to thinking and having emotions you will
remain far from your intuition. Sometimes we are near and sometimes we are
far. This is not mysterious at all, every human being is born with the capacity
for intuition.

And it's not so much that we have to 'train' our intuition as much as we
need to 'untrain' our habitual ways of thinking and feeling.
It's more like intuition is asleep in most of us. We go about our daily
lives, working, eating, sleeping, relaxing, and copulating. But most of us
don't pay much attention to our intuition, assuming we can even recognize it
in the first place.

Intuition is what connects us with answers.

It is fast, very fast.
In fact, intuition is faster than the speed of light because it works
outside of time and space. Yes, we are equipped with a weird quantum-like
capability that seems to defy the laws of physics.
Intuition is able to make use of all of our senses to quickly instruct us
on what to do in any given situation.
Some people might try to place intuition in the realm of the

But it's more like we live habitually in 'subnormal' states of

consciousness. Clairvoyance, remote viewing, telepathy, and other so called
states of 'ESP' are intuition at work. There's really no such thing as
paranormal anyway, these are just words.

So how do I increase access to my intuition?

Stop any unnecessary thinking and emotions.
Then increase your sensitivity and your need.
Learn how to use logic to ask good questions.
Learn how to feel (the difference between strong and weak), then stop.
Now perceive.
Intuition is more like direct perception of truth, so you must pay
attention or you will miss it!

You must have a clear mind, an open heart, and sincere intention. This
triad cannot be faked.

And please don't let anyone tell you that truth is entirely relative.
This is false and misleading because it implies that we can never really
know the truth.
The truth is wordless and cannot be named.
The truth that can be named is not real truth.
The sages of old understood this implicitly.

Jan 10

Fear and adrenaline
Fear does not make us super human.
You might have heard or read an anecdotal example of how fear
inspired a man or woman to lift a vehicle under which a child was pinned.
But please dont attribute this to fear. Its more like a reaction to fear.
Yes, adrenaline (or epinephrine) can greatly amplify our perception,
strength, endurance, agility, coordination, etc. Does this make us super
human? Or have we learned to live with limitations that we accept as
normal? Do we really need fear or can we learn how to exceed our

Jan 10

Time travel
If you are expecting this to be a clever story about time travel
then you may be disappointed. But read on because there's more to it
than meets the eye.

Assume for the moment, that you want to know more about time
travel. How would you learn more? Would you read a book or ask a
friend what they knew? Maybe try Google or Wikipedia and think you
actually know something about the subject?
Is time travel simply a question of having access to the
appropriate technology or is there another way to travel through time?
Would that technology be indistinguishable from magic? Perhaps
there's another way?
That's a lot of questions, so let's shift gears a bit and see if we
can't find some answers.
Now you are dreaming. You are dreaming that a good friend is
telling you a story about time travel. You are not really so interested,
but you enjoy your friend's company, so you listen:
"Once I had this amazing dream. Well, I guess it was more like a
vision because it didn't actually seem to me that I was dreaming or
asleep at all, but I was most definitely not awake either. As I slept, two
unusual and unfamiliar beings came to visit me. They were not human
and clearly not of this world; they were humanoid in form only with no
distinguishing features, apart from the brilliance of their luminous
shape. They did not exactly seem like aliens either, they were both
familiar and unfamiliar.
They appeared before me and approached almost without
seeming to move at all. They clearly meant me no harm and I knew it
immediately. They asked for my permission to guide me. They did not
speak, but I heard them quite clearly. There were no words, but I
understood them perfectly. I knew I was about to witness something
quite outside my normal perception or experience. I accepted and our
journey began.
Suddenly my perception of time and space transformed into
something I can only describe as zooming out. We stepped out of the
physical dimension of space and time.
First we traveled backward through time to the beginning of life
on Earth. They showed me the early origins of life. I witnessed the
growth and movement of continents and oceans. Some of it
happened as if we were moving quickly through time, then everything
would slow down or shift in some subtle way. I also witnessed key
planetary events. These were events that would influence the
evolution of life on this planet in some meaningful way. Some were
cataclysmic, others quite subtle.
The experience was fascinating. As we moved forward through
Earth's history, I noticed that we were witnessing these marvels
sometimes as if from a distance, other times from very close up. We
would step into the frame of that time and space to briefly taste it's
unique flavor. It was right at the threshold of my ability to perceive,
almost more than I could take in at once.
And then suddenly everything stopped. We were outside of all
time and space now. They wanted me to see this. I felt like they
wanted to remind me that I had been here before and would return
again in the future. There really was no time as I knew it, or once
understood it. It was as if they had played a few notes for me in this
quiet place; they were silent tones, conveyed only by subtle vibration
of energy and intention.
Zoom in. We were traveling through Earth's history again. By
now homo sapiens had begun to spread across the planet in larger
numbers. I witnessed the rise and fall of civilizations. I was able to
step in and out of any moment we chose. Once I had grasped the
ephemeral nature of space and time, everything changed again. It
was incredible!
Now we were viewing the planet from a greater distance and
time moved even more quickly. We moved so far into the future,
humanity as we knew it no longer even existed. By now our Sun was
expanding and the Earth was beginning to boil. Further and further we
ventured, until even our Sun was no more. The Universe continued to
expand, on and on it went, until it seemed it would never stop. Just
when it seemed to me as if I could go no further, everything shifted.
It was quiet again. We had returned to that place that was truly in
another dimension. Here it seemed as if anything and everything was
possible. This dimension was limitless but it had no form at all.
Something unexplainable washed over me in gentle waves. It was
some kind of deep understanding. Now I felt as if I had received a
great gift. Not just a gift of experience or perception, but a gift to share
with all of humanity. It was entirely wordless. My guides floated
nearby and gestured to me, they had shown me what I needed to
By now I knew I needed to find a way to convey the wordless
understanding of the difference between the host and guest. I had
borne witness to the great dance of expansion and contraction,
creation and destruction, of darkness and light. All of creation was an
open book to me and I knew I had experienced something very
unique; it was hidden, but hidden in plain sight!
And that's when I woke up. I've never forgotten that dream
because it was always so real for me. The experience changed me. I
knew I would never be the same."
Then she tells you that there was a final message from the
luminous beings:
"The guardians of creation bear witness to all manifestation.
Find the host, witness the truth, and you will be free from the bonds of
past, present, and future. Remember us and what you have

Jan 10


Odd and even

Find the truth within you. Be an empty vessel for the truth.
Find the suchness of your life.
Learn how to be weak. Learn how to yield. This is true strength.

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