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Yuen method
(Stop) Focusing .. To Get Answers

Stop) Focusing .. To Get Answers

Posted on September 18, 2015 by Stephen Dupre

Do we need to focus?

In our western culture, we are indoctrinated that focus is desired

or necessary at all times. Well, sometimes focus is important such
as when were driving a car

But, in other areas of our lives, its our ability to avert our focus
and thinking even for one second
that gets us to neutrality and real answers.

focus is the anchor

that prevents a situation or problem from changing

The notion that focus (c--d mindfulness) is necessary to get

insights or results is the unconscious imprint for many. Its really the
collective experience of misinterpretation that drives our thoughts or
beliefs about focus.

The Fear of Not Focusing

A common collective belief is; if we dont focus we will miss
something (an opportunity, etc), right?

The thought that we need to struggle or focus actually

manifests / creates the constant struggle and is what keeps us
When we look at these ideas about focus energetically, the fear
of missing a step doesnt come up for most. (i.e. theres no
weakness there).

The need to focus is a very conventional idea; that somehow the

only way to get an insight or learn / achieve a result is by using our
mind to focus in the old struggling step-by-step... way.

And, of course, skipping or missing a step well, most likely this

never leads to a good outcome

How do we know we think this way?

Count how many of these negative, self-limiting idioms weve

- gotta get my ducks in a row (wait until infrequent occurrence;

the planets align everythings perfect).
- one step at a time, take baby steps (tread slowly missing a
step is bad, skipping a step is worse).
- little by little (progress is always gradual never immediate).
- keep in step (stay with the crowd, conventional thinking
cant go ahead, go faster, get (new) answers on our own).
- one step forward, two steps back (why not 2 steps forward, no
steps back?).
- go back to square one (punishment is associated with missing
a step).

Speaking of steps, we step with our feet.

Its no wonder so many have blocked energy and problems in
their feet.
Many of us put our (energetic) concepts and limitations related to
feet in our feet.

So, whats really bothering us?


We may think lack of focus is the problem.

But, intuitively, the energy doesnt indicate this, so what could it

- collective negative judgment of scatter brain (lacking focus

judged unproductive, unconventional, fickle, lazy)
- people focussing ON US weakens us
- anything unconventional is out of step (strong herd /
collective influence)
- trying (to focus) brings up all our trying experiences and trying
is linked to failing more than success.

We need to be MORE scatter-brained to get answers.

Answers are everywhere and everywhen and we dont find
them if we just focus in one spot or in one time (e.g. the present).

Also, this work we do checking energy with Yuen Method and

The Power of Neutrality is NOT CONVENTIONAL be neutral with

Our modern western culture posits the bogus claim

that we cannot gain answers or results
without struggle and focus

Scatter brain means if what we think the problem is doesnt

test weak energetically we move on immediately to something
else to the next thing to get an insight. We extend our catchers
mitt; NEUTRAL and NOT focused and the insight comes to us.

The No Focus, No Effort Scatter-Brain

Theres no effort needed to be scatter brain and its more fun
and we get answers. Conversely, theres a LOT OF EFFORT involved
in focus and endless questions but no answers. Googles cache is
full of answers to these endless questions and none apply to us.

Focus Not in the Present

The present is the anchor that keeps things from changing; and
the anchor is always rooted in the past, never in the future.

For real change to occur, we need these 4 things:

- not to focus in the present moment at all

- delete all the effects of the past that weaken our energy
- strengthen ourselves to the future
- be neutral and playfully wonder / be surprised about what could
happen in the next moment.

When weve done these things, we have in effect plowed a

path to the future with neutrality free from negative (or positive)
anticipation from ourselves or from others affecting us.

With neutrality, we will feel less weight moment to moment. We

have fewer limitations or walls blocking us in the future, and no
anchors inhibiting us from moving forward, or holding us down from
the past.

Neutrality into the Future

With less focus, new possibilities can manifest in our daily life.
We can be more neutral in every single aspect and interrelating
aspects of our lives (relationships, money, purpose, time/aging,

Prepare to be surprised when new things manifest that we might

not at first associate with our newfound neutrality and less focus.

Getting insights that manifest real change should not take

effort or focus.
Lets [DELETE] that thinking right now so we can catch the
next curve ball the universe throws us