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What Are Infinite Effects

What Are Infinite Effects?

Posted on April 7, 2016 by Stephen Dupre

The Energy of Infinite Effects

Many people ask: What does it mean for something to have an
infinite effect?
Its a good question.
Our Life is the cosmic sum (for lack of a better term) of our own
energy and energies outside of us.

If were not neutral, some of this energetic undercurrent can

affect us negatively and become a significant, cumulative effect on the
physical, mental and spiritual level creating the ripples of
manifestation in our lives from moment to moment.

We all have a unique energy field that enlivens us.

Perceiving what depletes (weakens) it significantly is the key
to getting real answers that improve our lives
and the lives of others.

Energy is potential another way of saying possibilities.

hen we are neutral, or strengthen areas of our energy that have
weaknesses, we add tickets of experiences to the grab bag of

possibilities that determine what happens or un-happens in future


Infinitely Insignificant
Its all about the energy. Our energy state drives our
manifestations (and cause/effect).

For many, the energetic source or origin of a pain or a mental or

physical reaction that creates an infinite effect is often paradoxically
from insignificant things.

We (or others) are convinced we know what the problem is, just
not how to solve it.

When were stuck, often its due to a false belief or imprint

that our life problems are caused
by a single, significant issue or experience.

Whatever we think our issue is is likely already resolved.

When we feel into it, most often we have an accumulation of a

lot of little things that cant be identified or neutralized that are at
the root cause of most of our issues or ailments.

For some, there are near countless Life Problems (Yuen

Method geometric triad of (Issues, Triggers, Choices) and infinite

When something triggers an infinite effect,

it means we cant escape it 24/7/365
theres nowhere to hide.

What Affects or Weakens Our Energy

Mostly, we want to identify significant issues affecting our energy
to manifest lasting change.

We do this with energetic testing.

Basically, we want our energy to be:

- strong (and even) for as many things as possible
- neutral about things being/staying the same so they can
Having an energetic bother when things stay the same (or
not the same) actually keeps things from changing.

Common Infinite Effects List

Using energetic testing and profiling, we can gauge / measure
things that have significant or infinite effects on us.

Here is a common list compiled over the years from Dr. Yuens
posts and other teachings.

1. Misdiagnosis. The energy comes from our ancestors,

descendants from thousands of years.
We rely on others for (often) wrong answers. Either we get
immediate results on the spot change, or its misdiagnosis.

2. Propaganda. Energy of persuading us to do what others want

The propaganda (message, information) e.g. xyz is bad/good
weakens us more than the actual substance.

3. Lying. Experiences when people outright lie to you (even

when they do it unintentionally by simply not knowing or being
aware of the truth).

4. Betrayal. Experiences when someone we completely trust

betrays that trust.

5. Loves weakening effect. Experience of loving something

even as it bothers the hell out of us energetically.

6. Improvement. When we thought we got better, it got worse

Neutral to (Improvement, No Improvement) | (Better, Not Better) |
(Worse, Not Worse)
The fear of improving blocks infinite potential.

7. Wrong answer. Sometimes its the #1 weakness. The idea of

treat (ment) (repeating something over and over) that is based
on a wrong answer- makes it worse. Cumulative weaknesses of this
can be very high. Often, we may need to delete the cumulative effects
of wrong answers before a person can perceive changes.

8. Wrong answer. Another example choosing to hold on to a

problem already resolved becomes your issue.

9. Losing (everything). Fear of losing EVERYTHING.

(from childhood resistance to letting go; for some, this is
worse than dying)

Removing The Infinite Effect

Our collective experience may be that big things are difficult
and take time to move or change. But, with energy, its the opposite.
It doesnt take muscle or years of study or research. We need
just one moment of intuitive and neutral clarity to remove what
was once an infinite effect on us.

Identifying and deleting even one infinite effect issue in our lives
can lead to drastic change.