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Identify the types of context clues used for each of the following

____________________ 1. I saw a man vaping his e-cigarette. He was inhaling

and exhaling the vapor from the device.

_____________________ 2. Contactless payment technologies unlike

traditional modes of payment makes use of smart cards to connect wirelessly
to e-readers for more efficient payment.

______________________ 3. Signing an online petition , sharing a status

message, or liking a post are increasingly regarded as actions falling under
slacktivism. a digital form of activism with little involvement.

_____________________ 4. Some parents are anti-vax that is, anti-vaccinations

because they believe these chemicals may trigger autism in students.

______________________ 5. Some people like making duck faces. Or pressing

their lips together in the shape of a ducks bill when they take selfies.

_______________________ 6. watch this video to discover the meaning of life!:

This beggars response will restore your faith in humanity! and see how
one woman made a million pesos from her living rooms are types of
headlines called clickbaits.

_________________________ 7. Advances in neuromorphic technology have

excited many scientist. These systems that mimic the human nervous
system show much promise in the field of medicine.