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In ED 325 students were required to meet with an elementary student 3 times

throughout the semester to have him/her read the text and then we collected data
to analyze it. For this assessment project, I met with Eden, a 2nd grade student
throughout the semester to have him read different texts. I collected data and then
analyzed it. Finally, I designed a plan for instruction to help him learn better.

This assessment project definitely satisfies the WTS #8: The teacher knows how to use a
variety of assessments to evaluate the teaching and student learning in order to provide
learners with appropriate learning opportunities as well as AEA Diagnosis: The teacher
understands students' learning and behavior through observation and analysis to make
a decision and implement based on students' needs. This also greatly supported my
chosen artifact in the ED 315 video lesson found under the video lessons tab which
demonstrated the WTS #8 and AEA Diagnosis ability.