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Interview Protocol


Interviewer: Kayla Stouthamer Interviewee:

Date: 2/22/17 Time: 7:30 am

Planning Questions:
How do you write a typical lesson plan?
- First I use our grade level pacing guide. I read the standard and the unpacking.
Then, I am on the hunt for resources to best support the standard. I strive to find
engaging lesson ideas in all subjects. Using pre assessment data is helpful in
determining mini lessons and specific students who need additional assistance.
What types of materials do you need available when you plan lessons?
- List of resources/websites to access.
In what ways do you plan to accommodate individual differences in the classroom?
- I plan for students to receive extra support during small group time. Our schedule
supports multiple times a day for small group instruction.

Instructional Questions:
What are some of your instructional challenges as a teacher?
- Some instructional challenges I face are being sure all students are learning and
understanding what is being taught. Am I sufficiently teaching where all students
are understanding and able to practice the new skill? I continually review data
and create new groups for Reading and Math to help ensure all students are
grasping the skill.
What have been some of your instructional successes as a teacher?
- Every day when students show their strategies and critically think. Seeing them
learn and grow is being successful.
What do you consider essential characteristics for successful teaching?
- Flexibility, organization, hardworking, and never giving up.
How often do your students receive social studies/science instruction?
- We do a few weeks of Science and then a few weeks of Social studies and we
switch on and off like that throughout the school year.
Are you satisfied with the amount of time that you currently allot for social
studies/science instruction? Explain.
- Yes. I feel that we are able to sufficiently hit the standards. There are times that I
would like to extend learning and might not be able to due to time restrictions etc.
What social studies and science topics/units will be studied during the second week of
my clinical experience? What are possible goals/objectives I could address for my
lessons? Do you have any instructional resources that would support these
- Ecosystems
What does reading instruction look like in your classroom (e.g. readers workshop,
basals, etc.)? Readers Workshop 1:15-2:15. 1:15-1:30 Mini lesson. 1:30-2:15
independently reading/working on a task, and teacher pulls small groups

What reading topics will be studied during the 2 nd week of my clinical experience? Not
determined yet.
What are possible goals/objectives I could address for my reading lesson?
referencing the text/finding the main idea and details/cause and effect. Mini lesson
objectives: first determine mini lesson then plan for turn and talk/stop and jot

Do you have any instructional resources that would support these goals/objectives? I
have question stems to help go off of and determine mini lesson ideas. Collaboration
with the third grade team.

Classroom Management Questions:

What motivation tactics do you use to ensure a desire to learn?
- Class dojo, clip chart, rewards.

Tell me about the classroom community. What are the class rules? - use respectful
voices, hands to yourself, raise your hand if you have a question, etc. How is student
behavior monitored? I stay on top of them and follow through with expectations. In
what ways is positive behavior reinforced?

- Dojo positive points, clip ups, rewards etc. In what ways are negative behaviors
prevented? Restorative practice morning meetings etc. Tell me about the
consequences for negative behavior. restorative circles, parent phone call,
referral (only in severe cases)

Tell me about the pacing of lessons and interaction in the classroom- use of time- and
other aspects of timewait time, and time using teacher talk and student talk. What
works well with your students?

- I try and make direct instruction 10-20 minutes depending on subject but during
that time allow for turn and talks, collaboration, technology, and I try and find
ways to make something boring more engaging and fun. I constantly think
about how I can make it meaningful and important to them.