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SPM Real Question 2014

Directed Writing: Article

Crime prevention is everyones responsibility.

Your teacher has asked you to write an article for your school magazine on how to ensure
safety in the neighbourhood. Using the information below, write your article.

Your Housing Estate You

Neighbourhood patrol Martial arts classes

Campaigns Whistle

Your Neighbours Your House

Know them Lock all doors and windows

Telephone numbers Lights on at night


When writing your article, you must:

Give your article a title

Include the name of the writer
Use all the points given
Suggest two other ways school children can stay save on the way home

Achieving Excellence English Department
Fazdly|BA English|UPM SMKA Sultan Azlan Shah

Sample Answer: Writing an Article SPM 2014 1119/1 (Section A)

Crime Prevention
By: David Robert Joseph Beckham

Crimes like theft, burglary and *escalating meningkat

robbery can happen in our neighbourhood. *fall prey to menjadi mangsa kepada
Everyone plays an important role in
preventing these crimes from escalating. In
this article, we will learn how to protect
ourselves from falling prey to criminals.

Your housing estate has a *residents committee persatuan

residents committee. The committee penduduk
members should form a neighbourhood *committee members ahli-ahli
patrol. The committee members can patrol persatuan
at night from 12.00 a.m. to 4.00 a.m.. They *residence kawasan perumahan
can patrol on motorbikes. The residents *create awareness mewujudkan
committee should also organise campaigns. kesedaran
These campaigns can be a platform to
create awareness about the importance of
crime prevention.

How can you protect yourselves *co-curricular activities aktiviti ko-

from criminals? Firstly, you should join kurikulum
martial arts classes. These classes are part *self-defense skills kemahiran
of a schools co-curricular activities. mempertahankan diri
You can learn self-defense skills. *assault - menyerang
Secondly, you should bring a whistle *lend a hand - membantu
everywhere you go. If a criminal tries to *chase away mengusir
assault you, blow the whistle as loud as *device - alat
you can. The sound of the whistle can
attract the attention of anyone nearby. So,
they can lend a hand in chasing the
criminal away. Thirdly, you are advised to
buy a pepper spray. If you are mugged,
take out this device quickly. Then, you
should aim for the muggers eyes and shoot
the pepper spray.
* rely on bergantung kepada
Your neighbours are like your * Therefore oleh itu
second family. You can rely on them. *greet sapa
Therefore, you should get to know them. * In case of emergency jika berlaku
You have to know their names. You must be kecemasan
kind to your neighbours. If you see them
outside the house, smile and greet them.
You should keep your neighbours
telephone numbers. In case of

Achieving Excellence English Department
Fazdly|BA English|UPM SMKA Sultan Azlan Shah

emergency, you can call their numbers.

*safety precaution langkah-langkah
Your house can be a target of keselamatan
crime. As a safety precaution, you should *target of crime sasaran jenayah
lock all doors and windows especially *crucial penting
during the night or if you plan to go out. A *other than that selain itu
crime normally takes place at night. *installing memasang
Therefore, it is crucial to leave a few lights *detects mengesan
on either in or outside your house. This *set off berbunyi
shows that you are at home. Other than *high-pitched sound bunyi yang
that, you can invest in installing a good bingit/nyaring
alarm system. If the alarm detects any
signs of burglary, it will set off. The high-
pitched sound of the alarm will scare off
the burglars. *crime victim mangsa jenayah
*witness - saksi
You should know when to call the *properties harta benda
police. You should call 999 if you are a *lives nyawa
crime victim. You should also call this *convicted with disabitkan dengan
number if you witness a crime. Your fast *put behind bars - dipenjarakan
action might save other peoples
properties and lives. The police might be
able to catch the criminals. If they are
convicted with the crimes, they will be put *designated area kawasan yang
behind bars. dikhaskan
*patiently dengan sabar
How can school children stay safe *should not trust strangers tidak boleh
on the way home from school? Firstly, after mempercayai orang yang tidak dikenali
the school hours end, school children *bad intentions niat buruk
should wait at a designated area near the *being vigilant dengan berwaspada /
school. They should wait patiently for their berjaga-jaga
parents or the school bus to arrive. *will spare akan menyelamatkan
Secondly, school children should not trust
strangers. Some of them might have bad
intentions. Being vigilant will spare
school children from becoming kidnapping * the authorities pihak berwajib

To conclude, preventing crime

needs more than just action taken by the
authorities; it needs commitment from
each of us. When the community join forces
for a common purpose, we can make a real

Achieving Excellence English Department
Fazdly|BA English|UPM SMKA Sultan Azlan Shah