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Methods and Procedure

Methods of Research

The researchers used several types of the said method; these are the Survey,
Correlational, and Descriptive. Survey research uses question based or statistical
surveys to collect information about people's lifestyle. Correlational research is
defined as a relationship between two variables. Descriptive research is about
describing people who take part in the study. The researchers will perform a survey
to gather information about Campus Organization Officers, thier Body Mass Index
and Health status. The researchers will correlate various techniques and their
respective efficiency for the identification of Campus Orgajization Officers' health
status. The researchers will describe various Campus Organization Officers , test
thier Body Mass Indexes and identify thier health status.

Respondents of the Study

The subjects and respondents of this study were composed of fifty (50) Campus
Organization Officers from different campuses. The researchers selected random
officers coming from different campuses with different lifestyle but with the same
campus position.

Sampling Technique

Cluster Sampling Technique was utilized in this research. In this sampling, the
population will be grouped by campuses and then choose members randomly from
each groups. And since there is a large population, we will only be getting fifty (50)
respondents from it.

1Research Instrument

The following instruments were used in the conducting of research:

1. Questionnaire. The questionnaire was used to identify the lifestyle of each


2. Interview. This is a face to face or direct method that is used in collection of data.
Unstructured Interview was used wherein the atmosphere is casual. There are
prepared sets of questions to be asked.
Procedure of Data Gathering

The researchers followed these Six Procedures in conducting the research:

Construction of the questionnaire: deals with the analysis and formulation of

questionnaires in order to get the results regarding the study. The researchers will
use the survey questionnaires. The question will be based on the statement of the

Validation: deals with the validation of the questionnaires. The researchers

will pass the questionnaires to a certain doctor to amend and to evaluate the survey
questionnaires that will be disseminated to the respondents before making and
conducting the study.

Distribution: deals with the distribution of the questionnaires. After approving

the survey questionnaires, the researchers will disseminate the copies of the
questionnaire to the selected officers. The respondents are asked to accomplish and
fill in completely the following questions and answer it concise, objective and

Retrieval: deals with collection of the questionnaires. The researchers will

gather all the questionnaires and will evaluate and examine all the papers.

Tabulation: The researchers will tabulate and tally the questionnaires on

different selection. After all that, the researchers will proceed to the proper
statistical treatment of the gather data2

Interpretation of Data: deals with the interpretation of the gathered data. The
researchers will analyze the gathered data from the results.
Statistical Treatment

To classify and to interpret the gathered data, the researchers used the following:

1. Frequency counts and percentage using the simple descriptive survey to evaluate
and to describe the profile of Campus Organization Officers.

Frequency and Percentage Distribution this was used to arrange the data gathered
by its categories. The formula is:

P = f / n 100


P Percentage

f Frequency

n Number of respondents3