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Name _____________________________________ Unit 5: Probability and


7.9 The student will investigate and describe the difference between the experimental
probability and theoretical probability of an event.

7.10 The student will determine the probability of compound events, using the
Fundamental (Basic) Counting Principle.

7.11 The student, given data in a practical situation, will a) construct and analyze
histograms; and b) compare and contrast histograms with other types of graphs
presenting information from the same data set.

8.12 The student will determine the probability of independent and dependent events
with and without replacement.

8.13 The student will a) make comparisons, predictions, and inferences, using
information displayed in graphs; and b) construct and analyze scatterplots

Date Topic Homework

B) Mon. March 27 Go over tests Finish your
A) Tues. March 28 Work on projects project
Begin basic probability (IXL D.1
in class)
B) Wed. March 29 Theoretical vs. experimental IXL DD.3
A) Thurs. March 30 probability
Exit ticket
B) Fri. March 31 Compound events (also discuss Begin IXL DD.7
A) Mon. April 3 independent/dependent events
B) Tues. April 4 (IPT test Begin stations Study for quiz by
noon-2 with 3B class) going through
A) Wed. April 5 notes and writing
possible quiz
B) Thurs. April 6 Quick review before quiz/finish None
A) Fri. April 7 (adjusted stations
dismissal) SHORT quiz on theoretical,
experimental, and compound
Spring Break!! Spring Break!! Spring Break!!
B) Mon. April 17 Tree diagrams and counting IXL DD.10
A) Tues. April 18 principal (make sure to discuss
the probability of getting the
outcome you want after finding
the number of outcomes)
B) Wed. April 19 Dependent and independent Finish IXL DD.7
events again
Exit ticket
A) Thurs. April 20 Library lesson: Histograms IXL BB.8
B) Fri. April 21 Library lesson: Histograms IXL BB.8

A) Mon. April 24 Dependent and independent Finish IXL DD.7

events again
Exit ticket

B) Tues. April 25 Stations Study for quiz by

A) Wed. April 26 going through
notes and writing
possible quiz
B) Thurs. April 27 Quiz on tree diagrams, counting IXL BB.16
A) Fri. April 28 principal, dependent and (scatterplots)
independent events
B) Mon. May 1 Histograms compared to all Study for post-
A) Tues. May 2 types of graphs (bar, line, circle, assessment by
stem-and-leaf, scatterplot) reading through
your notes
B) Wed. May 3 City-wide post-assessment (yes, Finish all IXLs (all
A) Thurs. May 4 the entire thing is graded!) due the morning
of the day of the
chapter test)
B) Fri. May 5 Finish post-assessment Begin review
A) Mon. May 8 Work on graph packet sheet
B) Tues. May 9 Review stations Finish review
A) Wed. May 10 sheet
B) Thurs. May 11 Test on the whole chapter! None
A) Fri. May 12

The Math 7 SOL test is on Wednesday, June 7. For the rest of the time, we will be
reviewing AND learning more of the 8th grade material that you will need for Algebra next