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Newsletter, Summer 2010


Recent CAIM activities have been well received and Andrew Laine, DSc, (Professor and Vice Chair,
helpful to the community we serve. At the New York Biomedical Engineering and Radiology)
Academy of Sciences we sponsored a Technology was elevated to Fellow of the IEEE,
Forum in February 2010 on electronic health records effective, January 2010. The IEEE Board
that attracted 175 attendees who heard distinguished cited his contributions to wavelet
speakers from industry, academia, and government applications in digital mammography,
present various scenarios that will impact healthcare and ultrasound image analysis.
delivery. CAIM again co-sponsored HatchMatch a
speed-dating like event that provides a venue for
entrepreneurs and financiers to meet. A CAIM team David Shaw, PhD (Adjunct Professor,
attended the Annual HIMSS meeting and generated DBMI) won the 2009 Supercomputer
interest in our programs, especially a new certificate Conference Best Paper Award, and
program in medical informatics that will be Gordon Bell prize, for his presentation
supported by a $3.8M federal award to develop on the first millisecond-long all-atom
workforce training programs. We also sponsored a simulation of a protein, beating the
reception at the New York Academy of Medicine on previous record by a factor of 100.
May 3 where former CAIM Director Ted Shortliffe
joined Rachel Block (NYS Department of Health) and
me to discuss an Update on Medical IT: What Every Kathleen McKeown, PhD, (Henry and Gertrude
Health Professional Needs to Know." Rothschilds Professor of Computer
Science and former CAIM Co-Director) is
Our Center is one of two NYSTAR CATs (Centers for one of three women in technology to win
Advanced Technology) that are at the end of their the Anita Borg Women of Vision Award
current contract term. In spite of significant budget which honors women making significant
problems in the State, the CAT program has received contributions in Innovation, Leadership,
enthusiastic support from both the Governor and and Social Impact. Kathy was recognized for her
Legislature. One reason is that collectively last year seminal contributions to natural language processing
the 15 CATs generated $527 million in documented within the general areas of artificial intelligence,
economic impact to NYS companies reflecting a information extraction, and human machine interaction
return on investment in excess of 35:1. We are
confident that the program will continue to serve the
technology innovation industry in New York. Steven E. Labkoff, MD, FACP, a charter member of the
CAIM External Advisory Board,
George Hripcsak, MD, MS has been elected its first Chair. The
EAB is an advisory group with
members from various industry
ECONOMIC IMPACT PERFORMANCE sectors that provides industry
NYSTAR’s 2009 Annual Report lists achievements of perspective and guidance to the
its 15 Centers for Advanced Technology (CATs) as CAIM management. Steve was also
well as other economic development programs. We one of the featured speakers at the
are pleased to report that we (CAIM) were ranked Technology Forum (February 2010) on “EHRs”.
second in 5-year total economic impact with a value
of $265,803,880.
In April the Department of Health and Human
Resources, Office of the National Coordinator for
Current Issues in Biomedical Informatics – our
Health Information Technology awarded Columbia’s
annual technology update will be held on
Department of Biomedical Informatics (DBMI) a grant
October 5, 2010. Co-sponsored with Pfizer, and at
entitled Timely Training of Workers Competent to
their NYC headquarters, the events will feature
Support EHR Deployment and Meaningful Use. The
speakers from all sectors to discuss advances,
$3.8M award will support healthcare IT worker
problems and issues. There is no fee but
training in areas that will increasingly use electronic
preregistration is required. See CAIM webpage
health records. Funds will be used to develop a
for information and preregistration details.
certificate program for industry workers and an
expanded MA program offered by DBMI. The PIs are Information Technology Transformation NYS
Herbert Chase, MD, MA (Professor of Clinical Department of Health.
Medicine in Biomedical Informatics) and Frances
Morrison, MD, MPH, MA (Associate Research CAIM again joined with various Columbia
Scientist and CAIM Assistant Director for Training) entrepreneurship-oriented organizations and The
who wrote the application and is overseeing planning Hatchery to sponsor HATCH MATCH 2010. The event
and implementation. As part of its role in this is an evening of facilitated networking with leading
workforce training effort, CAIM applied for, and web, Internet, and information technology investors and
received, a commitment from New York State for an advisors in NYS. It is designed to help prospective
Innovation Economy Matching Grant. A letter from businesses network and access more than 30 advisors
Governor David A. Paterson pledging the 10% match and investors in a format that’s convenient and efficient.
accompanied the application to HHR/ONC.

OTHER GRANTS In March, a new 2009-10 project entitled SmartPaste-
Jacqueline Merrill, RN, MPH, DNSc (CAIM Associate enabled Computerized Unified Patient Information
Director for Technology; DBMI) Displays was approved for funding. The PI is David
received several awards recently: (1) R. Vawdrey, PhD (Assistant Professor of Biomedical
W. Johnson Foundation [study the Informatics). Frances Morrison, MD, MPH, MA (CAIM
emergence of a public health services Assistant Director for Training) is co-PI. The project is a
and systems research community; 2009- joint effort with NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital to
10, $150k]; (2) Health Information deploy an electronic documentation support tool –
Technology Evaluation Collaborative SmartPaste – that automatically collects and aggregates
[(subcontract) evaluate health information exchange for data from within the EHR and allows clinicians to easily
public health reporting among NYS HEAL 5 grantees; integrate pertinent information into their notes.
2009-11, ~$300k/year]; and (3) NYS Public Health
Practice Based Research Network [evaluate public Recently, a second project in support of Consolidated
health response to H1N1 in NYS counties, 2010, $25k]. Edison was approved for 2009-10 funding. Secondary
Machine Learning Project will help ConEd rank their
Noemie Elhadad, PhD (DBMI) was awarded a Google structures for vulnerability to serious events such as
grant for PERSEUS: Structuring and Searching the Content fires and explosions using machine learning. The PI is
of Health-Related Web Posts. Rebecca Passoneau, Research Scientist in the Center for
Computational Learning Systems.
Rita Kukafka, DrPH, MA, and Carol Friedman, PhD
(DBMI) are collaborators on an NIH Office of the Six 2010-11 industry co-sponsored grant applications
National Coordinator curriculum grant, worth $1.8M. have been reviewed and awards made. The new
projects (title, PI, unit, sponsoring company) are –

PAST EVENTS • Aetna InteliHealth Mobile Web Assessment Project,

A Technology Forum on EHRs: Where Do We Go From David Albert, DDS, MPH, Community Dentistry,
Here?, organized with New York Academy of Sciences Aetna Dental;
took place on February 5, 2010. The successful one-day • Video and Image Retrieval and Analysis Tool, Shih-Fu
event was attended by 175 registrants. Chang, PhD, Electrical Engineering, Kitware;
• Persistent Stare Exploitation and Analysis System;
In March 2010 CAIM staffers Paul Goldfarb, MBA and Shih-Fu Chang PhD, Electrical Engineering,
Frances Morrison sponsored a booth at HIMSS10, the Kitware;
Annual Conference and Exhibition of the Health
• Adaptive Control of the Smart Grid; David Waltz,
Information Management and Systems Society, in
PhD, Center for Computational Learning Systems
March at the Atlanta Georgia World Conference Center.
(CCLS), Consolidated Edison;
• A Phase 2 Evaluation of an Innovative Language Learning
CAIM co-hosted a reception preceding a New York
System for Medical Professionals; David Kaufman, PhD,
Academy of Medicine event on May 3 entitled Update
Biomedical Informatics, LanguageMate;
on Medical IT: What Every Health Professional Needs
• COLABA: Cross Language Arabic Blog Alerts; Mona
to Know. The speakers were Edward H. Shortliffe,
Diab, CCLS, Axciom Corp.
MD, PhD, President & CEO American Medical
Informatics Association and NYAM Trustee; George
Hripcsak, MD, MS, Professor and Chair of Biomedical For more information, call 212.305.2944 or visit
Informatics, and Director of the Center for Advanced
Information Management, Columbia University; and The Center for Advanced Information Management
is a NYSTAR-sponsored Center for Advanced Tec
Rachel Block, Deputy Commissioner Office of Health