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Building a structure: The Solar System

Student Name:

CATEGORY 4- Excellent 3- Good 2- Okay 1- Unsatisfactory

Planet Location Location of the planets Location of planets is Location of planets is Location of planets is not
is correction placed. described in only two described in only one described.
Planet location is ways. way.
described in three

Planet Description Students accurately Students accurately Students accurately Students inaccurately
described all the described most of described some of the described the planets.
planets. the planets. planets.

Interesting Facts Students provided at Students provided Students provided only Students did not provided
least three interesting only two interesting one interesting fact interesting facts about the
facts about the facts about the about the planets, not planets, not including the
planets, not including planets, not including including the description, or location.
the description, or the description, or description, or location.
location. location. TEKS:

112.12. Science, Grade 1, Beginning with School Year 2010-2011.

Description of(b).
Knowledge(What are your explanations to your students?)
and skills
Students are to build a replica
(8) Earth of theThe
and space. planets
the solar system.
that the naturalThey
includesinclude the location
the air around of the in
us and objects planets,
the the description
of the planets, and at least three interesting
sky. The student is expected to: facts about the planets.

(A) Record weather information, including relative temperature, such as hot or cold, clear or cloudy, calm or
windy, and rainy or icy;

(B) Observe and record changes in the appearance of objects in the sky such as clouds, the Moon, and stars,
including the Sun;

(C) Identify characteristics of the seasons of the year and day and night; and

(D) Demonstrate that air is all around us and observe that wind is moving air.