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Discuss how the implementation of system Approach to Maintenance

practicing in your organization

Six phases of Maintenance Management

Work Work Work

Identification Planning

Analysis Work History

Execution Recording

Codification, classification & cataloguing

Are key value added and waste reduction unction of any activity or logistics in maintenance
or other scenario

Preparation of History Card or History Sheets

For each system equipment and major assemblies these give few essential information about
acquisition of the asset/material which are permanent records, few to be updated regularly,
these can be manual records like cards, sheets or registers or in computer.

Instruction and operating manual

Instruction manual is essential technical literature/document
Has to be supplied along with all equipment/system
May not be only in the form of a book
Includes drawings, blown up views, work cards, wall diagrams, video cassette, a
Operating manual
For bigger/ special equipment/ system separate operating manual are supplied
Instruction manual details will be sufficient for other equipment/ system

Maintenance manual and Department manual

Maintenance manual are detailed instruction for repairing, maintaining and overhauling of
specific equipment .Some information about maintenance, upkeep, dismantling,
erection and commissioning are given in instruction manual but maintenance manual
give detailed information
Department manual
For maintenance department is a document (generally separate for every department,
mechanical ,civil, electrical department.

. Maintenance Officer
A person that work in close liaison with the operating personals and user of equipment has an
effective communication in the maintenance hierarchy by;
Eliminating delays and confusion of orders to a considerable extends including the
order from the management to the technical staffs.
Creating a better and comfortable feeling in giving personal touch and ideas resulting
in a better ways of cooperation.

Maintenance Work Order and Permit

Work Order
Maintenance work order is a format of detailed information of the maintenance crews or
technical team work detail;
All maintenance tasks are initiated and recorded in written work order (in form of
card or computer print out)
All work such as the starting time, equipment, tools, used items, location and other of
information of the maintenance task are evaluated and monitored
All detailed information needed to be documented and recorded into the maintenance
history system.
Work Permit
Maintenance permits is a format, written of safety system of work to control potentially
hazardous situation that needs precautions. A part of the work order.
A statement that issues other executives member of certain department that involve or
human resources to take precautions and notify of the work needed to be done.

Concentrates for necessary details for performing each individual job in the form of card,
sheet or print-out prepared manually or through computers is a schedule of job and is filled
up for every job.


Job card are initiated by concerned maintenance personnel and sent to computer section or
planning / documentation section for processing. The complied information from job cards
give feed back to maintenance engineer / plant engineer.

After job are planned and scheduled, the schedules / chart / job card are distributed to
different agencies / men and the execution of job starts continued as per revised schedule if
any from time to time, till the jobs are completed.
Constant follow up and monitoring is very essential during the whole period of execution of
repair and maintenance .
Role :
o Gather information about any deviation, delay in time schedule
o Communicate to follow up agencies
o Provide information about constraints
o Provide a lead to implement technical advancement

Methods :
Daily ( once or twice ) brief meeting repair coordinator to check and update / mark PERT /
CPM / Bar chart daily twice and intimate the deviations and corrective actions to all agencies.

Planned work and percentage of planned work
Production delays and downtimes
Ratio of preventive work to corrective work
Equipment failure pattern and repetitive breakdowns
Permanent records instruction, operating, maintenance, job manuals and important
drawings / drawing lists
Regularly updated records history cards, periodical schedules, networks
Spare cards and trends in spare parts consumption
Indicators of reliability of equipment and major assemblies of difference
Performance details of personnel, by individual or by trade group
Indicator on possible standardization policies
Cost reports / information