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Picturehouse Medio Limited

pi.rurehou6e Medi. Limfted

Registe.ed Offi.e: DoorNo.2,9rh !t@r, KRM Cenire, Hrnindon Road, Chetpel, Chennai-600$r Web:
Uoaudited Fimn.iat R6ulls for rhe eu.rerand Nirc Monrhs en.ted Decenber3r.2016
Pan-l Slalehent of slandalone FiMn.i.t Resltrs fo. rn" q.,,t". l.lin" nr-Gi-a"a5*"fi", a,
Q!4ter ertdd

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frcm ope.ations
Na ltu om" oFrrlur\ tNrl ut c\ n. d h) 382.95 t32.0a 1,25\.26 6,525.12 1,544.6\
orhcr opehr,ns imon'.
rrom ops.rions {nd) 382.95 132.@ 1,251.26
lrolalin.ome 6,525.72 1,544,61
t'rrede/d(rcae ii nat in rradc nnd work in prcsrcss
Cotuumption or rdw
l(b) 'nnlerials
lvlovie I'rodu.tion Exr4N,s 166.59 349.02 1,956.63
l(.) 8,266.67 1,956.63
ll.5.l 3783 44.72 123.63 126.95
t2n t3.t9 t570 39.!13
Lesdlind professiondl chargcs 5.06 6.45 5.20
l(0 11.73 t5.12
R,"l 9.91
lft) 10.16 22.96 33.79 69.81
(h) Othe6 5t,22 4.02 44.55 235.17 t92.55
(i) Toral n9.09 420.67 2,049.76 4,710.42 2.40437
3 ProfivGost Iron operalions before orher incohe, finan e costs
rrd et.eplion.l items {1,2) 83.86 (288.s9) (838.50) (2,185.30) (863.70)
4 5.63 t9.07 4.83 29.77 14.74
5 rrorv{Loss, trom ordrnlry a.liv ilies before fi.arcecostsand
et ptionil ilms (3+4) 49.49 (269.52) (833.66) (2,1ss.53) (E46.96)

193.09 224_07 43.6{t 606.26 u7.47

7 IrotiylLoss) trcD ordinary rctivitis afler finance.6rs bur
b.fore excpiional ilefts (s6) I
(103.60) (4e3.s9) (r,268.341 l\?6t.79]' (1,596.43)
8 I . erriondlrrcms
9 rrofiv(Lors) frcm Ordinrry A(ti!irie3 before ra\ 1718) (103.60) (493.s9)
| (1,268.34) 12,767.79) (r,596.43)
l0 rd.,e
11 Net ProfiVttosn from Ordinrr' Ai rivities afler r.\ (9-r0l I {103.60) (493.5! (1,268.34) (2,761.7t 0,696.$)
\2 trlranrdindru llPrn\
l3 Net P.ofiv(Loss) for rhe period (11-12) {103.60) (4e3.59J /.r,266.34l' (2J61.79) (1,696.43)
)4 Olher ComFrchensnr In.oinc/ (Lo$) {,pr ot ra, 0.22 1.33 058 2.64
I t.78
l5 Toral comprehesive Income (Lo$) for(heperiod (103.38) (492.25) (1.267.76) (2,759.\5) (1,694.65)
l6 Paid'u p equiry sharc .apitdl (t:a( valu. oI Rs. 10 each) 5,225.00 5,225_00 5,225.00 5225 00 5,225.00
t7 Fdmtrrs' rFr shdrc
a 8.Nr and d,lured Fl1j t{foo t\lraodn,iN,lptu torrhF rriod. I
for lhe \pdr lo drle dnd lo' rhe tkvi',us yrar (nol ro h. j (0.20) (0 e4) (2.43) (5.28) (1.24) |
Uasi. and diluted II5 after Exhaoi(lnury iteDN lor rhe period, foll
rhc ye.r to dare and for thc prcvious yar {nor b lf
annualiad) (0.20) (0.e4) (2.43) (5.28) (3.24)

I BcSinnnrg,2016, rh.

133 of thc Co,npanies Ad,2013 rcdd with rhc rctcvantrubs nsud rhercund.r.
with lh. requircmnts ofSEBl's Cirular dalcd,ub5,2016.


a> /), Pldurehouse f'iedio Llmhcd.

Corp. Office: Plot No. 83 & 84 4th Floor Punnoioh Plozo Rood No. 2
Eonioro Hills Hyderobod ' 500 034 I: +91 40 6/30 9999
F: +91 40 6730 9988

Rgd.Offi.e: KRM Centre 9th Floor No. 2 Horrinston Rood Chetpei

Chennoi- 600 031 T: +91 44 3028 5570 r: +91 443024 5571
CIN: 192I 9lTN2000PtC044077
The cunnl a!6eb of the company roans and advancs, Staff advaN6 md ExFndituE on film. uder producdon. As reSards lh loaE aid advrc
ad sirtf advarre lh! nmgmenl confdent of Ealbing the val@ at which thy ar canred nol wilhrianding tle F.iod of out standing. As Eg6i& film
undet Prcdu.lion exFnses rnainly comprishg advalrc to artists and techhkiar's tl|e cotnpat|y is evalualinS optioN for optirol utiliz.lim of there advancs
h makhg filtns Accordingly ihe cmpany b confidmt of ralising ths entire value of xpnditure m filtns lnder produ.lion. The management dos not ,o6ee
any erosion in canylng v6lue. Th. auditoB have drawn emphasis of matler ln tlii! r"gard.

There b a possibility lhat th6 quarterly

fiMncial rcsult! may rquir adiustment before conpilhg the final tnd AS financial statmenb a3 of and for the
ending March 31, 2017 due to .hang$ in fhancial reporting requirements arieing frorn nw or Evised stmdards or intrpretatioru i$ued by MCA or changes 'ar
in the use of one or mor optional xemptions fron retlospectiv rpplication of cerlain Ind AS as pemittd under Ind AS 101.

5 PrcvioN priod figurcr have been rgrouped, wherver Messary/ for the purp$e of comparison.

6 Deferred Tax A6set/ Liability, if any to be provided al the year n.1.

7 the Company i! oFrating in Media and rlated r.tivitie! dd henoe rgnent rporting is not applicable.

6 R(oNililtion Btwcn Fiiancial rsult! ed Ind AS for the {ua!6er nded December 31, 2015

9 The above rclulls ar reviewed by the Audit Committee and dpproved by the Board of DirectoB in their neeting held on 7th February,2017.

l0 These rlult arc allo avdiLble at the website of the Company at

For and on behalf of the Doad of Dtrsctors

Date February (', 2017

Chartered Accou ntants

Limited Review Report on quarterly and Year to Date Unaudited Standalone Financial Results of
"Picturehouse Media Limited" pursuant to the Regulation 33 ofthe SEBI (Listing Obligations and
Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, 2015

The Board of Directors
Picturehouse Media Limited

We have reviewed the accompanying statement ofthe unaudited standalone financial results
of Picturehouse Media Limited ("the Company"), for the period ended 31st December, 2016
("the Statement"), being submitted by the Company pursuant to the requirements of
Regulation 33 ofthe SEBl (Listing obligations and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, 2015
as modified by circular No. clR/cFD/FAc/62/2ot6 dated 5th July 2016. This statement which
is the responsibility of the company's Management and approved by the Board of Directors,
has been prepared in accordance with the recognition and measurement principles laid down
in the Indian Accounting Standard 34 "lnterim Financial Reporting" ("lnd AS 34,,), prescribed
under section 133 of the companies Act, 2013 read with relevant rules issued there under
and other accounting principles generally accepted in India. our responsibility is to issue a
report on the Statement based on our review.

We conducted our review in accordance with the Standard on Review Engagements (SRE)
2410, 'Review of Interim Financial Information Performed by the Independent Auditor of the
Entity' issued by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. This standard requires that
we plan and perform the review to obtain moderate assurance as to whether the Statement
is free of material misstatement. A review is limited primarily to inquiries of company
personnel and analytical procedures applied to the financial data and thus provide less
assurance than an audit. We have not performed an audit and accordingly, we do not express
an audit ooinion.

5. We did not review the financial results of the company with total revenue amounting to
Rs.60.10 Crores for the quarter ended June 30, 2Ot6. These financial results and other
financial information of the Company for the quarter ended June 30, 2016 have been
reviewed by other auditors whose review report have been furnished to us by the
mana8ement, and our review report on financial results pertaining to the quarter ended June
30,20L6, is solely based on the reports of the other auditors.

4. Attention is invited to Note no.3 to financial results, which exolains that the current assets of
the company includes

a. Loans and advances for film production including interest accrued amounting to
Rs.31.33 Crores
D. Staff loans including interest accrued amounting to Rs.2.20 Crores
c. Films under production expenses to Rs.53.84 Crores are being carried from
earlier q uarters and previous years.

48, Masitamani Road, Bataji Nagar, Royapettah, - 044 - 28131128138148 | F:*91-044-2813 11s8

Chennai - 600 014. lndia. I

Chartered Accountants

In the absence of confirmation of balances as regards the loans, staff advances and
uncertainty as regards the expenditure on films under production whose realisability is
significantly dependent on timely completion of contemplated production of films, poses
significant uncertainty on the eventual realisability of the above stated assets. The financial
impact if any due to non-realisability is not ascertainable at this time. Our conclusion is not
qualified in respect of the above matters.

Based on our review conducted as stated above, nothing has come to our attention that
causes us to believe that the accompanying statement of unaudited financial results prepared
in accordance with aforesaid Indian Accounting standards and other accounting principles
generally accepted in India, has not disclosed the information required to be disclosed in
terms of Regulation 33 of the SEBI (tisting Obligations & Disclosure Requirements)
Regulations, 2015 as modified by Circular No. C|R/CFD/FA C/62/20!6 dated 5th July 2016,
including the manner in which it is to be disclosed, or that it contains anv material

The unaudited financial results for the comparative periods ended 31't December 2015
included in the statement are based on the published financial results for the said periods
prepared in accordance with the applicable accounting standards and other accounting
principles generally accepted in lndia as reviewed by CNGSN & Associates LLP, Chartered
Accountants vide limited review report dated 9th February 2016, as adjusted for the
differences in the accounting principles adopted by the company on transition to Ind Ai
which have been reviewed by us.

For Brahmayya & Co.,

Chartered Accou ntants

Place : Chennai
Date : February 07,2076 l;:lf'** W
Membership No.026575

48, Masitamani Road, Bataii Nagar, Royapettah, Tt +9'l - O44 - 28'13't128138148 F: +91 - 044 - 2813 1158
Chennai - 600 014. lndia. E: mail@brah