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Mobile No : 084079-


A Position as a SOLARIS/UNIX System Administrator having

nearly 3 Years of Technical Experience that let me Utilize my Skills
and Extensive Administration Experience.

Professional Experience

Working as a Solaris Server Administrator L1 at ATOS

India Pvt Ltd -Pune through Magna Infotech.

Period Dec 17th 2012 to till date

Salient Projects:
Pfizer US Client: - Maintaining 10400 Servers & providing
support to US client

Providing support to Incident management process ,both user

generated and auto generated tickets.

Support to all BAU [Business as usual] calls.

Handling Incidents with complete ITIL process.

Daily L1 Calls Support on SOLARIS & (LINUX) Server Family


Handling tickets of Account Management and access issues.

Ticket Status Check and Update Respond to False Positive


Initiating CDP request to threshold issues.

Handling Sev1 Incidents reported by automated alerts.

Perform timely Patch management including Branded Zone as

per the Schedule.

Package Installation as per the request with RFC Creation.

Performing Change as per the Schedule and task.

Handling NFS and NIS issues.

Change Raising to facilitate incident resolution(Technical RFC).

Responsible for Preapproved and Retro RFCs for incidents and

auto generated tickets.

Documenting the changes in change management.

Supporting Site Service for any Part Replacement.

Document the Incident Report in the Ticketing Tool.

Initiate Outbreak co-ordination team.

Handling Daily Tasks in WT Daily Task (Server health check).

Support to DBA ,DP (Backup) and Storage Team for Changes.

Handling Flash Archive issues and configuration of Flash


Identifying problem areas and finding out ways to reduce the


Providing initial RCA for sudden reboot of server.

Maintenance and review of operating system admin accounts

(Non Standard Accounts).

Worked as Process Executive in CYQUENT INFOTECH

Pvt Ltd, Bangalore.

Period Sep 20th 2010 to Dec 12th 2012

Key Roles & Responsibilities:

Install upgrading, patching and configuring SUN Solaris 9/10

on Sun Servers.

Monitored Solaris servers for File Systems, CPU Utilization,

Memory Utilization, and Disk Utilization for performance

Proficient in System Administration Activities like managing file

system management, Swap Management, Solaris Zones,
Solaris Volume Management, performance tuning and

Providing day-to-day user administration like adding ,deleting

and managing the users and monitoring user activities.

Respond to the Alerts/Tickets based on incident management

raised by the users and clients.

Responsible for File System Administration and user


Installing and maintaining of Operating system Packages and


Creating new File Systems, Managing and checking data

consistency of File Systems.

Well versed with the security issues like Sudo, Set Uid and
Sticky Bit permissions.

Creating Subdisks, Plexes, Logicalvolumes and Disk groups on


Processes administration and management like

monitoring,start,stop,kill various processes.

Monitoring Virtual memory, adding additional swap space as


Sharing files along the network using NFS.

Implementation of Solaris Volume Manager(SVM) Root disk


Implementing RAID levels (RAID 0, RAID 1, and RAID 5).

Disk replacement of failed disks in SVM and Vxvm.

Dealing with cronjob scheduling and removing entries from


Responsible for enable and disable of services according to

users requests.

Troubleshooting Boot Related Problems -Open Boot PROM


Technical skills

Operating Systems

Solaris 10,9,8
Windows XP/2000/Windows7
Ticketing Tool

HP Service Center 6.2

Interface Help Desk

Monitoring Tool

System Edge

Sparc T3-1,T3-2,T4-1,T4-2
SunFire 12k,15k Servers &
Peripheral Devices.

Academic Information

Year of Course of Institution/University

Passing Study
Mahendra Engineering College,
Anna University,
2010 BE(CSE) 76 %

Sri Sakthi Matric Higher

Secondary School,
2006 H.S.C Pundhanchanthai, 83 %

Sri Sakthi Matriculation

School, Pundhanchanthai,
2004 S.S.L.C 92 %

Personal Details

Date of birth :09/03/1988

Marital Status :Single
Fathers Name :Seralathan. P(Late)
Mothers Name :Padmavathi. S
Languages Known :English, Tamil
Permanent Address :
(PO),Namakkal (DT),
Tamilnadu - 637019.
Pan Card No : BHRPD5953Q.