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Name: Ms.

Block: SS8
First Peoples of Canada

In groups you are responsible for researching one of the Aboriginal groups of Canada (assigned to you), and
presenting the information to the class.

1. Using your questions from your initial reading about your Aboriginal group, produce a list of research
topics that interest you as a group:
Some suggestions are:

Broadly, the 8 features of civilization Or, more specifically:

- Commerce & trade - Food

- Governance - Art
- Social structure (including gender - Tools
roles) - Music
- Religion - Spirituality
- Public works (or community - Customs
development) - Clothing
- Knowledge transfer - Ceremonies
- Technological innovation - Traditions
- Arts and culture - Geography
- Housing
- Sports
- Environmental adaptations
- etc.

2. Finalize a list of the topics that interest you the most and divide research topics up equally. Each person
should be responsible for researching at least one topic in depth. You are also required to include
the information found in your initial reading from class. You are also required to outline some different
bands included in your group.

3. As a group you must include at least 5 different sources. Three must be books of some sort
(encyclopedia book is fine, includes textbook as one source). Include a bibliography in proper citation
format (MLA) (see attached instructions and use

4. As a group you will present the information to the class in an interesting, informative, and engaging
presentation. Length is 7-12 minutes and must include a visual component (a poster, a PowerPoint,
a Prezi, a short video, etc). Each member of the group must present. Practice good oral presentation
skills: make eye contact with your audience (dont face the screen), project your voice, stand confidently,
and use talking-point notes rather than reading directly from a script.