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Title of the article: Learning is Forever

Authors name: Robert R. Neuman

In the article that I have read which the title is Learning is Forever, the

author explain to us about the importance of learning in our live. From the

beginning, the author has explain about the learning process of life from school

to college. As a student, we are required to finish up our homework, make notes,

doing a presentation and make teamwork with our friends during study time to

make our study process become more easily. Learning is a beginning for us to be

more success. We all know that it is not easy to be a successful person; that why

the individuals have to face the learning process to ensure that their skill,

knowledge and ability can be increase. This knowledge will help the individuals in

performing their job in the future.

By referring to the following article, there are three efforts that could be

conducted by organization in increasing the learning behaviour among

employees. Firstly, the organization needs to increase the employees salaries

and promote them. This is one of the ways to motivate the employees to perform

their work plus can encourage them to learn more in future. For example, the

organization can offer better position for their staff such as give promotion to

assistant manager to be a manager in the organization. By doing this, the

employee will feel appreciate and will work hard for the company. Besides,

organization also can offer other benefits such as give vacation to the

employees, gives award and others to them. Example of award that to

encourage them such as Public Sector Quality Award that the civil servant got if

they perform their work.

Next, the organization has to provide training to their employees that

suitable with their job. Training is important to the top management give to the

employee because it can help the employee to boost and increase their ability

and skill in work. When the organization has the skill worker they can get more

creative and innovative ideas from their workers. By having this kind of worker it

will help the organization to get more benefit in future. Moreover, by sending

them to training, they eventually help to encourage the learning behaviour in

them. Besides, it will decrease mistakes in performing the work in organization.

The example of training in public sector is INTAN where in INTAN, they help the

civil servants to improve their skill of work. For instance, clerk in public sector will

be sending to INTAN and get training on how to use technology like computer. It

will make them easier to do their work in future.

Last but not least, in order to increase learning behaviour among

employees the organization has to share their knowledge and also experience to

other employees. Sharing knowledge with others employees can help them to

learn something new that they never know before. Therefore, by sharing the

knowledge and ideas among colleague can make employee more creative and

innovative among them because it can use all ideas to create best product for

their organization. Example of sharing knowledge and experience is when the

senior employees have a lot of experience can share it to the junior employees.

By doing so, they are not only gain new knowledge but also strengthen their

relationship among co-workers because the relationship is important between co-

workers in to improve their learning behaviour.

In conclusion, learning is important to the employee to boost themselves

in the organisation. The top management should encourage them to work more

harder by giving the rewards and other to employee.