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Monthly Newsletter April 2017
Officers Dear Brother and Sister Elks,
It is with great honor that I begin the upcoming year as your new Exalted Ruler. I look
Dee Turcotte forward to the challenges and the adventure. I have observed what Geoff and Tina have
Exulted Ruler been able to accomplish over the past year as well as Roger and Cecile the year prior and I
am anxious to follow in their footsteps. They have done an amazing job and we thank them
Steven Caouette so much for everything they have done. This year will bring changes, no change that we are
Leading Knight not able to handle and overcome by sticking together.
Debbie Williams I realize that our membership count has dropped over the past year and my hope is to get
Loyal Knight those numbers back up again. We will be looking for more member involvement, more
volunteering and more contribution to our lodge. If you have not yet attended a Monday
Michael Laroche meeting, please do so and share your opinion. It does matter. If you have yet to volunteer, do
Lecturing Knight
it, it's good for the soul and if you have yet to recommend a friend to join, what are you
waiting for? Be proud of your Lodge and everything we stand for.
Real Arnoldy
Secretary We had an awesome turn out for the comedy show on March 25th. We SOLD OUT! We are
planning more shows for the upcoming months so be ready to laugh!
Mackenzie Friday night dinners will be changed to once a month to make it easier for everyone
Treasurer volunteering to cook and hopefully have more members purchasing meals. The next meal is
scheduled for April 7th courtesy of Geoff and Tina. The following meal will be on May 5th ,
Linda Caouette
feel free to sign up for that date to cook. We will also have a sign up sheet for everyone
planning on purchasing a meal prior to. This will make planning the meal count easier. The
Claire Davis exception to this will be special events or pot lucks.
April 10th, will be initiation for our new members joining the lodge, please feel free to
Kim Hutchins attend and welcome them.
Tiler A big congratulations to Michael Aube who was granted Honorary Life Membership for
Dick Guerette his involvement in the Lewiston Lodge for 23 years!
Inner Guard I thank you all for your continued support and dedication to our lodge. I look forward to
Ty Hutchins an amazing year with all of you. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to
Trustee contact me at; or 207-402-2541.

Anne Mackenzie
Pauline Wilder Dee Turcotte ~ Exaulted Ruler
Lewiston Elks 371


If you are interested in volunteering for Bingo, please let us
know. They can always use help in the kitchen! Please
contact Scott at 240-6172 or Tony at 330-5293. Bingo is
held every Wednesday and the doors open at 9AM! Come
join the fun!
Apr il 1st ~ New Of f icer In st allat ion begin s at 5:00 w it h Happy h ou r , din n er at 6:00, cer em on y
t o f ollow at 7:00
Apr il 7t h ~ Din n er cou r t esy of Geof f an d Tin a: Ch ick en Veget able Sou p, salad, cr ack er s an d
desser t ~ $6.00
Apr il 10 ~ New M em ber In it iat ion ~ M eet in g at 6:30, In it iat ion t o f ollow

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From the Secretary's Corner:
We now have 233 active members as of 3/31/2017. Dues for the 2017-2018 Lodge year are as follows:
Regular members $69.00 and Life members $44.00. there is a $.50 increase of insurance assessment that everyone
pays to the Grand Lodge.
This past Monday proposed 3 new prospects to be members and all were elected. The following people
will be initiated on Monday April 10th, 2017. Please come and welcome them to our Elks Family. Juliette Beaulieu,
Marc Deraps, Jeanne Labbe, Susan Gagne, Teresa Lavender, Bryanna McLaughlin, Edward Nappe

We would like to thank our members to elect PER Michael Aube to be an Honorary Life Member for his
distinguished services to our Lodge and Lodge members, Well done Michael.

The Pot of Gold was not won and there will be $105.00 on the next drawing, you cannot win the Pot of Gold if you
do not come to the monthly member ?s meetings. Our next meeting will be on April 10th at 6:30 PM.

?I love who I?ve been, but I really love who I?m becoming?

Lodge Secretary
Real Arnoldy

LEWISTON ELKS LODGE #371 ~ 165 Lisbon St r eet ~ Lew ist on , M E 04240 ~ 207-784-4801
Grill Room Hours: Friday: 4:00pm ~ 11:00pm ~ Saturday: 11:00am ~ 4:00pm
* * If you are interested in volunteer bartending on Saturday, please let us know!


We are in need of some items for our Lodge. If you are willing to donate any of these items,
it would be greatly appreciated!
Toilet Paper Copy Paper Carpet Cleaner
Paper Towels Stamps Truck with Plow
Napkins Envelopes Picnic Table
Paper Plates Dish Towels
Plastic forks, knives and spoons

As one of the area's larger function facilities, the Lewiston Elks Lodge offers an
affordable alternative for your wedding, banquets, business seminar, conference,
reunion, private party, fundraiser, or other gathering. Our non-smoking Function Hall
can comfortably accommodate up to 280 guests depending on the configuration of
tables and chairs.

Facility Location: 1675 Lisbon St in Lewiston, Maine (Less than a mile from the Maine

For more information regarding the hall rental, please contact Geoff Caron: / 207-713-8631
Thank you to our donors below for their support. Join the Boosters, for a yearly donation of $10.00 (two lines per box), your name,
business, in memory/honor of will be listed for a year. The fee helps defray the cost of this publication. Please send your donation
and one or two line text to: LEWISTON ELKS LODGE, ALEN-ON BOOSTERS, 1675 LISBON STREET, LEWISTON, ME. 04240

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