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Inquiry Exit Survey

January 9th 2017, 10:45 am MST

Q1 - What did you think about the class overall?

What did you think about the class overall?

It is was interesting. we learned a lot of important skills. I think the most important thing we
learned is how the mind works and how we form relationships
It's was fun learning new things about psychology
I really enjoyed it and felt I learned a lot through being able to connect it to real life
I thought this class was interesting in general. I wish we had a bit more time cause there is
other stuff I would like to ask but were not related to the things we covered.
I thought the class was a very interesting. I have really enjoyed learning about the way our
minds have developed over the years, and how they will continue to develop. The class was
able to understand how a home environment when growing up, plays a big role in the
maturation of the brain.
It was very interesting and I learned things I never knew about development
I really enjoyed the class. I found each topic interesting to learn about, and the assessments
being very fair throughout.
I thought this class was very interesting in that I learned a lot more about something I
curious about. Furthermore it was also cool to kind of see the different affects of
development in real life situations.
I thought that the class was okay. Some of the lessons were interesting and I enjoyed those.
I really enjoyed the class. I learned the most here than I ever have. One of the first times i
can put what i learned into my real life.
I loved this class! The baby project was my favorite, but I also loved learning about baby's
developing of an understanding of the world.
This class honestly introduced me to a topic that I really am interested now and might
pursue further in life. I have always been interested in medicine but the topics and concepts
dicussed in this class really sparked my interest. The pace of the class was just right and
the amount of homework and the assignments themselves really furthered my
understanding of the material
Loved it but moves at a very fast pace so don't have the chance to get into mch detail.
I really liked the class and the way in which it connects everyday life. Its application is what
makes the course so interesting.
I loved this class. It made me constantly question why I do certain things and why I think in
certain ways.
This is class is very interesting and it helps learn about nature. It also helps understand how
an individual is raised due to his or her behavior.
I enjoyed it and learned a lot. It has sparked my deeper i terest in psychology and I am
actually considdering going to college for it.
felt as if it was a little rushed. there was a lot of reading and the reading was a bit hard to
keep up with the paste. but i really liked the overall lessons and things that we learnt
I enjoyed the class. It was fun and taught me a lot about child development and the value of
healthy relationships for children.
It's really interesting. I like how we connect the course a lot to real life and movies to make
all the topics we've covered really applicable in real life.
I really enjoyed this class and how we did a lot of interactive games and group work
It is pretty fun and relaxing, and it is pretty awesome and mind-blowing to understand how
the kids develop.
Pretty informative, I learn a lot about baby development
I really enjoy the class. I liked how the knowledge i learned here, i could apply to other
classes like english.
It was interesting, I learned a lot of new things. The reading was interesting and it was
covered well in class too.
I liked it but I wish it was less power points because most of my other classes do not have
us learn like that and the material could be presented in a more interesting way
It was manageable, did not need to spend all night stressing out about it
It was pretty interesting. I learned a lot of new topics.
Overall, I enjoyed the class. Before the fall term, I did not know anything about
developmental psych and throughout the term I learned a lot about a very relevant topic in
day to day life.
i liked it a lot. it has been really fun and I enjoyed working with my classmates
I really liked it, I find the subject fascinating.
I really enjoy the context and I love my teacher.
Q2 - Is there a particular topic you wish we had covered before
the end of the term?

Is there a particular topic you wish we had covered before the end of the t...

How old peoples mind work.

More about peer relationships at young ages and their effects later on in adolescence and
How the types of video games and sports people play, in childhood and in their life,
influence them?
If and if so, how extra curricular activities play a role in a child's development.
Electronics and development in children
Possibly Adolescent Behavior... It would be interesting to know the psychology behind things
that I may personally be experiencing.
I think if we had more time to cover over any developments during the adolescent period.
no I do not wish that we covered anything else.
Teenagers cuz I am one
Maybe if we had time to cover adolescent development that would have been interesting
but with only one term I can see the difficulty of fitting that topic into the already short
amount of time
More abnormal psychology
I wished we learned more about identity from chapters 10 and 12
language development
More on adolescents
babies and their relationship with parents and its effects
Language development was a very interesting topic that we didn't dive too deeply into, its
one i thought would be interesting.
Not really
I would have liked to focus more on parent child relationships
Not really
Adolescence rebellion, a interesting topic that is related to our own well being
No not really
nothing that I know of
Adolescence more in depth
language development
I thing what we did worked really well in the time we had.
Q3 - Did you find this course interesting?

Field Minimum Maximum Mean Variance Count
2.00 5.00 4.09 0.72 0.52 32
Q4 - If you answered "not interesting" or "not interesting at all"
to the above question, what would have made it more interesting
for you?

If you answered "not interesting" or "not interesting at all" to the above...

Less lectured classes, more interactive lessons or at least slowed down. I never knew what
was important and it never really stuck with me.
Q5 - Rate the following assignments on how engaging they were
in the course:
Q7 - Rate the following assignments on how informative they
were in the course (did it help you understand the material):
Q6 - Would you recommend this class to your friends? Why or
why not?

Would you recommend this class to your friends? Why or why not?
Yes. It was interactive and interesting and easy to connect to. I think there are a few
stages I struggled with which affected my development. For example, trust vs mistrust.
Definitely, Ms. Fletcher is extremely nice and does a great job incorporating fun and class
materials in a great way. Although, some projects could be better.
I would, because I have always wandered how our minds become the way they are. The
different activities and assignments that were completed were very engaging and created a
positive energy to learn throughout the classroom.
Yes I would definitely recommend this class because I learned a lot about child
Yes I would recommend this class to my friends. It is very interesting and the workload isn't
I would recommend this class because I think it is something that you should at least have
knowledge about and know a little bit because it's very apparent all around us.
I would recommend it only if they were interested in the subject. It wouldn't be a class that I
would recommend to take just to fill in a PPR requirement.
Yes, you learn a lot about yourself and other people. You are a great to teacher who makes
class really fun and i can tell you want us to do well but also earn a good grade
I would. I found development extremely interesting. I have always been interested in doing
something in the future with kids and this really opened my eyes to the reality of
development and things some children go through.
Yes, because I am interested in the topic and I believe the class was very enjoyable and
Yes beause the class is very interesting and the workload is not as intense as I expected,
the reading is very interesting and projects are very creative and fun
Yes because they will find it interesting in the way it is applicable about learning about how
people develop
I would because it makes people question how their past influences their present and future
and I find that interesting.
yes because this class teaches life lessons and how to understand people in way of their
character and behavior. This course helps unite together due to knowing and understanding
each other,
Yes and I have. I learned so much and its a great class gor anyone who is interested even a
bit in psychology.
yes. i now have a new perspective when looking at people in general. I think I can
understand different ppl's words and actions- maybe think about their family background
etc. It's a fun class to take while it also made me intelligent
Yes I would recommend this class to my classmates, mostly because it gives us an insight
into our own development. This can open our eyes to someone our own faults and to what
we prioritize.
Yes. It's closely related to real life, and in learning dev psych I also learn a lot about myself
and people around me and why things happen.
yes because it was really interesting and fun to learn about the topics. The projects and
class games we did really helped your understanding of the material and I found it a
different approach then other classes
Yes, because it is pretty interesting, with very little pressure and workload everyday.
Psychology is very fun and learning about children is just fascinating. However, I would
recommend to have more visual presentation such as movies and short films in class
because I believe they really clarity the materials and bring what we have learn to life.
I would recommend this class to my friend because it's been really fun and many intriguing
Yes, ive told my friends that they should take this class. I told them to take this class
because its a fun class where you learn alot of interesting materal.
Yes, it was interest. It gives answers to many questions of how you or people you know act
using psychology
Yes because I think it is one of the more interesting PPRs and the material is not too
I'd recommend this course to friends because it's a fun class to work in and do the projects
for. Plus, the flour baby project was fantastic.
I would. I had fun. It was an interesting class with a lot of fun games and activities to learn
the material.
I would recommend this class because it is not something that everyone gets to learn about
and it is information that most people can relate to.
yes! i learned so much about myself and the way i developed that gave me a deeper
understanding about myself
Yes I would because I find the topic interesting. I also like how interactive the class is with
Yes I would because it's a fantastic course and has helped expand my knowledge in
Psychology. Additionally, it's also added to my interest in Child Development and Human
Q8 - Do you think it is easy to apply what you've learned in this
class to your life? Please provide example.

Do you think it is easy to apply what you've learned in this class to your...
Yes. I felt like I really connected to the erikson stages of development. For example, I really
enjoyed the strange situation experiment and the case study of beth.
Yes, now that I am nearing the end of this class I'm really going to look back on my life and
see how what we've learnt corresponds to my events that happened in my childhood.
However, looking ahead it may be too soon to say but some stuff I learnt in this class may
come up again possibly when I have children later on in life.
Absolutely. I grew up dealing with divorce and the absence of my father, and as a result I
struggled with showing emotion, holding all of my feelings in. In this class, I learned the
reasons why a boy whose father is absent in his life can indeed effect the way he develops.
Yes. Conditioning methods and parenting styles. With parenting styles you could easily
apply all the styles we learned to the real world and incorporate the best teaching styles
into your life based on which one is the most effective. For conditioning, if you want to train
something you can use the conditioning methods and apply them to your situation
Yes there is a way I can foresee using something I learned in this class in the future. I can
use the conditioning techniques I learned to train future animal companions.
Yes, such as with parenting styles in the future, but also just how you look at your own life
and those around you.
No, I don't have a baby and am not around developing young children a lot. It was
interesting to see how parenting types affect personality traits of children.
Very much so! You can learn about the different way to raise your own kids so they can live
happy, safe, and amazing lives.
Yes. Many times this class has helped me understand things in my own life. My dad was
telling me how my brother called every body of water river because that is all he
understood. I never realized that children alter their views as life happens to understand.
yes, the way I think about why people do things and maybe there past could affect their
behavior now has crossed my mind many times
Yes because I can now analyze other people': attachment styles and their personality types,
and having infants in our family it is very interesting to know what stages of development
thay're at
Yes I think it will be easy to apply a lot of the course. I now recognize classical conditioning
stimuli on a regular basis and It is cool dissecting the different parts of the phenomenon
Yes, I'm always trying to condition people to do things for me now. I also think about the
way my mom raised me and how that impacts my relationship with her.
Yes it is very simple because what we study in this is actually what you see with peoples
attitude and behavior.
Yes it is. Especially the attachment styles. I for exmple realized my girlfriend has a fearful
avoidant attachment style, similiar to Will Hunting, because of her childhood.
yes. i believe when i become a parent i will know how to raise them. i will also be able to
understand other ppl more and how they behave.
Yes, I do think it is easy to apply what I've learned in this class to real life because i have
related to many of the things we studied. I have looked at myself every step of the course,
and realized that much of the things we learned I have either been through, seen happen,
or agree with.
Yes. I start to notice my relationship with my parents, and I can understand them better
from their position after psychology, so I can deal with issues more calmly and reasonably.
yes I think especially with parenting styles and learning about attachment I can compare
this to myself and family. Especially with the 3-2-1 journals, the connections helped me to
understand topics better because I could connect to them on a personal level
Not yet. I think what we have learned is very limited to what a young kid would do and
behave when he/she is young. I think this course will come in handy when we are about to
be parents.
It might be useful for me to apply for what I learn in this class because now I understand
babies' progress.
Yes ive already applied what i learned in this class in my paper in english class. As i learned
new materal, i constantly compared it to my own development.
No, because I am not a parent. This class would be very informative and helpful for soon to
be parents as it would help them raise their child effectively.
I think it is relevant to my life because I've experienced most of it, but I don't think I use
anything I've learned in the real world.
It's pretty easy to apply what I've learned because it's helped show the paths to raising
well-behaved children.
If I ever have children, which I don't want to, I'll know that there are a lot of miniscule ways
to mess up their lives so I'll avoid this.
Yes because if I were to deal with young children at some points, I could now understand
certain behaviors and I could guess where they stem from and how to deal with it.
how to act and treat children and how to be more
Yes, I have applied it. I have a cousin with Cystic Fibrosis and in this class I became
extremely informed about it.
Yes, definitely. After learning about certain parenting styles and attachment disorders, I can
see why certain people have certain personalities.
Q9 - If there was one thing you would have wanted to change
about the course, what would it be?

If there was one thing you would have wanted to change about the course, wh...

I would have wanted to have explored a few more case studies.

More independence. I know this class is a lot about fundamentals but if you gave the
students freedom could be more interesting and fun. For example, if I got the opportunity to
look into how types of video games and sports people play throughout their life develop
them it would be very very interesting.
I wouldn't necessarily change much. I do think as students, most learn best when a subject
one is interested in, is being taught. I think because this is only a one term course, students
would enjoy finding the topic that most interests them, and be able to focus more closely.
learn about electronics and how that effects child development
I think the class is well constructed as is.
I think the debates were a good idea and I would've liked to see more of them.
I wish the tests has less multiple choice.
Not as heavy on the lecture stuff
The lecture. I am not sure what else could be done but I sometimes did not like just slide
shows on the reading.
less 3-2-1 journals because they are just tedious going over topics you already know
Move at a slower pace and have more class conversations
I wished that we could learn more about real life experiments.
retaliatory regression
A bit more on adolescents would be nice.
the textbook and the pace. there is a lot to memorize
Nothing, I think the course is great. It's very informative, relatable, and still fun and
engaging. Great job.
I'd say make it more experimental and cover the materials slower and deeper. The
character personality unit really interested me, and I think the movie helped a lot. I think
there should me more opportunities for us to connect what we learn to movies and
I think if we went at a little slower pace it would have been easier to understand some
topics. I think sometimes it felt a little rushed and we had to learn topics quickly or read
about one topic one night and then another the next night
More visual representations such as movies and short films. First, I think people are very
interested in them and they really help us to pay attention during the class. Also the videos
help us to understand the materials and reflect on them easily.
Have more multiple choice practice
Ummm i dont really, i wouldnt really change anything.
I would assign less reading for homework
just less power points and different ways of presenting the material
The 3-2-1 journals were ok for review, but they didn't help my level of engagement
Not sure if there's anything I want to change
more debates and labs like the classical conditioning lab............................................
More Labs!
How many chapters we've covered, the speed at which we are learning at could be slowed
Q10 - Do you think this course incorporated a lot of your personal

# Answer % Count

1 Yes 83.33% 25
2 No 16.67% 5
Total 100% 30
Q11 - If you answered no to the above, what personal interests
do you think could be incorporated into the class?

If you answered no to the above, what personal interests do you think could...
How video games and sports people play throughout their lives influence and develop
My personal interests don't really fit into his class, so I don't think many of them could've
been incorporated.