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Books 2015

Welcome to the
books catalogue 2015.
Welcome to the latest selection of new Neurology books from Cambridge
University Press. I hope you will find titles of interest here, whatever your specialist
interest or scope of practice. We publish a wide range of products, including
clinical handbooks, works of reference, synoptic works useful for continuing
professional development or examination preparation, and research monographs.
We have a particularly strong offering in Stroke Medicine, including a new edition of Caplans Stroke;
a revision of Dr Caplans seminal work on the posterior circulation; and a volume in the Pitfalls Series on
cerebrovascular disease, edited by Jos Biller and Jos Ferro. Other highlights include new editions of both
Deep Brain Stimulation Management with new sections on the use of DBS in epilepsy and psychiatric
disorders and Hodges Frontotemporal Dementia.
Our publications are available in a variety of formats, including eBooks and print, as well as online
collections for institutional purchase via our publishing service University Publishing Online, which
incorporates the Cambridge Books Online platform.
To see more book listings, product information, extracts and reviews, you can find us online at
We are always keen to expand our Neurology publishing program and I would be very pleased to discuss
any new publishing possibilities with you - books, journals or digital products. You can find a list of useful
contacts by going to
I hope that you enjoy reading about our latest publications.

Nick Dunton
Senior Commissioning Editor
Cambridge University Press

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Highlights 3

Caplans Stroke Deep Brain Stimulation

A Clinical Approach Management
Fifth edition Second edition
Edited by Louis R. Caplan Edited by William J. Marks
Department of Neurology, Beth Israel Deaconess University of California, San Francisco
Medical Center, Boston, Massachusetts
This concise guide to deep brain
This expanded market-leading stimulation (DBS) covers all key aspects
guide on stroke provides a fully of practice. Fully revised throughout,
up-to-date account of the features the new edition includes important new
of cerebrovascular disease, stroke chapters on the treatment of epilepsy
syndromes, complications, and recovery and psychiatric conditions. A must-have
and rehabilitation in a comprehensive reference guide for any clinician working
and accessible manner. A must-have with DBS patients.
for medical specialists and consultants,
2015 246x189mm 264pp
as well as trainees, in neurology, 25b/willus.44colour illus.
stroke medicine, internal medicine and 978-1-107-08425-4 Hardback
neurorehabilitation. c.64.99/c.US$99.99
2016 276x219mm 896pp Publication September 2015
295b/willus.129colour illus.98tables For all formats available, see
978-1-107-08729-3 Hardback
Publication January 2016
For all formats available, see

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4 Movement Disorders
Parkinsons Disease Medication-Induced
Therapeutics: Current Movement Disorders
and Future Therapeutics Edited by Joseph H. Friedman
Department of Neurology, Brown University
and Clinical Trials
Edited by Nestor Galvez-Jimenez Covering various drugs including
Cleveland Clinic, Florida the major classes of medications
Hubert Fernandez working primarily on the brain, this
Cleveland Clinic, Ohio all-encompassing review of medication-
Alberto Espay induced movement disorders aids
University of Cincinnati early recognition and improved
and Susan Fox treatment. A vital reference for medical
Toronto Western Hospital specialists and consultants in neurology,
This modern review of the therapeutic neuropharmacology and mental health,
options for the management of and clinicians prescribing medications
Parkinsons disease covers new biologic crossing the blood-brain barrier.
agents, neuromodulation, and a 2015 246x189mm 208pp
2b/willus.1colour illus.18tables
wide range of agents for symptoms
978-1-107-06600-7 Hardback
management, as well as established 89.99/US$140.00
pharmacotherapy. Evidence from
Publication May 2015
randomized controlled clinical trials
For all formats available, see
is highlighted to develop practical
recommendations for the foundations of
solid therapeutics.
2015 246x189mm 352pp
978-1-107-05386-1 Hardback
Publication December 2015
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Movement Disorders 5

Movement Disorders Neuropsychiatric and

in Neurologic and Cognitive Changes
Systemic Disease in Parkinsons
Edited by Werner Poewe Disease and Related
Medical University Innsbruck
Movement Disorders
and Joseph Jankovic Diagnosis and Management
Baylor College of Medicine, Texas
Edited by Dag Aarsland
Provides comprehensive coverage of the Stavanger University Hospital, Stavanger
most common phenotypes of movement Jeffrey Cummings
disorders seen in systemic and general Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain
neurologic disease, as well as differential Health, Las Vegas
diagnostic and therapeutic algorithms. Daniel Weintraub
The chapters have been written by University of Pennsylvania
internationally recognized experts in and K. Ray Chaudhuri
their fields and more than 50 illustrative Kings College Hospital, London
videos provide pertinent bed-side Psychiatric and cognitive changes are
clinical information. common in patients with Parkinsons
Contents: Part I. General Principles; Part II. disease but these symptoms are often
Movement Disorders in Systemic Disease; under-diagnosed and under-treated.
Part III. Iatrogenic and Toxic Movement Written by experts in the field, with a
Disorders; Part IV. Movement Disorders consistent focus on relevant clinical
in General Neurology; Part V. Systemic knowledge, the book provides a
Complications of Movement Disorders. comprehensive overview, including all
2014 246x189mm 471pp major behavioral changes associated
42b/willus.12colour illus.71tables with Parkinsons disease.
978-1-107-02461-8 Hardback
90.00/US$140.00 This is a first-rate book on the
For all formats available, see neuropsychiatry of Parkinsons disease. It should be required reading for
clinicians who are involved in the
treatment of patients with this illness.
Doodys Notes

Contents: Part I. General Aspects; Part

II. Diagnosis and Biomarkers; Part III.
Specific Neuropsychiatric Disorders; Part IV.
Management; Part V. Other Issues.
2013 246x189mm 307pp
25b/willus.5colour illus.51tables
978-1-107-03922-3 Hardback
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6 Movement Disorders

Rehabilitation in Magnetic Resonance

Movement Disorders Imaging in Movement
Edited by Robert Iansek Disorders
Monash University, Victoria A Guide for Clinicians and Scientists
and Meg E. Morris Edited by Paul Tuite
La Trobe University, Victoria University of Minnesota
Providing comprehensive care for and Alain Dagher
patients with movement disorders is Montreal Neurological Institute
extremely challenging owing to the Magnetic Resonance Imaging in
complexity of these disorders. This book Movement Disorders is the first book
focuses on rehabilitation approaches to focus in detail on MRI in a range of
which attempt to minimize impairment movement disorders. Demonstrating
and maximize patient participation. both novel and standard imaging
Essential reading for neurologists, methods the book is essential reading
geriatricians, rehabilitation specialists for neurologists, radiologists and
and allied health professionals seeking movement disorder specialists.
to effectively manage these disorders. 2013 246x189mm 291pp
19b/willus.135colour illus.
A textbook which is comprehensive 978-1-107-02636-0 Hardback
and is sure to be invaluable to 95.00/US$150.00
clinicians working in movement
For all formats available, see
disorders and those encountering
people living with movement disorders
in their clinical practice.
Movement Disorders

Contents: Part I. Background Concepts;

Part II. Intervention Options; Part III. Roles
of the Multidisciplinary Team; Part IV.
Rehabilitation of Specific Conditions; Part V.
Measurement of Therapy Outcomes.
2013 246x189mm 268pp
52b/willus.7colour illus.28tables
978-1-107-01400-8 Hardback
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Stroke & Cerebrovascular Disease 7

Common Pitfalls in Vertebrobasilar Ischemia

Cerebrovascular Disease and Hemorrhage
Case-Based Learning Clinical Findings, Diagnosis and
Edited by Jos Biller Management of Posterior Circulation
Loyola University Stricht School of Medicine Disease
and Jos Ferro Second edition
Universidade de Lisboa Louis R. Caplan
A case-based teaching tool highlighting This comprehensive review of vascular
the importance of information derived disease in the vertebrobasilar circulation
from the history and the physical benefits from an organized and coherent
examination in forming a diagnosis. analysis of vascular disease involving
Cases illustrate the way in which such the posterior circulation, by one of the
clinical skills complement and inform worlds leading authorities. This new
the data obtained from ancillary edition is fully updated throughout,
testing. Highly accessible format for including major rewrites on diagnosis
busy clinicians reviewing patients with and therapy and with modern imaging
cerebrovascular disorders. techniques.
2015 246x189mm 272pp Contents: Part I. General Features of
152b/willus.41colour illus.28tables Cerebrovascular Disease in the Posterior
978-0-521-17365-0 Paperback Circulation; Part II. Posterior Circulation
44.99/US$69.99 Ischemia Specific Vascular Sites and
Publication July 2015 Conditions; Part III. Posterior Circulation
For all formats available, see Hemorrhage. 2015 276x219mm 608pp
532b/willus.56colour illus.130tables
978-0-521-76306-6 Hardback
For all formats available, see

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8 Stroke and Cerebrovascular Disease

Comprehensive Adult Hydrocephalus

Management of Edited by Daniele Rigamonti
The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Adult hydrocephalus is underdiagnosed
Malformations of the and undertreated, leading to poor
Brain and Spine patient outcomes and a high cost to
Edited by Robert F. Spetzler healthcare providers. This book provides
Barrow Neurological Institute, Phoenix, Arizona comprehensive guidelines to improve
Douglas S. Kondziolka the speed and accuracy of diagnosis,
NYU Langone Medical Center and covers various treatment options,
Randall T. Higashida including shunting and ETV. Essential
University of California, San Francisco
reading for neurologists, neurosurgeons,
and M. Yashar S. Kalani family physicians, and radiologists.
Barrow Neurological Institute, Phoenix, Arizona
Contents: Part I. Basic Sciences; Part II.
Vascular malformations of the brain and Pathophysiology; Part III. Diagnosis; Part IV.
spine pose management challenges. Treatment and Outcomes; Part V. Associated
This text provides a comprehensive, Conditions.
up-to-date review of the natural history, 2014 246x189mm 328pp
treatment, and outcomes of patients 125b/willus.21colour illus.33tables
with these conditions. Authored 978-1-107-03177-7 Hardback
by international experts, the text is 110.00/US$175.00
aimed at neurologists, neurosurgeons, For all formats available, see
neuroradiologists, radiation oncologists,
and rehabilitation medicine physicians.
Contents: Part I. Development, Anatomy,
and Physiology of Arteriovenous
Malformations of the Central Nervous
System; Part II. Evaluation and Treatment
Considerations for Arteriovenous
Malformations; Part III. Surgical Approaches
to the Treatment of Arteriovenous
Malformations; Part IV. Medical,
Endovascular, and Radiosurgical Treatment
of Arteriovenous Malformations.
2015 276x219mm 409pp
320b/willus.106colour illus.37tables
978-1-107-03388-7 Hardback
For all formats available, see
Stroke and Cerebrovascular Disease 9

Critical Care of the More Case Studies

Stroke Patient in Stroke
Edited by Stefan Schwab Common and Uncommon
University of Erlangen Presentations
Daniel Hanley Edited by Michael G. Hennerici
Division of Brain Injury Outcomes, Johns Hopkins Ruprecht-Karls-Universitt Heidelberg, Germany
University Medical Institutions, Maryland Rolf Kern
and A. David Mendelow Ruprecht-Karls-Universitt Heidelberg, Germany
Department of Neurosurgery, University of Louis R. Caplan
Newcastle upon Tyne Department of Neurology, Harvard University
Internationally recognized experts Medical School, Boston
present new and established therapeutic and Kristina Szabo
options for the critical care of patients Ruprecht-Karls-Universitt Heidelberg, Germany
with a wide-range of cerebrovascular Will help medical students as well
diseases: ischemic stroke, intracranial as clinicians practising neurology to
hemorrhage, subarachnoid hemorrhage, understand the distinctive features of
arteriovenous malformations, cerebral individual stroke patients. By guiding
venous thrombosis and traumatic them through the actual diagnostic
injury. Valuable reading for stroke process as it evolved in real life, they
physicians, neurologists, neurosurgeons, learn to spot special signs of certain
neurointensivists and interventional stroke subtypes as well as rare stroke
neuroradiologists seeking to maximize cases.
patient recovery. Contents: Part I. Common Cases of Stroke;
Part II. Uncommon Cases of Stroke; Part III.
This book provides ample evidence Stroke Mimics.
of the opportunities and challenges
2014 247x174mm 188pp
associated with treatment of a
47b/willus.18colour illus.2tables
difficult patient group. International
978-1-107-61003-3 Paperback
perspectives and important 45.00/US$69.95
contemporary data are presented in a
For all formats available, see
detailed but readable fashion.
Doodys Reviews

Contents: Part I. Monitoring Techniques;

Part II. Interventions; Part III. Critical Care
of Ischemic Stroke; Part IV. Critical Care of
Intracranial Hemorrhage; Part V. Critical Care
of Arteriovenous Malformations; Part VI.
Critical Care of Subarachnoid Hemorrhage;
Part VII. Critical Care of Cerebral Venous
Thrombosis; Part VIII. Vascular Disease
Syndromes Associated with Traumatic Brain
2014 246x189mm 564pp
179b/willus.23colour illus.
978-0-521-76256-4 Hardback
For all formats available, see

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10 Stroke and Cerebrovascular Disease

Cerebral Small Textbook of Stroke

Vessel Disease Medicine
Edited by Leonardo Pantoni Second edition
Azienda Ospedaliero Universitaria Careggi Edited by Michael Brainin
and Philip B. Gorelick Donau-Universitt Krems, Austria
College of Human Medicine, Michigan State and Wolf-Dieter Heiss
University Max-Plank Institute for Neurological Research,
Written by leading international experts Cologne
in the field, Cerebral Small Vessel This concise and informative textbook is
Disease provides up-to-date information aimed at doctors preparing to specialize
about the causes, diagnosis, treatment in stroke care. Fully revised throughout,
and prevention of this important the new edition has expanded sections
condition. The rapid development of on diagnostic imaging, monitoring
neuroimaging techniques as screening and management of complications
and treatment tools is discussed. including infections, recommendations
Essential reading for neurologists, for thrombolysis, interventions and
stroke physicians, geriatricians, and neurosurgical procedures, and clear
interventional neuroradiologists. and balanced recommendations for
Contents: Part I. Classification, Pathology secondary prevention.
and Basic Aspects; Part II. Neuroimaging and Contents: Part I. Etiology, Pathophysiology,
Laboratory Aspects; Part III. Clinical Aspects and Imaging; Part II. Clinical Epidemiology
of Cerebral Small Vessel Disease; Part IV. and Risk Factors; Part III. Diagnostics and
Therapeutic Aspects. Syndromes; Part IV. Therapeutic Strategies
2014 246x189mm 371pp and Neurorehabilitation.
63b/willus.55colour illus.26tables 2014 246x189mm 421pp
978-1-107-03166-1 Hardback 57b/willus.49colour illus.61tables
85.00/US$135.00 978-1-107-04749-5 Hardback
For all formats available, see 80.00/US$125.00 For all formats available, see
Stroke and Cerebrovascular Disease 11

The Stroke Book The Behavioral and

Second edition Cognitive Neurology
Edited by Michel T. Torbey of Stroke
Ohio State University
Second edition
and Magdy H. Selim
Department of Neurology, Beth Israel Deaconess Edited by Olivier Godefroy
Medical Center, Boston Amiens University Hospital

Designed for busy professionals needing Improvements in stroke care have shifted
quick answers, this is a concise and the treatment objectives towards helping
practical reference for anyone who sufferers regain independence. There is
manages critically ill cerebrovascular a greater need to understand, manage
patients. This revised and updated new and treat residual deficits. Of value to
edition includes a chapter summarizing all clinicians who treat patients with
key clinical trials for stroke therapies strokes, this book focuses on their care
and a color plate section to illustrate key exploring in detail both behavioral and
pathology and diagnostic imaging. cognitive problems.

Review of previous edition: A detailed reference text, which

The Stroke Book is concise, well- will be of help to psychiatrists and
written, and easy to read with geriatricians, as well as neurologists.
excellent sections on basic stroke International Psychogeriatrics
entities that may be encountered by
Contents: Part I. Vascular Cognitive
healthcare professionals excellent
Impairment; Part II. Analytic Approach; Part
value for a book of this size, quality,
III. Dementia and Management of Vascular
and content.
Cognitive Impairment.
Journal of Neurosurgery
2013 246x189mm 464pp
Contents: Part I. Assessment of Stroke 109b/willus.18colour illus.
Patients; Part II. The Hunt for a Stroke 978-1-107-01557-9 Hardback
Etiology; Part III. Acute Stroke Imaging; Part 99.99/US$154.99
IV. Management of Stroke Patients; Part V. For all formats available, see
Stroke in Consultation; Part VI. Prevention of
First and Recurrent Stroke.
2013 234x156mm 391pp
101b/willus.17colour illus.58tables
978-1-107-63472-5 Paperback
For all formats available, see

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12 Epilepsy
MRI-Negative Epilepsy Women with Epilepsy
Evaluation and Surgical Management A Practical Management Handbook
Edited by Elson L. So Edited by Esther Bui
Department of Neurology, Mayo Clinic, Department of Neurology, University of Toronto
Rochester, Minnesota and Autumn Klein
and Philippe Ryvlin Department of Neurology, University of
Department of Neurology, University of Lyon Pittsburgh
Medical Center
There are unique challenges to the care
This book critically appraises the role of women with epilepsy. This essential
and value of specific diagnostic and guide to the practical management
treatment techniques for drug-resistant, of women with epilepsy allows busy
MRI-negative epilepsy. The authors clinicians to access information
present the evidence and share their summarized in a succinct and easily
expertise on the diagnostic options and accessible format. Of interest to
surgical approaches that make epilepsy neurologists, internists, obstetricians,
surgery possible and worthwhile in this anesthetists, primary care practitioners,
complex and challenging condition. nurses, and lactation consultants.
2015 246x189mm 255pp 2014 234x156mm 291pp
18b/willus.85colour illus.22tables 48b/willus.34tables
978-1-107-03423-5 Hardback 978-1-107-65988-9 Paperback
99.00/US$155.00 40.00/US$65.00
For all formats available, see For all formats available, see

Common Epilepsy Pitfalls

Case-Based Learning
Dieter Schmidt
Epilepsy Research Group, Free University of Berlin
and Steven Schachter
Department of Neurology, Beth Israel Deaconess
Medical Center, Boston
Epilepsy is amongst the most frequently
encountered of neurological disorders,
yet issues surrounding differential
diagnosis, underlying causes, seizures,
EEGs, treatment options and prognoses
can often trip clinicians. Common
Epilepsy Pitfalls is a comprehensive
guide to anticipating and managing
the pitfalls in the diagnosis and
management of epilepsy.
2015 234x156mm 224pp
978-0-521-27971-0 Paperback
Publication September 2015
For all formats available, see
Epilepsy Dementia 13

The Epilepsy Hodges Frontotemporal

Prescribers Guide to Dementia
Antiepileptic Drugs Second edition
Second edition Edited by Bradford C. Dickerson
Department of Neurology, Massachusetts
Philip N. Patsalos
General Hospital, Boston
Brown University, Rhode Island
Edited by Blaise F. D. Bourgeois Clinical and scientific interest in FTD
London School of Economics and Political continues to grow rapidly. Major
Science advances have occurred since the
This practical, concise guide is an books last publication. This revision
essential companion for all clinicians reviews these and continues to provide
and allied professionals who treat or the leading resource for specialist and
care for patients with epilepsy. Drugs generalist neurologists, psychiatrists,
are presented alphabetically, with geriatricians, neuropsychologists,
information in an easily navigable neuropathologists, and basic scientists
format. This second edition has in relevant fields.
been extensively updated to include Contents: Part I. Introduction to and Brief
new drugs and reflect advances in History of FTD; Part II. Clinical Phenotypes;
understanding. Part III. Approach to the Diagnosis of FTD;
Part IV. Pathology and Pathophysiology;
Review of previous edition: Part V. Treatment.
very comprehensive and up to 2015 246x189mm 304pp
date and takes a practical approach. 20b/willus.28colour illus.23tables
The content is highly clinically 978-1-107-08663-0 Hardback
significant and well presented 84.99/c.US$135.00
Provides a wealth of invaluable Publication August 2015
information for all who treat
For all formats available, see
patients with epilepsy.
Epilepsy and Behavior

2013 186x123mm 352pp 33b/willus.

978-1-107-66466-1 Paperback
For all formats available, see

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14 General Neurology
Imaging Acute Optical Coherence
Neurologic Disease Tomography in
A Symptom-Based Approach Neurologic Diseases
Edited by Massimo Filippi Edited by Peter A. Calabresi
San Raffaele Scientific Institute, Milan Department of Neurology, Johns Hopkins
and Jack H. Simon University Hospital, Baltimore
Oregon Health Sciences University Laura J. Balcer
A comprehensive survey of best practice Department of Neurology, New York University
in using diagnostic imaging in acute Langone Medical Center
neurologic conditions. The symptom- and Elliot M. Frohman
based approach guides the choice of Department of Neurology, University of Texas
Southwestern Medical Center
the available imaging tools for efficient,
accurate, and cost-effective diagnosis. This book will be the first comprehensive
Effective examination algorithms review of the use of optical coherence
integrate neurological and imaging tomography in neurological diseases.
concepts with the practical demands and The coverage includes a description
constraints of emergency care. of the technique and how it is utilized
2014 246x189mm 391pp in a variety of neurologic conditions.
196b/willus.36colour illus.35tables Essential reading for neurologists, neuro-
978-1-107-03594-2 Hardback ophthalmologists, and neuroradiologists
95.00/US$150.00 wanting an introductory account of OCT.
For all formats available, see 2015 246x189mm 224pp 40b/willus.88colour illus.15tables
978-1-107-04130-1 Hardback
The Neurology Publication May 2015
of Religion For all formats available, see
Edited by Alasdair Coles
Department of Clinical Neuroscience, University
of Cambridge
The study of patients with neurological
disorders allows analysis of the
interaction of societal influences, prior
conditioning, religious upbringing,
and metaphysical understanding of
the effects of neurological lesions. This
book summarizes the literature on the
spirituality of these patients, identifies
areas for future research, and refines the
experimental questions required.
2016 234x156mm 304pp
978-1-107-08260-1 Hardback
Publication January 2016
For all formats available, see
General Neurology 15

Autonomic Disorders Manual of Neurosonology

A Case-Based Approach Edited by Lszl Csiba
Paola Sandroni Department of Neurology, University of Debrecen
Department of Neurology, Mayo Clinic College of and Claudio Baracchini
Medicine, Rochester, Minnesota Department of Neuroscience, University of Padua
and Phillip A. Low Clearly outlining the uses of
Department of Neurology, Mayo Clinic College of
neurosonology through practical
Medicine, Rochester, Minnesota
instruction and advice, this manual
Based on experience at the unique goes beyond the usual scope of its
autonomic program at the Mayo Clinic, subject area to cover the diagnosis
the authors teach using patient material and management of cerebrovascular
and laboratory recordings to clarify diseases and neurological emergencies.
complex autonomic syndromes. Emphasis A convenient guide for neurologists,
is given to clarifying what is real and neurosurgeons, intensivists, radiologists
highlighting those changes that mimic and ultrasonographers.
autonomic dysfunction. Of interest to 2016 246x189mm 288pp
practitioners in neurology and cardiology. 978-1-107-65915-5 Paperback
2015 246x189mm 160pp c.65.00/c.US$115.00
17b/willus.337colour illus. Publication January 2016
978-1-107-40044-3 Paperback
For all formats available, see
Publication May 2015
For all formats available, see Neurologic Differential
Prehospital Care of A Case-Based Approach
Edited by Alan B. Ettinger
Neurologic Emergencies Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York
Edited by Todd J. Crocco and Deborah M. Weisbrot
West Virginia University
State University of New York, Stony Brook
and Michael R. Sayre
University of Washington Using a case study approach, each
chapter is dedicated to a specific
This book serves as a definitive resource
presenting symptom or sign and
for a host of emergency medical services
includes the associated key features,
personnel, concisely addressing the
quickly reminding the clinician which
topic of neurologic emergencies. Using
investigations are needed in the doctor-
a straightforward approach, this text
patient encounter. An invaluable text
provides focused answers and treatment
for neurologists and psychiatrists at all
recommendations in difficult and time
stages of training.
pressured circumstances.
Contents: Part I. Differential Diagnosis
2014 186x123mm 200pp
of Abnormal Symptoms and Signs; Part
978-1-107-67832-3 Paperback II. Differential Diagnosis within Specific
29.99/US$45.00 Localizations.
For all formats available, see 2014 246x189mm 689pp 111b/willus.175tables
978-1-107-01455-8 Hardback
For all formats available, see
16 General Neurology

Neurocritical Care Manual of Botulinum

Essentials Toxin Therapy
A Practical Guide Second edition
Mypinder S. Sekhon Edited by Daniel Truong
University of Cambridge The Parkinsons and Movement Disorders
and Donald E. Griesdale Institute, Fountain Valley, California
University of British Columbia, Vancouver Mark Hallett
This practical new resource uses a George Washington University School of
Medicine and Health Sciences, Washington, DC
highly visual approach to summarise
and simplify complex neurocritical Christopher Zachary
Department of Dermatology, University of
care topics. Diagrams, flowcharts and California, Irvine
tables condense the principles of
and Dirk Dressler
disease diagnosis and management Department of Neurology, Hannover University
into an easy-to-understand form. Ideal Medical School
for both trainees and specialists in
Fully updated throughout, the second
neurology, neurosurgery, intensive care,
edition of the Manual of Botulinum Toxin
anaesthesiology, emergency medicine
Therapy provides practical guidance on
and internal medicine.
the use of botulinum toxin in a wide
The text is both informative and variety of disorders. The Manual will be
accessible, and will provide an of use to the continually growing band
excellent resource for the clinician of clinicians discovering the potential of
who wishes to rapidly access key botulinum toxin.
clinical facts, or acquire a foundation 2014 246x189mm 315pp 388b/willus.
to support a wider and more detailed 978-1-107-02535-6 Hardback
exploration of neurointensive care. 60.00/US$99.00
David Menon, University of Cambridge, from For all formats available, see
the Foreword

Contents: Part I. Fundamentals of

Neurocritical Care; Part II. Neurosurgical
Critical Care; Part III. Neurological Critical
2015 186x123mm 206pp
9b/willus.63colour illus.139tables
978-1-107-47625-7 Paperback
For all formats available, see
Neuropsychiatry 17

Behavioral Neurology Neuropsychological

& Neuropsychiatry Neurology
Edited by David B. Arciniegas The Neurocognitive Impairments of
University of Colorado, School of Medicine Neurological Disorders
C. Alan Anderson Second edition
University of Colorado, School of Medicine A. J. Larner
and Christopher M. Filley Walton Centre for Neurology and Neurosurgery,
University of Colorado, School of Medicine Liverpool
This is the only textbook designed The second edition of this essential
specifically for trainees and reference, which examines the
practitioners in behavioral neurology neuropsychological features of
and neuropsychiatry, a developing neurological disorders, has been fully
medical subspecialty. The principles of updated and revised, and includes
clinical neuroanatomy, neuropsychiatric two new chapters. Informative reading
assessment and treatment described by for all neurologists, as well as general
internationally renowned contributors physicians and specialists who deal with
prepare clinicians for work with patients any disorders which may compromise
affected by neuropsychiatric and cognitive function.
neurological conditions. 2013 246x189mm 250pp 8tables
978-1-107-60760-6 Paperback
This superb book is the most 49.99/US$74.99
complete and comprehensive For all formats available, see
publication on this subject to
date. It is essential reading for all
who call themselves behavioral
neurologists or neuropsychiatrists. Schizo-Obsessive
It is also an essential reference for Disorder
the care of patients who suffer from
Michael Poyurovsky
neuropsychiatric disorders.
Tirat Carmel Mental Health Center, Israel
Doodys Reviews
This is the first book to address the
Contents: Part I. Structural and Functional clinical and neurobiological interface
Neuroanatomy; Part II. Neurobehavioral between schizophrenia and obsessive-
and Neuropsychiatric Assessment; Part III. compulsive disorder (OCD). It uses
Treatments in Behavioral Neurology and numerous case studies to present
Neuropsychiatry. diagnostic guidelines and to describe
2013 246x189mm 681pp a recommended treatment algorithm,
127b/willus.43colour illus. demystifying this complex disorder and
978-0-521-87501-1 Hardback
aiding its effective management.
For all formats available, see
2013 234x156mm 245pp 11b/willus.40tables
978-1-107-00012-4 Hardback
For all formats available, see

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18 Headache and Pain Management
Common Pitfalls in serious impact on the patients quality
of life. This book explores the psychiatric
the Evaluation and co-morbidities of headache and how to
Management of Headache treat them.
Case-Based Learning
2013 246x189mm 176pp
Elizabeth W. Loder 17b/willus.6colour illus.22tables
Rebecca C. Burch 978-1-107-02620-9 Hardback
Brigham and Womens Hospital; Harvard Medical 54.99/US$84.99
School, Boston For all formats available, see
and Paul B. Rizzoli
Faulkner Hospital, Harvard Medical School,
Written in a question and answer
Neuropathic Pain
Causes, Management and
format, this practical, step-by-step guide Understanding
describes real-world cases from everyday
Edited by Cory Toth
clinical practice. It highlights specific Department of Neurology, University of Calgary
areas of diagnostic uncertainty and and Dwight E. Moulin
common pitfalls in the diagnosis and Department of Clinical Neurological Sciences,
treatment of headache, and is invaluable University of Western Ontario
to anyone dealing with headache on a Central or peripheral neuropathic pain
front-line basis. can be caused by a wide range of injuries,
This outstanding set of cases and infections and diseases. Neuropathic
discussions addresses questions that Pain covers the multitude of causative
everyone in the practice of medicine conditions, as well as epidemiology,
has pondered at one time or another. clinical diagnosis, prognosis, outcome
This significantly adds to the options measurement, evidence-based
for primary care clinicians that go management, and patient perceptions of
beyond the discussions in standard individual and general neuropathic pain
neurology books. conditions.
Doodys Reviews
Contents: Part I. The Clinical Presentation
2014 246x189mm 199pp of Neuropathic Pain; Part II. The Condition
13b/willus.8colour illus.58tables of Neuropathic Pain; Part III. The Specific
978-1-107-63610-1 Paperback Condition; Part IV. The Specific Condition;
50.00/US$80.00 Part V. The Specific Condition; Part VI. The
For all formats available, see Management of Neuropathic Pain; Part VII. The Prognosis of Neuropathic Pain.
2013 246x189mm 378pp
53b/willus.12colour illus.58tables
The Neuropsychiatry 978-1-107-02371-0 Hardback
of Headache 60.00/US$99.00
Edited by Mark W. Green For all formats available, see
Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York
and Philip R. Muskin
Columbia University Presbyterian Hospital, New
Some patients develop chronic headache
symptoms which can have psychiatric
dimensions. This can be immensely
challenging to manage and have a
Neuromuscular Disease 19

Neuromuscular Disease
A Case-Based Approach
John H. J. Wokke
University Medical Center, Utrecht, Netherlands
Pieter A. van Doorn
University Medical Center, Rotterdam
Jessica E. Hoogendijk
University Medical Center, Utrecht, Netherlands
and Marianne de Visser
Academic Medical Center, Amsterdam,
This book will help neurologists,
internists, geneticists, rehabilitation
physicians, residents and researchers
to orientate themselves in the maze of
variability and complexity surrounding
neuromuscular disorders. Starting from
the patients history, each case addresses
pathogenesis, diagnostic tools, prognosis
and treatment options for a specific
disorder, with extensive cross-linking
between cases.
Contents: Part I. Motor Neurone Diseases;
Part II. Neuropathies; Part III. Neuromuscular
Junction Disorders; Part IV. Myopathies.
2013 246x189mm 178pp
69b/willus.132colour illus.58tables
978-0-521-17185-4 Paperback
For all formats available, see

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20 Neuro-rehabilitation
Textbook of Neural Textbook of Neural
Repair and Rehabilitation Repair and Rehabilitation
Volume 1: Neural Repair and Plasticity Volume 2: Medical Neurorehabilitation
Second edition Second edition
Edited by Michael E. Selzer Edited by Michael E. Selzer
Shriners Hospitals Pediatric Research Center, and Shriners Hospitals Pediatric Research Center, and
Temple University School of Medicine Temple University School of Medicine
Stephanie Clarke Stephanie Clarke
Department of Neurology, University Hospital, Department of Neurology, University Hospital,
Lausanne Lausanne
Leonardo G. Cohen Leonardo G. Cohen
National Institute of Neurological Disorders and National Institute of Neurological Disorders and
Stroke, Bethesda, Maryland Stroke, Bethesda, Maryland
Gert Kwakkel Gert Kwakkel
Department of Rehabilitation, VU University Department of Rehabilitation, VU University
Medical Center, Amsterdam Medical Center, Amsterdam
and Robert H. Miller and Robert H. Miller
Case Western Reserve University, Ohio Case Western Reserve University, Ohio
Revised throughout, with many new Revised throughout, with many new
chapters, and written by leading chapters, and written by leading
authorities, this is an essential resource authorities, this is an essential resource
for the work of clinical rehabilitation for the work of clinical rehabilitation
professionals. Volume 1 covers the basic professionals. Volume 2 stands
sciences relevant to recovery of function alone as a clinical handbook for
following injury to the nervous system. neurorehabilitation.
Contents: Part I. Neural Plasticity Cellular Contents: Part I. Terminology of
and Molecular Mechanisms of Neural Neurorehabilitation Outcome
Plasticity; Part II. Functional Plasticity in the Measurement and Diagnostic Technology;
Central Nervous System; Part III. Plasticity Part II. Therapeutic Technology; Part III.
after Injury to the Central Nervous System; Organization of Rehabilitation Services; Part
Part IV. Neural Repair Basic Cellular and IV. Symptom-Specific Neurorehabilitation
Molecular Processes; Part V. Determinants Sensory and Motor Dysfunctions; Part V.
of Regeneration in the Injured Nervous Vegetative and Autonomic Dysfunctions;
System; Part VI. Promotion of Regeneration Part VI. Cognitive Rehabilitation; Part
in the Injured Nervous System; Part VII. VII. Disease-Specific Neurorehabilitation
Translational Research. Systems.
2014 276x219mm 688pp 2014 276x219mm 760pp
152b/willus.59colour illus.13tables 154b/willus.45colour illus.
978-1-107-01167-0 Hardback 978-1-107-01168-7 Hardback
100.00/US$155.00 100.00/US$155.00
For all formats available, see For all formats available, see
Neuro-rehabilitation 21

Textbook of Neural Sensory and Motor Dysfunctions; Part V.

Vegetative and Autonomic Dysfunctions;
Repair and Rehabilitation Part VI. Cognitive Rehabilitation; Part
Second edition VII. Disease-Specific Neurorehabilitation
Edited by Michael E. Selzer Systems.
Shriners Hospitals Pediatric Research Center, and 2014 276x219mm 1448pp
Temple University School of Medicine 306b/willus.104colour illus.76tables
Stephanie Clarke 978-1-107-01047-5 2 Volume Hardback
Department of Neurology, University Hospital, Set
Lausanne 180.00/US$299.00
Leonardo G. Cohen For all formats available, see
National Institute of Neurological Disorders and
Stroke, Bethesda, Maryland
Gert Kwakkel
Department of Rehabilitation, VU University
Medical Center, Amsterdam
and Robert H. Miller
Case Western Reserve University, Ohio
Revised throughout, with many new
chapters, and written by leading
authorities, this is an essential resource
for the work of clinical rehabilitation
professionals. Volume 1 covers the basic
sciences relevant to recovery of function
following injury to the nervous system.
Volume 2 stands alone as a clinical
handbook for neurorehabilitation.
Contents: Volume 1. Neural Repair and
Plasticity: Part I. Neural Plasticity Cellular
and Molecular Mechanisms of Neural
Plasticity; Part II. Functional Plasticity in the
Central Nervous System; Part III. Plasticity
after Injury to the Central Nervous System;
Part IV. Neural Repair Basic Cellular and
Molecular Processes; Part V. Determinants
of Regeneration in the Injured Nervous
System; Part VI. Promotion of Regeneration
in the Injured Nervous System; Part VII.
Translational Research; Volume 2. Medical
Neurorehabilitation: Part I. Terminology
of Neurorehabilitation Outcome
Measurement and Diagnostic Technology;
Part II. Therapeutic Technology; Part III.
Organization of Rehabilitation Services; Part
IV. Symptom-Specific Neurorehabilitation

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22 Sleep Neurology
Sleep and its Disorders Common Pitfalls in
in Children and Sleep Medicine
Adolescents with a Case-Based Learning
Neurodevelopmental Edited by Ronald D. Chervin
University of Michigan Sleep Disorders Center,
Disorder Ann Arbor
A Review and Clinical Guide A case-based teaching tool highlighting
Gregory Stores the importance of information derived
University of Oxford
from the history and the physical
Based on a review of the literature and examination in forming a diagnosis.
modern principles regarding childhood Cases illustrate the way in which such
sleep disorders, this book provides clinical skills complement and inform
paediatricians, paediatric neurologists, the data obtained from ancillary testing.
specialists in intellectual disability, A highly accessible format for busy
psychiatrists, psychologists, and primary clinicians reviewing patients with sleep-
care staff with practical guidance for the related disorders.
investigation and management of sleep
disturbance in children and adolescents This is a worthwhile contribution to
with neurodevelopmental disorders. the field of sleep medicine. It achieves,
in a readable and engaging case-based
2014 234x156mm 176pp
format, the objective of providing an
978-1-107-40220-1 Paperback enjoyable means of learning about
45.00/US$70.00 sleep medicine.
For all formats available, see
Doodys Reviews
Contents: Part I. Sleepiness v. Fatigue,
Tiredness and Lack of Energy; Part II.
Assessment of Daytime Sleepiness; Part III.
Diagnosis of Narcolepsy; Part IV. Diagnosis
of Obstructive Sleep Apnea; Part V. Positive
Airway Pressure to Treat Obstructive Sleep
Apnea; Part VI. Alternatives to PAP in the
Treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea; Part
VII. Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic
Insomnia; Part VIII. Restless Legs Syndrome
and Periodic Leg Movements; Part IX.
Parasomnias; Part X. Circadian Rhythm
Sleep Disorders; Part XI. Missed Diagnoses
of Obstructive Sleep Apnea Can Exacerbate
Medical and Neurological Conditions; Part
XII. Sleep in Children; Part XIII. Sleep in
Older Persons.
2014 246x189mm 384pp
52b/willus.27colour illus.38tables
978-1-107-61153-5 Paperback
For all formats available, see
Sleep Neurology 23

Neuroimaging of Sleep The Genetic Basis of

and Sleep Disorders Sleep and Sleep Disorders
Edited by Eric Nofzinger Edited by Paul Shaw
University of Pittsburgh University of Washington, St Louis
Pierre Maquet Mehdi Tafti
Universit de Lige, Belgium University of Lausanne
and Michael J. Thorpy and Michael Thorpy
Sleep-Wake Disorders Center, Montefiore Sleep-Wake Disorders Center, Albert Einstein
Medical Center, New York College of Medicine, New York
An up-to-date, superbly illustrated The first comprehensive book on the
practical guide to the effective use of subject covers the general principles
neuroimaging in the patient with sleep of genetics and genetic techniques in
disorders. The only book to date to the study of sleep and sleep disorders.
provide comprehensive coverage of this Geared specifically to the needs of both
topic. A must for all healthcare workers researchers and clinicians, the book
interested in understanding the causes, will be an invaluable resource for sleep
consequences and treatment of sleep specialists, neurologists, geneticists,
disorders. psychiatrists and psychologists.
Contents: Part I. Introduction; Part II. Contents: Part I. General Principles of
Neuroimaging of Wakefulness and Sleep; Genetics and Genomics; Part II. Genetics
Part III. Neuroimaging, Sleep Loss and of Sleep and Circadian Rhythms; Part
Circadian Misalignment; Part IV. Sleep and III. Sleep Physiology and Homeostasis;
Memory; Part V. Neuroimaging of Sleep Part IV. Insomnias; Part V. Narcolepsy
Disorders. and Hypersomnias; Part VI. Sleep-related
2013 276x219mm 439pp Breathing Disorders; Part VII. Circadian
32b/willus.161colour illus.38tables Rhythm Sleep Disorders; Part VIII.
978-1-107-01863-1 Hardback Parasomnias and Sleep-related Movement
129.99/US$204.99 Disorders; Part IX. Psychiatric and Medical
For all formats available, see Disorders; Part X. Medication Effects. 2013 246x189mm 413pp
63b/willus.24colour illus.
978-1-107-04125-7 Hardback
For all formats available, see

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24 Neuropathology
Atlas of Gross Neuropathology of
Neuropathology Neurodegenerative
A Practical Approach Diseases
Kathreena M. Kurian A Practical Guide
Frenchay Hospital, Bristol
Edited by Gabor G. Kovacs
Tim H. Moss Medical University of Vienna, Austria
Frenchay Hospital, Bristol
Accompanied by diagnostic algorithms and
and Sandra Camelo-Piragua
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
microscopic images, this practical guide
to the diagnosis of neurodegenerative
This comprehensive atlas presents over diseases discusses modern molecular
four hundred gross neuropathology techniques, morphological classification,
images from post-mortem tissues. fundamentals of clinical symptomology,
Covering neoplastic and non-neoplastic diagnostic pitfalls and immunostaining
pathology of both adult and paediatric protocols. A must-have for medical
brain, spinal cord and spine disease, specialists and specialist medical trainees
this is a must-have practical resource in the fields of pathology, neuropathology
for pathologists, neuropathologists, and neurology.
radiologists, neurologists and
neurosurgeons, both in training and in a highly recommended book,
practice. written from the perspective
2014 246x189mm 241pp of both neuropathologist and
7b/willus.412colour illus.3tables clinician. This practical guide is
978-1-107-03816-5 Hardback and Online comprehensively updated with the
Bundle most recent morphological and genetic
85.00/US$135.00 advancements in the differential
For all formats available, see diagnoses of neurodegenerative diseases. The supreme author team
introduces the core concept of
neurodegenerative disorders and guides
the reader systematically from the
basic practical approach in sampling of
brain tissue, histological staining, and
molecular methods toward clinical-
pathological description of specific
proteinopathy. With its extensive
combination of masterfully edited
text, easy-to-read tables, graphs and
high-quality illustrations, this practical
guide makes learning and reading of
neurodegenerative disorders easy and
Nenad Bogdanovic, Oslo University and Karolinska
Institutet, Stockholm

2014 246x189mm 316pp

14b/willus.136colour illus.50tables
978-1-107-44242-9 Paperback and Online
For all formats available, see
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visual neuroscience Vo l u m e 2 0 , N u m b e r 2
February 2014
ISSN 1355-6177

vns JINS
Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society

E D I TO R - I N - C H I E F
S t eph en M . Rao

Ju l i e C . St out
Gi u s epp e Vallar
Mi e ke Ver faellie

Gu y V i n ger ho et s
Jo h n L . Wo o d ard
Ke i t h O wen Yeat es

Volume: 29
Issue: 3
ISSN: 0952-5238

Canadian Journal of Neurological Sciences

Volume 42 Number 2 March 2015

Saskatchewan Movement Disorders Program

Ali H. Rajput, Alex Rajput

Can J Neurol Sci. 2015; 42: 74

Figure: Pictures of Saskatchewan Movement Disorders program storage of patient records and research material.


The official Journal of: The Canadian Neurological Society, The Canadian Neurosurgical Society,
The Canadian Society of Clinical Neurophysiologists, The Canadian Association of Child Neurology
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