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Gynecology 6th Long Exam 8.

The speed of propagation of sound through a

medium is determined by:
1. Ultrasound involves the generation and a. The density of that medium
transmission of _____ frequency sound waves b. The volume of that medium
and echoes through interfaces between tissues of c. The area of that medium
____ densities. d. A & B
a. Low/same e. A & C
b. Low/different
c. High/same 9. In pelvic ultrasound, the echogenecity is generally
d. High/different compared with that of the:
e. Middle/varying a. Urinary bladder and ovary
b. Urinary bladder and myometrium
2. Gynecologic ultrasound includes the evaluation c. Cervix and ovary
and measurement of the: d. Cervix and myometrium
a. Uterus e. NOTA
b. Ovaries
c. Pouch of Morrison 10. Myomas and adenomyosis co-exist in ____% of
d. A & B women.
e. AOTA a. <50
b. 50
3. On transvaginal ultrasonography (TVS), patient c. >50
preparation requires a ______ urinary bladder d. A & B
prior to US; the sinologist is to the right of the e. B & C
patient and the probe used is
a. Empty/ 3.5 to 5 MHz 11. US appearance of the endometrium reliably
b. Empty/ 5 to 7 MHz reflects the ___ of the patient.
c. Full/ 3.5 to 5 MHz a. Age
d. Full/ 5 to 7 MHz b. Marital status
e. NOTA c. Hormonal status
d. Economic status
4. On transvaginal ultrasound, the hyperechoic e. NOTA
endometriumseen in the secretory phase of the
menstrual cycle refers to what layer/s of the 12. To differentiate between ovarian and uterine pelvic
endometrial lining? mass, a leiomyomata would have
a. Functional layer a. Posterior shadowing
b. Basal layer b. Posterior enhancement
c. Decidual layer c. Enhanced through transmission
d. Syncitial layer d. A & B
e. NOTA e. B & C

5. A 13 year old girl was referred for ultrasound of an 13. The sonographic description of a pelvic mass with
abdominal mass that reaches the umbilicus. What (+) venetian blind sign, and posterior shadowing
ultrasound should be requested for this patient? is most likely
a. Transvaginal a. Adenomyoma
b. Transrectal b. Leiomyomata
c. Transperineal c. Adenomyosis
d. Pelvic d. Endometrioma

6. The ff are indicated for pelvic ultrasound EXCEPT 14. A post menopausal uterus has a fundus: cervix
a. Painful mass ratio of
b. Precocious puberty a. 1:1
c. Follow up of a hemorrhagic cyst b. 1:2
d. Further evaluation of a pelvic \\1 c. 2:2
qabnormality noted on d. 2:1
computed tomography e. NOTA
e. NOTA (?)
15. The most common examples of complex adnexal
7. Ultrasound scoring systems makes use of masses on ultrasound are the ff EXCEPT:
morphologic characteristics that help to a. Dermoid cyst
differentiate benign from malignant conditions of b. Abscess
ovarian masses. The ff are morphologic c. Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome
parameters that are used in such scoring system d. Ectopic pregnancy
EXCEPT: e. Cystadenoma
a. Size
b. Thickness of septa 16. Violence against women includes:
c. Internal borders a. Arbitrary deprivation limited to public life
d. Ultrasound echopattern b. Includes threats of physical, sexual or
e. NOTA psychologic harm
c. Includes threats of coercion
d. B&C c. Is done with or without the consent of
e. AOTA the victim
d. A&B
17. Violence against women and their children refers e. AOTA
to any act or a series of acts committed by any
person against a woman who 24. According to the RA 9262 Anti Violence against
a. Is his wife or former wife Women and Their Children Act of 2004, any
b. The person has a dating relationship healthcare provider who suspects abuse or has
with been informed by the victim of violence shall
c. The person has had a sexual a. Document any of the victims physical,
relationship with emotional or psychological injuries
d. The person has a common child with b. Record any of the victims suspicions,
e. AOTA observation and circumstances of the
examination or visit
18. Economic abuse against women and children c. Automatically provide the victim free of
include: charge medical certificate concerning
a. Act that attempt to make a woman the examination or visit
financially dependent d. A & B (?)
b. Giving financial support e. AOTA
c. Allowing the victim to engage in any
legitimate profession 25. Double burden is what form of VAW?
d. A & C a. Limited access to reproductive health
e. AOTA care
b. Violence as a result of political
19. Forms of violence against women include repression
a. Rape incest and Sexual abuse c. Sexual discrimination and
b. Domestic violence exploitation
c. Violence resulting from political d. Sex trafficking and prostitution
repression e. Sexual harassment
d. Limited access to reproductive health
care 26. Rape as a form of torture is what form of VAW?
e. AOTA a. Limited access to reproductive health
20. Rape incest and sexual abuse are acts b. Violence as a result of political
a. Of carnal knowledge between repression
descendants or ascendants of any c. Sexual discrimination and exploitation
degree d. Sex trafficking and prostitution
b. Limited to legitimate parties e. Sexual harassment
c. That include relationships between half-
blooded siblings 27. When screening a woman who is suspected to be
d. A & C a victim of violence, one must
e. AOTA a. Use the patients language or
vocabulary to gather information and to
21. When examining a patient, physical findings that convey an understanding of her world
would raise a red flag of that violence has b. Use open ended questions initially then
occurred include follow-up questions for clarification
a. Multiple injuries in various stages of c. Gather behavioral descriptions of what
healing happened
b. A bathing suit pattern of injuries d. A & B
c. Bilateral injuries or injuries to multiple e. AOTA
d. Injuries on the face and neck 28. When a patient has admitted to you that she has
e. AOTA been a victim of violence, you may respond to her
by saying
22. Sexual harassment a. This is not your fault
a. Is limited to the work place b. No one deserves to be treated this way
b. Requires any sexual favor from the c. Do you want to talk about it?
other regardless of whether the d. I am concerned about your safety and
demand request is accepted by the that of your children.
object of the said act e. AOTA
c. Is committed only by persons that have
authority influence or moral ascendancy 29. Manifestation of the feudal system during the
over the other Spanish colonization are
d. B & C a. Labor of peasant women/girls used
e. AOTA as a payment to the landlord
b. Sex ads in media
23. Sex trafficking and prostitution c. Women were considered as healers
a. Is limited to trafficking across national d. B & C
borders e. AOTA
b. Utilizes only force as a form of coercion
30. Fatal outcomes of VAW include and procedure emphasizing both
a. Suicide benefits and risks
b. Homicide b. Patient comprehension has been
c. Maternal mortality established, as well as her competence
d. HIV/AIDS to make logical decisions
e. AOTA c. Circumstances that may contribute to
the non-voluntariness of the consent
31. Principles of ethics include have been eliminated
a. Beneficence d. A&B
b. Non maleficence e. AOTA
c. Autonomy
d. Justice 38. The second most common gynecological
e. AOTA malignancy
a. Cervix
32. It has been proposed that we consider b. Uterus
amendments in our abortion law in: c. Ovary
a. Pregnancies resulting from rape or d. Fallopian tube
incest e. NOTA
b. Pregnancies that threaten the life and
health of the mother 39. Which among the ff malignancies have the highest
c. Pregnancies that will result in the birth of mortality rate?
a very handicapped child a. Ovary
d. NOTA b. Cervix
e. AOTA c. Endometrium
d. Myometrium
33. Compared to other countries, abortion law of the e. NOTA
a. Is (almost) without any exception 40. Reasons for the late diagnosis of ovarian cancer
b. Is relatively the same as that of Spain are
c. Changes in attitude towards crime and a. Patients are usually asymptomatic in the
punishment have occurred early stages
d. A & B (?) b. There are clear cut risk factors in its
e. AOTA development
c. Physical findings may be negative
34. Assisted reproductive technology includes d. A & B
a. In Vitro Fertilization and Embryo e. A & C
b. Intrauterine insemination of washed 41. Possible risk factors in the development of ovarian
sperms cancer include
c. Gamete intrafallopian transfer a. Multiparity
d. Tubal embryo transfer b. Increased age
e. AOTA c. Late onset of menarche and early
35. Issues surrounding cryopreservation of embryos d. A & C
include e. AOTA
a. How long can they stay cryopreserved?
b. What will be their disposition in case of 42. Internal examination of an ovarian malignancy
death, divorce or separation of the would be
couple? a. Cystic
c. Can they be donated? b. Solid
d. Can they be used as materials for c. Fixed
research? d. B & C

36. When performing a tubal ligation, issues that may 43. A 27 year old G2P1 (0110) came in due to an
be ethical concerns include enlarging abdomen. On internal examination, you
a. Obtaining both informed consent from palpate an adnexal mass on her left, fixed with a
both the husband and the patient solid consistency measuring approximately 9 cm
b. Performing a tubal ligation on a mentally in diameter. Which factors will you consider doing
ill patient a conservative type of surgery?
c. Performing a tubal ligation on a patient a. Presence of fluid in transvaginal
who is multigravid and not married ultrasound
d. NOTA b. The patient is desirous of pregnancy
e. AOTA considering her OB score
c. The patient has previous abdominal
37. When a patient refuses to undergo treatment operations including appendectomy and
proposed by the physician informed consent must a hysterotomy was performed on her
be obtained by previous pregnancy
a. Providing a complete, clear and honest d. A & C
presentation of the treatment method e. AOTA
44. Surgical procedure on the previous patient would
a. Oophorocystectomy
b. Bilateral oophorectomy
c. Left oophorectomy
d. Total abdominal hysterectomy with
bilateral salpingoophorectomy
e. Total abdominal hysterectomy with left

45. The ff are epithelial tumors of the ovary EXCEPT

a. Brenner tumor
b. Clear cell tumor
c. Choriocarcinoma
d. A & C

46. The largest group of ovarian tumors

a. Germ cell
b. Sex cord
c. Epithelial
d. A & B

47. Spread of ovarian cancer is through

a. Extension to neighboring structure by
implantation on peritoneal surfaces
b. Regional lymphatic pathways
c. Blood stream
d. B & C

48. True of tumor markers

a. Specific for ovarian tumors
b. Serve to monitor progress of patient
undergoing treatment
c. Not utilized in detecting any recurrence
d. A & B

49. Final diagnosis of ovarian tumors are made

a. History and physical examination
b. Histopathologic examination
c. Transvaginal ultrasound
d. B & C

50. True of cancer of the fallopian tube

a. Primary cancer is extremely rare
b. Secondary cancer is common because
of its proximity to the uterus and ovaries
c. Prognosis once detected is relatively
d. A & B