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Fighter/Battle Master 1 Mercenary Veteran Nick

class & level BackgrouNd Player Name

Kohrn Kawb
Human Chaotic Good
character Name race aligNmeNt exPerieNce PoiNts

strEngth Opportunistic Relaxed
17 +2 30
16 armOr
+2 prOficiEncy bOnus initiativE spEEd

+3 PersoNality traits

hit Point maximum 17

+5 strength
dExtErity * +2 dexterity
Unwind some of the chaos in the world.

14 * +4 constitution
currEnt hit pOints
+1 intelligence
+2 -1 Wisdom
Wears the claw of the bear that mauled
+1 charisma his brother.
cOnstitutiOn saving thrOws
tEmpOrary hit pOints BoNds
+4 acrobatics (dex) total Doesn't take things seriously,
+2 * -1 animal handling (Wis)

sometimes underestimates situations.

+1 arcana (int) hit dice death saves FlaWs

intElligEncE +5 athletics (str)

* +1 deception (cha)
Name atk BoNus damage/tyPe Fighting Style: Two-Weapon Fighting. When you engage in
+1 history (int) two-weapon fighting, you can add your ability modifier to
Longsword +5 1d8 +3 slashing the damage of the second attack.
+1 -1 insight (Wis)
Second Wind. You have a limited well of stamina that you can
+1 intimidation (cha) Longsword +5 1d8 +3 slashing
draw on to protect yourself from harm. On your turn, you
+1 investigation (int) can use a bonus action to regain hit points equal to 1d10 +
your fighter level. Once you use this feature, you must
-1 medicine (Wis) nish a short or long rest before you can use it again.
9 +1 Nature (int)
+1 Perception (Wis)
-1 * +1 Performance (cha)
+3 Persuasion (cha)
* +1 religion (int)
13 +2 sleight of hand (dex)
+2 stealth (dex)
+1 -1 survival (Wis)

skills attacks & spEllcasting

11 Passive Wisdom (PercePtioN)


Languages.Sylvan, Common sP

Weapon.Simple, Martial, Longsword, Unarmed

strike, Crossbow light, Longbow
Armor. Light, Medium, Heavy, Shields
Tools. Horn, Thieves tools, Playing card set, gP
Land, Alchemists supplies, Lute


OthEr prOficiEnciEs & languagEs EquipmEnt fEaturEs & traits

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31 years 6'0" 188 lbs.
Kohrn Kawb
character name EYES SKIN HAIR



character appearance allies & organizations

Originally from the city of Waterdeep, Kohrn and

his older brother, Steven, fled to the frontier
after their father attempted to murder them in a
drunken rage. Unfortunately, their mother was not
as lucky and fell to their father's wrath. Life
on the frontier was easy at first. Steven,
already a practiced hunter, was resourceful,
brave, and had a penchant for the longbow. Steven
took care of and protected Kohrn for months in
the wilderness. Kohrn, still a young boy, was
constantly getting lost in his imagination among
the trees and eventually befriended the Sylvan of
the forest. They took an interest in his
innocence, not finding him a threat to their
lands, teaching him their language and studying
him to an extent. Kohrn's adventurous mind one
day brought him into the den of a hibernating
bear. The bear awoke in a rage chasing Kohrn back
into the forest. Steven, hearing the commotion
from the nearby camp, came to aid his misguided
brother. He was able to steal the attention of
the bear with a well placed arrow behind the additional features & traits
bear's front leg, and loud screaming for Kohrn to
run. As the bear charged, Steven was able to hit
the bear with several arrows, but was not able to
hobble or kill the creature in its rage. Steven
was toppled by the bear and mauled. In his
confusion Kohrn, huddled underneath a tree
screaming for his brother. He could hear the bear
turn and start towards him, only to have its
footsteps interrupted by a heavy "pluhnk" and
thud of the bear's body falling to the ground.
When he had calmed down and began to investigate
what had happened he could not find any trace of
who had stopped the bear, aside from a large
rough hole at the top of the bear's skull.
Steven's body was brutalized. Torn to bloody
chunks, his chest ripped open, and face filled
with terror. In his anger, Kohrn took his
brother's knife and began attacking the corpse of...
character backstory treasure

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Spellcasting spell save dc spell attack
spellcasting ability bonus

0 cantrips 3 6

slots total slots expended

1 7
spell name

spells known

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