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Essay Topic:

The analysis of the problem of the liberal bias of the mass media.
Essay Questions:
Can mass media be considered liberal?
In what way the mass media is the mediator between the events and the audience?
Why do mass media covers the news from the perspective which is suitable for its own
Thesis Statement:
Mass media claims to provide a diversity of different thoughts including political, religious,
economic and other ones without thrusting the opinion of the audience.

Mass media liberal bias essay

"Freedom of the press is guaranteed
only to those who own one.
A.J. Liebling
Introduction: Liberal comes from the words liberty. What is liberty for mass media? Mass
media holds liberty as its primary value. The designation of mass media is to deliver an
enormous amount of different message to a very large audience. It is supposed to play the
role of the mediator between the events happening in the worlds around and the viewer in
order to make the viewers opinion over the issue objective and suspended.
Mass media claims to provide a diversity of different thoughts including political, religious,
economic and other ones without thrusting the opinion of the audience. Do journalists, news
producers and all the mass media representatives choose themselves the event they will
report and the material they will cover? The reality says that the liberal bias of the mass
media is nothing more than a myth. The nation sees and hears only what the mass media
owners want it to perceive.
Conclusion: The major mass media companies do a great providing almost all mainstream
broadcasts and almost a half of the main newspaper publications. Mass media nominally
does have liberal bias but in reality it is an illusion to make the audience feel safe while
watching TV, reading newspapers and listening to the radio. The owners of the mass media
companies have their own motives to cover the news in a specific way or from the side they
are interested in. The liberalism ends at the point when it comes to the need of the
companys owner to impose his will on the audience.
Games and Violence Essay

Introduction: Computer games have seriously caught the attention of Mass Media and
nowadays every channel considers its duty to remind people how much damage these games
cause to children and adults. The increasing amount of games with violent scenes sock the
society and makes it very aware of them.It is already common knowledge that violent games
cause violence in people. This fact is not even doubted by the majority of people. Every other
person says that the reason lies in games being too close to reality. The opinion that games
make violent actions normal for the player and therefore make the player pitiless can be
often heard. In this case the game is the cause of violence and the act of violence by itself is
a consequence. And can real-life violence exist in the reality of a game? Is the transfer of the
definition of violence with all its peculiarities from one world to another justified only
according to the external similarity of these two worlds?
Games originally are entertainment. Contemporary games are very realistic and for this
reason they are a source of great experience for the player and develop the imagination.
Games are entertainment and even more then that. In addition, the statistics of the New York
University lead by Green and Bavelier claim that the player preferring active games get an
improvement of some types of brain activity, related to processing of visual information. In
particular, game players cope with problems of simultaneously tracking several moving
objects at the average level of 30% better then people who do not play active computer
video games. The gaming violent experience may not be the cause of violent behavior in
reality. None of the playing experience will become the priority in making important decisions
concerning problems in real life. A game is an abstraction. A player gets abstract tasks and
acts according to abstract rules.Games are also the possibility to be however a person wants
to be and to rest from the outside world for some time. But what if a person gets so much
excited with the game scenes that he becomes violent in reality? Then, it proves that the
games cause people to become violent. Let us stop for a moment right at this point. Those
who do not participate in this type of activity usually make the conclusion of presence of
violence in the game-world.
Conclusion: Nobody will ever hear this kind of statement from those who play, from those
who know the rules of the game and understand that it is just a virtual world. A
psychologically healthy person will never confuse or connect these two different worlds. A
game is a virtual world with visual images very similar to human. These images represent by
themselves nothing but simple playing obstacles. A game may potentially give the
opportunity to destroy the obstacles that may not be destroyed according to the rules but it
is more about personal choice whether to do it or not. This leads us to the conclusion that
violence is not a consequence but the cause. People who are originally prone to violence may
get irritated by games and perform violence in the real world. But in this case violence in
games is a simple justification of the violent nature of the player.

Essay Topic:
The scheme of the teachers behavior in case of signs of child abuse.
Essay Questions:
How should a teacher react if signs of child abuse are seen on the body of a child?
What type of reports a teacher needs to make to start the legal procedure?
What possible outcome a report to the Department of Children and Family Services will
Does the teacher take personal responsibility for the child abuse report?
Thesis Statement:
The telephone report should include detailed information about the person making the report
and detailed information about the child, suspected of being a victim of abuse: location,
special needs, injury, ect. Afterwards all the details must be repeated by the contact person
and approved by the reporting teacher.

Child abuse Essay

Introduction: Child abuse is an immense problem that does require immediate help provided
to the child from the side of specialists. Once a teacher gets an allegation of abuse from a
child, he must not require a written statement from the child or must not make the child
repeat the allegation in front of other teachers or adult people. The teacher must not wait
until the end of the school day, but report immediately by the means of telephone and
support it with a written report within the next 36 hours. The teacher takes individual
responsibility for the report, so it cannot be done anonymously. Both the telephone and the
written report are subjects of certain legal procedures. The telephone report should include
detailed information about the person making the report and detailed information about the
child, suspected of being a victim of abuse: location, special needs, injury, ect. Afterwards all
the details must be repeated by the contact person and approved by the reporting teacher.
By no means a teacher should contact the childs parents and a teacher should not make an
The next step after the telephone report is the written report. A fax report is an
interchangeable form of a written report, required by the Department of Children and Family
Services. The written reports are made through the forms: SS 8572 or SS 8572(2), reporting
the fact of child abuse and by the form DOJ 900, which is a medical report. Copies should be
made and saved by the reporter for further organizational process. Generally all the forms if
needed are provided by the child protective agency. All the information in the forms must be
full and as objective as possible. They require detailed information about the life of the child,
his needs and other information. A personal opinion of the reporter has no legal value. The
information of both written and telephone report is confidential. This confidentiality in case of
its violation may result in 6 month of jail, for the person violating it. The teacher may feel free
to contact the child protective agency for any questions that may occur throughout the
process of reporting the abuse or neglect. The identifying information provided by the
reporting teacher should be clear.
Conclusion: The teacher is completely responsible for any information that he conceals,
including the name of the possible perpetrator from the contact person. The response and
the actions of the child protective agency following the reports may have a wide range. The
teacher has to be ready in case the parent requests details about the reasons the child abuse
report was made. Only a small amount of people have access to the report details and they
always are designated reporters such as CARE Program SCAN Team members. The main role
of the teacher is to make the report legally right, according to the local abuse-reporting plan.
Any illegal action, incorrect information that does not coincide with the reality and is
subjective attitude is a law violation and the teacher takes responsibility for false evidence.

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