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Our annual Salary, Benets & Skills report for IT professionals in Vietnam

This year we have worked with hundreds of IT Companies and met

thousands of IT professionals to be;er understand their needs and
expecta>ons. Our mission with this report is providing insights to tech
professionals in Vietnam to help them understand what sort of
Salaries, Benets and Skills are relevant in current IT job market.

Todays IT scene in Vietnam is one of the most exci>ng and dynamic in
the world. Lets make it great!

Eduardo Mora
Head of Product and Engineering, VietnamWorks


Our report Page 05 Skills Page 22

1 Salary, benets and insights about todays relevant 4 Is your tech skillset up to date? JavaScript will be the
tech skills in Vietnam. skills with highest growth in demand for 2017. What
about other skills?

Salary Page 08 Training Page 26

2 Get to know how much tech skills pay nowadays in 5 If you are thinking what training you should take during
Vietnam. Salary informaSon is key for negoSaSon aTer next year, take a look at our insights and which
a successful job interview! cerScaSons stays relevant today.

Benets Page 17 Looking Ahead Page 32

3 Benets play an important role in aXracSng and 6 We have asked employers what technologies will be
retaining tech professionals. What are tech companies relevant in 2017 and we also did a bit or research to
oering to their employees? share our ndings with you.
Once a new technology starts
rolling, if youre not part of the
steamroller, youre part of the
- Stewart Brand -

If you are a developer then you should be aware of whats new in the tech town, as new
things hit the road you should be in a posi>on to understand at least why it has been
released and how useful it could be in the future. Learning new frameworks or concepts is
not only good for your career but also keeps your brain ac>ve.

Where does the data come from?
During 25th November to 2nd December 2016, we conducted a survey among
thousands of IT professionals and companies. We have also analyzed a large
data set collected from IT jobs posted at VietnamWorks during the last 5 years.

Our report
IT market is changing very fast, our survey
asked IT professionals and companies
beyond salaries in order to gather further
insights about benets and tech skills
relevant in todays scenario.
2,400+ 73 50,000+

The IT Job demand growth

14,997 jobs
13,214 jobs
9,846 jobs +25% 2017

6,792 jobs +31%

6,142 jobs
+10% 2015


Double IT Jobs
2012 Job demand in IT industry is higher than ever and will conSnue growing over
the next years. In the last three years, the number of IT jobs has DOUBLED.
Vietnam currently has around 250,000 IT Engineers, but will need more than
400,000 by the end of 2018.

The IT jobs
53% 48%
Ho Chi Minh Outsourcing

12% 80%
Manager Experienced
43% 41%
4% Ha Noi 1% 7% 11% Product
Da Nang Director New Grads Other

LocaMon Career Level Company Type

80% of IT Jobs requires 2+ years experience

Vietnam ranks as one of the most aordable countries for IT outsourcing services. 15 years ago, the IT industry was mostly dominated by big
outsourcing corporaSons, currently the trend is moving to quality IT services with more product companies seang up their development
centers in Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh conSnues to be the biggest tech hub in the country but Ha Noi tech scene is growing as compeSSon raised
in Ho Chi Minh. Strongest demand is for experienced IT professionals with at least 2 years of experience in soWware development.
Salary Data
We have collected salary data from IT professionals that are currently working
and we have also analyzed IT related job posts to idenSfy the best paid skills in
the market.

80% of the jobs that requires IT
professionals with 2+ years
experience would pay a maximum of
$1,160 6-20% MOBILE
IT professionals will get their salaries 80th PERCENTILE* SALARY FOR PAY RAISE IN 2017 PAYS BEST
raised by 6-20% during 2017. EXPERIENCED DEVELOPERS

Did you know that Objec^ve-C is

the skill best paid?

* 80th PercenSle meaning 80% of the jobs in that category are equal or under that value.

Salaries shown in this report are calculated as 80th PercenSle which provides informaSon about
the MAXIMUM salaries for the majority of the jobs. This report does NOT provide informa>on
about average salaries.

Salaries by career level

80th PercenSle* salaries are calculated based on thousand of jobs posted at VietnamWorks during the last six months

$1,160 maximum

7% 80% 12% 1%
jobs jobs jobs jobs

New Graduate Experienced Manager Director & Above

< 2 years of experience 2+ years of experience 5+ years of experience 10+ years of experience

Internship programs help Th e l a rge s t d e m a n d i s fo r Employers also nd dicult PosiSons for Director and
recent graduates to start experienced SoTware Developers, to cover IT management roles C-Level are typically open
their careers in IT; aTer 1 Tech Lead and Tech Architects that might required good for Expats.
year experience their salaries with a minimum of 2 years communicaSon skills and
increases considerably. experience. good English.
* 80th PercenSle meaning 80% of the jobs in that category are equal or under that value.

Salaries by role
80th PercenSle* salaries are calculated based on IT professionals survey

QA/QC Engineer $800 maximum

Web Full-Stack Developer
While the salaries of developers vary greatly
Data $900 maximum
depending on the skills and experience, there has
been a role which demand has been growing faster,
Infrastructure & Networking $1,050 maximum the Web Full-Stack Developer. Technology start-ups
and product companies need full stack developers for
their versaSlity. However, as an organizaSon
Sofware Developer $1,300 maximum matures, it needs more and more focused skills.

Project/Product Manager & Scrum Master $1,400 maximum

Head of Department $2,700 maximum

$0 $500 $1,000 $1,500 $2,000 $2,500 $3,000

* 80th PercenSle meaning 80% of the jobs in that category are equal or under that value.

Top 5 Highest Paying Tech Skills

Language programing skills that pay above 80th percenSle salaries for experienced developers



$1,307 $1,350 $1,442 $1,533 $2,100


TET pay
Have you received an extra pay for TET bonus?


Yes, I got bonus


87% of IT professionals got bonus for TET

Most companies pay one extra salary for TET. Geang paid in TET more or less than a salary is usually based on company nancial results and
employee performance.

Salary DissaBsfacBon?
Salary saSsfacSon among IT professionals scores low


Are you saMsed with your current salary? SaSsed
The number of unsaSsed professionals almost triples the
number of saSsed professionals. Unsatisfied

Professionals who are not saSsed with their salaries might be 56%
Just OK
disengaged and might consider other opportuniSes.

Salary Increase for 2017

How much employers plan to increase salaries next year?

1-5% increase

No increase 5%

I dont know 16%

42% 6-10% increase
20% increase 6%

11-20% increase 28%

81% companies will increase salaries

According to surveyed employers, salaries will be increased
between 6 to 20% for the majority of the IT professionals. The
quesSon is, would that salary raise increase the employee

How to get a pay raised in 2017?

Performance review is the best moment to discuss about your salary increase

Performance Reviews are key to get a pay raise

Performance on job 39% Economy growth indicators and labor market compeSSon will
push employers to adjust salaries accordingly.

PromoMon 35% Companies with frequent Performance Review processes are

more likely to get you a pay raise.

Geang new skills that are aligned to your employer needs or

Standard company increase 16% future potenSal employers might also lead to a higher potenSal
pay raise.

Acquired new skills 8%

Why Benets are important?
IT professionals feel cared and appreciated when geang relevant benets from their
employers. Employee Benet programs focus on moSvaSon and recogniSon. Popular
programs include exible/remote work opSons, mobile devices, wellness & tness
programs and great bonuses opportuniSes. But what are great companies oering?

Given the high compeSSon in the IT
market, benets are becoming an
important factor to aXract and retain the
best IT professionals. Companies are
focusing on improving oce spaces to
make employees feeling like at home. Career growth opportuniSes Open-space working Besides 13th and 14th Work-life balance is
But employees demand more career with training and business places with trees, payment, IT companies considered as the
opportuniSes and bonuses. travel to USA, Europe, Japan private cafeteria, huge oer prot-sharing, most important value
and Australia. library, yoga class, and stock opSons and huge to minimal overSme
even massage area to referral bonuses. working. Flexible
give relaxing and working hours and
enjoyable Sme to working from home
sta. are used as eecSve
engagement method
in IT companies.

Benets demanded vs. oered

What benets would you like to What benets do your company
Financial assistance
receive? oer?
Transportation allowance

Free gym membership

Professionals demand: Employers oer:
Healthcare plan for family members

Women friendly 1. Career growth opportuniSes 1. Great oce faciliSes

Flexible HR policies 2. Bonuses that recognized their
2. Career growth opportuniSes
Work from home
3. Good oces and a great work-life 3. Flexible leave and work Sme
Business travel opportunities
Healthcare plan

Work area facilities

Bonuses 2nd
Continuous appraisal 5th
Work-life balance 4th
Flexi hours 5th
People/colleagues 4th
Leave policy 3rd
Career growth opportunities 1st 2nd
Work Environment 3rd 1st
100% 80% 60% 40% 20% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100%

Benets SaBsfacBon
Benets saSsfacSon ranks higher than salary saSsfacSon but dissaSsfacSon is sSll high


Are you saMsed with your current benets? 25%
IT professionals believe their benet packages are not UnsaSsed
enough to cover their expectaSons. IT professionals
demand more career growth opportuniSes including 45%
training and promoSons. Just OK

Would you change your job in 2017?

The number of IT
professionals who would
consider changing jobs if a
beXer salary & benets
are on oer.

Benets at VietnamWorks
At VietnamWorks, we call our employees Dream Makers. VietnamWorks is truly home where Dream Makers are served with HEART & CARE.

Salary review each 6 months and an annual
Insurance as Law Requirement and advanced
performance-based bonus. Health and Accident Insurance.


Health Care with Health Checkup at good hospital; Recognize Dream Makers's contribuSon is
Work-life balance care with Gym Membership, our focus with Spirit Award, Service Hero
Club Program Sponsorship, Salary Advance. and Service Award.

Each year, besides days o as government regulaSon, Human Growth is our strategy so we are proud of
Dream Makers can get 6 days of sick leave without providing a free library as well as a learning &
doctor cerScate, 05 Urgent Case Days and 15 days development through "Naviworks University".
of annual leave.

Learn more about VietnamWorks

JavaScript and frameworks related to JavaScript will increase demand during
2017. JavaScript has become a standard-de-facto for front-end and now it is
moving to backend and mobile cross playorm soluSons. JavaScript demand is
growing and it will be growing for the years to come!

JAVA conSnues to be the #1 demanded
skills in the jobs posted during this year.

Employers choose JavaScript as one of

their prioriSes to hire during 2017; JAVA JAVASCRIPT CLOUD
product companies will be looking for THE #1 DEMANDED SKILL RELEVANT IN 2017 BEYOND INFRASTRUCTURE

cloud compuSng experts.


Most Demanded Skills

Top technology skills demanded by IT companies along with 80th percenSle* salaries in 2016

SASS $1,033
Node.js $1,058
Drupal $1,150
Xamarin $1,283
Perl $1,000
Symfony $1,300
SwiP $1,350
Scala $1,307 % calculated by total job
ObjecLve-C $2,100 numbers in 2016
Ruby $1,442
Bootstrap $600
Python $1,200 * 80th PercenSle meaning
ASP.NET $1,002
80% of the jobs with that
C++ $1,276
HTML5 $971 skilll are under that value.
iOS $1,328
Android $1,300
C# $1,237
jQuery $1,137
PHP $1,167
JavaScript $1,293
CSS $1,063
SQL $1,152
Java $1,272
0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% 40%

What are the skills searched at VietnamWorks?

35% 17% 9% 8% 7%

Java PHP Android iOS .NET

Top 5 keywords searched by developers at VietnamWorks.

What skills will companies demand in 2017?


50% 47%
45% 44% 44%
40% 38%

30% 28%
20% 17% 17%


JavaScript PHP C# HTML5 Java C++ SQL CSS C Objective-C

JavaScript demand is growing

We have already menSoned JavaScript but we have also noSced the demand increase of C#, its simple and modern and oTen used for the
front-end to develop Windows specic applicaSons and websites that will be run on a Windows server.
IT CerScaSons are considered a standard for showing knowledge learned.
Employers recognize the value of cerScaSons and they are supporSve in
covering some costs. Project Management, Agile, Cisco, MicrosoT and Amazon
Web Services are the top cerScaSons valued by employers.

Only 1 out 4 IT professionals get paid
training by their employers and more
than half of them get training on non-
technical subjects like English or

IT professionals chose online research COMPANIES

as the #1 method to stay current.


Formal training received by IT professionals

Which paid training is provided by employers?

31% 30% 25%

English IT Skills CerMcaMon Prep

24% 22% 7%
Leadership Project Management Others

Only 1 in 4 of IT professionals received paid training

English is the #1 paid training provide by employers while IT Skills and courses to prepare for cerScaSons come later. But, which cerScaSons
are most valued by employers?
Formal means training provided/paid by companies to their IT professionals.

47% 41%
Project Management Agile
Project Management Professional Scrum Master and Product Owner
(PMP) is the most valuable roles are in growth demand and
cerScaSon. companies are seeking for more

39% 31% 22%

Cisco Microso^ Amazon Web Services
Networking and Security MCSA/MCSE covering Cloud Amazon CerSed SoluSons
cerScaSons are now in demand Playorm, Web applicaSons, Architect is becoming an standard
worldwide and Cisco is one of the Infrastructure, SQL server de-facto cerScaSons for cloud
major players. infrastructure.

Project Management is the most valued cer^ca^on

54% of the IT companies will pay higher salaries to professionals who hold an IT cerScaSon. Most of the companies are also willing to support their
employees geang cerScaSons that are job relevant.

How IT professionals learn new skills?

Beyond formal training, below are approaches to keep your knowledge fresh & up to date.

1. Researching topic online

2. Download whitepaper 39% 22% 3. Akending

4. E-learning plalorm 21% How do you acquire new skills? 21% 5. Akending web
4. 5. Amazon
Discover the HoXest Get access to the largest and
Technology Stacks of the most 5 great online resources most updated library in the
popular Startups and Apps world.

2. Coursera 3. Quora
Thousands of online courses to Ask any quesSon or read
build your tech skills. answers from though leaders
in any tech maXer.

1. Medium
Every day, thousands of voices read,
write, and share important stories
on Medium about Tech.

Do you want to learn more?

There are thousand of online resources to keep learning and sharping your IT skills: blogs, online training playorms, forums and many more.
Keep learning!
Vn Ha Ca Thnh
Chin Tranh Gia 10 Chn L i
Cng V Nhng
Developer v Business Ch Lp Trnh Vin
Nhn Vin Hnh
Analyst. Ai s thng? Mi Hiu
Phc Ti Google

Nhng Ngn Ng Lp
Developer Phi Hi
Trnh Giu Nht
Nhng iu Ny
Trc Khi Nhn Job

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Mobile Development
NaSve is sSll the preferred playorm to develop mobile apps, however, during
the last months, there has been an increase of demand in Xamarin (from
MicrosoT) and React NaSve (Facebook) skills.

Web frameworks, mobile playorms
and technologies that will be relevant ANGULAR.JS NATIVE DOCKER

Web Frameworks for 2017

IT companies will be looking for professionals with knowledge in the following web frameworks/technologies.
React.js 16%

Ruby On Rails 4%
Django 3%
Symfony 3%
Redux, 1%
SASS, 1%

Angular (and recently launched Angular 4 Beta) is a complete JavaScript-based open-source front-end web applicaSon framework. It is simple
to use and Sme saving due to fewer codes, easy data binding and declaraSve expression of UI.

Mobile development in 2017

IT companies sSll prefer developing their apps with NaSve technologies

NaSve iOS/ SwiT 34% 28% NaSve Android

3% Xamarin

13% 13%
React NaSve
3% 6%
Phonegap Ionic

Mobile Na^ve Plakorms

5-10% of the jobs posted at VietnamWorks are for/require mobile developers! NaSve skills are the top requirement while Xamarin and React
skills are growing in demand.

Worldwide Trending Technologies

Some relevant Tech Trends that will have an impact in IT market in Vietnam during 2017

Cloud CompuMng Big Data

Infrastructure, Provisioning, RunSme, Data analyScs, data mining and data
OrchestraSon, ApplicaSon Development, visualizaSon are becoming widely used by
all in the cloud. organizaSons.

JavaScript Internet of Things

JavaScript powers 90% of all More devices will be connected and that in
websites and now it is starSng to almost all the industries.
take over backend and mobile.

Cybersecurity Docker
Data protecSon, condenSality Create, deploy, and run applicaSons, on
and services availability requires laptops, data center, or on the cloud, by
systems that can automaScally using containers. Using Docker increases
detect and block cyberaXacks. performance and reduces the size of the

Cloud CompuBng Skills

Product Companies needs experts in Cloud CompuSng to scale cheaper and faster

Cloud CompuMng Landscape

The aim of the Cloud is providing on-demand services
that can scale as needed.

Currently, the cloud landscape covers from

infrastructure, development and deployment enabling
companies to be more agile in rolling out services
cheaper, in lower Sme and opSmizing costs.

My takeaways
Demanded tech skills
IT professionals looking for career growth
Java is top demanded skill and also the most
opportuni^es as their main driver for changing jobs;
popular keywork tech professionals searched in
bonuses and great working environment come second.
2016. IT companies looking for JavaScript in 2017.

Salaries will be increased 6-20% during Relevant cerMcaMons
2017. A SoTware Developer in Vietnam can 54% of the IT companies will pay higher
get a salary above $2,000/month if working salaries to professionals who holds relevant
on latest technologies and have chances to IT cerScaSons.
travel abroad and/or get stock opSons!

Looking ahead
Angular is the #1 web framework IT
IT Jobs demand companies will be looking for in 2017.
The demand for IT professional is higher than
ever! IT jobs in VietnamWorks has doubled in
the last 3 years.

Meet the author

Trends change, new methods are used and you

always have to try and stay updated.

Thu Hoang
Product Owner of topITworks & Company Culture

I am an experienced Product Owner with passionate about Agile.

Over 8 years working in SoNware Development industry, I am on
my way to help both businesses and teams get the most out of
Agile prac>ces and processes.


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Principal Researcher Data Analyst

I have got 10+ years experience in business I am a technical guy mo>vated by data and its
consul>ng. Since 2010, I work for the European business applica>on. My current research elds
Union commission in charge of socio-economic are Machine Learning, Natural Language
research studies for major business sectors. Processing and Business Informa>on Systems.
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