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Kevin Morgan, U'WIC, Cardiff

rticle two in the seriesof three c ha l l e ngaeppr oac hall p up ilsca nthe re- embarrassment of pupilswho fail rhe
on AthleticsChallenges for Key fore achievewithin the lessonby early heighcsin front of the whole class.
Stage3 coversthe jumps.A improvingon their personalbesttargets. The followingchallengeideasare
varietyof teachingideasis presented The smallgroup situationalso makes thereforesuggested for improving
fo r l ong ,tr i pl e & hig hju mp l e s s on sw it h oerformanceslessoublicand savesthe p upi ls 'm oti va tio nin ju mpin gl essons .
the aim of moving awayfrom the
traditionalteachingapproachwhere a Fi g u r e l : Hig h Ju mp Chal l eng e Ci rc uit
limited numberof pupilsare participating
a n d th e r em ai n de ro f t h e c l a ssa r e
waitingand watching.The challenge
approachin contrast encourages
maximumparticipationin the lessons [^ ] 4\I
by setcingup a number of eventspecific I
/1 l/ \
stationsso that pupilscan work in small
groupsand rotate around the activities. Fr.fiI lS t at ion I I
Thus,as shown in Fig.l, an indoor high
'rp lesson,for example,might include
,.,e following:Station | - standingvertical
jump;Station2 - headthe spongeball
suspendedfrom the basketballring;
Scation3 - speed bounce over a soft
dome cone;Stacion4 - tuck jumpsover
a held bamboocane;Station5 - scissors
jump over a heldbamboocane;Station6
- highjump. Pupilsshould record their
oer{ormances on the score sheetsas
they roate around the differencstations
(examplegivenin Fig.2.) and try to
improveon these duringthe lesson.In STATIONS
this way the lessonencouragesself ref- StationI - StandingVertical
erencedtargetsand maximumparricipa- 2 - Headthesponge
Station ball
rion and tets awayfrom the possible Suuon3 - Speed bounceoversoftdomecone
scenariowhere a pupilmay be eliminared 4 -Tucklumpoverheldcane
from the lessonby failingthe starting
heightand spendsthe remainderof the
time sittingon the sidewatching.In the
Ku''il";rl Station jumpoverheldcane
5 - Scrssors
Sation5 - Highiumpoverelastic

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curriculutn matten$

Figure 2: Athletics Challenge Score Sheet o Repeatthis three times trying to land
on the samespot each cimein a
N I A MF NATF positionreadyto lump.
o Measurethe distancein your own feet
or naturalwalkingstridesand record it

C ha l le ng eNo Score I Score2 Score3 BestScore

Athletics Challenges-
L on g Ju mp 6
Equipment:Iope meosure,rokeand brush,
sond pit
O Work out your run up on che run
way usingbetween9 and l3 strides.
O Pe rforma run ni ngIongjum p inro
the pit.
O Get someoneto measurechejump.
SelfRatedEffort ( l- l0).................. SelfRaredlmprovement(l - l0)..................
O Havea numberof attemots.
O Recordyour best distance.
Athletics Challenges - Athletics Challenges-
Long Jump l Long Jump 3 Athletics Challenges -
Equipment:Cones,tope meosure/option!4 Equipment:Two cones,tapemeosure Triple Jump I
O Placea cone down as a starting Equipment:Cones,tope rneosure(optionol)
mark. O Placea cone down as a startingmark.
O Placea cone down as a startingmark.
O Get a partner to mark where your O Per{ormthree consecutivetwo fooced
jumpsfor distance. O Get a partner co mark where your
heelslandwith a cone and oerform heelslandwith a cone and perform
the followingjumpsfrom a standing O Get someoneto mark the overall
discance with a cone. the followingjumpsfrom a standing
O Havefurther attemptsto beat your start:
- two feec to two feet: - 3 h ops;
- one to same; mar[<er.
- 3 strides;
- o ne t o o the r : O Measureyour best distancewith a
- Ho p-h op -st ri de;
- one to two. tape measureor in your feet and
- Stride-stride-hop;
record it for a future target to beat.
O Measureyour best discances with a - Stride-hop-stride;
tape or in your own feet. - Hop-stride-hop;
O Record your best distancesand work - Hop-stride-jump.
out the bestjump'for distancefrom a Athletics Challenges- O Measure your bescdistanceswith a
standingstart. Lon g J u mp 4 tape or in your own feet.
O Recordyour best distances.
O Set up two cones5/10 metresapart.
Ath l e t ic s C ha l le ng es - O Performthe leastnumberof hopson Athletics Challenges-
Long Ju m p 2 eachleg over the distance.
Triple Jump 2
O Per{ormthree repedtionson eachleg.
Equipment:Cones,tope meosure(optionol) O Try and reducethe numberof hops. Equipment:
tope meosure(oPtionol)
O Pl ac ea c o ne d ow n a s a s c a r ti n g O Recordyour leastnumberfor each
O Placea cone down as a startingmark.
marK. leg and the distancecovered.
O Get a partner to mark where your
O Get a partner to mark where your O Repeatthe processfor'bounds'or
heelslandwith a cone and oerform
heelsland with a cone and perform big strideson alternatelegs.
chefollowingjumps from a 2/3 stride
the followinglumps from a 2/3 stride approach:
ru n uP : - 3 hoos:
- cwo feet co two feec: Athletics Challenges- - 3 strides;
- one to same; Long Jump 5 - Hop-hop-stride:
- one to other; - Sc rid e- str id e-ho p;
- one to two. Equipment:Iwo cones
- Scride-hop-stride;
o Measureyour bescdistanceswith a O Placea cone down as a startingmark. - Hop-stride-hop;
tape or in your own feec. O From a standingstart run between9 - Hop-stride-lump.
a Record your best distancesand work and l3 fast and powerfulstrides. o Measureyour best distanceswich a
out the best jump for distancefrom a O Get your partner to mark where tape or in your own feet.
standingscart. your lascstride landswith a cone. o Recordyour best distances.

T HE BR l r r sH J ou R NA L oF TEA cH TN G PH ys t cA L ED UcA T T oN S pr i n g 2O O 1 - -- - - - 1 t5
curriculurn mattens i

Athletics Challenges- O Work out your run up usingbetween Athletics Challenges-
9 a n d l 3 st ri des ,
Triple Jump 3 o Per{orma full triple jump with a run
Hig h J ump 4
Equipment:Iwo cones,toPemeosure u P. Equipment:Bomboocone betweentwo
O Set up two cones5/ l0 metresapart. o Measureyour jump. O Get your partner to hold a bamboo
O Performthe leastnumberof hops on o Recordyour best jump. caneat about ankle height.
eachleg over the distance. O Jump two feet to two feet over the
O Comparethe number of hops on canefacingforwards.
eachleg and work out your strongest O Your partnershouldincreasethe height
ho pp ingle g.
Athletics Challenges- graduallyuntil you reachyour limit.
o Try and reducethe number of hops. Hi gh J um p I o Measurethe jump in relationto your
a Recordyour leastnumberfor each Equipment:Verticoljump boardor chalk
heighte.g. lOcm aboveknee height
leg and the discancecovered. and record it.
ond o metre ruler
o Repeatthe processfor big strides o Changeoverwich your partner.
insreadof hoos. O Standwith your feet togecherand
backto the wall.
o Reachup as highas you canwith both Athletics Challenges-
Athletics Challenges- handsand makea chalkmark on the Hi gh J um p 5
Triple Jump 4 wall.
o Turn to standsidewaysto the wall.
Equipment Four cones lhoops,tope meosure o From a standingstart,bendyour knees O Get your partner to hold a bamboo
and jump as highas you can holding caneat about knee height.
O Place a cone down as a starting mark the pieceof chalkin your hand. O Start alongsideyour partner on the
same side as your preferred take-off
and chree other cones/hoops about o Mark the wall with the chalkat the foot.
a mecre aPart. highestpoint of your jump.
O Per{orma scissorsjump over the
O From a scandingstart or 2/3 stride a Measurethe distancebetweenthe bamboo caneworking awayfrom your
ru n up pe rfor m a ho p, ste p a nd jum p ma rk and the j um pin gm ark
s c a n d ing
lan di ng besi de a con e/ in a h oop o n Dartner.
and record it. O Your partnershouldadjustthe height
e ach o ha s e.
O lncrease the distances equally becween of the bamboo caneuntil you reach
che cones / hoops to challengeyour- your limit.
self. Athletics Challenges - o Measure the jump in relation to your
height e.g. lOcm above waisc height
O Measure and record the distance Hi g h J u m p 2 and record it.
b er wee n ea c h con e/ hoo p a nd t h e
toal distance with a taoe measure or Equipment:A softfootbollor spongeboll, o Changeover with your partner.
in your feet. boll net,bosketbollhoop,cones
O Placea soft ballin a ballnet and tie it Athletics Challenges-
to a basketballhooo.
Athletics Challenges - O Work out a curved run up to take-off
Hig h Ju m p 5
Triple Jump 5 under the ball. Equipment: Highjump bed & posts,elostic
O Jumpup and try and headthe ball. bor
Equipment:Two cones
O Adjust the heightof the football O Work out your curved approachto
^ Placeone cone down as a startingmark accordingly. the bar.
. Run between9 and l3 fast.oowerful
O Set the bar at your chosenheight.
stridesand get your partner to mark '.
O Per{orma highjump usingthe Fosbury
where your lastfoot lands.
o At the end of your run up do a hop Athletics Challenges - O Adjust the heightuntil you reachyour
checkthat you can control your speed.
o Repeatthis at leastthree times trying Hi gh Jum p 3 li mi t.
O Recordyour best heightfor a future
to hit the same mark eachtime. Equipment: Soft dome cone,gym mot,
target to try and improveupon.
o Measureche run up in your own feet stopwotch
or naturalwalkingstridesand record it.
O Pla c ea s o ft d o me c o ne in t h e m i dd le The AthleticsChollenges will be publishedas
of a gym mat and stand on the mat to lominatedteochtngcords,os port of o KS3.
KS4 & A LevelAthleticspack by UWIC Pressit,
Athletics Challenges- one sid e o f t h e co ne.
Moy. The other sectionsof the pock will include
O Jump two footed over the cone from
Triple Jump 6 side to side as many cimes as possible
reciprocolteochingcordsfor each event;guided
Equipment:Topemeosure, in l0/ 15 s e cond s. discoverysheets;ond A Leveltechnicolonolysis
rokeond brush o R e c o rdt he n umb ero f ju mps sheets(all photocopyoble).For further details
O Chooseyour rake-offboard or mark performedin the set time. contoctNei/Jones,UWIC Press, CyncoedCompus,
Cordiff,CF236XD. Tel:0292041 65 l5 or
your own with conesso that you are o Havefurther goesto try and increase
landingin the sand. th e n u m bero f ju mps.

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