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Queens for the King

March 2017 Newsletter

My how March has flown

This month has gone by so fast. Easter is just around the corner so we shared
the resurrection story during kids club. The children loved the skit done with
the interns reenacting the Easter story. Our house visits folks have done so
well making their blankets and benches. Many are excited to be able to see
their bibles after receiving reading glasses. Sibong kids are coming to church
regularly now. Interns are thriving here. God has answered so many prayers
and shown He is faithful as always.

Kids Club Bear Hug

We start kids club off with either a
bear hug wrestling match or "missile kid
launch". The boys really enjoy interacting
with a man and certainly need a man to
referee their soccer match after the
bible story. Mentors in Africa are so
needed. Pray for more men to answer
the call to teach boys to be godly men.
Kids Club Easter Story
Before the Easter break, our whole
evangelism team did a skit of the
story of Christ's crucifixion
and resurrection. Paige narrated the
story while Zanele interpreted. The
interns acted out the story as it
was told to the children. The kids
were visibly moved watching how
Jesus suffered and died for their
sins. They were so excited when He
rose again. Pray for each child to be
saved. Also for them to be fully
devoted to Jesus. Doesn't Thomas
make a good cross holder-upper? Awesome Interns

Steady church
The children at Sibong are regular
church attenders at Hilton Baptist.
Our kid's minister gives them a
ride to church. We give them a ride
home. If they're late for the pick,
the boys even walk the 3 miles
there. Pictured here is little
Alwande. She is clutching the
children bible she earned by
learning her verses. Thanks GLBC
for the Bible money donations from
the mission cafe. Alwande helps us
teach the other kids bible verses
she has memorized during kids club.
She is God's little helper now!
Shiya's Kids Club
These little preschoolers are now
doing kids club during our house
visit time. While their moms
attend our bible studies, they go
to school. Zanele and the
interns teach them bible stories
and work on their colors, shapes,
letters, etc. Last week Zanele
asked them what they wanted
Jesus to give them. Instead of
candy, they said love and
patience. Pray for more Lesotho
interpreters to come so we can
continue to teach them in heart
their language.

Growing in Christ
We continue to disciple the people of Shiya's weekly. Sbu and Lungile go with
our team and do follow up during the week. Lungile especially is a wonderful
interpreter for us. The patiens also are hard at work making quilts and benches
to sell as a job for themselves. Pray for God to continue to use our team to show
the patients the true meaning of Easter. For them to grow deep root type faith
in Christ and share that with their neighbors.