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A Six Sigma Engineer develops efficient and cost effective processes to improve the

quality and reduce the number of defects per million parts in a Manufacturing/Production
Six Sigma Engineers determine and fine tune manufacturing process. Once a process is
improved, they go back and re-tune the process and reduce the defects. This cycle is continued
till they reach 3.4 or less defects per million parts.
Six Sigma is all about knowledge sharing. If a company has more than one manufacturing
unit/plant, its more than likely that one of the plants produces better quality than others. The Six
Sigma team should visit this higher quality plant and learn why its performing better than others
and implement the techniques learned across all other units.
Research/Design department within a company can use the above techniques to learn from
another R&D departments in the same company or affiliate companies and implement

Define opportunities
Measure performance
Analyze opportunity
Improve performance
Control performance