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Cisco Racing Team

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Cisco Racing Team (CRT) is a division of the International Sports Car Club (ISCC). The ISCC sponsors sports
car races around the world. CRT develops wireless network connections for use at international raceways. CRT
develops the devices in the cars and around the track that do car telemetry, lap counting, and IP
communications per turn on the raceway.

This is the CRT offices in which a customer can meet with sales or with engineers to discuss individual needs
for their raceway or for the race cars that use the raceway.

Customers use stations B and C

Salesmen us laptop stations: D,E,F,G
Engineers use stations: H,I,J,K
Stations: L,M,L,O are permanent PCs used by either sales or engineering.

The problem: The IT expert and his team have come down with the flu . You are a consultant that has been
allowed onto any of the PCs , Tablets, Laptops, and network devices.

You need to do the following:

Be sure that all PCs, tablets, and laptops need to reach and websites.
Once this is accomplished you need to configure the email client Cisco-kid on Tablet PC2. check your mail from
the crt-admin. There is information in the email that can help you solve questions.

All points for NetRiders are determined by the answers you give on the exam not on the what is shown on the
Packet Tracer activity scoring. You may use the Packet Tracer scoring to confirm you fixed the problems.
If your PKZ-file can not be opened - extract the zip archiver and run inside the PCA manually.

Good Luck!

Question 1
Marks: 6
You are troubleshooting the connection from the CRT-router to the CRT-switch. Why was the switch and the
router not communicating? (Select two answers)
Choose at least one answer.

There is a bandwidth mismatch between the two devices.

CRT-SW port fa 0/24 is shutdown
CRT-router needed to be powered up.
CRT-router interface fa 0/1 is administratively shutdown
A crossover cable is needed between the CRT-router and the CRT-switch.
Question 2
Marks: 7
In order for you to discover the IP address of the CRT-router you had to use one of the cdp commands. Please
type out the command you used from the CRT-A laptop console connection that shows the IP address of the
CRT- router that is connected to the CRT-switch.
show ip interface brief

Question 3
Marks: 7
What is the Cisco version of the C2800-ADVIPSERVICESK-9-M operating system being used by the CRT-

Question 4
Marks: 7
What is the base MAC address of the CRT-switch?

Question 5
Marks: 6
You do a show ip route command on the CRT-router. Your documentation states the RIP Version 2 should be
running. If it is not please select the command lines you will need to make the RIP routing protocol work
properly so that you can connect to the servers. (Choose 4 answers)
Choose at least one answer.

CRT-router (config)# network

CRT-router (config-router)# ip version 2
CRT-router (config-router)# network
CRT-router (config-router)# networks
CRT-router (config)# router rip
CRT-router (config-router)# version 2
CRT-router (config-router)# network
CRT-router (config-router)# network
Question 6
Marks: 6
After fixing the connection between the CRT-switch and the CRT-router why could you still not connect to the
CRT Website?
Choose one answer.

A crossover cable was needed between the Web server and the CRT-router.
The Web server had not been assigned an IP address.
The Web server was turned off.
The fa 0/1 interface on the CRT- router was administratively down.
The CRT-router was set for full-duplex and the Web server was set for half-duplex.
Question 7
Marks: 7
What is the IP number of the device in the cloud that is directly connected to the CRT-route?

Question 8
Marks: 7
What is the IP address of

Question 9
Marks: 6
The wireless tablets will not connect to the Access point. What did you do to fix this connection between them?
(Choose two)
Choose at least one answer.

The wireless tablets needed to be switched to DHCP.

The access point needed to be turned on.
WEP was used instead of WPA , reset back to WPA.
The SSID was set to default on the access point so couldn't connect.
The SSID on the access point should be lower-case "crt" not upper-case "CRT".
Question 10
Marks: 7
What was preventing the Wireless printer from connecting to the access point?
(Two Words)
Encryption type

Marks: 7
Which laptops needed to have DHCP activated?
( Letter only in Alphabetical order followed by a space. EXAMPLE: A B C )
H,I,J ,K

Question 12
Marks: 7
Which PCs needed to have the power turned on?
( Letter only in Alphabetical order followed by a space. EXAMPLE: A B C )

Question 13
Marks: 7
In order to make the Cisco Racing Team network route faster you have decided to put in a static route going
towards Race Central's network. Please complete the command line of the recommended static route that is
being placed on the CRT-router.
CRT-router (config)# ip route ______________.
serial 0/ 0/ 0

Question 14
Marks: 6
One of your email clients has called you and stated they could not get their email to work on Tablet PC2 The
clients email address is
Fix the problem and then send and receive your own email on the Tablet PC2.
What was the problem?
Choose one answer.

The CRT-router is using an ACL to block email from the wireless networks.
The POP3 server is incorrect should be
The user name was configure incorrectly having Cisco-kide instead of Cisco-kid.posted on the PT wall.
The domain name is incorrect and should be
Question 15
Marks: 7

Name the PC that this display would have been displayed after issuing an arp command on the command
PC1 and PC2