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B B Bonjiovonna Bonner II

Actuarial Science Major

contact information

6210 Abbott Rd. Michigan State University | East Lansing, MI

East Lansing, MI BS, Actuarial Science
May 2018
734-968-6786 UCLA CEED SMARTS Program | Los Angeles, CA

Engineering Research Apprenticeship Certificate of Completion
summary of qualification
Jul 2010 Aug 2010
Able to easily grasp and implement new ideas,
concepts, methods and technologies
At ease in fast-paced environments
Able-bodied and ready to take on varied assign-
ments from the simple to the challenging
Excellent oral/written communication,
interpersonal and leadership skills
Thrive in independent, collaborative, or stress- Michigan Lottery Customer Account Specialist
heavy work environments
Michigan Lottery Support Center | Lansing, MI
certification Sept 2015 July 2016
Assited Michigan Lottery Online customers with various processes such as, account
Actuary SOA Qualifications Completed
details, website, game information and website error troubleshooting.
FM P VEE Assisted customers via live chat, email, and phone simultaneously.
Executed detailed case-logging for each customer.
Michigan State University Janitorial Technician
Michigan State University Residential & Hospitality Services | East Lansing, MI
May 2015 Aug 2015
Excel Maintained the overall cleanliness and upkeep of MSU Facilities
Powerpoint Clean upholstery and carpet, buff and scrub floors, and make minor repairs
Responsible for the set-up and tear-down of event furniture
Aircraft Service International Group | Romulus, MI
Aug 2013 April 2014
references Responsible for checking aircraft for leading edge ice and frost.
Apply deice fluid type 1 and 4 to aircraft wings, fuselage and tail.
Dr. Albert Cohen
Actuarial Science Academic Director Responsible for operating deicing truck around aircraft to assist deicing proceedure.
Michigan State University Responsible for accurate accounting of deicing fluid transactions.

Tom McCollum Baggage Handler / Ramp Operator

Actuarial Projects Director Delta Airlines | Detroit, MI
Michigan State University
June 2012 July 2013
Lift, load, unload, and transport baggage, mail, and cargo to and from aircraft.
Joe Zanti | Manager Operate ground support equipment such as tugs, conveyor belts, and tow tractors.
Michigan Lottery Support Center
517-980-5748 Received additional $100 for meeting Bags-to-Claim and Mishandled Baggage goals for
the month.
Richardo Freshley | Co-worker
MSU Janitorial Services