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Hadoop Administration Training Course

Administering Apache Hadoop

This three-day Apache Hadoop training course is designed for administrators who deploy
and manage Apache Hadoop clusters. This course will walk you through installation,
provisioning and ongoing resource management within a Hadoop cluster. You will leave with
a valuable set of best practices that have been developed over years of working with
Hadoop in production so that you can optimize your Hadoop clusters.
Well work through the full lifecycle of an Apache Hadoop deployment using realistic hands-
on lab experiments. Youll learn from our experience over the past six years of working with
some of the largest Hadoop clusters in the world.
Duration | Objectives | Audience | Course Outline
The Hadoop Administration course spans three days and provides a solid foundation for
management of your Hadoop clusters. A full outline is below.
In this course you will learn the best practices for Apache Hadoop administration as
experienced by the developers and architects of core Apache Hadoop.
How to size and deploy a cluster
How to deploy a cluster for the first time
How to perform ongoing maintenance to nodes in the cluster
How to balance and performance tune a cluster
How to integrate status and health checks into your existing monitoring tools (single
plane of glass)
How to recover form a NameNode or DataNode failure
How to implement a high available solution
Best practices for deploying Hadoop clusters
This course is designed for IT administrators and operators with at least basic knowledge of
Linux. Existing knowledge of Hadoop is not required.
Course Outline
Day 1: Deployment: Sizing, deployment and provisioning
Introduction to Hadoop
Best Practices for Hadoop Cluster Hardware and Software
Basic Hadoop Operations
Installing Hadoop using HMC and Ambari
Benchmarking Hadoop
Creating a multi-user environment in Hadoop
Understanding logs and directory structures in Hadoop
Day 2: Management: Management, monitoring and high availability
Understanding configuration files
Monitoring the cluster with Nagios and Ganglia
Understanding dfsadmin and mradmin
Understanding Schedulers in Apache Hadoop
Data Integrity with Apache Hadoop
Using Rack Topology
Day 3: Maintenance
Commissioning and Decommissioning nodes
NameNode Back up and Recovery
Hadoop Security
Copying Cluster Data
Hadoop Archive
Upgrading Hadoop
Hadoop Ecosystem
Oozie Administration
Hcatalog and Hive Administration