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vMonitor TM

Creating the Digital Oilfield

Optimizing your Oil & Gas Assets for over a Decade


4 Introducing vMonitor
7 Our Clients
8 Measurement & Automation:

10 Measurement & Automation:

Wireless RTU & PLC

12 Measurement & Automation:


14 Measurement & Automation:


16 Optimization & Applications:

Optilift System


20 Flow Control:

22 Contact Us

Copyright 2013 vMonitor. All rights reserved.

The vMonitor logo and any alternative version thereof are trademarks and service marks of vMoni-
tor. The other names mentioned, registered or not, are the property of their respective companies.
Information contained in this document is provided without liability for information purposes only
and is subject to change without notice. No representation or warranty is given or to be implied
as to the completeness of information or fitness to any particular purposes. vMonitor reserves the
right to revise or change this data at any time without further notice.
From the soaring temperatures of the Middle Eastern deserts, through to the freezing waters of the North
Sea, each new energy deposit comes with its own set of challenges. Plus, with the dilemmas of rising labor
costs and the shrinking numbers of skilled staff in many areas, asking your workforce to constantly monitor
your assets by hand not only puts them in harms way but also costs you money.

Introducing the Digital Oilfield,

Introducing vMonitor
Since 2002 vMonitor has been Creating the Digital Oilfield with Increase Production: vMonitor works with its clients to
its range of hardware, software, sensors and more with over 4,000 find every last drop of performance. By using data from the
wellheads currently under constant digital observation by the Optilift-ESP upgrade, clients have regularly increased produc-
vMonitor network. tivity by as much as 5% annually.
Digital Oilfield Benefits Increase Security: With 128-bit encryption currently in place
on all wireless data your information is always secure. How se-
Increase Safety: vMonitor aims to limit risk in potentially dan-
cure? Well, 128-bit encryption is roughly 309,485,009,821,345,0
gerous situations by automating processes that previously
68,724,781,056 times safer than 40-bit encryption which is still
needed physical interaction. vMonitors lineup of wireless tem-
very safe. Plus, theres still the unlikely chance of someone in-
perature, pressure, level and multivariable sensors send back a
tercepting the data first.
constant stream of information 24/7 for up to five years with-
out even needing a battery check. Decrease Cost: With innovative wireless technology used in
almost all vMonitor devices we take the hassles and cost out
Improve Decision-Making: vMonitor takes the guesswork
of cabling, cable maintenance and potential cable failures.
out of making adjustments with data readily available from
Plus with a range of wireless frequencies and accessible net-
a number of different sources over a previously unimaginable
works vMonitor will find a solution to suit your needs and re-
time-scale with the new historian and TotalAccess suite 3.0.
gional or local laws.

4 vMonitor
The Company
vMonitor is a ISO 9001 company that is a wholly owned subsidiary TM
of the Control and Applications Group in Abu Dhabi, United Arab
Emirates, with offices in The United States, India, Kuwait, Oman and
a number of countries in South America, Africa and Asia.
vMonitor has over 150 employees each with an average of over 15
years of Oil & Gas experience. Some of vMonitors clients include
Shell, Petroleum Development Oman, Kuwait Oil Company, PEMEX,
Chevron and Petronas Carigali.

The Concept
vMonitors concept of the Digital Oilfield utilizes innovative monitoring and automation solutions that combine cutting edge wireless
terminal units, wireless gateways and standalone software to help clients make important decisions and improve production.
The digital oilfield concept has been used to assist Petroleum Development Oman for many years to optimize their productions and
lower their overall CAPEX and OPEX by more than 30%. In Venezuela, PDVDSA has reduced their operating cost by more than 20% and
increased their production due to data optimization by 15% of gross production after vMonitor implemented a monitoring solution.

Optimization Measurement SCADA Flow

& Applications & Automation Software Control

vMonitor 5
Creating the Digital Oilfield for more than a decade

2nd generation release of: 3rd generation release of: Energy Harvesting Wire-
UCMP, vMBusX and also the UCMP and vMBusX products. lessHART, Applications
first offering of TotalAccess. Optilift Platform revealed to Platform Workflow Engine and
vMonitor moves into Nigeria, the public. Expert System Analytical 9
Algeria and Brunei. Worklows

vMonitor creates the first wire- Petroleum Development 4th generation release of:
less network in history for the Oman expands contracts to WMP, iTX, XMS and iRTU.
Oil & Gas field in Venezuela for 2,500 plus units. vMonitor vMonitor strengthens sales
Shell. And still in operation 10 releases XS8, XC, SPDC, SVSA network in USA and devel-
years later. and moves into Gabon. ops signs distributor deal for

2001 2003 2005 2008 2010 BEYOND

Upstream (Onshore/ Offshore) Midstream & Downstream

Wellhead Surveillance Well Test Separators Pipeline Monitoring Tank Levels
Production SCADA Systems Production Manifolds Pipeline Sectioning Station Hi-Hi Tank Level Systems
RTUs, Sensors for Pressure, Injection Manifolds Safety Stations Process Monitoring
Temperature, Flow and Level Downhole Gauges Surface Pumping Stations RTUs
Process Monitoring Units Leak Detection System Integration with
Flow Computers Multiphase Meters Metering PLC Systems
Artificial Lift Monitoring & Variable Speed Drives Storage Facility
Optimization Wellhead Safety Panels
Gas Lift
Sucker Rod Pumping

6 vMonitor
What vMonitor Has
Achieved for Their
Our Clients
Valued Clients We are privileged to have worked with valued clients such as:

Lowered automation sys-

tem costs
Reduced regular mainte-
Increased productivity
Lowered operating cost
Reduced well visits,
meaning less risk to work-

vMonitor 7
Measurement & Automation:
The vMonitor WirelessHART transmitters generation wireless sensors of vMonitor s sule assembly features a bonded foil strain
are battery powered, long range, low cost successful Wireless Technology deployed gauge sensor. The intrinsic overpressure
and multi-frequency intelligent wireless in multiple industries since 2000. protection in this design eliminates sensor
transmitters ideally suited for device mon- damage when exposed to high pressure
These transmitters utilize microproces-
itoring in the Oil & Gas fields hazardous surges.
sor-based correction to achieve both ex-
environments (Class 1 Div 1 Certifications).
cellent accuracy and ambient temperature Features
The transmitters communicate using ei-
compensation. Works with vMonitors or various other
ther vMonitors proprietary WMP wireless
protocol for long distance communications, Because of their light weight, these trans- gateways
or WirelessHART Protocol for low power mitters can be directly connected to the Wide range from 0-6000 psi and 0-300 C
mesh applications. WirelessHART is the process piping without mounting brackets. Low power
first international industry standard wire- However, for unique requirements, an op- Modbus or HART 4-20 mA
less protocol that delivers a dynamic net- tional mounting bracket is offered, and Accuracy and repeatability
work optimization and intelligent routing an interconnection to the process can be Optional LCD indicator
to always achieve carrier class data reliabi made using the transmitter process con- Explosion proof design
lity, lower latency, and deterministic power nection selected. Direct mounting process
management. vMonitors WirelessHART Easy installation
All welded, stainless steel exterior pres- Meets numerous agency requirements for
transmitters are robust, interoperable and
sure capsule assembly surfaces provide hazardous area locations
intelligent network platform specially de-
an airtight and watertight bottomworks
signed for low power applications. vMon-
ideal for corrosive environments. The cap-
itors WirelessHART transmitters are 3rd

8 vMonitor
iSens-GP iSens-DP
High Gauge Pressure Transmitter Differential Pressure Transmitter
A two-wire transmitter that provides pre- An intelligent transmitter that provides pre-
cise, reliable measurement of high gauge cise, reliable, measurement of differential
pressures. pressure.
0 to 6,000 psi, and 0 to 10,000 psi with 1.27 cm to 2,135 cm of water column differ-
listing for over pressure (2X) and burst ential pressure measurement at a maximum
pressure (3X) or 3,000 psi absolute working pressure
IEC 62591 WirelessHART 2.4 GHz DSS IEC 62591 WirelessHART 2.4 GHz DSS
WMP 2.4 GHz or 900 MHz DSS WMP 2.4 GHz or 900 MHz DSS
Digital HART and 4 to 20 mA Digital HART and 4 to 20 mA
Modbus RS-485 / USB Modbus RS-485 / USB

iSens-MV iSens-T2
Multivariable Transmitter Temperature Transmitter
An intelligent transmitter that provides pre- A rugged, robust and reliable intelligent
cise and reliable measurement of pressure, temperature transmitter and a full-featured,
differential pressure, sensor and electronics 2-wire transmitter.
temperatures, and process temperature.
-200 to 800 C (-330 to 1,470 F)
Differential Pressure: 1.27 cm to 2,134 cm IEC 62591 WirelessHART 2.4 GHz DSS
of water WMP 2.4 GHz or 900 MHz DSS
Absolute Pressure: 3 to 5,300 psi Digital HART and 4 to 20 mA
Process Temperature: 100 Ohm Platinum Modbus RS-485 / USB
IEC 62591 WirelessHART 2.4 GHz DSS
WMP 2.4 GHz or 900 MHz DSS
Digital HART and 4 to 20 mA
Modbus RS-485 / USB

iSens-L iSens-IO
Level Transmitter Flexible I/O Transmitter
A wireless level transmitter that provides a A flexible I/O transmitter with the ability to
reliable and cost effective means to remote- receive standard input signals with wireless
ly monitor tank levels and to prevent spills transmission of proportional digital output.
and overflow.
WMP 2.4 GHz or 900 MHz DSS
Level measurement: 0 to 1,067 cm Modbus RS-485 / USB
(0 to 35 feet)
WMP 2.4 GHz or 900 MHz DSS
Modbus RS-485 / USB

vMonitor 9
Measurement &Automation:
Wireless RTUs/Micro PLCs
Previously RTUs were a one-way street.
Now with vMonitors next generation line of iXC-2 intelligent RTUs your options are almost limitless.
iXC-2 is an innovative combination of high performance remote terminal unit, on-board database and Extendable System Kernel archi-
tecture with ease of configuration.
An intelligent RTU with PLC features, it brings real-time data and reliable control to your application. Combined with vMonitors advanced
wireless technology, it offers a truly open system design with limitless multi-user connectivity.

10 vMonitor
6AI, 2DI, 1AO 8AI, 4DI, 4DO, 2AO
900 MHz, 2.4 GHz 900 MHz, 2.4 GHz
Low Power Modbus Master/Slave
Remote configuration Redundancy
Report by exception I/O Expansion
RTD Channel Remote configuration

vMBusX-S8 Battery Powered Wireless RTU with 8 I/Os iXM-S Multi-frequency Spread Spectrum Data Acquisition Unit
An intelligent remote terminal unit with six A/D channels that combines the latest in wireless A long range multi-frequency spread spectrum data acquisition unit, designed for reliable
technology with low power consumption; to provide a reliable and cost effective means to high speed operation in harsh environments and extreme temperature ranges. It includes
remotely monitor and automate your applications in the oil and gas fields. a precision data acquisition board and a plug-and-play radio module for remote telemetry

8AI, 8DI, 8DO, 2AO Modular I/O

Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g 900 MHz, 2.4 GHz
Linux OS Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g
Modbus / DNP3 IEC61131
Modbus / DNP3

iXC-2 Intelligent Remote Terminal Unit with PLC iRTU-800 Modular Remote Terminal Unit with PLC
An innovative combination of high performance RTU, on-board database, and extendable A modular, scalable and powerful RTU with PLC features that brings realtime data and re-
system kernel architecture with ease of configuration. An intelligent RTU with PLC features, it liable control from the Oil & Gas Industry distributed locations to the internet or into your
brings realtime data and reliable control to your application. central information server. It has all the features of a traditional PLC (Programmable Logic
Controller) and a full blown process controller.

Compact Micro PLC Full blown PLC

Flexible open standards Flexible open standards
On-board or external I/O Full blown process controller
options Different modular I/O op-
tions available

vMBusX-P Ethernet-enabled Programmable Micro PLC vMBusX-P2 Wet Gas Ethernet-enabled RTU with PLC
A compact and powerful Micro PLC based on flexible open standards and packed with a A compact and powerful RTU with PLC, ideal for small and large applications. Offers data
wealth of features. Ideal for modular I/O RTU applications. Offers data transfer to vMBusX-P logging and time stamping, trending, alarm logging, and sequence of event functions. Easy
series RTU modules through a high-speed Ethernet bus. Control programs are written in IEC to add user defined applications using the embedded Linux open source software. Control
61131 languages, or in a high level language such as C. programs are written in IEC 61131 languages, or in a high level language such as C.

vMonitor 11
Image of iRTU

Measurement & Automation:

Having a gateway that can handle vast quantities of data is vital to maintaining your Digital Oilfield.
vMonitors range of gateways are built for a variety of different applications specific to the Oil & Gas industry. vMonitors range also
includes RTUs and PLCs with gateway capability and number gateways that can function as a wireless repeater.

12 vMonitor
Modular I/O 8AI, 8DI, 8DO, 2AO
900 MHz, 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g
Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g Linux OS
IEC61131 Modbus / DNP3
Modbus / DNP3

iRTU-800 Modular RTU/PLC with Gateway Function iXC-2 Intelligent RTU/PLC with Gateway Function
A modular, scalable and powerful RTU with PLC features that brings realtime data and re- An innovative combination of high performance RTU, on-board database, and extendable
liable control from the Oil & Gas Industry distributed locations to the internet or into your system kernel architecture with ease of configuration. An intelligent RTU with PLC
central information server. It has all the features of a traditional PLC (Programmable Logic features, it brings realtime data and reliable control to your application.
Controller) and a full blown process controller.

Wireless Ethernet Supports up to 15 wireless

RS-232/RS-485 RTUs and sensors
Modbus Master/Slave RS-232/RS-485
128-Bit Encryption with Modbus Master/Slave
Random Keys GPRS module
Phantom antenna 3.0 dB Built-in 128-bit encryption
explosion-proof rated

iGateway Wireless Gateway & Data Concentrator iRecv Wireless Data Tranceiver / RTU
A wireless data transceiver that acts as a data concentrator for all of vMonitors RTU and A wireless data transceiver that acts as a data concentrator to all vMonitor wireless sensors.
wireless sensors. Developed as a data gateway hub, it receives and collects data from wire- It can also function as a repeater or standalone RTU.
less RTUs and then transmits the data to a control center where it is processed and displayed
for analysis using a SCADA software such as vMonitors vM-DAQ.

Wireless ZigBee (900 MHZ 4 RS-232 ports with flow

and 2.4 GHZ) control
EDGE/GPRS SMS and 1 RS-232 port for radio
email messaging 1 Master RS-232 port
Data history No power input required
Report by exception Removable terminal blocks
Remote configuration for safer maintenance in
Built-in 128-bit encryption the field

iRecv-E GPRS+ZigBee Wireless Gateway / RTU vMBus Serial Hub

A GPRS + ZigBee wireless RTU and data transceiver that acts as a data concentrator for our An RS-232 multiplexer that can host up to 4 radio devices for connecting to a gateway device
wireless sensors. iRecv-E can also function as a standalone RTU. using RS-232. It allows distribution and control of the voltage input from the RS-232 lines. It
can be mounted easily and there is no power required. It serves as a serial hub for multiple

vMonitor 13
Measurement & Automation:
vMonitors long-range radio modems operate in the license-free 2.4 GHz, 400 MHz or 900MHz ISM band and offer reliable data commu-
nications in high-interference environments.
These radios combine advanced frequency hopping and digital signal processing technology with outstanding receiver sensitivity and
antenna diversity to deliver exceptional noise and interference rejection, plus with 128-bit built in encryption means that you can entrust
your valuable information with vMonitor.

14 vMonitor
Built-in 128-bit data en-
Uses license-free 900 MHz
and 2.4 GHz ISM band
Works in high-interference
Supports Modbus RTU,
Modbus ASCII and DNP

iXtend Wireless Repeater / Range Extender

A wireless repeater used to extend the range of vMonitor wireless sensors. It operates in
license-free 900 MHz and 2.4 GHz band and can be used throughout the world with no site
licenses or monthly leased line/wireless service fees. Several repeaters can also be used in a
row to reach the destination.

Built-in 128-bit data en-

Uses license-free 900 MHz
and 2.4 GHz ISM band
Works in high-interference
Supports Modbus RTU,
Modbus ASCII and DNP

iUR Universal Radio Adapter / Standalone Modem

A long range universal radio adapter used with vMonitor wireless RTUs and gateways. Uses
advance digital signal processing to provide the best performance and reliability.The ver-
satility of the DSP core and small DIN rail-mountable design makes it an ideal solution for
industrial and utility wireless applications.

Easy installation
Protocol transparent
Up to 3 RS-232 interfaces
Self repeater functionality
Uses 380-470 MHz radio

vMBus-400E Wireless Ethernet UHF Radio (400MHz)

A wireless Ethernet modem enables direct connection of the radio modem to the Ethernet net-
work using the standard TCP/IP. Can be configured, monitored and firmware upgraded remotely
from any asynchronous PC terminal using the service ports. The network can have anywhere be-
tween two points up to thousands of stations, and it does not require a control center.

vMonitor 15
Optimization & Applications:
Optilift System
Optilift System is a complete solution de- quick, accurate decisions Reduced operational and maintenance
signed to sample, compute, analyze, con- cost by giving more attention to poor
Optilift System Value Delivered
trol and communicate the parameters wells while leaving good ones unat-
needed to optimize the production of na The ability to determine if a well is off tended for longer periods of time.
tural flowing and artificial lifted wells. production within a short period of
Correlated well surface data that are
time or out of desired operating range
Production Challenges readily available in real time thus ad
enables field operators and mainte-
ding additional tools for investigating
Minimize long response times nance crews to correct the anomaly at
well performance.
least during the next day, thus increa
Remote location mobility since ope
sing revenues by decreasing produc- Because the daily clerical effort of
rating crews relies on transportation
tion down time. administering production including
and logistics affecting the ability to set
collecting data from the well platform;
operating conditions at the wellsite on Reduced production downtime.
adjusting operating conditions ma
time effective manner
Optimized the production by assu nually, like gas lift flow rates or pump
Perform production analysis at the rance of optimum set point operation speed; use and interpretation of circu-
wellsite in near real time to keep pro- of the wells. lar charts is virtually eliminated, ope
duction levels rators can concentrate their efforts on
Increased production equipment run
analyzing the well data and optimizing
There is often too much complex life by minimizing deviations from the
its behavior.
information to assimilate and under- design limits.
stand in the time needed to make

16 vMonitor
Optilift System Gaslift Monitoring and
Optilift-GL was specifically designed to au-
tomatically sense and control the wellhead
variables of a gas lift production site. The
unit adjusts the gas lift injection flow to
match an operator determined flow rate,
and computes estimated gas-oil-water
production in real-time. Communication
is possible to a centrally located computer,
allowing the results to be easily gathered
for analysis. Trending of flow data by a
master computer can be particularly use-
Comprehensive Solutions for Production System Moni- ful in the early detection of well problems.
toring, Control & Optimization Tool

Optilift-RPC Optilift-ESP
Rod Pump Controller Electrical Submersible Pump
Monitoring and Optimization Monitoring and Optimization
The Optilift-RPC (Rod Pump Controller) is The vMonitor Optilift-ESP solution sense
an advanced design rod pump controller and control the wellhead and other oper-
for artificial lift using beam pumps. The ating variables of an ESP system on site.
Optilift-RPC monitors both polished rod The well operating status is available at
load and continuous walking beam posi- the wellsite or remotely. The unit performs
tion to develop dynamometer cards. By basic initial analysis to adjust the pumping
comparison against operator entries, the conditions and keep the system working
Optilift-RPC can react to pump conditions as expected. At the same time the data
in real-time. is recorded and can be easily gathered
for further analysis. Intelligent alarms are
incorporated based on pump differential
pressure, current consumption, estimated
flow and electric equipment condition.

Optilift-PCP Optilift-WM
Progressive Cavity Pump Wireless Wellhead Monitoring
Monitoring and Optimization
Optilift-WM is an advanced solution that
The vMonitors Optilift-PCP solution sense brings real-time data and reliable control
and control the wellhead and other oper- from Oil & Gas wells. It is an innovative
ating variables of a PCP system on site. solution with a high performance battery
The well status is available at the wellsite powered RTU, integrated with 3 pressure
or remotely. The unit performs basic initial sensors, and one RTD to measure all the
analysis to adjust the pumping conditions wellhead process parameters all inside a
and keep the system working as expected. compact enclosure. It can be a stand-alone
At the same time the data is recorded and RTU or part of an integrated network to
can be easily gathered for further analysis. acquire real-time data for analysis and de-
Intelligent alarms are incorporated based tect alarms.
on torque, pump differential pressure, flow
and surface equipment conditions.

vMonitor 17
SCADA Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition
vMonitors TotalAccess provides advanced Features
remote operations solutions by linking people
Monitor Field Equipment Benefits
with remote assets at significant cost savings
compared to conventional technology. Total- Attach real-world device data points Increase Reaction Time
Access is ideal for monitoring assets, such as to graphical display components to re-
Respond to potential equipment prob-
wellheads, pipelines, ESPs, PCPs, rod pumps, motely monitor specific values trans-
lems and take corrective action quickly
well test equipment and other systems. mitted by the sensors and other mea-
and more efficiently.
suring instruments.
TotalAccess uses the latest technology to
Facilitate Data Access
monitor remote assets. The Data Acquisi- Control Remote Assets
tion Engine (vM-DAQ) captures real-time Raise awareness and improve commu-
Execute write back commands to send
data transmitted by various data sources in nication by making field data available
new data point values back to the field
the field, including our Optilift System, iSens to anyone in the organization requiring
Transmitters and other third-party hardware. access to it.
Receive Alarms
Our data presentation tools, vM-SCADA en- Aid Management Decisions
ables monitoring of real-time data as it flows View notifications of potentially
Develop more accurate and consistent
into the system. Custom alarms can be crea threatening situations in the opera-
reporting with improved data collec-
ted, based on pre-defined conditions, to send tion.
tion and display.
notifications of any potential problems within
the system.

18 vMonitor
A data acquisition engine with a multithreaded kernel that performs realtime func-
tions, including RTU polling, supervisory control, alarm detection, alarm processing
TotalAccess Software Architecture and user defined functions. Supports an unlimited number of devices and tags and
with the built-in distributed computing capabilities better performance.

vM-SCADA Interface Builder & Viewer vM-Historian Data Historian

vM-SCADA provides you with the tools necessary to build and view customized vM-Historian stores data in a secure repository for later viewing and trending. It
interfaces, through which you can interact with your field operations. It offers supports Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle. Compared to a relational database
complete visual customization of your products as well as alarm notifications which is built to manage relationship, vM-Historian was optimized for time-se-
and writeback control options. ries data.

Client NETWORK Client

Server vM-OPC Server Server
Driver Communications

vM-Config Configuration & Management Tool vM-OPC OPC Gateway

vM-Config application is a configuration and management tool. Users can easily vM-OPC broadcasts real-time data, historical data, and alarms via the OPC pro-
and quickly configure and upload data to the field devices.It features an Ap- tocol. Additionally, 3rd party OPC data can be integrated into the system (OPC
plication Network Explorer that offers a hierarchical map of each network by gateway). It offers full support for various OPC services.
displaying the relationships among gateways and devices.

vMonitor 19
Flow Control
Since the Merla brand was first registered - with customization to your specific re-
in 1937, products by the Merla Tool Com- quirements using Flow Com software to
pany were rugged, reliable, and manufac- assist in sizing and troubleshooting valve
tured to the highest quality standards pos- applications.
sible. Merla wellhead solutions surface flow
Merlas Product Features
control valves and actuators are the latest
addition to the vMonitor lineup. Guaranteed erosion protection
Merlas sales and service network extends High temperature and pressure resis-
to North and South America, the Asia Pa- tance (up to 10,000 psi and 700 F /
cific and Middle East and also includes a 370 C)
network of approved and qualified distri
Heavy-duty stainless steel and tung-
butors and service centers.
sten carbide construction
Merla Wellhead Solutions is currently ser-
Interchangeable and replaceable
vicing 230 Oil & Gas related customers
across the globe including: PDVSA, Chev-
ron, ConocoPhilips, Total, ExxonMobil and Superior noise suppression
Schlumberger among others.
Easy maintenance
Merla also offers rapid delivery anywhere
in the world the fastest in the business

20 vMonitor
FCV Series Flow Control Valves ACV Series Adjustable Choke Valves
FCV Series Flow Control Valves are plug and seat type valves used primarily on artificial lift Merlas ACV have standard plug and seat trims and optional ported cage trims to combat
manifolds for the control of injection on gas, small water flood projects, or any similar type cavitation, erosion and noise. These chokes are used where high flow rates and high differen-
application. They are manually adjusted valves designed to provide excellent repeatability tials are encountered. They can be used for both mono and multiphase applications either as
and are available in 25.4 mm and 50.8 mm body sizes and a wide range of body configura- a wellhead production choke or for secondary recovery projects such as water, gas injection
tions and trim packages. and thermal recovery applications.

MQD Quarter Turn Choke Valves Positive In-Line Chokes

MQD Choke Valves have a wide range of applications in the oil, gas, and water service indus- The Positive In-Line Chokes are designed for bi-directional flow and are used primarily in gas
try. The MQD Series Valves are available with a standard Stainless Steel, Tungsten Carbide, storage applications. The fixed bean design allows easy bean replacement without having to
Stellite, and other disk trim design. These valves are used where high flow rates and high remove the valve body from the flow line. The positive inline choke incorporates a fixed bean
differentials are encountered. The MQD can be used for applications as wellheads production design that allows the bean to be easily replaced without removing the valve body from the
chokes, secondary recovery projects for water and gas injection or as thermal recovery. flow line. The unique inline design characteristics permit bidirectional flow.

Electric Rotary Actuators MV-60 Motor Valves

Electric actuators are electrically driven rotary motors that are directly coupled to either ACV The MV-60 Series of Motor Valves are pressure actuated snap or throttling linear open or
or FCV valves. The position of the choke can be controlled by either digital pulse duration or close type valves that are economical high pressure regulators, dump valves, or time cycle
analog signals transmitted from a remote location. The electric motor and all electric controls, controllers for intermittent gaslift applications. They can be used for snap-open or throttling
if required, are enclosed in the housing which can be supplied to NEMA standards for hazard- service, high pressure regulator, dump valve and time cycle control. They make effective well-
ous locations for Class 1, Division 1, Group D areas. head control units, constant-rate controllers and differential pressure controllers.

vMonitor 21
Contact Us
UAE (Head Office) Kuwait India
15/F Al Masraf Bldg., Hamdan St. 11/F Green Tower, Al Dabbous St. 49 H, 1st Floor, New Haven
P.O. Box 35427 Abu Dhabi, UAE Block-7, Fahaheel, Kuwait Parsi Panchayat Rd.
Tel: +971 2 6767 965 Tel: +965 2 545 6450-6 Andheri (East), Mumbai 400 069
Fax: +971 2 6767 956 Fax: +965 2 545 6455 Tel: +91 22 2830 4356
Email: Email: Email:

USA (Technology Center) Oman Qatar

4321 W Sam Houston Parkway Building 220, Street 18th Nov Office 24 Sharq Capital Business Centre
N #110 Houston, TX 77043 P.O. Box 867, PC 115, Muscat Bldg. 311, C-Ring Road
Tel: +1 713 467 3900 Tel: +968 2 449 0166 P.O. Box 6029, Doha, Qatar
Fax: +1 713 467 3999 Fax: +968 2 449 4195 Tel: +974 4 4099 824
Email: Email: Fax: +974 4 4099 877

22 vMonitor