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Republic of the Philippines

Department of Education
Region V (Bicol)
Division of Albay
Polangui North District
Polangui, Albay

Brigada Eskwela 2016

Narrative Report
Educators believe that environment plays a big part in pupils learning. And so, if
classrooms are not conducive to learning because of poor condition and some defective
school facilities, education is hindered.

The National Schools Maintenance Week dubbed as Brigada Eskwela began in May
2003 and observed every May of each year. It encourages parents, Barangay residents, local
businessmen, youth and women in the community to volunteer resources and work
collectively for the maintenance and minor repair of schools during the month of May to
prepare the schools for the opening of classes in June.

This years Brigada Eskwela with the theme Tayo Para sa Paaralang Ligtas, Maayos at
Handa Mula kindergarten Hanggang Senior High School started from May 30- June 4, 2016,
with much expected enthusiasm from volunteers of academe.

Dalogo Elementary School possessed great enthusiasm and willingness to this program
because as early as middle of May, the school is already preparing for the opening of the

Brigada Eskwela 2016 was hosted once again by Polangui South Central School. The
assembly and registration of all participants started at 6:00 oclock in the morning. It was
followed by a caravan and Kick-Off Ceremony held Travesia, Guinobatan, Albay with a simple
program and right after the ceremony all the DepEd teaching personnel reported in their
respective station/school.

As manifested of full implementation of the aforementioned activity from Day 1

(May 30, 2016) up to Day 6 (June 04, 2016), listed below were the scheduled activities done
during the Brigada Eskwela 2016.

Brigada Caravan/Kick Off Ceremony

Opening Program/Registration of Participants
Ground cleaning and grass cutting
Painting of academic classrooms
Repairing of perimeter fence
Repainting of school stage
Repairing of the roofs
Landscaping of school garden
Repairing and painting of comfort rooms
Repairing/replacement of electrical facilities
Repairing of water facility
Repairing of Kindergarten Room
Weeding & planting the Gulayan sa Paaralan area
Repairing of destroyed/broken chairs, tables, etc.
Classroom structuring
Planting of flowering and medicinal plants
Closing Program
The first day of BE 2016 in Dalogo ES started with a short program and orientation. It
was followed by Assigning of designated area to volunteers. The volunteers actively
participate in cleaning the school grounds and gardening. In the afternoon, the teachers
attended a staff meeting in Balaba ES.

On the second day of implementation of BE 2016 was assisted by the officer-in-charge

of the day, Mrs. Mary Ann C. Orada. Parents from Kinder- Grade II rendered services by
cleaning the school grounds and weeding.

Third Day, June 1, 2016 services rendered by GPTA Officials and parents from Grade III
and Grade IV. They cleared out the Gulayan sa Paaralan in preparation for planting new
vegetables seedlings. Mrs. Lana Maxima Cebuano was the officer in-charge of the day.

On the fourth day of implementation, the officer-in-charge of the day was Mrs. Maria Fe
Balmaceda. The teacher started to structure their classroom. The parents repaired the
broken chairs and tables.

Brigada Eskwela 2016 fifth day of implementation. The officers-in-charge of the day is
Mrs. Beverly B. Chavez. They assisted the volunteers during registration. Parents from grade
IV-VI rendered their service. 4Ps Members actively participate in the brigada.

As the saying goes If theres a beginning, theres an end, the last day of Brigada
Eskwela, the different working committees were requested to conduct a final inspection of
the different work and activities undertaken during the week and consolidated and finalized
the different reports. Dalogo ES Brigada eskwela Committee conducted a short and simple
culminating activity. In the transparency, a summary of resources generated, work
accomplished and lesson learned presented to all partners/stakeholders who attended the

It was also a blessed day for us because of the helping hands of Mr. Roy Saberdo and
Mr. Crisol C. Sajuela from RCSFC (Rearing Care Service Foundation for Children) who donated
bags and school supplies to grade 1 pupils.

Through the overwhelming support of the volunteers, the classrooms are restructured
and spruced up. All school facilities are now in good condition. The school surrounding is
now free from tall grasses. Generally, the school is now ready for the school opening.

We are hoping that every year many will still participate in the beautification and help
in the progress of our school.

Prepared By:

Chairman, Brigada Eskwela 2016

Noted By:

Principal I