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Established in 1977 /

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 5, 2017 / RAJAB 8, 1438 AH emergency number 112 NO. 16433 44 PAGES 150 FILS

Amir condemns bombings in St Petersburg

30-year term eyed Toll to 14

Kuwait to raise debt

ceiling, borrow more
Suspected gas attack KUWAIT CITY, April 4,
(Agencies): His Highness the
Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad
Al-Jaber Al-Sabah on Monday
sent a cable of condolences to
Russian President Vladimir

kills dozens in Syria

Putin over the victims of the
KUWAIT CITY, April 4, (Agencies): Kuwait will increase terrorist explosion in a metro
its public debt ceiling to 20 billion dinars ($65.62 billion) station in the Russian city of St.
from 10 billion and increase the maximum maturity of the Petersburg.
bonds it can issue to 30 years from 10, the minister of - His Highness the Amir ex-
nance told reporters on Tuesday. pressed strongest condemna-
The government also plans to introduce sukuk as one of tion of the State of Kuwait as
its available debt instruments, Finance Minister Anas Al- UN war crimes investigators launch probe well as full solidarity with the
Saleh said. Russian people against this ter-
Kuwait sold $8 billion of ve- and 10-year bonds in rorist act, which killed 14 peo-
March, its rst international bond sale. Gulf neighbours in- ple and injured scores others.
His Highness the Crown
cluding Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Oman, have successfully Prince Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ah-
sold longer-dated debt over the past few months. mad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah and
Kuwait will maintain presence in His Highness the Prime Min-
the international bonds and sukuks ister Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak
markets according to a well-calculat- Al-Hamad Al-Sabah sent simi-
ed strategy, simultaneously with eco- lar cables.
nomic and nancial reforms, spear- Earlier, an ofcial source at
headed by the State, said the minister the Foreign Ministry expressed
who also underlined privatization as a Kuwaits condemnation of the
strategic option among the measures terrorist bombing attacks that
to shore up the economy and diver- targeted St Petersburg under-
sify nancial resources and income. ground stations in the Russian
Noting that the second phase of the Federation, leaving dozens of
Al-Saleh multi-stage reforming process is cur- people dead and injured.
rently in execution, the minister indicated that he was look- The source voiced Kuwaits
ing forward to constructive cooperation with the parliament solidarity with Russia and its
to carry on with the reforms. support to all measures it may
In a statement at the forum session earlier Tuesday, he take to retain its security and
stressed on the necessity to maintain the process of reforms stability.
The ofcial reiterated Ku-
Continued on Page 37 waits rm opposition to ter-
rorism in all its forms and
manifestations regardless of
Iraqi man loses 14 relatives its source and called on the
international community to re-
double efforts to eradicate the
UN expanding scourge of terrorism and rid the
world of its evils.
civilian camps The source also extended
condolences to the Russian
government and people, espe-
MOSUL/ERBIL, Iraq, April 4, (Agencies): The
United Nations said on Tuesday it was expanding cially families of the victims,
camps for people eeing Mosul, as air strikes re- and wished the wounded peo-
sumed on Islamic State positions in Iraqs second ple speedy recovery.
largest city. A Russian suicide bomber
More than 300,000 people have ed Mosul since This photo provided on April 4, 2017 by the Syrian anti-government activist group Edlib Media Center, which has been authenticated originally from mainly Muslim
the start of the US-backed campaign in October, the based on its contents and other AP reporting, shows children following a suspected chemical attack, at a makeshift hospital, in the town Kyrgyzstan detonated the ex-
ofce of the UN Humanitarian Coordinator in Iraq of Khan Sheikhoun, northern Idlib province, Syria. Chemical attack killed dozens of people, activists said, describing the attack as among plosives in a St Petersburg train
said in a statement. the worst in the countrys six-year civil war. (AP) carriage that killed 14 people
Before the operation to drive Islamic State from and wounded 50, authorities
the city began, Mosul had a population of about France seeks Security Council meeting said on Tuesday.
The suspect had radical Is-
a million and half, split about evenly between the
areas east and west of the Tigris river that runs lamist links, Russian media
through the middle. BEIRUT, April 4, (RTRS): A breathing through oxygen masks and wear- Britain said he would be guilty of a war cited law enforcement ofcials
Iraqi forces captured the eastern side in January ing protection suits, while others carried crime if it were proved his regime was re- as saying, raising the possibil-
suspected Syrian government the bodies of dead children, and corpses sponsible. The UN envoy for Syria said the ity Mondays attack could have
and in February launched a second phase to take
the western side, with air and ground support from chemical attack killed scores of wrapped in blankets lined up on the ground. horric chemical attack had come from been inspired by Islamic State,
a US-led coalition. people, including children, in the Activists in northern Syria circulated pic- the air. which has not struck a major
tures on social media showing a man with A series of investigations by the United city in Russia before. So far,
They are now battling to take the northwestern northwestern province of Idlib no-one has claimed responsi-
part, but the civilian death toll has mounted in the foam around his mouth, and rescue workers Nations and the Organisation for the Prohi-
on Tuesday, a monitoring group, hosing down almost-naked children squirm- bition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) found bility for the blast.
old city, where the militants are dug in amongst
residents. medics and rescue workers in the ing on the oor. that various parties in the Syrian war had Kyrgyz ofcials identied
More people are expected to ee the ghting and rebel-held area said. Mounzer Khalil, head of Idlibs health au- used chlorine, sulfur mustard gas and sarin. the suspect as Akbarzhon Jal-
camps for the displaced north and east of Mosul are The Syrian military denied responsibil- thority, said hospitals in the province were A joint UN-OPCW report published in ilov, born in the city of Osh
expanding, the UN statement said. ity and said it would never use chemical overowing with victims. October said government forces used chlo- in 1995, and Russian ofcials
Air strikes on the city by the Iraqi air force re- This morning, at 6:30 a.m., warplanes rine in a toxic gas attack in Qmenas in Idlib conrmed his identity, saying
weapons. he had also left a bomb found
sumed on Tuesday as the sky cleared after several The head of the health authority in rebel- targeted Khan Sheikhoun with gases, be- province in March 2015. An earlier report by
lieved to be sarin and chlorine, he told a the same team blamed Syrian government at another metro station before
days of bad weather, the Iraqi military said. held Idlib said more than 50 people had been
news conference. troops for chlorine attacks in Talmenes in it went off.
The Iraqi air force carried out at least three air killed and 300 wounded. The Union of Med-
Warplanes later struck near a medical March 2014 and Sarmin in March 2015. It Biographical details pieced
strikes in western Mosul, killing several dozens of ical Care Organizations, a coalition of inter- together from social media and
Islamic State ghters, according to Iraqi military national aid agencies that funds hospitals in point where victims of the attack were re- also said Islamic State had used sulfur mus-
ceiving treatment, the Observatory and civil tard gas. Russian ofcials suggested Jal-
statements on Tuesday. Syria, said at least 100 people had died. ilov was an fairly typical young
A number of Islamic State commanders were The British-based Syrian Observatory for defence workers said. The OPCW said it had begun gathering
and analysing information from all available St Petersburg resident with an
killed in an air strike on a position in Hay al-Tanak, Human Rights said the attack killed at least The civil defence, also known as the interest in Islam as well as pop
a stronghold of the group, they said. 58 people and was believed to have been car- White Helmets - a rescue service that oper- sources about the suspected Khan Sheik-
houn attack. music and martial arts but no
Among those killed were commanders in charge ried out by Syrian government jets. It caused ates in opposition areas - said jets struck one obvious links to militants.
of booby traps, of Arab suicide ghters and child many people to choke, and some to foam at of its centres in the area and the nearby medi- United Nations war crimes investigators
said on Tuesday they were looking into an His uncle, Eminzhon Jalilov,
recruitment, the statement added, without identi- the mouth. cal point. told Reuters by telephone that
fying them by name. The two other strikes killed Director Rami Abdulrahman told Reuters The incident reported at Khan Sheikhoun alleged chemical weapons attack on a Syrian
town in Idlib as well as reports of a subse- his nephew was a mosque-
militants and destroyed weapons and vehicles. the assessment that Syrian government war- would be the deadliest chemical attack in attending Muslim, but that he
Islamic State media outlets did not mention the planes were to blame was based on several Syria since sarin gas killed hundreds of ci- quent attack on a medical facility where in-
jured people were being treated. was not a fanatic.
strikes. factors such as the type of aircraft, including vilians in Ghouta near Damascus in August The explosion in the middle
A Reuters TV crew saw dozens of people ee- Sukhoi 22 jets, that carried out the raid. 2013. Western states said the Syrian govern- In a statement condemning the attack that
killed scores of civilians, the UN Commis- of Monday afternoon occurred
ing their homes near or across the frontline, brav- We deny completely the use of any ment was responsible for that attack. Damas- when the train was in a tunnel
ing sniper and mortar re, while a helicopter strafed chemical or toxic material in Khan Sheik- cus blamed rebels. sion of Inquiry on Syria said that the use
of chemical weapons as well as any delib- deep underground, amplifying
positions further north. houn town today and the army has not used The White House called the attack an the force of the blast. The car-
Shells were falling on us and there is no food, nor will use in any place or time neither in intolerable act and said President Donald erate targeting of medical facilities would
amount to war crimes and serious violations riage door was blown off, and
no water, no electricity, said Hamda Bakheet, a past or in future, the Syrian army command Trump was alarmed by the reports. French witnesses described seeing in-
woman in her mid-sixties from the Nablus district, said in a statement. President Francois Hollande directly blamed of human rights law.
It is imperative for perpetrators of such jured passengers with bloodied
adding that the militants were ring on people who The Russian Defence Ministry said its air- Syrian government forces and said President
leave the city. craft had not carried out the attack. The UN Bashar al-Assads allies were emboldening attacks to be identied and held account- Continued on Page 37
Bakheet said one of her sons was killed when Security Council was expected to meet on him to act with impunity. able, said the independent panel led by Bra-
the Islamists rst overran Mosul and the other was zilian expert Paulo Pinheiro.
Wednesday to discuss the incident. Assad has enjoyed staunch military back- US$/KD 0.30485/95
Continued on Page 37 Reuters photographs showed people ing from Iran and Russia in the war. Continued on Page 37
Euro/KD 0.3252

Trump to hear New outbreak of Yen/KD 0.0027

Arab viewpoint MERS in Saudi British /KD 0.3796

KUWAIT CITY: The group of 26 held a meeting at the AMMAN, Jordan, April 4, GENEVA, April 4, (RTRS): KSE +16.55 pts at closing April 4
Ten people have caught the See Page 35
office of MP Muhammad Hayef in the presence of MPs (AP): Jordans King Abdul-
Adel Al-Damkhi and Usama Al-Shahin, reports Al-Rai lah II will be able to deliver MERS coronavirus after an
daily. an Arab consensus on Mid- outbreak in a haemodialysis Dow +29.62 pts at 21:50 April 4
The daily quoting sources added the meeting com- unit in a hospital in Saudi Ara- See Page 36
east peace when he meets with
mended the recent government for what they call signal bia, the World Health Organi-
President Donald Trump at the
of positive cooperation with the parliament, noting the
White House on Wednesday, zation said on Tuesday, without Nasdaq -0.58 pts at 21:50 April 4
MPs have welcomed the decision of the Deputy Premier
and Minister of Finance Anas Al-Saleh to freeze the after a recent summit hosted by giving details of how the virus
economic reform document. the monarch renewed an Arab was able to spread within the FTSE +39.13 pts at closing April 4
They said Minister Al-Saleh had confirmed offer of recognition of Israel in hospital.
Governments readiness to deal with issues in a flexible exchange for Palestinian state- The potentially fatal Mid-
way, and that electricity tariffs might be restored to their hood. dle East Respiratory Syndrome Nikkei -172.98 pts at closing April 4
previous prices. Could the revived Arab plan, (MERS) is thought to be car-
For his part, MP Abdukareem Al-Kandari has
praised the recent approach of Government represented
coupled with Trumps stated ried by camels and comes from Gold $1,257.65 per oz (London)
eagerness to strike a deal, sig- the same family as the corona-
by Al-Salehs statement to freeze the economic reform
nal an opening for restarting virus that caused Chinas dead-
stalled Israeli-Palestinian talks? ly Severe Acute Respiratory NYMEX crude $51.08 pb
He urged Government to consider civil society groups
Heres a look ahead. Syndrome (SARS) outbreak in
that include loyal and trustful economic experts with
Whats on the table? 2003. Brent crude $54.18 pb
economic activities.
At their annual summit last US President Donald Trump walks with Egyptian President Abdel Since MERS emerged in 3-month $ LIBOR rate 1.14983%
Continued on Page 37
Continued on Page 37 Fattah el-Sisi at the White House in Washington on April 3. (AP) Continued on Page 37


Top & above: some photos from the conference

College of Education holds 1st Conference for Students of Higher Studies in Educational Admin & Planning in GCC universities
Under the patronage of Kuwait University President Prof Hussain Al-Ansari, the College of Education organized of Education Prof Bader Al-Omar as well as top students in higher studies in the GCC.
the First Conference for Students of Higher Studies in Educational Administration and Planning in GCC universi- Prof Al-Ansari in his speech affirmed the importance of scientific research in the development of nations, high-
ties 2016/2017. lighting the keenness of Kuwait University to support and encourage scientific research.
The conference was attended by Dean of College of Higher Studies Prof Farida Al-Awadhi and Dean of College He thanked the concerned department of the College of Education for organizing the conference.

Secure racing track circuit eyed

Closing down Shuaiba Refinery to Jahra Governorate plans to
cost KD 80m in revenue generated establish new city in the west
KUWAIT CITY, April 4: Jahra
Governor Ret. Lieutenant General
Fahad Al-Ameer declared the gov-
Move will minimize refinery capacity of Kuwait by 50 pc ernorates desire to establish a new
city in the west of Jahra, 10 km
away from the governorate, indi-
KUWAIT CITY, April cating that the Public Authority for
4: Recent report alleging Bid to resolve problems faced by doctors Housing Welfare (PAHW) will
construct low-cost housing units to
Shuaiba Refinery will be which residents of Taima area will
sold as scrap has come as
a surprise since many Dr Asousi hails ministers intervention move so that Taima areas becomes
a private residential area, reports
refineries around the Al-Rai daily.
KUWAIT CITY, April 4: Dr Al-Asousi lauded the min- mance of medical crews in each Ret Lieutenant General
world have been operat- Consultant Endodontist Dr Yasir ister for his personal intervention program. Al-Ameer said this during an inter-
ing for 100 years and still Al-Asousi has to resolve the problems doctors He declared successes and view with the daily.
commended have been facing to motivate the progress were recorded among He also announced good news for
functioning, says the Minister of Kuwaiti youth doctors to make his colleagues in endodontics fans of motor sports, refusing to
Al-Shahed daily. Health Dr use of their capabilities and tal- refer to them as drifters and
The daily quoting sources after reviewing the protocol of
Jamal Al-Harbi ent to raise the standard of medi- instead calling them drivers with
added Shuaiba Refinery had for the steps application and activity regula-
cal profession and services in special skills. He explained that
gone through maintenance for taken to redi- Kuwait. tion related to root canal treat- Jahra Governorate, in collaboration
roughly 44 working days in rect the trend of He also discussed plans ment in the National School with Kuwait Municipality, will des-
2010 at a cost of KD 6 mil- activities in the implemented within the past 7 Health Program after a painstak- ignate a secure racing track circuit Jahra Gov Al-Ameer
lion, besides the restoration of ministry to pro- years to promote the school ing review of factors that directly beside Jahra Graveyard for them to
mote reform Dr Yasir affect diagnosis and everything practice the sport, after the idea is
some units and its closure will oral and dental health pro- since it will not depend on oil due
force Kuwait to export high and develop- grams, which improve the sci- contributing to improve perfor- endorsed by the Municipal Council.
ment, reports Al-Anba daily. During the interview, the gover- to its fluctuating prices.
quantity of oil reaching 4.5 entific and practical perfor- mance. Jahra Governor Al-Ameer
nor highlighted the importance of
million barrels per month and diversification of sources of affirmed that the governorate will
expose the country to dispute to import of large quantities of dif- lamented a decision has been made shipments of 25,000 tons of income through establishment of have the lions share in the con-
with OPEC. ferent types of oil products from to close down Shuaiba Refinery Premium fuel (95 octane) and industries, and not through impos- structional projects for the devel-
They noted the closure of foreign countries. despite the plant generates KD 80 Super fuel (91 octane). They said ing and increasing charges, in opment of the infrastructure in the
Shuaiba Refinery will minimize They noted production at million in revenue. order to increase national income. country, which will be pivotally
Kuwait will receive the first ship- based on the Jaber Al-Ahmad
the refinery capacity of Kuwait by Abdullah and Ahmadi Refineries Meanwhile, sources disclosed He expressed his hope that the
50 percent in the short term and can not compensate for shortage in that Kuwait Petroleum Corporation ment of Super fuel on April 15 and Silk City Project will achieve Bridge that will lead to Subbiya
cause shortage of petroleum prod- oil production even if they operate (KPC) recently participated in two the second shipment of Premium growth in the country as part of area where the Silk City will be
ucts in the market, which will lead with utmost capacity. They international tenders to import two fuel on April 21 this year. Kuwait Vision 2035, especially located.

News in Brief

Kuwait, UAE ink memo: Sabah Al-Ahmad Center for

Giftedness and Creativity (SACGC) on Tuesday endorsed
a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with UAE
Ministry of Finance designed to create a stimulating envi-
ronment for innovators.
The MoU aims at bolstering cooperation, creating an
invigorating environment for innovation, said Dr Omar
Al-Bannai, SACGC General Director in a statement.
Turning to efforts at the national level, Al-Bannai said
five academies for sponsoring talented citizens were
opened in the countrys six governorates.
Fatma Al-Nagabi, Chief Executive Officer of Innovation
at the UAE Ministry of Finance, said the memo was inked
in line with the ministrys strategy for encouraging inven-
The SACGC is affiliated to Kuwait Foundation for
Advancement of Science (KFAS), the 2017-2022 strategy
of is designed to examine citizens talents in early age and
help in increasing number of creative nationals.
The MoU is valid for one year. It is renewable accord-
ing to needs of the two parties. (KUNA)

Tunisian singer participates in concert: Tunis-
ian singer Ghaliya Bin Ali participated in an outdoor
concert at Al-Shaheed Park as part of the activities of Gulf
Youth Festival organized by LOYAC Academy for
Performing Art, reports Al-Rai daily.

Al-Roudhan excuses himself from panel:
Secretary General of the Cabinet Abdulatif Abdullah
Al-Roudhan has excused himself from the committee
which was formed by the Cabinet during its weekly meet-
ing on Monday to investigate the citizenship file, reports
Al-Rai daily.
The committee is tasked to review the circumstances
and cases of revocation, forfeiture and denaturalization in
addition to providing suitable practical solutions in that
regard and submit its findings to the Cabinet.

MoCI to develop its HQs: Ministry of Commerce and
Industry disclosed the intention to develop its headquar-
ters and branches by removing all obstacles to facilitate
transactions, reports Al-Anba daily.
In a statement on social networking site Twitter and
Instagram, the ministry said it closed two centers for com-
mercial licenses in Hawalli and Al-Thaher areas for recon-
struction with state of the art facilities.

KUNA photos
Left: His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah received at Bayan Palace Tuesday His Highness Sheikh Nasser Al-Mohammad Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah. Right: His Highness the Amir also received at Bayan Palace
Tuesday Minister of Social Affairs and Labor as well as Minister of State for Economic Affairs Hind Al-Sabeeh who was accompanied by the president and board members of Kuwait Public Relations Association. (KUNA)

Dr Ahmad Al-Huraiji Dr Anoud Al-Sharekh Dr Saud Al-Ajmi KUNA photos

Dr Mariam Al-Shammari
His Highness the Crown Prince receives Kuwaiti academics
His Highness the Crown Prince Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sa- presented to His Highness with an atlas on dermatologic diseases in Ku- and executive authorities in Kuwait.
bah received at Bayan Palace on Tuesday Dr Anoud Al-Sharekh, who was wait. Meanwhile, His Highness the Crown Prince received Dr Ahmad Al-Hura-
honored with the National Order of Merit by France. Moreover, His Highness Sheikh Nawaf received Dr Saud Al-Ajmi, who iji, who attained a fellowship in blood cancer from MD Anderson Cancer
His Highness Sheikh Nawaf also received Dr Mariam Al-Shammari, who presented his Master Degree thesis on the balance between the legislative Center in Houston, Texas. (KUNA)

Kuwait hikes investment

expenditure, says finmin
KBU organizes Kuwaiti Financial Forum
KUWAIT CITY, April 4, (KUNA): The State is increasing State development scheme till 2020, has amounted to some KD 34 billion
nancial allotments for investment spending with aim of hik- (approx $111.2 billion), said the minister at the forum, patronized by His
ing growth in non-oil sectors of the national economy, said Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah and organ-
ized by Kuwait Banks Union.
the deputy premier and minister of nance. Minister Al-Saleh afrmed the States keenness on supporting banking cred-
Investment expenditure is forecast to reach 3.5 percent this year and its growth, which grew 7.2 percent per year in September.
four percent next year, said Anas Al-Saleh, in a statement at inaugural The two-day forum coincides with major economic developments namely
session of Kuwaiti Financial Forum, on Tuesday. drop of oil prices, which have resulted in lower income for regional countries.
Estimated investment spending, including private expenditure in the Al-Saleh has opined that global markets have not totally recovered from the
2008 economic crisis, with con-
tinuing high rates of unemploy-
ment, high ination, slow local Ambassador of Austria
production and prospected recur-
rence of recession.
This fragile global economic
condition has negatively affected
economies of the regional States
namely banking institutions, amid
mounting geopolitical jitters, in
addition to other emerging issues
that need to be tackled such as
money-laundering and terrorism
Aware of the sensitive cir-
cumstances, the Central Bank of
Kuwait fully implemented Basel
reforms package between 2014
and 2015. On a wider scale, the
State of Kuwait has adopted
economic reforms plans to rem-
edy the nancial sector, boost the
private sector, diversify income,
enhance oil proceeds, rationalize
expenditure and improve govern-
ments performance, Minister Al-
Saleh said.
Kuwaits road map also aims
to tackle aws in the economic
Kuwait Society for Animal and Environmental Protec- The event sponsored by EQUATE Company was structure, through diversication
tion, in collaboration with the US Embassy in Kuwait attended by the US Ambassador to Kuwait Lawrence and increasing dependence on the
private sector. Ambassador of Iraq
recently organized a campaign to clean Sulaibikhat Silverman, his spouse and Vice-chairman of the soci-
Beach. ety Sheikha Fatmah Al-Sabah. As to the budget decit, he has
indicated that the State has with-
drawn from the general reserves,
Kuwait Today borrowed from local and external
Moreover, the CBK had issued
Prayer Timings Max Temp..........................................31C Wave height................................... ..3-6 ft bonds and sukuks worth KD 2.2
Min Temp...........................................21C Max Temp...................................... ...33C billion (some $7.3 billion) till end
Fajr ............................................... 04:13 Wind Direction ....................................SE Min Temp....................................... ...21C of the nancial year (2016-2017).
Sunrise .......................................... 05:34 Wind Speed............................12-32 km/h Wind Direction ............................... .....SE
Dohr ............................................... 11:51 Wind Speed............................15-40 km/h The issuance has risen the
Asr .................................................. 15:23 Marine Forecast Saturday, April 8 domestic debt to KD 3.8 billion
Maghrib ........................................ 18:08 StationMax Min Sea Todays Expected weather Sunny Sea state (some $12.54 billion), accounting
Isha ............................................... 19:27 Rec Exp Surf Waves Slight to moderate to 9.9 percent of the gross domes-
Ht Dirn Wave height.....................................2-4 ft
Weather South Dolphin 26 20 21 6ft SE Max Temp.........................................31C tic product for 2017, estimated
Expected weather for the next 24 hours: Umm Mudayrah 25 21 - 6ft SE Min Temp..........................................21C at KD 38.2 billion (approx $125
By Night: Fair with light to moderate Beacon M28 - - - 6ft SE Wind Direction ....................................SE billion), according to the Interna-
north westerly wind, with speed of 12-32 Beacon N6 27 19 - 6ft SE Wind Speed............................12-32 km/h tional Monetary Fund.
km/h. Qaruh Island 25 20 - 6ft SE
Umm Al-Maradem 25 20 - 6ft SE Tide times at Shuwaikh Port Local banks have subscribed in
By Day: Sunny with light to moderate 1st high tide: .................................. 16:29 the issued bonds, using nancial
freshening gradually at times north west- Sea Island Buoy - - - - -
Salmiyah 28 20 - 6ft SE 2nd high tide: ................................. 07:40 surplus, minister Al-Saleh said,
erly wind, with speed of 15-40 km/h caus- 1st low tide:.................................... 11:10
ing rising dust over open areas. 4 days forecast - Marine 2nd low tide: .................................. 00:27 adding that the State has made
Station Max Min Wednesday, April 5 Sunrise: ......................................... 05:35 record success in marketing in-
Exp Rec Expected weather Sunny Sea state Slight
Kuwait City 29 20
Sunset: .......................................... 18:08 ternational bonds worth $8 billion
to moderate
Kuwait Airport 28 19 Wave height.................................... 2-5 ft Tide times at Shuwaikh Port due to its credibility. Shedding
Abdaly 30 15 Max Temp....................................... ..29C Max temp ..........................................29C further light on the State measures
Bubyan 30 16 Min Temp........................................ ..18C Min temp ...........................................20C to maintain the economy well-be-
Jahra 31 18 Wind Direction ................................ ...NW Max Rh .............................................56%
Failaka Island 29 19 Wind Speed............................15-35 km/h Min Rh ..............................................17%
ing, the minister has indicated at
Salmiyah 28 20 Thursday, April 6 Max Wind.................................N 60 km/h the launch of the 2035 visionary
Ahmadi 28 21 Expected weather Partly cloudy Sea Total Rainfall in 24 hrs.....................0 mm strategy, in which the private sec- KUNA photos
Nuwaisib 28 19 state Slight to moderate Ambassador of Bulgaria
Wafra 31 18 Recorded yesterday at South Dolphin tor plays a key role.
Wave height.................................. ...1-4 ft Min/Max/ Air Temp ...................... 20/26C Diversifying the economic ac-
Salmy 27 14
4 days forecast - Weather
Max Temp..................................... ....31C
Min Temp...................................... ....19C
Min/Max Rel Hum ........................ 28/66%
Wind Direction/Wind Speed.....N/49 km/h
tivities remains the key for sus- HH the PM receives newly appointed diplomats
Wednesday, April 5 Wind Direction.............................VRB-SE Prev Wave Dir/Max Wave Ht ....... ....N/- ft tainability, stabilizing the current
Expected weather ..........................Sunny Wind Speed............................08-28 km/h Min/Max Sea Surface Temp ........ .....-/- C account, the State budget and His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh The meeting was attended by chair-
Max Temp...................................... ...29C Friday, April 7 Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah person of the Diwan of His Highness
Expected weather Partly cloudy + scat-
Sea Current..............................Downdraft shoring up the labor market.
Min Temp...........................................18C received at Bayan Palace Tuesday the the Prime Minister, Sheikha Etimad
Wind Direction ...................................NW tered rain Directorate General of Civil The government is determined
Wind Speed............................15-35 km/h Sea state.....................Moderate to rough Aviation, Meteorological Dept. to press ahead with full-scale eco- newly appointed Ambassadors of Aus- Khaled Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah.
Thursday, April 6 nomic and nancial reforms re- tria, Iraq, and Bulgaria. (KUNA)
Expected weather Partly cloudy
Max Temp................................ .........31C deaths gardless of status of the oil prices,
Min Temp................................. .........19C
Wind Direction ......................... ..VRB-SE
Faleh Abdul Hadi Nasser Al-Messarqai Al Akmi, 76 years old, buried on Tuesday. Condolences:
Riqqa, Block 1, Street 7, House 107, Tel: 77856766-99480760; Fatima Mohammed Abdullah,
the minister afrmed.
The forum tackles in particular 25,000 Bedouns apply for Army placement
Wind Speed...........................08-28 km/h 70 years old, buried on Tuesday. Condolences: (Men) Kaifan, Block 5, Street 51, House 1, regional States options and plans KUWAIT CITY, April 4: About 25,000 The same source added some
Friday, April 7 Tel: 60666068-50677731 (Women) Abdullah Al Mubarak, Block 3, Street 323, House 10, to cope with decline of oil prices.
Expected weather Partly cloudy + scat- Tel: 62226452; Jehad Abdullah Al-Mutawi, 54 years old, to be buried on Wednesday after
Bedouns have applied for placement Bedouns have submitted application al-
tered rain Asr prayers. Condolences: (Men) Shuwaikh, Diwan Al Qanaat, Tel: 25230412; Nasser Yousef
Bulk of the Gulf countries de- with the Ministry of Defense as volun- though they do not meet the stipulated
Max Temp..........................................33C Nasser Al-Khorafi, 69 years old, to be buried on Wednesday at 9:00 am. Condolences: (Men) pend largely on oil to secure in-
Min Temp...........................................21C Mishref, Block 4, Street 2, House 29, Tel: 25395814 (Women) Dahiyat Abdullah Al Salem, come however, Kuwait and the teers in the Army. The gure is expect- condition. He noted the committee will
Wind Direction.....................................SE Dahiyat Abdullah Al Salem, Block 4, Street 43, Avenue 43, House 21, Tel: 97730531. other states in the region have ed to rise to 40,000 within the next two review the applications of Bedoun and
Wind Speed............................15-40 km/h
Saturday, April 8 been encouraging economic di- days, reports Al-Anba daily quoting a GCC military personnel who are still in
Expected weather Sunny April 4, 2017 versication. security source. service.


Kuwait University don calls

for multi-nation interaction
College of Science exerts efforts to cut rate of withdrawals
(KUNA): Kuwait Univer-
sity seeks to interact with
academic establishments
of other countries in im-
plementation of one of its
key objectives, says the
KU president.
The university administration
makes sure that students are regu-
larly involved in scientic and
cultural occasions in and outside
Kuwait, said Dr Hussein Al-An-
Randa Jarrar signing some of her novels at AUK. sari, in a statement after inaugu-
rating peoples cultural forum,
AUK hosts award-winning writer Jarrar organized by the KU.
Groups from Saudi Arabia, Bah-
rain, Oman, Palestine, Tunisia and
The American University of Kuwait Algeria are taking part in the activ-
ity, displaying traditional dresses,
books and handicrafts.
launches 3rd biennial literary fest Rami Tahboub, the Palestinian
Ambassador, boasted of his coun-
KUWAIT CITY, April 4: The Ameri- Al-Essa, Nada Faris, and Nejoud Alya- trys participation noting that the
can University of Kuwait (AUK) gout. pavilion displays Al-Quds ency-
launched yesterday its third biennial Randa Jarrar lived in Kuwait and left clopedia, 30,000 editions of which
literary festival by hosting Randa Jar- it during the Iraqi invasion in 1990. She have been printed by the Kuwaiti
rar, award-winning writer, essayist, is an Arab-American writer whose first Ministry of Information. KUNA photo
and translator. The festival, which novel, A Map of Home, won several Photos by the renowned Kuwaiti Al-Satlan while receiving visiting Saudi scholar Dr Al-Mutlaq.
lasts for three days, also hosts award- awards including the Hopwood Award. photographer Hamed Al-Amiri are
exhibited at the forum. Some of
winning poet and novelist Sinan An- She is an assistant professor for crea-
them depict ancient and traditional Al-Satlan meets with Saudi scholar
toon. The main theme for this years tive writing at Fresno State University
festival is migration, identity, and professions such as pearl diving.
in the US. Kuwaiti artist Hussein Al-Bazzaz Acting Chairman of the Pub- et (PBUH). ing toward accomplishing major
cultural transformation. Sinan Antoon is an associate professor displays prototypes of old Kuwaiti lic Authority for Handling the Al-Satlan disclosed this at a projects to benet a large num-
Over the course of the three-day fes- at the Gallatin School of Individualized dhows and visitors are served Ku- Publication of Quran, Sunnah recent meeting with the visiting ber of students. He stressed the
tival, both authors will present public Study at New York University where he waiti cuisines. and Related Sciences Walid member of Fatwa Committee, agency is keen on promoting
lectures and readings, in addition to the teaches and researches pre-modern and Meanwhile, assistant Dean for Al-Satlan Tuesday afrmed the Council of Scholars and the name of Kuwait through ex-
festivals main roundtable which will modern Arabic literature and contempo- Students Affairs at College of Sci- the agency is working hard to Advisor at Saudi Royal Court cellent services through Quran,
be held at AUK on Thursday, April 6. rary Arab culture and politics. His novels ence Dr Adeeba Al-Hirban high- serve as the fountain of culture Dr Abdullah Bin Mohammad Sunnah and related sciences in
Alongside Jarrar and Antoon, the festi- include Ijaam, and Ya Maryam which lighted the efforts being exerted by and knowledge with the Quran Al-Mutlaq. line with its mission and objec-
val will host authors and artists includ- was shortlisted for the Arabic Booker the college to reduce the rate of with- and Sunnah of the Holy Proph- He added the agency is work- tives. (KUNA)
ing Thurayya Al-Baqsami, Bothayna prize in 2013. drawals from the college and rate of
transfers to other colleges during the ferred to other colleges from the tions of the College of Science is accompanied with their parents in
current period, especially with the
Ways eyed to develop teacher training colleges increasing number of students who
College of Science by claiming
that their move is based on the aca-
high in the labor market in both
public and private sectors.
the lecturers ofces for discussing
with them about academic related
enrolled undeservingly into the col- demic difculty they faced in the Dr Al-Hirban explained that the issues, adding that the college pro-
KUWAIT CITY, April 4: Minister of cation and that facilities in education col- lege, reports Al-Qabas daily.
Education and Higher Education Dr Mu- leges should attract excellent students. He college. However, in reality, the Deanship of Student Affairs at the hibits this in order to avoid any
In her statement, Dr Al-Hirban
hammad Al-Fares disclosed that recent noted a committee with members from afrmed that the college and its aca- colleges that they transferred to are college opens its doors to students problems related to pressure.
meetings of the senior ministry ofcials the Ministry of Education and College of demic sections encourage students actually more difcult compared and their parents to solve any prob- Dr Al-Hirban afrmed that eve-
involve ways to develop teacher training Education held its rst meeting about one to continue classes until they com- to the College of Science. lems related to the students, the ry student has the right to go to his/
colleges to produce excellent graduates, month ago to discuss the issue. plete their academic studies. This is Dr Al-Hirban afrmed that any academic performance, points or her lecturer on individual basis to
reports Annahar daily. Meanwhile, Parliamentary Education done through various methods such student can pass the courses of the courses or even examinations. The discuss his/her academic related
Al-Fares stressed the importance of Committee declared support to the steps as orientation meetings, encourage- Science College provided they at- dean is ready to listen, discuss and issues without seeking the com-
admitting secondary school students with taken by Minister Al-Fares to reform ment campaigns and various work- tend the lectures, carry out revision work according to the universitys pany of others, especially since it
distinguished grades in the colleges of education, noting many countries such shops. and prepare for exams. rules and regulations. is the natural right for students of
education. He noted the faculties mold as Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Finland, She expressed her surprise over She stressed that, The demand She emphasized the fact that it this level who can articulate their
trainees to serve at the end of their edu- Germany and UAE follow the trend. the fact that some students trans- for graduates from various sec- is not allowed for students to be issues without any difculty.

Oct 6, 2016

Kuwait playing positive DIWANIYA

role in region EU rep Israel has upper hand in ME issue
Syria crisis cause for worry
BRUSSELS, April 4, (KUNA): EU High with a small group of journalists this afternoon ahead
Arabs in quandary, crisis stays
POST 1948/1949 war between some Arab coun- on Washingtons agenda. They hinted the future of
Representative Federica Mogherini lauded of the Brussels international conference on Syria on tries and the Zionist gangs, the war led to the ordeal Assad will be determined by the people of Syria.
Tuesday the role of Kuwait in nding po- Wednesday.
I hope and wish that a country like Kuwait can play a more of Palestine which erupted following the decision by To coincide with the above statements, however,
litical solutions to the regional conicts. prominent role in the political mediation, said the EU foreign the United Kingdom to withdraw from Palestinian Turkey has recently declared that its military opera-
We have worked with Kuwait a lot in the prepara- policy chief. territories based on the UN Resolution No. 181 to di- tions or the so-called Euphrates Shield in North
tion for this conference and we have seen an active and Mogherini said she will meet Kuwaiti First Deputy Prime vide Palestine between the Palestinians and the Jews, Syria has ended and this means the Syrian Kurds
positive role that Kuwait is playing especially in try- Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Sheikh Sabah Khaled provided Jerusalem and Bethlehem remain under in- will dominate the conict zone in that part of Syria.
ing to bridge some of the positions in the region, she Al-Hamad Al-Sabah either today or tomorrow to discuss not ternational guardianship, columnist and former Di- But the most signicant aspect in this context is
told Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) during a meeting only the humanitarian issue but also the political solution to the
rector of Culture Department at the National Council represented by a fact that the Syrian opposition par-
for Culture, Arts and Letters (NCCAL) Waleed Al- ties which called on the Syrian President to quit as
Syrian conict. Rujaib wrote for Al-Rai daily Tuesday.
She stressed that all the coun- a precondition for holding the Geneva negotiations
tries in the region have a role to In spite of the defeat inicted on the Arab nations have seemingly turned their backs on their demand
play in the political side as they by the Zionist gangs, the Arab political arena was and this is a dramatic change we see when dealing
have a direct interest to see that the embroiled in argument. The political powers topped with the Syrian crisis. This will favor the incumbent
conict is not further protracted. by the nationalists insisted that the Arabs must has- Syrian government.
In the moment when Inshallah ten to liberate entire Palestine, while the Arab Com-
soon we will come to the end of munist and the Leftist parties, suggested the Arabs
the conict we have to see that the should accept the UN Resolution No. 181 to at least A strange phenomenon has emerged lately in the
situation is managed in a reason- protect the remaining part of Palestine instead of los- National Assembly wherein an MP or a parliamen-
able manner, she said. ing it. tary committee proposes to prepare a long-term plan
I have a clear sense of the fact In the wake the attitude propounded by the Com- or strategy for reform, Dr Wael Yousef Al-Mutawa
that Europeans and the Gulf coun- munist and the Leftist parties, the Arab nationalists wrote for Al-Nahar daily.
tries share a sense of urgency and accused the former of betrayal although some of the In view of the current scenario in administration
seriousness of the situation (in Communist parties in the Arab countries neighbor- of the government, I nd it very dangerous for the
Syria) and that it could only be ing Palestine had turned down the division of Pales- Parliament to make such calls because the mandate
solved politically, she added. tine and the UN resolution in question. However, the of the Parliament is to monitor and issue legislation,
The European Union, Germa- not planning.
ny, Kuwait, Norway, Qatar, the then war between the Arabs and the Israeli militias
dragged on until 1949. We have become accustomed to hearing about
United Kingdom and the United proposals from the Parliament such as for xing the
Nations will co-chair the Brussels As a matter of fact, persistent Arab/Israeli con-
Conference titled Supporting the ict resulted in the Palestinians losing the remain- lopsided population structure, transforming Kuwait
future of Syria and the region, on ing part of Palestine through the six-day war that Airways Corporation into a joint stock company,
Wednesday. erupted between the two parties on June 5, 1967 dur- separating applied education from training, privati-
KUNA photo zation of sports and the most recent being the cancel-
Mogherini said that representa- ing which the Arab countries were defeated by the
National Assembly Speaker Marzouq Al-Ghanim received Tuesday member of lation of Public Authority for Transportation.
the Saudi Council of Senior Scholars and Advisor to King Salman bin Abdulaziz tives from 70 delegations, includ- fostering Israeli might. Moreover, the Arab/Israeli
Al-Saud, Sheikh Dr Abdullah bin Mohammad Al-Mutlaq. (KUNA) ing from the EU and the region but struggle still persists about sev- I will not rule out the issuance of the decision
also the wider international com- enty years on. by the Council of Ministers to separate applied edu-
munity, the United Nations, major Throughout this struggle, cation from training without conducting real studies
donors and civil society, humani- which will indicate the results expected from such
Mubarakiya sit-in delayed tarian and development organisa-
tions, will attend the meeting.
The conference will also assess
the Palestinians have suffered
from a lot of tragedies -- kill-
ing, destruction, arrests and il-
a separation and the benets it will provide the la-
bor market. I am not blaming the MPs either, but the
KUWAIT CITY, April 4: In the lat- brokers held a protest denouncing where the international communi- legal constructions for Jewish problem lies in the lack of a state plan in most of the
settlers throughout Palestine to ministries and lack of real studies that can help the
est development on the shop own- the decision of Real Estates Com- ty stands collectively in fullling ministries take suitable decisions at suitable times.
ers crisis at Mubarakiya Market, mittee to designate representatives commitments made at the London such an extent the Palestinians
at the moment live on a small All the abovementioned issues I highlighted re-
their proposed strike due for to- on their behalf to facilitate the issu- Conference in February 2016 and part of their land. quire professionals and experts in the concerned eld
agree on additional efforts needed
morrow has been cancelled after a ance and renewal of broker books. to meet the needs of those affected Anyway, following the Pal- for preparing strategic long-term plans with crystal
meeting of the delegation from the by the crisis. She said pledges for estinian tragedy, many confer- clear objectives so that everyone is aware of the
union of shop owners with the Dep- ences were held in vain to settle the dispute between direction we are moving in and how far we are in
A Kuwaiti Folk Theatre Team Syria will be announced tomorrow achieving them.
uty Prime Minister and Minister of led by Board Chairman Dr Anba and hoped that the pledges made the Palestinians and the Israelis.
Finance Anas Al-Saleh, reports Al- Waleed left for Sharm el-Sheikh last year and this year for Syria Not just that, this period witnessed a Palestinian/
will be maintained. Palestinian struggle between the Palestinian Nation-
Anba daily. in Egypt to take part in the Interna- Mogherini said discussions in Hamad International Airport in Qatar has be-
al Authority (PNA) and the Palestinian parties and
The daily quoting sources said tional Youth Festival, reports Al- tomorrows conference will also movements who are still turning down the Israeli ex- come a world landmark in terms of design, space and
they agreed to continue paying the Rai daily. focus on how the international istence on the Palestinian territories. advanced services, Khalid Ahmad Al-Tarrah wrote
old rent through the court until the Dr Waleed told reporters the team community can support a lasting This happens at a time when Israel continues to for Al-Qabas daily.
Ministry of Finance completes its is representing Kuwait at the festi- political resolution to the Syrian swallow Palestinian land in a slow and steady man- Following the application of a new security mea-
conict through an inclusive and ner and no solution for the struggle can be seen. sures and developed aviation services, the airport
study on the contracts with compa- val with a play titled Station 50 Syrian-led political transition pro- will soon see implementation of electronic system
nies implementing the project. written by Al-Jazi Al-Sena and di- cess based on the relevant Security Not only that, the Arab countries have been trans-
formed into the weakest party in the regional equa- for transfer procedures of all passengers from the
Meanwhile, some real estates rected by Nassar Al-Nassar. Council resolutions. gate until the plane without any human intervention.
tion, while the Israeli inuence is steadily enhanc-
ing by virtue of the Hebrew states inuence on the According to an ofcial statement issued by the
United State of America and the Western countries airport operations sector, 60 smart machines have
at large. been readied to be place at the entrances and 12 oth-
This has resulted in Israel paying no attention to ers for luggage. New tenders are in the process for
international resolutions which call for settling the increasing the number of smart machines.
Palestinian cause. Moreover, Israel continues to vio- The aforementioned developmental renaissance
late the human rights of Palestinian Arabs. in Qatar cannot be compared with Kuwait because
During the Arab Summit which was held recently such a comparison will be frustrating. However, the
in the Dead Sea area of Jordan, the Arab leaders have most important matter is to know the cause for the
announced in a communiqu that they support rec- recession experienced by Kuwait while other GCC
onciliation between the Arabs and Israel, provided countries have been progressing, especially since
the latter withdraws from Arab territories that were Kuwait was in top for many years. The recession of
occupied by Israel in 1967. Kuwait in vital elds such as development, health
This happened although the Eighth Leftist Arab and educational services, communications, land and
Gathering which was held recently in Tunisia to air borders, etc has raised confusion, especially since
mark the hundredth anniversary of the Palestinian the obstacles are not nancial in nature.
Resistance against Zionism, called for the liberation
of entire Palestine. The Arab region is teeming with initiatives that
In the meantime, the Palestinians held celebra- are aimed at developing the civil society and wom-
tions to mark the 41st anniversary of Land Day by ens rights, Dr Hayla Hamad Al-Mukaimi wrote for
organizing popular demonstrations that resulted in Al-Nahar daily.
confrontations with the Israeli troops. Such initiatives are important, as they represent
Meanwhile, we say that the Al-Rai daily in its the right direction away from the revolutions that
March 31 issue this month had published a news re- were proven to be incapable of defeating dictatorial
port indicating the Israeli President Reuven Rivlin regimes after the latter managed to get revived and
saying the relationship of his country with the Arabs rule again. We went back to the rst box where dic-
and the Islamic world is steadily growing. tatorial regimes are controlling everything.
The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu The complex problem of dictatorial regimes lies
has conrmed that Israel shall go ahead in building in their belief that they are capable of offering solu-
more settlements in the Palestinian territories in ad- tions to every problem whether political, cultural or
dition to Judaizing the City of Jerusalem and remain- economic. This is clear when we see that the mis-
ing parts of Palestine. sions are assigned to ignorant and unprofessional
Given the above, we wonder, can the decision ad- people.
opted by the recent Arab Summit seek more realistic In order to ensure success of the abovementioned
ground under the current regional and international initiatives in rectifying the catastrophes caused by
complicated circumstances? What about the self- dictators, we need to pay attention to the terms we
determination of the Palestinians? use. In the struggle for enabling women to obtain
And what about the Arab/Arab conicts which their rights, the term of womens rights should be
have torn apart this part of the world in compliance replaced by partnership. This actually has happened
with the American project with the aim of building in Kuwait and has resulted in good scores. However,
the new Middle East? Does Palestine represent the the parliamentary experience was not encouraging,
main Arab cause or is it high time for the Arabs to especially in the context of multimillion-dinar de-
ignore the sufferings of the Palestinian Arabs? posits and some women who presented bad exam-
Also: ples in the issue of corruption.
Many regional and international statements and We also need to differentiate between participa-
attitudes actually coincided with the so-called Arab tion and partnership. Participation does not include
Spring in general and the situations in Syria in par- equality but the partnership guarantees it. The role
ticular under some eld indications which signify of women in the political eld is really distinguished
that the terrorist groups in general and the Islamic due to their special nature, specialization and experi-
State (IS) or the so-called DAESH in both Iraq and ences. The special interests of women enable them to
Syria in particular are on the verge of nal defeat, handle specic issues. Womens political participa-
columnist, professor at Kuwait University Politi- tion helps in enhancing social peace which is essen-
cal Science Department and former MP Dr Hassan tial in our Arab societies.
Abdullah Jowhar wrote for Al-Jarida daily Tues-
During the Arab Summit which was held recently Dr Mohammad Al-Sabah, former minister of
in Jordan, HH the Amir described the Arab Spring Foreign Affairs and son of the late Amir Sheikh Sa-
as an Arab Illusion because the spring has suc- bah Al-Salem Al-Sabah, is considered as one of the
ceeded in toppling the regimes in all countries except cleanest ministers among all Kuwaiti governments.
Syria. He had resigned after realizing that the political
Not just that, it looks like people who were bet- atmosphere is polluted, Mohammad Al-Washehi
ting to bring down the regime in Syria have vanished wrote for Aljarida daily.
in thin air and this is applicable to the international Two days back during his participation in a lec-
equation which was led by the US. ture at Budapest, the capital city of Hungary, Dr Al-
Having said that, Europe is currently busy in its Sabah urged Iran to stop interfering in the affairs of
internal affairs and the politicians who were in- its Arab neighbors and tampering with their social
volved in the Syrian crisis topped by the incumbent fabric. His speech was based on the truth and did not
French administration, are likely to be defeated in need any testimonies.
the forthcoming elections. I think his vision is long-term. I would like to
In this context, we say the statements which say to Dr Al-Sabah Look at the status of Kuwait.
have been attributed to the US Secretary of State Look at the stance taken by the authority concern-
Rex W. Tillerson who chose Ankara as a launch ing what is happening and its support for those who
pad to issue his statements in question in addition carry poisonous knife. Ignore Iran because it will not
to the statements issued by the US permanent envoy listen to you and it will continue to pursue its goals.
to the United Nations Nikki Haley show the down- Direct your speech to the Kuwaiti people.
fall of the regime of Bashar Al-Assad is no longer Compiled by Zaki Taleb


Request to reopen doors under study: Al-Sabeeh

Focus on skilled, specialized workers in medicine, engineering fields

KUWAIT CITY, April 4: Min-
ister of Social Affairs and State
Minister for Economic Affairs Bloggers cautioned
Hind Al-Sabeeh disclosed about
the legal and security measures
that Ministry of Interior is work-
ing on completing in coordina-
Media awash with rights abuse clips
tion with the government of the KUWAIT CITY, April 4: Lately, Two striking events taking current situation compels bloggers
Islamic Republic of Pakistan to social media is awash with agita- place within the last few days to be conservative, especially in the
reopen doors for Pakistani work- tions to defend domestic workers prompted the reaction of bloggers. GCC countries.
ers to return to Kuwait, reports rights and calls on sponsors to be The rst incident involved a house- Bloggers passionate about the
Al-Rai daily. humane in their treatment since maid who tried to commit suicide rights of domestic workers expose
She stressed that the agree- they are also human. and the fall was recorded. Another the rate at which workers rights are
ment between the two gov- The sponsors are reminded that event attracted bloggers after an violated through incidents happen-
ernments includes bringing in people engage in domestic jobs in Arab media outt posted the foot- ing every now and then. They af-
skilled and specialized workers order to meet their needs, reports age of a group of female workers rmed recording domestic workers
in the elds of medicine and en- Al-Qabas daily. in a domestic workers bureau. The amounts to human degradation.
Al-Sabeeh shed light on the
request to reopen doors for Paki- revealed that a number of young ganizers of the protest have their demands such as the nger-
stani workers to return to Kuwait, employees of the ministry are given the fingerprint issue top print issue, bonuses and allow-
indicating that this request is be- preparing to organize a sit-in in priority in their demands, in- ances.
ing studied in line with security front of the Minister Hind Al-Sa- dicating that a group has been Regarding the ngerprint sys-
framework of the country. beehs ofce next Monday in pro- formed for coordinating on tem, which has been made man-
She afrmed about the ongoing test against the implementation of latest developments related to datory for all employees to use at
cooperation in this regard with ngerprint system for inspectors their work. the end of the working day, the
Pakistani ofcials. in the ministry, reports Al-Nahar They have circulated a letter, ofcials indicated that such a de-
Meanwhile, ofcials from Min- daily. a copy of which was obtained by cision is not feasible and must be
istry of Social Affairs and Labor They explained that the or- the daily. The letter includes all stopped indenitely.

Corruption, less concern leads

to public money drain & deficit
MP threatens to grill PM
By Abubakar A. Ibrahim
Arab Times Staff
4: MP Riyadh Al-Adsani
The staff making speeches at the headquarters. has threatened to grill
MEW staff stage strike HH the Prime Minister,
before the ruling of the
By Muhammad Ghanim MPs and board members of the labor Constitutional Court, if
Al-Seyassah Staff union for employees working in the he does not address the
ministry in solidarity with the employ-
Several employees of the Ministry of ees affected by the decision. issue of what he called
Electricity and Water (MEW) held a sit- In response, the Minister of Electric- waste of public money
in at the headquarters of the ministry to ity, Water and Oil, Essam Al-Marzouq
protest against the suspension of trav- issued direct order to reinstate the and apply the policy of
el allowance for employees working in travel allowance. job replacement.
distant areas and exclusion of the al- He also instructed the reinstatement He noted corruption and lack
lowance from the salary certicate. should be mentioned in the salary cer-
The sit-in was attended by several of concern are major factors
ticate as observed earlier.
which lead to drain of public
money and budget decit. He
stressed the nancial standing
of the nation has reached a criti-
cal point and that it is high time
for the government to diversify
its sources of income.
He says, unlike for parliaments
the current National Assembly
stands will refuse to be the rubber KUNA photo
stamp but will want to have its share The Kuwaiti Armys Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Mohammad Al-Khoder met Tuesday with visiting Chairman
in the decision-making process of the Jordanian Armys Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen Adnan Al-Qadah. During the meeting, they discussed a number
with the government on the issue of mutual issues, primarily ways of promoting and bolstering bilateral military relations, the Ministry of Defense said
of reforms. He disclosed the state in a press release. Amiri Guard Commander Brigadier Fahad Abdulrahman Al Zaid was present at the meeting.
revenue last year was estimated at
KD 12 billion and the decit KD
1.8 billion. He added, revenue from
oil was approximately KD 11 bil-
lion and from non-oil KD 1 billion,
Two GCC citizens, Kuwaiti hurt in fight
but corruption and apathy has led to
budget crisis. By Meshal Al-Sanousi rushed to the location and discovered area after they received treatment for
In the meantime, MP Marzouk Al-Seyassah Staff that a group of passersby managed to the injuries they sustained.
Al-Khalifa has presented a bill to settle the quarrel and the suspects were Meanwhile, an Egyptian expatriate
KUWAIT CITY, April 4: Two broth- taken in private vehicles to Farwaniya lodged a complaint at Farwaniya Po-
grant bedoun civil and legal rights ers of a GCC nationality and a Kuwaiti
including permanent residency, free Hospital. lice Station against a Syrian expatri-
education and medical care and a citizen sustained injuries and bruises Securitymen rushed to the hospital ate, accusing the latter of beating him,
right to own real estate. during a quarrel in Firdous area. and conducted investigations with the which resulted in injuries to his hands
KFSD photo
In the explanatory memo, the According to security sources, when suspects to discover the quarrel was over and face. He also presented a medical
No one was hurt in the school re. lawmaker noted the Kuwaiti Con- the Operations Room of Ministry of a long-standing dispute between them. report to indicate the injuries he sus-
Interior received information about the Necessary action was taken to refer tained. Securitymen took necessary
Fire destroys classroom stitution in Article 29 states all peo-
ple are equal in human dignity and incident, securitymen and paramedics the suspects to the police station of the steps to nd and question the suspect.
in public rights and duties before
By Munaif Nayef when the Control Room of Kuwait Fire the law, without distinction to race,
Al-Seyassah Staff Service Directorate received informa- origin, language, or religion. He said
tion about the classroom on re, re- the most signicant challenges we
Fire broke out in one of the classrooms ghters rushed to the location and ex-
of Ahmad Al-Humaidhi School in Tai- tinguished the re within a short time. face today are in the area of human
ma area. No injuries were reported but Investigations have been launched to rights either from its legal, or moral
material losses were incurred. determine the cause of the re. or civil perspective including the liv-
According to security sources, A case was registered. ing conditions and the suffering of
bedoun who are known as the state-
less people. This category includes
tens of thousands of people who are
genetically inherited to their Kuwait
News in Brief home, father and grandfather and
born on its territory and buried in its
land. These are the people who have
served the nation in various ways
Disability no hurdle: The disabled school for girls, that won the first and who had been entrusted with the
Kuwaiti chef Ismail Murad, who is place in the young merchant compe- security of the homeland. They have
known as chef of aged person tition organized by Kuwaits shed blood for the sake of the nation
refused to let his handicap overcome Manpower and Government and strengthened the social fabric
his passion and went on to become one Restructuring Program in cooperation among husbands, wives, mothers
of the most well-known chefs in the with the Ministry of Education. and children through continuous
Gulf region, reports Al-Rai daily. The competition was aimed at chronology from the fourth and fth
In an inter- encouraging youth to engage in small generations.
view, Murad enterprises and later enter the business He added this right is indis-
who was sitting world, head of the small enterprises pensable in accordance with the
in his wheel- department at the program Faris
Al-Enezi told KUNA on Tuesday.
agreements and international trea-
chair explained ties signed by the State of Kuwait,
that he has The young merchant is held for
been cooking the third year in a row, with the partic- Okayed by the National Assembly
since the age of ipation 450 male and female students and ratied by His Highness the
12. It began from 75 intermediate and high schools, Amir to become the integral part of
with preparing said Al-Enezi. the legal system of the State.
a meal for his On her part, student Al-Hajri said In another development the
fellow scout she was pleased to present her project Parliamentary Budgets and Final
members in Murad at one of the biggest fairs in the Accounts Committee approved
schools. Middle East. during its Tuesday meeting the
He revealed that his disability was The project aims to allow people to capital expenditure appropriation
caused by a medical error but he did save time and effort in finding a park- in the general state budget for the
not let it ruin his life and focused on ing spot in shopping malls, especially new scal 2017/2018 mainly in the
developing his hobby of cooking, add- in crowded days by booking their spot construction sector and purchase of
ing that his wife Umm Hussain, his prior to their visit, she explained. machinery. This was announced by
five children and other family mem- (KUNA) Committee Chairman MP Adnan
bers encouraged him to pursue a career AbdulSamad who said the commit-
in cooking until he became well- tee will soon submit the report to
known in the field. Aid for Mosul: Kuwait Red Crescent
Society (KRCS) distributed on the Parliament.
He explained the estimated capi-
Tuesday 1,500 food parcels in several
Kuwaiti project: Kuwaiti student liberated parts of Mosul, said an offi- tal expenditure appropriations for
Maha Al-Hajri presented her project cial for the society. the new scal is approximately KD
my parking that deals with reserving The KRCS operation was carried 2.8 billion with the committees res-
parking spots for vehicles in shopping out in cooperation with local humani- ervation on the KD 207 million al-
malls during the Dubai International tarian organizations, Director of the located for the Amiri Diwan to sup-
Government Achievements Exhibition. societys Disasters and Emergency port the implementation of some
The project was executed by stu- Department Yousef Fahad Al-Meraj construction projects but not given
dents from the Hafsa intermediate told KUNA. any future construction projects that
do not fall within its jurisdiction.


Court Cases

Expat absolved of fraud

Ruling nullified as youth

acquitted in theft attempt
By Jaber Al-Hamoud engine of his Porsche car.
Al-Seyassah Staff Earlier, the Misdemeanor Court
sentenced the defendant in absentia
KUWAIT CITY, April 4: The Court to two-week imprisonment followed
of Appeals has nullified the ruling of by deportation but he appealed the
First Instance Court that sentenced a ruling, forcing the court to abstain
youth in his 20s to three years in from issuing a punishment. The court
prison with hard labor. The court instead issued an undertaking with-
thereby acquitted the youth of break- out guarantee obligating the defen-
ing the outer door of a house belong- dant to show good behavior for a
ing to a military man in Jahra area to period of six months.
commit robbery. At the Appeal Circuit, the defense
The case file counsel Lawyer Dalal Al-Mutairi
indicates the affirmed that the charges filed against
owner of the her client lack incriminating evi-
building sud- dence, adding that the evidence
denly discov- brought forward by the prosecution
ered a diesel was inadequate and weak. She also
powered gener- stressed that her client had declined
ator and other the charges from the onset of investi-
camping materi- gations.
als were missing
from the store.
Detectives Al-Hassawi Court to respond: The Admini-
caught the sus- strative Court of Cassation has decid-
pect in possession of stolen items and ed to respond to the case concerning
he confessed breaking into the mili- revocation of citizenship of Ahmad
tary mans house to steal. The owner Al-Jabr, after accepting the relin- KUNA photo
identified the generator. quishment of Al-Jabers right to An anti-riot drill was organized at the Special Forces Camp affiliated to Ministry of Interior as part of the Eagle Resolve 2017 military exercise in
demand reinstatement of his citizen- the presence of officials from Kuwait Army, Ministry of Interior, National Guard and Kuwait Fire Service Directorate, reports Al-Seyassah daily. The
Lawyer Khawlah Al-Hassawi rep- drill involved tackling riot acts and violence, ways to combat riots and disperse rioters, demonstrate the duties of each participating anti-riot unit and
resenting the defendant countered the ship, after the government had
appealed against the verdict of the benefitting from the joint concepts and expertise of the involved units.
investigation conducted by detectives
and argued there was no proof that Court of Appeals verdict which had
her client had actually committed the ordered reinstatement of Al-Jabrs

Sponsors abandoning workers

crime, especially after he denied the citizenship.
allegation against him in court. Al-Jabr had relinquished his right
to demand reinstatement of his citi-

zenship following the initiative of
Expat absolved: The Appeal His Highness the Amir in this regard.
Circuit of the Misdemeanor Court However, the defense the govern-

to their fate face strict action

acquitted an expatriate who was ment refused the request of
accused of swindling an individual Al-Jabr and instead insisted the court
and appropriating the engine of a should arbitrate on the case.
Porsche car. So far, the verdict of the Court of
The Public Prosecution had Appeals, which ordered the reinstate-
accused the suspect of double-cross- ment of the citizenship of Al-Jabr,
ing the victim by fraudulently hand-
ing over to him the engine of a
still stands and is enforceable until
the government files another separate
Intruder stabbed five times
Lamborghini and appropriating the appeal to block the ruling.
By Meshal Al-Sanousi
Al-Seyassah Staff and
Other Voices KUWAIT CITY, April 4:
Two Syrian expatriates
Sorry state of road affairs were arrested in posses-
sion of sex stimulants in
Farwaniya area.
By Ahmad Al-Sarraf Bureau had found that the Ministry of According to security sources,
Public Works is not serious about imple- Farwaniya securitymen were patrol-
T he government did establish the Road
and Land Transport Authority three
years ago and its task is to manage and
menting the decision of the Council of
Ministers, which stipulates that the com-
ling the area based on instructions
from Farwaniya Security Director
mencement of the work of the Authority for Major General Saleh Matar when
supervise the construction of Metro and Roads and Land Transport is on April 1.
rail lines, maintenance of road networks, they suspected a vehicle with two
The MP questioned why the ministry occupants.
carry out technical inspection of vehicles, delayed in transferring the roads projects
issue licenses, installation and maintain After demanding the driver to pull
to the Authority, and about the reports over, securitymen checked the details
traffic signals, provide and manage park- that the period prescribed to address all
ing lots for vehicles and trucks, supervise of the two individuals to discover
the roads of Kuwait is 3 years, with a they are Syrian expatriates and one
driving learning and truck weighing sta- budget of 150 million dinars.
tions. was in violation of the residency law.
Al-Adasani also asked about a report Upon inspection, securitymen found
Almost three years have passed and the that the Center for Quality Control and
Ministry of Public Works, the General sex stimulants on them.
Inspection of the Ministry of Works does The two suspects were arrested
Traffic Department, the not have the necessary
Kuwait Municipality and the and referred to the concerned author-
equipment or accurately fol- ities for necessary legal action.
Ministry of Communications lows the factories that pro-
continue to oppose handing Meanwhile, an Indian expatriate
duce asphalt mixture. was arrested in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh
over any powers to this In his parliamentary
body, I mean to the Road and area for consuming liquor.
query, Al-Adasani also Farwaniya securitymen were
Land Transport Authority. asked about the percentage
There are rumors that the patrolling the area when they noticed
of good roads which is esti- the suspect walking unsteadily and
government intends to do mated to be only 23 percent,
away with this authority then running as soon as he noticed
while the remaining roads the patrol vehicle. They caught him
even before it has started its need to be repaired or main-
work although millions of to realize he was in a disoriented
tained. state because he had consumed
dinars have been spent to Based on the above, we
form this authority. liquor.
Al-Sarraf have seen the government is He was referred to the police sta-
This is in spite of the confused, hasty and takes
Cabinet approval to transfer tion of the area where necessary
random decisions and some of the con- action was taken against him.
19 subordinate departments from the cerned ministries are keen to keep the
Ministry of Public Works, the Kuwait important departments within their juris-
Municipality and the Ministry of diction and refuse to transfer them to the
Communications to this authority as of Workers abandoned: Personnel
new authority, especially since some of from the so-called Quartet
early November, including the them are considered the hen that lays the
Department of Road Laboratories. Committee formed upon a decision
golden eggs. issued by the Council of Ministers KUNA photos
However, a majority of these depart- We see any clean and self-respected
ments have yet to be moved. organized a security campaign against Top and above: Some pictures taken during the drill.
efficient person does not want to be at the labor and residence law violators in
The Interior Minister has also request- head of this disrespectful body. Hence, Al-Hassawi, reports Al-Rai daily.
ed the Council of Ministers to assign
some of the functions of the Roads
we saw the resignation of Eng. Abdul During the campaign the commit- Bahrain official lauds Eagles Resolve 2017 success
Latif Al-Dakhil as Director General of tee comprising personnel from the
Authority to the General Traffic the Authority.
Department to prevent the overlapping of ministries of Interior, Social Affairs The Commander-in-Chief for the and Bahrain on all levels. by April 6.
Disclaimer: In yesterdays article I and Labor, Commerce and Industry, Bahraini military, Field Marshal For his part, Sheikh Azzam Meanwhile, an anti-riot drill was
functions between the two parties. mentioned the managing director of the
The Interior Ministry considers it dif- and the Kuwait Municipality are Sheikh Khalifa bin Ahmad praised the depth of relations organized at the Special Forces
Kuwait Investment Authority as Farouk said to have arrested 15 residence Al-Khalifa praised on Tuesday the between the two countries. Camp affiliated to Ministry of
ficult to transfer, for example, the traffic Al-Zanki, the correct name is Farouk law violators and referred them to success of the military exercise Eagle Resolve 2017 is part of Interior as part of the Eagle
organization and the licenses sector and Bastaki. And the total funds that are Eagles Resolve 2017 which is efforts to promote cooperation Resolve 2017 military exercise in
other departments to the Authority and to concerned authority to prepare their
under the management of the Authority deporting the country. held in Kuwait with the involve- and raise the combat readiness of the presence of officials from
keep the rest of the departments associ- exceed $500 billion. Please excuse me. ment of GCC and American the Gulf Cooperation Councils Kuwait Army, Ministry of Interior,
ated with it in the Interior Ministry Punitive action will be taken
Note: As scheduled, we shall meet against sponsors who abandon their troops, says KUNA. countries, in order to be able to National Guard and Kuwait Fire
because this will cause severe confusion with the readers this evening at 7:00 pm In a statement by Kuwaits meet regional challenges. Service Directorate, reports
for both parties. employees to their fate. Moreover,
at the Al Dana Hotel. the files of their companies will be Embassy in Bahrain, Sheikh It also aims to allow participat- Al-Seyassah daily.
In this context, MP Riyadh Al-Adasani Khalifa, during his meeting with ing units to exchange experiences The drill involved tackling riot
had submitted a parliamentary query to the frozen. Kuwaiti Ambassador to Bahrain and to standardize procedures in acts and violence, ways to com-
Minister of Public Works stating the Audit email: It has been reported one of the Sheikh Azzam Al-Sabah, stressed the military field. bat riots and disperse rioters,
persons caught by the police said he that Kuwait has the ability to orga- The drill started on March 21 demonstrate the duties of each
was charging only 250 fils for a hair- nize and run such an important with participation of units from the participating anti-riot unit and ben-
cut to earn a living. exercise. Gulf Peninsula Shield force, in efitting from the joint concepts
News in Brief He also stressed on the impor-
tance of relations between Kuwait
cooperation with the United States
of America. It is scheduled to end
and expertise of the involved
Intruder stabbed: An unidentified
intruder, who was stabbed by a
Kuwaiti five times, has been admit- Using the description of the vehi- young men in Zahra area due to a long- and arrest the suspect.
Wall crushes worker: An soon as they noticed the patrol vehicle. ted to the Jahra Hospital, reports cle provided by the victims, security- standing dispute and they began hitting
Egyptian laborer died when the wall of Securitymen chased them and man- Al-Rai daily. men launched investigations to find each other, which resulted in the citizen
a house in Naeem area fell on him, aged to get hold of them. They were It has been reported the incident and arrest the suspect. fracturing his foot and the Bedoun Phone, purse stolen: An
says Al-Seyassah. checked to find 20 grams of an undis- happened when the victim surprised Meanwhile, Fintas securitymen youth sustained various injuries. unknown individual stole a Kuwaiti
According to security sources, as closed drug and 150 narcotic pills the Kuwait inside his house in arrested a Kuwaiti citizen who was Both were referred to Zahra Police womans mobile phone and purse
soon as the incident occurred, the vic- known locally as Farawla. Al-Naseem. accused of beating another in Fintas Station after they received medical from her vehicle which she had
tim was taken to Jahra Hospital. When questioned, the suspects con- The daily quoting the citizen said area over right of way. The suspect attention and necessary action was parked in front of a commercial com-
However, his heart was not beating at fessed that they were planning to sell the intruder attempted to assault the was referred to the concerned author- taken. plex in Hawally area.
the time of arrival in the hospital and the drugs to their clients. The suspects Kuwaiti, and the latter stabbed him ities for necessary legal action. Meanwhile, a Kuwaiti citizen was The woman filed a theft case at the
doctors tried their best to resuscitate his were arrested and referred with the on various parts of his body and In addition, a Kuwaiti citizen filed stabbed in the back during a quarrel police station of the area, revealing
heart but to no avail. After exerting tre- drugs to the Drugs Control General called the Operations Room of the a case against a Kuwaiti student of among three citizens in Jahra area. that an unknown individual broke the
mendous efforts, the doctors then had Department for necessary legal action. back glass of her car and stole her
Interior Ministry. Yousef Al-Ali Secondary School for
no choice but to pronounce him dead. Then citizen has been referred to Boys in Jahra area, accusing him of mobile phone and purse, revealing
The corpse was referred to the
Hoax murder calls: When a psy- authorities for investigation. beating his son inside the school. Kuwaiti swindled: A Kuwaiti citi- that there were no documents or
Forensics Department and a case was zen accused another of swindling money in her purse.
registered. chologically unstable 16-year-old Syrian Investigations have been launched
girl made four hoax calls to the and the student will be summoned to him of KD 3,000 under the pretext of Securitymen lifted fingerprints and
Operations Room of the Interior Couple attacked: An Egyptian the police station for questioning. importing sheep from Iraq. launched investigations to find and
Drug peddlers held: Four Asian Minister about a suicide and murder in expatriate and his wife lodged a com- According to security sources, the arrest the suspect.
citizen went to Naeem Police Station Meanwhile, a Kuwaiti citizen
expatriates were arrested in Qasr area Farwaniya, police rushed to the spot and plaint at Maidan Hawally Police
for drug peddling and possessing discovered she used her fathers phone Station against an unknown individu- Two hurt in brawl: A Bedoun and informed securitymen about the informed the Operations Room of
drugs, says Al-Seyassah. to make the calls, reports Al-Rai daily. al who attacked them in the area. youth sustained injuries and a Kuwaiti incident, revealing that the suspect Ministry of Interior that an unknown
According to security sources, Jahra The father has signed a pledge that According to security sources, the citizen fractured his foot during a has disappeared and is not answering individual broke the window of his
securitymen were patrolling Qasr area he will take care of the girl so that the victim said the suspect was driving a quarrel between them in Zahra area. any calls. vehicle which was parked in front of
when they saw four Asian men run as act is not repeated. white-colored vehicle. He drove off According to security sources, the A case was registered and investi- a caf in Ardiya area. Necessary
after beating him and his wife. quarrel broke out between the two gations have been launched to find action was taken.


Health authorities urged to expand activities in field of research

FOCP offers full support for GCC cancer awareness

KUWAIT CITY, April 4: The Friends tagline Awareness Strategy: Reality based information concerning the role Patients (FOCP), it is a non-profit
of Cancer Patients (FOCP) and Ambition was held on April 2-3 of awareness in cancer incidence and charity organization founded in
Organization, during the First in Kuwait City in which several orga- survival rates. September 1999 in Sharjah, the
Combined Gulf Cancer Conference, nizations and establishments involved It highlighted the importance of United Arab Emirates.
announced its full support for the rec- in fighting cancer in the GCC coun- exchanging experiences with global, Its objective is to create awareness
ommendations resultant from the con- tries participated. regional and local organizations in the about the six early detectable cancers
ference, especially after the partici- The conference also witnessed par- development of cancer awareness and namely breast cancer, cervical cancer,
pants stressed the importance of com- ticipation of leading oncologists, psy- prevention strategies. prostate cancer, testicular cancer,
bining awareness efforts for fighting chologists, social workers and special- The conference also highlighted the colorectal cancer, and skin cancer.
cancer in the GCC countries. ists in the fields of health care, educa- role of the government, non-govern- Besides its awareness mission,
According to a press release, FOCP tion, nutrition and media as well as ment and private sectors in raising
called for unification of strategy to representatives of non-profit organiza- awareness in this regard for the gen- FOCP is committed to helping cancer
include every country in the area, as tions and relevant government institu- eral public, and providing all types of patients and their families get through
well as drawing up a general frame- tions in the field of education. care with the aim of improving cancer the long and arduous journey of can-
work for joint work, and motivating The FOCP delegation in the confer- patients quality of life. cer treatment.
academic establishments and health ence included Board Director of the The conference witnessed distribu- Since its inception, FOCP has pro-
authorities to expand their activities in organization Sawsan Jafar, Secretary tion of academic work documents vided moral and financial support to
the field of scientific research in order General of the organization Dr Sawsan which expansively detailed the latest over 3,700 patients and their families
to find best possible ways for treating Al-Madhi and Program Executive global achievements in the aspect of in the United Arab Emirates, irrespec-
and preventing cancer. Haya Maree. combating cancer. tive of their nationality, gender, age,
The two-day conference with the The conference presented evidence- About the Friends of Cancer religion or ethnicity.

GCC security chiefs to hold

An official addressing the conference.

meetings to promote coop

Arab group reiterates call for representation in UNSC
RIYADH, April 4,
(KUNA): GCC security
heads will hold annual
meetings to promote coop-
eration and share informa-
tion, GCC Assistant
Secretary General for
Security Affairs Majro
General Hazzaa Al Hajri
Al-Hajri made the statement on
Monday on the sidelines of a meet-
ing of security chiefs in the Saudi
He noted that the meetings recom-
mendations would be submitted to
GCC interior Ministrys
Undersecretaries and then to GCC
Interior Ministers for consideration.
He stressed that GCC member states
work as one system regarding security
affair as they consider that any threat
to a GCC country s security is a threat
to all member states.
This requires promoting coopera-
tion and coordination, and sharing GCC security chiefs meeting in Riyadh.
information to safeguard stability and
security of GCC member states, he
He described the current coopera-
tion in terms of exchanging informa-
tion amongst GCC states as excel-
lent, indicating that it constantly
develops in the framework of common
agreements and strategies.
Top: Bangladesh Ambassador S. M. Abul Kalam addressing the Bengali The GCC police has made great
community in Kuwait. Above: Bangladeshis observe the Genocide Day at strides and its missions are based on
the embassy. enhancing coordination, and sharing
information and data, Al-Hajri made
Martyrs honored clear.
He stressed that all officials realize
the volume of responsibility and chal-

Bangladesh Embassy lenges towards security affairs all over

the world.
He lauded developed and advanced
coordination and sharing information

marks Genocide Day among GCC states that have an impact

on achieving more key security
accomplishments. The Union of Investment Companies Thursday held an
ordinary and extraordinary general assembly inside
Al-Sharrah made a PowerPoint presentation summary
of the administrative and financial report for last year,
A Kuwaiti delegation headed by
KUWAIT CITY, April 4: Bangladesh organizations. They highlighted on Interior Ministrys Acting Assistant Bahra Hall of the Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and which ended Dec 31. Board Chairman of the union
Embassy in Kuwait observed Genocide this day significantly. Undersecretary for General Security Industry. The rate of attendance was 91.4 percent with Bader Nasser Al-Subaie also presented detailed report
Day 2017 at the Chancery in a befit- His Excellency the Ambassador Affairs Major General Ibrahim 32 out of the total 35 member companies represented. of the role played by the Union of Investment Companies.
ting manner in presence of embassy S.M. Abul Kalam in his speech high- Al-Tarrah is taking part in the meet- Secretary General of the union Professor Ramadan
officials, officials of the Bangladesh lighted the significance of the Day. ing.
Military Contingent, Bangladesh The ambassador said that the occupa- Meanwhile, the Arab group of
Biman, members of the community tion forces unleashed a sudden attack states in the United Nations has reiter- Bid to prevent large bank robberies
and representatives of the print and and started killing innocent and ated call a proper representation of
electronic media. unarmed Bangalees on the black Arab countries in the UN Security
The program started with the recita-
tion from the Holy Quran. Special Dua
and Munajat were offered seeking
night of the March 25, 1971.
They killed thousands of people in
cities and towns, including Dhaka.
Chasing Lazarus: a hunt for hackers
divine blessings for the souls of the
martyrs who sacrificed their lives on
The Father of the Nation
Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman
Kuwait reaffirms DUBAI, April 4: Kaspersky Lab has
published the results of its more-than-
financial institution in South East
stored, a mail server or the whole
domain controller with keys to every
year-long investigation into the activi- After being interrupted by door in the company, as well as
March 25, 1971 and prayed for the
continued progress of the country.
officially proclaimed the indepen-
dence of Bangladesh at the first hour support for ACU ty of Lazarus a notorious hacking
group allegedly responsible for the
Kaspersky Lab products and the fol-
lowing investigation, they were set
servers storing or processing records
of financial transactions.
One minute silence was observed in of March 26, 1971.
honor of the martyrs. Bangabandhus proclamation was CAIRO, April 4, (KUNA): The State theft of 81 million dollars from the back for another few months, and later Deliver and steal: Finally, they
The messages given by the spread all over the country through of Kuwait Tuesday reaffirmed its full Central Bank of Bangladesh in 2016. decided to change their operation by deploy special malware capable of
Honorable President, the Prime telegram, tele-printers and EPR wire- support to Arab Customs Union During the forensic analysis of arte- moving to Europe. bypassing the internal security features
Minister of the Peoples Republic of less. (ACU) and a single Arab customs law. facts left by the group in South-East But here too, their attempts were of financial software and issuing rogue
Bangladesh were read out by officers The international media also had Speaking to KUNA on the sidelines Asian and European banks, Kaspersky interrupted by Kaspersky Labs secu- transactions on behalf of the bank.
of the embassy. Mr Md Anisuzzaman, circulated Bangabandhus proclama- of the 37th meeting of Arab customs Lab has reached a deep understanding rity software
of what malicious tools the group uses detections, as well Geography and attribution
First Secretary anchored the program. tion of independence. chiefs held in Cairo, Acting Director
On March 11, 2017 the Bangladeshi Under the brave and dauntless lead- and how it operates while attacking as the quick inci- The attacks investigated by
General of Kuwaits General financial institutions, casinos, software dent response, Kaspersky Lab researchers lasted for
Parliament during its 14th session ership of Bangabandhu, Bangladesh Administration of Customs Adnan weeks. However, the attackers could
unanimously adopted a resolution earned the ultimate victory on the Dec developers for investment companies forensic analysis,
Al-Qudaibi said Kuwait is a staunch and crypto-currency businesses around and reverse engi- operate under the radar for months.
declaring March 25 as Genocide Day. 16, 1971 after a 9-month bloody war. supporter of the Arab Customs Union. the world. neering with sup- For example, during the analysis of
The discussion took place in partici- Finally the ambassador urged all to Defending a single Arab customs This knowledge has helped to inter- port from compa- the incident in South-East Asia,
pating from the Bangladesh communi- work unitedly for the benefit of the law, the official said it basically stems rupt at least two other operations nys top research- experts discovered that hackers were
ties leaders and various socio-cultural country. from the uniform customs law of the which had one goal to steal a large ers. able to compromise the bank network
Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). amount of money from financial insti- Based on the no less than seven months prior to the
He pointed out that during the two- tutions. In February 2016, a group of results of the day when the banks security team
day meeting, Arab customs officials hackers (unidentified at that time) forensic analysis Kamluk requested incident response.
News in Brief discussed, inter alia, customs mea-
sures, information and inter-Arab tran-
attempted to steal $851 million, and
managed to transfer 81 million from
of these attacks,
Kaspersky Lab researchers were able
In fact, the group had access to the
network of that bank even before the
sit development. the Central Bank of Bangladesh. to reconstruct the modus operandi of day of the Bangladesh incident.
This is considered to be one of the the group. According to Kaspersky Lab
KJA organises confab: The ence. largest, most successful cyber heists Initial compromise: A single sys- records, from December 2015, mal-
Arab Independent Media and ever. tem inside a bank is breached either ware samples relating to Lazarus
Journalism Conference, which is Further investigation conducted by with remotely accessible vulnerable group activity appeared in financial
being organized by the Kuwait
Kuwaiti doctors welcome: researchers from different IT security code (ie on a webserver) or through a institutions, casinos, software develop-
Director General of Public companies including Kaspersky Lab watering hole attack through an exploit ers for investment companies and
Journalists Association (KJA), with Authority for the Disabled Affairs
the cooperation with International revealed a high chance that the attacks planted on a benign website. Once crypto-currency businesses in Korea,
(PADA), Dr Shafeeqa Al-Awadhi were conducted by Lazarus a noto- such a site is visited, the victims Bangladesh, India, Vietnam,
Federation of Journalists (IFJ), will affirmed that doors of the authority
kickoff Wednesday, April 5 at the rious cyber espionage and sabotage (bank employee) computer gets mal- Indonesia, Costa Rica, Malaysia,
are open for Kuwaiti doctors due to group responsible for a series of regu- ware, which brings additional compo- Poland, Iraq, Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria,
Crowne Plaza Hotel under the their high-level skills, competence
patronage of State Minister for and professionalism, reports lar and devastating attacks, and known nents. Uruguay, Gabon, Thailand and several
Cabinet Affairs and Acting Minister Al-Anba daily. for attacking manufacturing compa- Foothold established: Then the other countries.
of Information Sheikh Mohammad In response to the question con- nies, media and financial institutions group migrates to other bank hosts and In preparation for operation, the
Abdullah Al-Mubarak Al-Sabah. cerning the authoritys move to in at least 18 countries around the deploys persistent backdoors the server was configured as the command
According to a press release, a advertise employment opportunities world since 2009. malware allows them to come and go & control center for the malware.
number of discussions and seminars in the authority in Egypt instead of Although several months of silence whenever they want. We hope that chief executives from
related to Kuwait journalism and seeking citizens to occupy such followed the Bangladesh attack, the Internal reconnaissance: banks, casinos and investment compa-
several issues concerning establish- positions, Dr Al-Awadhi indicated Lazarus group was still active. Subsequently the group spends days nies around the world will become
ment of a regional mechanism for that the advertisement published in They had been preparing for a new and weeks learning the network, and wary of the name Lazarus, said
ensuring press freedom in the Arab Egypt was for full-time doctors to operation to steal money from other identifying valuable resources. One Vitaly Kamluk, Head of Global
world will be held during the confer- work on daily basis. banks and, by the time they were such resource may be a backup server, Research and Analysis Team APAC at
Adnan Al-Qudaibi ready, they already had their foot in a where authentication information is Kaspersky Lab.


World News Roundup

In this April 3, 2017 photo from video provided by KMOV shows damage to the roof of a box company in caused the cast iron boiler estimated to weigh a ton to a ton and a half to explode, Jenkerson said.
St Louis after a boiler exploded and ew before crashing through the roof of a nearby laundry business. The blast occurred in a largely industrial area of south St Louis. Two injured victims were in critical condi-
The authorities said the explosion killed three people and injured four others. One person died in the tion, and one was undergoing surgery, Jenkerson said. The injured include a linen company worker who
blast about 8 a.m. at the Loy-Lange Box Co and two others were killed when a large piece of the boiler was found pinned beneath the boiler, which Jenkerson said was roughly 4 feet in diameter and 10 feet
crashed into the nearby Faultless Healthcare Linen buildings ofce area, Fire Chief Dennis Jenkerson long (1.2 meters in diameter and 3 meters long). The boiler was used to produce steam to power the box
said. The explosion appears to have been an accident, but investigators were trying to pinpoint what companys equipment. (AP)

Veterans Immigration

102-yr-old gets diploma Dont overlook qualified Americans: Trump

Vet suicide hotline Bid to prevent H-1B visa fraud
problems fixed: VA WASHINGTON, April 4, (Agen-
cies): The US Department of Home-
WASHINGTON, April 4, (AP): The Department
of Veterans Affairs is telling skeptical members of
Congress that it has xed problems with its suicide
land Security announced steps on
Monday to prevent the fraudulent use
of H-1B visas, used by employers to
Calif Senate OKs statewide
hotline that were highlighted in a critical recent in-
ternal watchdog report.
A March 20 audit by the VA inspector general
bring in specialized foreign workers
temporarily, which appeared to fall
short of President Donald Trumps
immigrant sanctuary bill
had found that nearly a third of calls to the Veterans campaign promises to overhaul the
program. SACRAMENTO, California, April a single cent when were talking
Crisis Line as recently as November were bounced 4, (AP): California lawmakers gave about separating children from
to back-up centers run by an outside contractor. The A White House ofcial said Trump
initial approval Monday to a meas- their mothers, mothers from their
rollover calls happen when phone lines are busy, may still do more on the program. ure that prevents law enforcement children, de Leon said. Thats not
Trump had promised to end the from cooperating with federal im- who we are as a great state.
leading to possible waits of 30 minutes or more. In this April 2, 2017 photo, released lottery system for H-1B visas, which
It was unwelcome news for VA Secretary David by Sacred Heart University, students migration ofcials, a measure that Trump in January signed an or-
gives each applicant an equal chance proponents said rebukes President der threatening to withdraw federal
Shulkin, who has made suicide prevention a signa- participate in a candlelight vigil in at 65,000 positions each year.
ture issue in the troubled agency, riven with scandal memory of student Caitlin Nelson Donald Trump for his immigration grants from jurisdictions that bar
on the schools campus in Faireld, Lobbyists for businesses who rely crackdown. ofcials from communicating with
since reports of delays in treatment at veterans hos- on H-1B visas, commonly used by the It makes California a statewide federal authorities about some-
pitals last year. Conn. Police said Nelson, from Clark,
NJ, died three days after choking dur- tech sector, had expected Trump to sanctuary for many people who are ones immigration status.
Approximately veterans ing a pancake-eating contest at the upend the lottery in favor of a system in the country illegally. By passing this today youll be
take their lives each day. On college. (AP) that prioritized workers who are highly The state Senate passed the kicking the president right in the
Tuesday, the VA plans to tell skilled and would be highly paid in the measure on a 27-12 vote, send- groin, and I can imagine hes go-
the House Veterans Affairs United States. ing it to the state Assembly over ing to strike back, said Republican
Committee that the most seri- The lottery for scal year 2018 the objection of opponents who Sen Jeff Stone of Temecula.
ous issues with the veterans America opened on Monday without changes.
The start of the lottery was seen by
said it endangers the public by
shielding felons from being de-
The American Civil Liberties
Union, the National Day Laborer
crisis hotline have been re-
solved. those watching the issue as the unof- ported. Organizing Network and other sup-
Trump signs privacy rules repeal: cial deadline for the Trump adminis- The bill, SB54, advanced after porters said the bill would give Cali-
Calls to the Veterans Crisis Senate President Pro Tem Kevin fornia some of the nations strong-
Line that rolled over to back- US President Donald Trump on Monday tration to enact H-1B visa reform, and
signed a repeal of Obama-era broadband the failure to meet that deadline signals de Leon, a Democrat from Los An- est anti-deportation protections.
up centers steadily declined geles, amended it to let state and Lawmakers in the nations most
Shulkin privacy rules, the White House said, a that Trumps promised overhaul of the
from 31 percent in early victory for internet service providers and a system may be off the table or long local law enforcement notify Immi- populous state also advanced two
November, to just 0.1 percent as of March 25, ac- blow to privacy advocates. delayed. gration and Customs Enforcement other bills that attempt to impede
cording to internal VA data submitted to Congress Republicans in Congress last week More oversight is a good start, but federal agents before convicted se- the presidents immigration poli-
and obtained by The Associated Press. That came narrowly passed the repeal of the privacy rious or violent felons are released cies. They sent the Assembly a
employers can still use the program from custody. bill, SB6, that would provide $12
despite growing workloads in which weekly calls rules with no Democratic support and legally to depress wages and replace
to the hotline jumped from 10,558 in November to over the strong objections of privacy De Leon also stripped the bill million to pay lawyers for immi-
American workers. That falls short of of a provision that would have re- grants facing deportation, and an-
13,966 last month, the VA said. advocates. the promises President Trump made to
The signing, disclosed in White House quired a two-thirds vote. Passing other measure, SB31, that would
As recently as mid-December, when the IG was protect American workers, said Peter the measure with a simple majority bar state ofcials from sharing
nalizing its audit, the share of rollover calls had statement late on Monday, follows strong Robbio, a spokesman for Numbers
criticism of the bill, which is a win for means it wouldnt take effect until data if the federal government
declined close to the VAs goal of 10 percent. That AT&T Inc, Comcast Corp and Verizon
USA, a Washington-based group that Jan. 1, while the previous version creates a Muslim registry.
gure dropped to less than 1 percent by early Janu- Communications Inc. advocates for limiting immigration would have taken effect immedi- California is home to an estimat-
ary, according to the agency. The bill repeals regulations adopted in into the United States. ately. ed 2.3 million immigrants who do
October by the Federal Communications The Trump administration has taken We will cooperate with our not have legal authorization. San
Crisis Commission under the Obama administra- other steps to crackdown on H-1B visa friends at the federal level with seri- Francisco, which is among cities
The crisis hotline is the strongest it has been tion requiring internet service providers to abuse, such as issuing a Justice De- ous and violent felons. But we wont with its own sanctuary law, is suing
since its inception in 2007, Steve Young, VAs do more to protect customers privacy than partment warning to employers and cooperate or lift a nger or spend over Trumps executive order.
deputy undersecretary for health for operations and websites like Alphabet Incs Google or announcing plans to increase transpar-
management, says in testimony prepared for Tues- Facebook Inc. ency on applicants. expensive cost. cautioning that it would investigate
days hearing. He described the hotline in recent The rules had not yet taken effect but These are important rst steps to The measures announced by DHS and prosecute employers that overlook
would have required internet providers bring more accountability and trans-
months as offering superior access for veterans to obtain consumer consent before using parency to the H-1B system, a White on Monday focus on site visits by US qualied American workers for the
during their time of need. precise geolocation, nancial information, House ofcial said. The administra- authorities to employers who use H-1B jobs.
Shulkin, who previously served as VAs top health information, childrens information tion is considering several additional visas. The message came on the opening
health ofcial, has also described the issue as re- and web browsing history for advertising options for the president to use his In future site visits, US Citizenship day of applications for American em-
solved. Fixing the Veterans Crisis Line was a criti- and marketing. existing authority to ensure federal and Immigration Services agents will ployers seeking visas known as H-1B,
cal step in keeping our commitment to veterans, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai praised the agencies more rigorously enforce all investigate incidents where an em- which are used mostly by technology
he said in a March 21 statement. repeal in a statement late on Monday for aspects of the program. ployers basic business information companies to bring in programmers
VA inspector general Michael Missal said he can- having appropriately invalidated one part Tech companies rely on the program cannot be validated; businesses that and other specialized workers from
not conrm the data, but emphasized in prepared of the Obama-era plan for regulating the in- to bring in workers with special skills have a high ratio of H-1B employees other countries.
testimony that the Veterans Health Administration ternet. Those awed privacy rules, which and have lobbied for an expansion of compared with US workers; and em- US workers should not be placed in
never went into effect, were designed to the number of H-1B visas awarded. ployers petitioning for H-1B workers a disfavored status, and the department
had not implemented any of the IGs proposed im- benet one group of favored companies,
provements, dating back to February 2016. Proponents of limiting legal im- who work off-site. is wholeheartedly committed to inves-
not online consumers. Meanwhile, the Trump adminis- tigating and vigorously prosecuting
Meanwhile, a 102-year-old World War II veter- Pai said the FCC would work with the migration, including Trumps senior
an who served with Canadian and American forces Federal Trade Commission, which oversees adviser Stephen Miller, have argued tration issued a stern warning to US these claims, Tom Wheeler, acting
and survived captivity by the Nazis has received his websites, to restore the FTCs authority to the program gives jobs that Americans companies as they began applying for head of the Justice Departments Civil
high school diploma and overdue medals. police internet service providers privacy could ll to foreign workers at a less coveted skilled-worker visas Monday, Rights Division, said in a statement.
Sydney Cole dropped out of his Buffalo, New practices. (RTRS)
York, high school in the 1930s. Rejected by the US
Army Air Corps before America entered the war, Bid to revive health bill: Top
Cole headed across the border and joined the Cana- White House ofcials met moderate and by President Donald Trump. Just 10 days ago, House Speaker Paul
dian Royal Air Force. conservative Republicans in the US House The White House would like to see a Ryan was forced to cancel a vote on a bill
He was discharged after the Japanese attack on of Representatives on Monday in an ef- revised bill come up for a vote as early as to replace the 2010 Affordable Care Act,
Pearl Harbor and joined the US Army in 1943. fort to revive a plan to repeal and replace weeks end, before the House breaks for popularly known as Obamacare, when it
Cole was piloting an artillery observation plane Obamacare. a spring recess, and the text of the new was clear he could not deliver the votes
during the Battle of the Bulge when he was shot Key members of the administration, in- proposal could be ready some time on needed for it to pass.
cluding Vice President Mike Pence, invited a Tuesday, lawmakers said. The defeat was a big political setback
down in early 1945. He spent the next four months group of moderate Republicans known as the It was clear the president would be very for Trump and fellow Republicans in
in a German POW camp. Tuesday Group to the White House. Pence happy come Friday to have this passed, said Congress who were elected on pledges
Cole received his diploma Friday and 10 medals, then went to Capitol Hill to meet the Freedom US Representative Chris Collins, a member to repeal and replace former Democratic
including a Purple Heart and Bronze Medal. Caucus, a group of House conservatives who of the Tuesday Group and a Trump ally. President Barack Obamas signature
last month derailed a healthcare bill backed This could move fairly quickly, he said. Trump Pence healthcare law. (RTRS)


US President Donald Trump and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi hold a bilateral meeting in the Cabinet Room of the White House in Washington on April 3. (AP)

Politics Politics

GOP set for nuclear option Republicans sharply divided on plans key tenet
Senate on collision
course over Gorsuch Tax overhaul a tough tussle
WASHINGTON, April 4, (Agencies): Democrats have WASHINGTON, April 4, (AP): After
secured the votes to block President Donald Trumps
Supreme Court nominee under current rules, putting
the Senate on a partisan collision course over conrm-
their humiliating loss on health care, Re-
publicans in Congress could use a quick
victory on a big issue. It wont be an
House Republican tax chief
ing Neil Gorsuch to a lifetime appointment that could
reverberate for decades.
Debate over the 49-year-old appellate judge gets un-
overhaul of the tax code.
Overhauling the tax code could prove
harder to accomplish than repealing
to discuss ideas with Dems
and replacing Barack Obamas health WASHINGTON, April 4, (RTRS): controlled House pulled legislation
der way in the full Senate on Tuesday, with Republicans The Texas Republican spearhead- to repeal and replace the healthcare
and Democrats bitterly divided over the next steps. law. Congressional Republicans are di-
ing tax reform efforts in the US House law known as Obamacare when it
While Democrats have the votes for a libuster, Ma- vided on signicant issues, especially a of Representatives will meet with became clear that Republicans would
jority Leader Mitch McConnell Scotlands First Minister Nicola Stur- new tax on imports embraced by House Democrats to discuss policy ideas, fall short of the votes needed. Trump
geon (left), walks with Lena Wilson, Speaker Paul Ryan. And the White as Republicans try to secure a victory blamed the failure on hardline Re-
is ready to lead the GOP in a uni- CEO of Scottish Enterprise, to a
lateral change in a Senate oor House is sending contradicting signals for President Donald Trump after his publican conservatives who opposed
round table discussion at the Quadrus on the new tax, adding to the uncertainty. healthcare bills failure. the bill and threatened to reach out to
procedure so signicant that it Conference Center on April 3, in Men- House Ways and Means Commit- Democrats.
has been dubbed the nuclear House Republicans also cant decide
lo Park, California. Sturgeon took part whether to move on from health care. tee Chair Kevin Brady said the meet- But the Trump administration has
option. The tactic if invoked in a round table discussion with angel ing with his panels 16 Democratic signaled an interest in nding biparti-
would lower the conrmation investors led by Investing Women to Ryan canceled a scheduled vote on a members will focus on ways to sim- san support for tax reform legislation,
threshold to a libuster-proof help connect Scottish female entre- House GOP plan after it became obvious plify the US tax code for individuals billed as the rst comprehensive over-
simple majority of 51 votes in preneurs to US investors and vice that Republicans didnt have the votes. and stop US companies from mov- haul of the US tax code since 1986.
the 100-member Senate rather versa. (AP) This is a setback no two ways ing production and research facilities The White House has also shown
than the 60 votes currently need- about it, Ryan said of the loss on health overseas both key House Republi- signs of moving away from the House
care. I will not sugarcoat this this is a can tax reform objectives. tax reform blueprint backed by Brady
Gorsuch ed to stop delaying tactics by op- At the end of the day, I dont want and House Speaker Paul Ryan, inform-
ponents. disappointing day for us.
The likelihood of more partisan wrangling left veteran
America Ryan said he will continue to work on to make a prediction as to where that
goes. But I think this engagements
ing Republican lawmakers on March
16 that all options were on the table.
GOP senators frustrated and hoping that Democrats the issue but one of his top lieutenants on important, Brady told reporters on The House blueprint, which Dem-
would relent in their opposition to the Colorado jurist. health care, Rep Kevin Brady, R-Texas, Monday. Id love to have them bring ocrats oppose, calls for sweeping
Sturgeon visits Calif: Scottish First says he is now 100 percent focused on
The nuclear option would be damaging to the Senate, Minister Nicola Sturgeon has signed a cli- their ideas on how we leapfrog Amer- changes and tax cuts that would
damaging to them and damaging to the country. Maybe mate change agreement with California Gov
a tax overhaul. ica back into the lead as the most mainly benet the wealthy. But it has
Ryan says Congress can work on both competitive place on earth for that divided the business community and
a light will come on somewhere, said Sen. Lamar Alex- Jerry Brown at the start of a ve-day visit new business. Republicans over a border adjust-
ander, a Tennessee Republican. to the US that comes as Scotland considers at the same time. It wont be easy. Heres
why: The meeting is expected to take ment tax provision that would impose
After hours of debate Monday, the Judiciary Com- its independence from the United Kingdom. place on Wednesday, according to a 20 percent tax on imports while ex-
mittee voted 11-9, along party lines, to send Gorsuchs In June, the UK voted to leave the Eu- REPUBLICAN DIVIDE House aides. empting export revenues from tax.
nomination to the full Senate, where McConnell, R-Ky., ropean Union sparking outrage in Scotland House and Senate Republicans large- A spokesman for Ways and Means White House ofcials told law-
has vowed he will be conrmed on Friday. where the majority was opposed. Sturgeon ly agree on the broad outlines of a tax Democrats had no immediate com- makers last month that they were
Sen Chris Coons of Delaware became the key 41st says Scotland is planning to hold a referen- overhaul. They want to lower tax rates ment. seriously considering other options,
vote for the Democrats, declaring during a committee dum on Scottish independence sometime for individuals and corporations, and Brady said the meeting has noth- including decit-funded tax cuts and
between fall 2018 and spring 2019. make up the lost revenue by scaling back ing to do with the healthcare debacle a European-style value-added tax for
debate that Gorsuchs conservative record showed an on March 24, when the Republican- businesses.
Sturgeon tells The Associated Press Mon- tax breaks.
activist approach to the law, often in favor of business day she in the US to strengthen Scotlands
interests, and that he evaded questions during his conr- But they are sharply divided on a key
trade and business relationships with one of tenet of the House Republican plan. guarantee instability and strife. tration to signal early the general shape
mation hearings. its most important markets.
Coons also said that Republicans treatment of former The new border adjustment tax But in the House, Republicans havent of what they would like to accomplish so
Sturgeon also toured Tesla Motors would be applied to prots from goods reached out to Democrats in any mean- that there are fewer proposals vying for
President Barack Obamas Supreme Court nominee, Silicon Valley facility and discussed con-
Merrick Garland, left lasting scars after they denied him and services consumed in the US, ingful way. attention, said Michael Mundaca, a for-
necting Scottish women entrepreneurs with whether they are domestically produced WHERES THE WHITE HOUSE? mer assistant Treasury secretary now at
so much as a hearing following the death of Justice An- American investors.
tonin Scalia early last year. or imported. Exports would be exempt. Obviously were driving the train on Ernst & Young.
She plans to speak at Stanford University
We are at a historic moment in the history of the on Tuesday before heading to New York. House GOP leaders say the tax is key this, White House press secretary Sean TAX CHANGE IS DIFFICULT
United States Senate due to actions by both parties, (AP) to lowering the top corporate income tax Spicer said. There is a reason its been 31 years
rate from 35 percent to 20 percent. But President Donald Trumps ad- since the last time Congress rewrote
Coons said. We have eroded the process for reaching ministration has been all over the map the tax code. Since then, the number of
agreement and dishonored our long traditions of acting But good luck nding a single Repub-
above partisanship.
Teen pleads guilty to plot: A New lican senator who will publicly support on tax reform. Trump at one point said exemptions, deductions and credits has
Jersey teen pleaded guilty to attempting to the tax. Sen Rob Portman, R-Ohio, is the the House border tax is too complicated, mushroomed. Taxpayers enjoyed $1.6
Consequences provide material support to terrorists in what latest in a long line of Republican sena- then said its in the mix. trillion in tax breaks in 2016 more
media called an ISIS-inspired effort to kill tors to come out against the tax. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin than the federal government collected in
The long-term consequences of the coming confronta- Pope Francis in 2015 during a public Mass
tion could be profound, as the rules change Republicans ABSENT DEMOCRATS told a Senate panel that there would be individual income taxes.
in Philadelphia, according to a statement by Senate Finance Committee Chairman no absolute tax cut for the upper class in That huge number could provide plen-
intend to enact would apply to future Supreme Court federal prosecutors.
nominees as well, allowing them to be voted onto the Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, says he wants to Trumps tax plan. ty of tax breaks that lawmakers can scale
Santos Colon, 17, admitted on Monday
court without any input from the minority party. And in a federal court in Camden, New Jersey, work with Democrats to overhaul the However, the plan Trump unveiled back so they can lower tax rates signi-
though predicting a justices votes can be difcult, con- that he attempted to conspire with a sniper to tax code. during his presidential campaign would cantly. There is just one problem all
rmation of the 49-year-old Gorsuch is expected to re- shoot the Pope during his visit in Philadel- A bipartisan bill would allow us to provide big tax breaks to high-income of the biggest tax breaks are very popular
store the conservative majority that existed while Scalia phia and set off explosive devices in the put in place more lasting reforms and households. and have powerful constituencies.
was alive and that majority could be expanded in coming surrounding areas. give the overall effort additional cred- Since taking ofce, Trump has prom- Nearly 34 million families claimed
decades if Republicans remain in control of the process. Colon engaged with someone he thought ibility, Hatch said. ised massive tax cuts for the middle the mortgage interest deduction in 2016.
Some of the more liberal justices are among the oldest on would be the sniper from June 30 to August Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, class. That same year more than 43 million
the court, so more court openings could pop up. 14, 2015, but the person was actually an R-Kentucky, has said it is bad policy to A former Treasury ofcial under families took advantage of a deduction
For Republicans and Trump, Gorsuchs conrmation undercover FBI employee, according to pass major legislation without bipartisan president Barack Obama says the White of state and local taxes.
prosecutors. The attack did not take place, support. House needs to stake out clear goals on The House Republicans tax plan
would be a moment of triumph, a bright spot in a trou- and FBI agents arrested Colon in 2015.
bled young administration thats failed on the legislative Without some meaningful buy-in, tax overhaul to guide the debate in Con- would retain the mortgage deduction and
Colon engaged in target reconnais- you guarantee a food ght, McConnell gress. eliminate the deduction for state and lo-
front with the health care bill and is under investigation sance with an FBI condential source and
over Russia connections. The nomination of Gorsuch, wrote in his memoir last year. You I think its important for the adminis- cal taxes.
instructed the source to purchase materials
by contrast, has won universal praise from Republicans, to make explosive devices, prosecutors said
some of whom call his appointment Trumps best move in a statement on Monday.
so far as president. A US citizen from Lindenwold, New
Gorsuch has spent more than a decade on the federal Jersey, Colon was charged as an adult with
appeals bench in Denver where hes issued consistently one count of attempting to provide material twice the amount of any nancial gain or The 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals
conservative rulings, and he appeared on Trumps list of support to terrorists on Monday and faces up loss from the offense, prosecutors said. No previously upheld a Seattle judges block of
potential candidates partly generated by the Federalist to 15 years in prison. date has been set for sentencing and the Trumps rst travel order. The appeals court
Society and Heritage Foundation during the campaign. What motivated the attempted attack was investigation is ongoing. (RTRS) did not say on Monday which three judges
In the face of the libuster, Senate Majority Leader not immediately known to Reuters. NBC would preside over the latest appeal.
Mitch McConnell would be expected to force a conr- News reported that prosecutors said Colon Trump signed the revised ban last month,
admitted the terror plot was inspired by the May hearing on travel order: A US in a bid to overcome legal problems with his
mation vote by having the Senate change its rules and Islamic State. appeals court said on Monday it would hold January executive order that caused chaos at
allow for a simple majority vote for conrmation of Su- Prosecutors and the defense attorney did a hearing in May over a Hawaii federal airports and sparked mass protests before its
preme Court justices, a move sometimes called the nu- not immediately respond to a request for judges order that blocked President Donald enforcement was halted in February.
clear option that Trump favors. comment. Trumps revised travel restrictions on citi- Trump has said the travel ban is needed
Colon also faces a ne of $250,000, or zens from six Muslim-majority countries. Brown Pope Francis for national security. (RTRS)


World News Roundup


Analogy sparks war of words

Gibraltar steady
against Brexit
GIBRALTAR, April 4, (Agencies): Brexit Bomb-
shell but Gibraltar will not surrender stated the
Gibraltar Panorama on Monday as the British en-
claves future took centre stage in the wrangling over
Britains break from the European Union.
Residents of the Rock on the southern tip of Spain
said they hoped for Londons support as Prime Minis-
ter Theresa Mays government negotiated the divorce.
But they also adopted a typically British stance on
the row keep calm and carry on.
Spain is going to jump at this opportunity to try
and take advantage of the situation but when it comes
to the crunch I think weve got to take one step at a
time and not overreact, be calm, said reghter Liam
Byrne, speaking in a street on
the peninsula.
Gibraltarians voted over-
whelmingly in last Junes ref-
erendum to stay as part of the
EU but Britains decision as
a whole to leave potentially
takes the overseas territory
with it.
But an EU draft position
published on Friday said any
agreement on Gibraltar had to
Howard be agreed between Britain and
Spain, which has long claimed sovereignty over the
On Sunday a former British minister, Michael Britains Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, are anked by Christopher Smith, Director of the British School at Rome, (right), during their visit
at the institute, in Rome, on April 4. (AP)
Howard, suggested Britain would be ready to go to
war with Spain to defend the outpost a display of
saber-rattling that evoked memories of the 1982 war
with Argentina over the Falklands. Britain
That drew a rebuke from Brian Reyes, a columnist
for the Gibraltar Chronicle, who said Howards words
helped no one.
This is a time for rm but measured diplomacy,
not war rhetoric, Reyes wrote. What we need is a Tourism body calls for visa-free EU travel after Brexit
Rock-solid commitment from the UK that it will in-
clude Gibraltar in any future trade deal with the EU.
Captured by Britain in 1704 and ceded in the 1713
Treaty of Utrecht, Gibraltar has long been a bone of
contention between London and Madrid. The border
Prove no deal is better
LONDON, April 4, (RTRS): British for the UK, May told Sky News. tic press, there was also enthusiasm
was closed for many years during the Franco dictator- A view of the bus stop in Croydon,
Prime Minister Theresa May must I set out (in the formal letter to the for an as yet unconrmed plan to
ship. south London, on April 3, where a prove that no deal is better than a EU triggering Brexit) what would be ditch European burgundy passports
In a 2002 referendum, Gibraltarians rejected by 17-year-old Iranian-Kurdish asylum bad deal by offering an economic a no deal situation but I also said I and return to the sturdy blue British
98 percent a proposal for joint British-Spanish sov- seeker was attacked by a group of assessment on the impact of leaving dont think thats in anybodys inter- passports of the past.
ereignty. people in a suspected hate attack the European Union with no agree- est. Readers of the Daily Telegraph
Once a major British military base, the territory of on Friday March 31. Police have de- ment, a parliamentary committee Government ofcials, lawmakers were told that while the once mighty
33,000 people is now an off-shore nancial center tained some suspects in connection said on Tuesday. and analysts say privately that she Royal Navy was weaker than it used
drawing funds and insurance companies with its at- with what they described as a brutal believes she has some strong cards
attack on the asylum seeker who was Just days after May triggered the to be, it could still cripple Spain if
tractive tax and regulatory regime. to play, while also hoping that EU
It has a strong avour of Britishness, with pubs ghting for his life in hospital but is formal divorce procedure with the required.
starting to make a recovery, police European Union, the committee, ofcials will favour pragmatism A columnist in The Sun sug-
named The Gibraltar Arms and The Angry Friar.
One souvenir stall had for sale a red bag with the slo- said Monday.(AP) made up of lawmakers from the over punishment. gested May should threaten to expel
gan Gibraltar. British since 1704. prime ministers Conservatives and Meanwhile, Britain should aim all 125,000 Spaniards from Britain
Gibraltar was not mentioned in Mays Article 50 other parties, also called on the gov- to secure visa-free travel between and tax Rioja wine unless Madrid
letter which triggered the process to leave the bloc last ernment to publish its contingency the UK and the European Union in backed off over Gibraltar, ceded to
Wednesday. planning for failing to strike a deal upcoming negotiations to leave the Britain under the Treaty of Utrecht
Ron Westdorp, Managing Director of Gibraltar- after two years of talks. bloc, an association of travel agents in 1713 but which Spain wants back.
based fund Taler Asset Management, said the line in May enters the unprecedented said on Tuesday, adding that a tran- So is Brexit fever sweeping Brit-
the EU draft which said Spain would have a veto on talks with an ambitious game plan, sitional deal could also help the sec- ain?
Gibraltar was not helpful. wanting frictionless trade and tor. Some people are getting a bit
It is upsetting in an extremely early phase of re- Britain formally began its di-
negotiating these relations, he told Reuters by tel- good cooperation with the bloc overexcited and I would take every-
while gaining control over immigra- vorce from the European Union thing that was said over the weekend
ephone. Retiree Alfred Medina was also suspicious of last Wednesday, and airlines have
Spains motives. tion and returning sovereignty a with a massive pinch of salt, Anand
May Corrigan wish list EU ofcials have balked at. demanded that their sector is priori- Menon, professor of European poli-
Even though I voted to leave the EU, I was ex-
pecting this from Spain and I just sincerely hope that But she has also said she is pre- tised in the forthcoming two years tics and foreign affairs at Kings
Britain will back us up and they will take care of us pared to walk away from the talks of negotiations to ensure there is no College in London, told Reuters.
like theyve done in the past, he said. Britain without a deal rather than accepting disruption to ights.
The Association of British Travel
The prime minister, an initial op-
Meanwhile, less than a week after asking for a di- a bad one, a term her government ponent of Brexit who won the top
vorce from the European Union, Britain is talking war. has so far declined to elaborate on Agents (ABTA) said the mainte- job in the political turmoil that fol-
The dispute over Gibraltar is a conict of words, May to raise hard issues: British nance of visa-free travel between the
Prime Minister Theresa May said on despite fears among manufacturers lowed the referendum, now has two
not weapons a matter of bellicose headlines in Brit- Tuesday she would raise hard issues with over new trade barriers if Britain has EU and UK after Brexit was among years to sort out the terms of the di-
ain and bemusement in Spain. But its a sign of how Saudi Arabias leaders as domestic critics to revert to World Trade Organiza- its key priorities. vorce before it comes into effect in
rough the road ahead could be as the UK extricates urged her to pressure Riyadh over its war in Other goals for ABTA included
itself from the 28-nation bloc. tion (WTO) rules. the protection of Britons ability to March 2019.
Yemen and human rights record.
The rocky 2.6 sq mile (6.7 sq km) enclave at the tip May, who has launched a diplomatic Without an economic impact as- travel freely to Europe and beyond May, 60, has one of the toughest
of the Iberian peninsula has been a British territory drive to secure trade deals after launch- sessment of no deal and without and safeguards for consumer rights, tasks of any recent British prime
and cause of friction between the UK and Spain ing divorce talks with the European evidence that steps are being taken as well as stability and growth op- minister: holding Britain together in
since 1713. Union, said she would stand up for both to mitigate the damaging effect of portunities for British businesses. the face of renewed Scottish inde-
The latest spat was sparked by draft Brexit negoti- human rights and her countrys national such an outcome, the governments pendence demands, while conduct-
ating guidelines drawn up by the EU, which said no interests in her talks in the Middle Eastern assertion that no deal is better than Vital ing talks with 27 other EU states
future agreement between Britain and the bloc would kingdom. a bad deal is unsubstantiated, said on nance, trade, security and other
apply to Gibraltar unless both the UK and Spain Saudi Arabia is a major customer for Travel and tourism is one of the
British defence companies, an ally in Hilary Benn, chairman of the Com- UKs largest industries and it is vi- issues.
countering terrorism and a wealthy oil- mittee on Exiting the EU. tal that the Government makes sure Mays spokesman sought to calm
Territory producing nation that Mays government Parliament must be in an in- it can continue to thrive during and matters down, saying that what
Ofcials in Gibraltar accused Spain of using Brexit hopes to win over after launching Brexit formed position to decide whether after the negotiations, said Mark Howard was trying to establish
to force negotiations on the status of the territory, talks late last month. a proposed deal is, in fact, better or Tanzer, Chief Executive of ABTA. was the resolve that we will have to
against the wishes of the 32,000 Gibraltarians, who But Britains supply of aircraft, weapons worse than no deal, he added in a Meanwhile, just days after May protect the rights of Gibraltar and its
overwhelmingly want to remain British. and munitions to the Saudis has come statement. sovereignty.
under scrutiny because of Yemen, where a formally served the European Union
Gibraltars chief minister, Fabian Picardo, accused May has been reticent about what with divorce papers, a powerful af- Asked if that would include ul-
Saudi-led coalition plays a major role in the
Spain of taking a predatory attitude. two-year civil war that has killed more than she hopes to achieve in the talks so iction appeared to strike some in timately sending a naval task force
Some pro-Brexit voices in Britain went even far- 10,000 people, half of them civilians. as not to give her hand away. Britain: Brexit fever. to protect Gibraltar as Britain did to
ther. We have no difculty in raising hard Im very clear that we will be Beside headlines about war over the Falklands 35 years ago, he said:
Former Conservative Party leader Michael Howard issues with those that we meet with, be working to get the best possible deal the Rock in Britains Euroscep- That isnt going to happen.
said May would defend Gibraltar as her predecessor it in Saudi Arabia or elsewhere around
Margaret Thatcher did the Falkland Islands. the world, she told reporters in Jordan
Howard told the BBC on Sunday that in 1982, an- before heading for Saudi where she is
other woman prime minister sent a task force half-
The aid to the ood-stricken regions will tives said he was lucky to survive.
expected to meet Crown Prince Moham- come from the EU Solidarity Fund, which The 17-year-old Kurdish Iranian boy,
way across the world to protect another small group med bin Nayef. is used to help countries hit by natural dis- 13 charged over attack: British police named by media as Reker Ahmed, was set
of British people against another Spanish-speaking The strong British tradition of standing asters. It is the second time that Britain has said they had now charged 13 people on upon by a group of up to 30 people shortly
country. And Im absolutely clear that our current up for human rights is there, the strong received nancial support from the fund Tuesday over a brutal attack on a teenage before midnight on Friday as he waited at
woman prime minister will show the same resolve in British tradition of standing up for British since it was set up in 2002. (RTRS) asylum seeker in south London which detec- a bus stop with two friends near a pub in
relation to Gibraltar as he predecessor did. national interest is there, she said, under- Croydon. Police said the suspects had asked
Howard spoke on the 35th anniversary of Argen- lining the importance of the two countries the victim where he was from and once when
tinas invasion of the Falklands, a South Atlantic trading and security ties. (RTRS) they discovered he was an asylum seeker
archipelago that has been British since 1833. Britain they chased him before launching the assault
retook the islands known as the Malvinas to the 60m euros for damage repair: Britain which left him with a fractured skull and
Argentines in a brief war that killed 649 Argentine will get 60 million euros (51.3 million blood clot on his brain.
troops, 255 British soldiers and three islanders. pounds) from the European Union to repair Immigration has been a major political is-
Howards comments raised a few eyebrows in Ma- damage caused by the oods last year, a sue in Britain and was one of the factors that
drid. Spanish Foreign Minister Alfonso Dastis said lawmaker said on Tuesday. swayed voters to back leaving the European
the Spanish government is a little surprised, actually, Britain had asked for EU support to Union in last years referendum in order to
by the tone that has been generated in Britain, a coun- rebuild infrastructure damaged by heavy have more control on the numbers coming
try traditionally known for its composure. rains in the winter of 2015-16. European to the country. The Brexit vote also led to a
He told journalists that on the question of Europe Parliament lawmakers will approve the spike in hate crimes.
and the issue of Gibraltar, Britains traditional calm- grants on Wednesday, clearing the way Five people, three aged 20 and two aged
ness is conspicuous by its absence. for the funds to be disbursed, parliament 24, appeared in court on Monday charged
In Britain, Howards comments produced ridicule ofcials said. with violent disorder over the attack on
from opponents and chest-thumping delight from When one member state has a problem, Ahmed. Detectives said another eight,
some sections of the press. others actively collaborate and help. The including two boys aged 15 and 17 and a
Conservative lawmaker Dominic Grieve, the head UK will benet from EU solidarity despite 17-year-old girl, would appear on court ac-
of Parliaments Intelligence and Security Committee, Brexit and the triggering of Article 50, cused of the same offence on Tuesday.
called the remarks a little bit apocalyptic. Former said the lawmaker in charge of the dos- Two men and one of the teenage boys
Labour Foreign Secretary Jack Straw said raising the sier, Spanish conservative Jos Manuel are additionally charged with racially ag-
Fernandes. gravated grievous bodily harm. Detective
specter of war is frankly absurd and reeks of 19th- Superintendent Jane Corrigan said as many
century jingoism. Britain began last week the two-year
process of quitting the EU, but it will as 30 people were involved in the apparently
Some newspapers, however, took the comments remain a full member state until Brexit motiveless attack and the teenager was lucky
as a chance to wave the Union Jack. The Daily Mail occurs, sharing benets and costs of the not have been killed. In a tweet after the at-
compared the size of the British and Spanish navies, membership. The settlement of Britains Britains Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, Patron of the Britain-Australia So- tack local lawmaker Gavin Barwell described
while the Daily Telegraph quoted a rear admiral as nancial commitments to the EU is consid- ciety, presents Kylie Minogue with the Britain-Australia Society Award for 2016 those responsible as scum while London
saying Britain could cripple Spain. ered one of the most contentious issues in during a private audience in the White Drawing Room at Windsor Castle, in Mayor Sadiq Khan vowed the perpetrators
the negotiations. Berkshire, England, on April 4. (AP) would be brought to justice. (RTRS)



Focus on bloc entry

Bloc to keep Balkan
migrant routes closed
SOFIA, April 4, (Agencies): The European Union is
determined to stick to a deal with Turkey to stem the
ow of undocumented migrants into the bloc, European
Council President Donald Tusk said on Tuesday.
Tusk, who met Bulgarias President Rumen Radev,
welcomed Soas efforts to boost security on its south-
eastern border with Turkey to prevent migrants from
crossing. He said Brussels would provide additional
nancing if the situation worsened.
We are determined to keep routes of illegal migra-
tion in this region closed, Tusk told reporters. We re-
main committed to the full implementation of the EU-
Turkey statement.
The EU is honouring its commitments, just like we
expect Turkey to continue keeping its part of the deal.
The EU-Ankara agreement
came into force in March 2016
after more than a million refu-
gees and migrants from Syria,
Iraq, Afghanistan and beyond
reached Europe in 2015, many
crossing to Greek islands from
Should further difculties
arise on Bulgarias borders,
the EU has already planned Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri (left), shakes hands with Frances President Francois Hollande after he was honored with the medal of the Commandeur de
emergency funding, and stands la Legion dHonneur at the Elysee Palace in Paris, France, on April 3. (AP)
Tusk ready to react quickly in support
of Bulgaria, Tusk said.
Turkey has said it may cancel the migrant readmis-
sion agreement, under which it takes back people who Germany
enter Greece through irregular routes. It was angered
after several EU states prevented Turkish politicians
from holding rallies to drum up support for plans to
give President Tayyip Erdogan new powers in a refer-
endum. Govt lacks legal means to retaliate with cyber attacks
Bulgaria, the EUs poorest member, expressed con-
cern about a possible new migrant inux given that
Turkey-EU tensions are running high.
It is extremely important for us to develop good
neighbourly relations with Turkey, Radev said. At
Germany dismisses Islam law
the same time, rising tensions between the EU and Tur- BERLIN, April 4, (RTRS): Germany immigration. government training body. This is not
key create the greatest risk for Bulgaria. has no plans to introduce an Islam law science ction anymore ... It is a topic of
codifying the rights and obligations of immense and growing importance.
Muslims, a government spokesman said Germanys far-left Linke party said Suder said the German military was
Tusk said in Macedonia on Monday he hoped the on Monday, dismissing an idea oated on Monday that NATO should be re- making progress with a new cyber com-
countrys leaders would avoid fueling ethnic tensions by allies of Chancellor Angela Merkel placed by an alliance including Russia, mand that starts operations on Wednes-
and focus on advancing towards EU membership in- ahead of federal elections in September. called for an end to weapons exports day, and control over cyber functions
stead. Merkel, who will seek a fourth term as US President Donald Trump urges that had been scattered across the mili-
The Balkan state, with a Slav majority and a large in what is expected to be a close-fought more defence spending, and demanded tary had become more centralised.
ethnic Albanian minority, has been without a govern- ballot, has come under re for opening an end to German combat missions. She underscored the division of re-
ment since December, when inconclusive elections led Germanys doors to refugees, more than But the party did not insist on with- sponsibilities between the military and
to feuding over the inuence of ethnic Albanians in a one million of whom mostly Muslims drawing from NATO while presenting the Interior Ministry, which is respon-
proposed coalition administration. have entered the country over the past its draft programme for a Sept. 24 elec- sible for domestic cyber attacks, adding
Tusk met President Gjorge Ivanov on Monday to Eneko Etxeberria, brother of Jose two years. tion as it eyes a possible red-red-green that the Bundeswehr itself would call the
discuss ways out of the political crisis that has mired the Miguel Etxeberria is pictured at the site Seeking to boost support for the chan- alliance with the centre-left Social Dem- police if it suffered a major cyber attack.
country since a 2015 surveillance scandal that forced of excavations in relation to his miss- cellors conservatives, senior Merkel ocrats (SPD) and Greens. The Linkes
nationalist Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski to resign. ing brother who disappeared in 1980, ally Julia Kloeckner stoked the integra- opposition to NATO contributed to its Retaliate
I came here with the strong message from the EU near the village of Labrit, southwest- tion debate at the weekend by calling for status as political pariah in the past. Suder said the military would only
leaders that commitment to European perspectives is ern France, Tuesday, April 4, 2017. stricter rules for Islamic preachers and a The latest polls show the Linke on 8 retaliate after a large-scale attack on
unequivocal, Tusk told reporters after meeting Ivanov. French authorities are searching for percent support. Some have suggested Germany if parliament ordered it to.
the remains of a Basque militant Jose ban on foreign funding of mosques.
I therefore hope that you will continue to follow this Merkels spokesman Steffen Seibert a three-way left-leaning alliance could She rejected some lawmakers concerns
compass and avoid anything that could further fuel ten- Miguel Etxeberria alias Naparra. The
search near the village of Labrit began dismissed the idea, which Kloeckner just about muster enough support for a about insufcient oversight of the vari-
sions also along ethnic lines. who is deputy leader of the chancel- majority in the Bundestag lower house ous governmental arms involved in cy-
In a snap election in December, the nationalist VM- after a former Spanish security agent
reportedly told a journalist recently lors Christian Democrats (CDU) and of parliament. The three parties have al- bersecurity.
RO-DPMNE won 51 seats to the Social Democrats 49, other senior party members want to en- ready held talks to explore that coalition Existing laws apply, even in cyber-
leaving neither able to form a government without par- where the body was secretly buried,
after decades of silence. (AP) shrine in an Islam law. option. space, she said, noting that any offen-
ties representing ethnic Albanians, who make up a third Such a law is now not an issue for sive cyber measures would come as part
of the population. government business, Seibert told a Misrepresentation of military mandates that had already
Last month Social Democrat leader Zoran Zaev news conference, stressing the high re- Other parties always assume that been approved by parliament. The rules
won the support of three ethnic Albanian parties after gard Merkels ruling coalition has for leaving NATO is a red line for us, but are very clear and we observe them.
promising them a law on wider use of Albanian lan- religious freedom in Germany. thats a misrepresentation of our posi- But Agnieszka Brugger, a member of
guage, a deal which triggered daily protests in Skopje. While stopping short of calling for tion were ghting for NATO to be the pro-environment Greens who serves
But Ivanov refused to give Zaev a mandate to form a an Islam law, Merkel said in her weekly replaced by a collective security system on the defence committee, said the min-
government. podcast on Saturday that refugees in that involves Russia, said co-chair Kat- istrys decision to sanction offensive
The new government cannot be contested by any- Germany must respect tolerance, open- ja Kipping. measures raised risks that had not been
one, Ivanov said after meeting Tusk. A blackmailed ness and freedom of religion. Were not doing that because fully considered. The military should fo-
government is an unstable government that will only were great fans of (Russian President cus more on defending its own weapons
last a short time and have damaging consequences. Ban Vladimir) Putin ... If you want peace in and computer systems, she said.
The crisis is the worst since Western diplomacy The message backed up a less com- Brugger also questioned how the new
helped drag the country of 2.1 million people back from Europe you need de-escalation and co-
promising tone on integrating migrants operation with Russia ... but saying we cyber commands work would intersect
the brink of civil war during an ethnic Albanian insur- Le Pen Rifaat that Merkel set at a CDU party confer- with that of the BND foreign intelligence
gency in 2001, promising it a path to membership of the must denitely leave NATO isnt a red
ence in December, when she called for a line for us, she said. service, the BSI cyber security agency
European Union and of NATO. ban on full-face Muslim veils wherever and other bodies. We need a single
At an EU summit earlier last month EU leaders reit-
erated their commitment to the Balkans. Russia is try- Europe legally possible.
The German government is scram-
parliamentary control body that has the
By talking tougher on integration, overview of all operations. The current
ing to increase its inuence in the region. Merkel is also seeking to reclaim support bling to respond to a serious and growing fragmented legal authorities and the
Macedonias accession into the EU and NATO has Macron favourite, voters rise: Centrist her party lost last year over her refugee threat of cyber attacks, but it lacks the multitude of actors result in grave gaps
been blocked over a name dispute with Greece, which French presidential candidate Emmanuel policy to the anti-immigration Alterna- legal framework to retaliate with cyber in control, she told Reuters. Many le-
has a northern province also called Macedonia and re- Macron and far-right rival Marine Le Pen are tive for Germany (AfD) party, which attacks of its own, top ofcials said on gal questions are unclear.
gards Skopjes use of the name as illegitimate. tied on 25 percent of the rst-round election punished the CDU in regional elections Monday. Andreas Koenen, head of the cyber
Tusk and Ivanov also discussed Europes migrant vote, although Macron would go on to beat in 2016. Cybersecurity is a major concern for security directorate at the Interior Min-
crisis. Macedonia was on the forefront of the crisis in Le Pen in the second round, a Le Monde/ The AfD has lost voter support this Berlin as a Sept. 24 federal election ap- istry, agreed, telling the conference that
2015 when hundreds of thousands of people from Mid- Cevipof opinion poll said. proaches. German intelligence agencies
The poll, which surveyed 14,300 people year, hurt by inghting that has sent Berlin so far lacks an adequate legal ba-
dle East, Asia and Africa crossed the Western Balkans its ratings down to around 8 percent said in December Russia was seeking to sis for counter-attacks. New legislation
on their way towards Western Europe. between March 31 and April 2, one of the
biggest samples among the many regular from a high of 15.5 percent at the end use propaganda, cyber attacks and other was unlikely to be approved before the
of 2016. means to destabilise German society be- September elections, he said.
surveys, said Macron would beat Le Pen in
Portugals prime minister said Tuesday the countrys the May 7 second-round vote by 61 percent In the Netherlands, Prime Minister fore the vote . No agency is explicitly empowered
nance minister was recently asked whether he would to 39 percent. Conservative candidate Fran- Mark Rutte used a similar tactic to win Cyber is what keeps me up at night, to carry out such measures, he said.
be available to become the eurozones top ofcial, re- cois Fillon, whose campaign has been hit by re-election this year, seizing back the ini- Deputy Defense Minister Katrin Suder We dont have a legal basis. We might
placing Jeroen Dijsselbloem. allegations that he paid his wife, a son and tiative from anti-Islam populist rivals by told reporters at an event hosted by the get the technical capabilities together at
Antonio Costa said in an interview with Lisbons daughter hundreds of thousands of euros of matching some of their tough rhetoric on Federal Academy for Security Policy, a the last minute.
Radio Renascenca that Portugal rejected the approach public money for minimal work, would come
because Finance Minister Mario Centeno is still guid- third in the rst-round.
ing the country out of its recent nancial crisis. That would eliminate him at that stage ing case on Tuesday raided properties and Marbella and Puerto Banus with the aid of investigated.
Costa did not say who approached Portugal nor along with the other remaining candidates. The judge ordered the seizure of more than
It said Fillon would get 17.5 percent of blocked dozens of bank accounts, including French police. They followed a request by
when, but he conrmed a report in Portuguese weekly some belonging or linked to relatives of National Court judge Jose de la Mata who 500 properties owned by Rifaat Assad and his
rst-round votes, unchanged from the last relatives, a court statement said. Most of them
Expresso last weekend that said Centeno was a poten- poll in mid-March, while far-left candidate former Syrian vice president Rifaat Assad is probing money-laundering crimes carried
tial candidate to chair meetings of the 19-country euro- the exiled uncle of Syrias current leader. out by a gang in the two towns, a court are located in Puerto Banus, a luxury marina
Jean-Luc Melenchon was seen getting 15 in Costa del Sol. The property stock, valued
zones nance ministers. percent, up 3.5 points and ahead of Socialist Civil Guard police said the searches were statement said. Two of Rifaat Assads wives
Portugal called last month for Dijsselbloem to quit carried out in the southern coastal towns of and six of his sons are among the 15 people at 691 million euros ($735 million), includes
candidate Benoit Hamon on 10 percent. a 33-square kilometer (12.7 sq mile) estate
after he made what some saw as derogatory remarks (RTRS)
about southern EU nations. valued at 60 million euros.
The accounts of 76 legal entities
In an interview last month with German newspaper
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Dijsselbloem said: I Extremist sentenced to life: A German which include companies, trusts and funds
cannot spend all my money on liquor and women and court handed lengthy prison sentences Mon- that were owned, administered or linked
then ask for your support, in reference to European day to four Islamic extremists over plots to to Rifaat Assad and his relatives were also
countries that needed state bailouts. Those countries in- bomb a train station and kill a far-right politi- blocked, a court statement said. (AP)
clude three from southern Europe Greece, Portugal, cian. The Duesseldorf regional court found
and Cyprus as well as Ireland. Marco G, whose surname wasnt published
in line with privacy laws, guilty of attempted Stricter terms for university: Lawmak-
Dijsselbloems future is unclear after his Labor ers from Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor
murder for placing an explosive device at the
Partys weak showing in recent Dutch elections and he main train station in the western city of Bonn Orbans Fidesz party on Tuesday approved
faced erce criticism in the European Parliament this in December 2012. a draft education bill that critics say targets a
week for not attending a meeting. Although the homemade bomb was dis- university founded by billionaire philanthro-
Leftist German European lawmaker Fabio De Masi covered and defused before it detonated, the pist George Soros.
called Dijsselbloem gutless for not showing up and court said the 30-year-old German convert The bill modies rules regulating the 28
said his comments in the German newspaper demon- to Islam deserved a life sentence due to the foreign universities in Hungary. Central
strate his incompetence and utter lack of character. seriousness of the crime, the dpa news agency European University said parts of the bill
In a letter to members of the European Parliament on reported. It ruled out his release after 15 directly target it, and could force it to close.
Tuesday, Dijsselbloem said his comments in the inter- years, the usual life term in Germany. Orban, a former Soros scholarship
view were intended to underscore the importance of He and three others were also found recipient, has been increasingly critical of the
solidarity and reciprocity within the European Union guilty of forming a terrorist organization and Hungarian-born philanthropist, accusing him
and were not aimed at southern EU member states. planning to kill a member of the far-right Pro of wanting to inuence Hungarian politics.
But he also expressed regret at having caused of- NRW party who had taken part in protests He said last week that CEU was cheat-
against mosques during which caricatures of ing because it did not have a campus in
fense. People march through a street in Skopje, Macedonia, on April 3. The European its country of origin and because it issued
Choice of words is of course personal as is the way the Muslim prophet Muhammad were shown.
(AP) Council President Donald Tusk arrived Monday to Skopje to discuss with Mac- diplomas recognized both in Hungary and the
they are picked up, Dijsselbloem wrote. I shall be edonian President Ivanov the latest developments regarding the migrant crisis, United States, giving it an undue advantage
even more careful in the future as it is never my inten- the political situation in Macedonia and regional issues, while thousands of Mac- over local institutions. The CEU is accredited
tion to insult people. Properties tied to Rifaat seized: Span- edonians protest peacefully for more than a month already against the designa- in New York state but does not have a US
ish police investigating a money launder- tion of Albanian as a second ofcial language nationwide. (AP) campus. (AP)


World News Roundup


Rouhanis ability limited

Arrests, a plan
to secure votes
BEIRUT, April 4, (Agencies): Hengameh Shahidi
knew the security agents were coming for her. An Ira-
nian journalist and activist, she had been tipped off by
contacts close to the government and prepared letters
for her family to post on social media in case of her
arrest, which happened on March 9.
In a hand-written letter posted on Instagram two
days later, Shahidi, 41, wrote that her arrest was part
of a project before the elections for the widespread
arrest of political activists and journalists in order to
secure votes for the candidate of their choice.
When Iranians vote for president in May, the election
will not only decide whether pragmatic President Hassan
Rouhani can remain in power, it will also test his ability
to protect his own supporters from a hardline state.
Rouhani, 68, was elected in a landslide in 2013 on a
promise to reduce Irans inter-
national isolation and increase
freedoms for its people. But
Rouhanis ability to deliver
on his promises is limited in
a country where the power of
the elected government is con-
strained by unelected hardline
The Iranian judiciary has not
announced any charges against
Shahidi. She began a hunger
Shahidi strike immediately after her
arrest, and her health situation
has dramatically deteriorated in recent days. In a letter Supporters of Turkeys President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, react to his speech during a rally for the upcoming referendum, in his hometown city of Rize, in the Black
posted on Twitter last weekend Shahidi wrote that she Sea region of Turkey on April 3. Turkey is heading to a contentious April 16 referendum on constitutional reforms to expand Erdogans powers. (AP)
can move around her cell only by crawling. She said
she was only four or ve days away from death.
If I die I wont accept any accusation or crime be-
cause I havent done anything, she wrote. Turkey
Since late December, at least 22 journalists and ac-
tivists have been arrested, according to the Center for
Human Rights in Iran, a New York-based research and
advocacy organisation. Many are being kept in solitary
connement without access to their family or lawyers.
Germany demands to release reporter
Its denitely related to elections, said Hadi
Ghaemi, the director of the Center for Human Rights
in Iran, of the latest wave of arrests. Almost all of
Nazi remarks to continue: Erdogan
the people who are being detained and interrogated are ANKARA, April 4, (Agencies): Turk- well as other journalists. The Justice Ministry had no immediate
people who could have an active role in mobilising the ish President Tayyip Erdogan vowed on Rights groups and some Western al- comment.
electorate to come out and vote, which would most Tuesday to continue calling European lies fear President Tayyip Erdogan is us- Roth said Yucel is only one of more
likely be supporting Rouhanis re-election. countries Nazi remnants and fascists ing the coup as a pretext to stie dissent; than 100 journalists who are being de-
Italian Defense Minister Roberta if they maintain their current attitude but the government argues the purges tained in Turkey something he said
About a dozen of those arrested have been admin- Pinotti (left), shakes hands with Leba-
istrators of pro-reformist channels on Telegram, a so- nese President Michel Aoun, at the against Turkey, despite repeated con- are justied by the extent of the threat to had been brought up in talks with of-
cial media platform used by millions of Iranians. They presidential palace, in Baabda, east demnation from European capitals. the state on July 15 when rogue soldiers cials there.
were rounded up in mid-March, though some were Beirut, Lebanon on April 3. (AP) They dont let my ministers make commandeered tanks and ghter jets, Rule of law, democracy and press
subsequently released. speeches in Europe (...) Once the ref- killing at least 240 people. freedom played a large role in all con-
Ghaemi said reformist Telegram channels had at- erendum on April 16 is over, we will versations, he said. And I empha-
tracted the ire of the authorities after lobbying last consider, everything has a price, Er- sized once more that its not just about
dogan told a referendum rally in the German ofcials met Tuesday with one case... but about the situation of
year for voters to reject hardline candidates during a German-Turkish journalist impris-
elections for parliament and for the body that would western city of Zonguldak. journalists in Turkey in general.
Erdogan has repeatedly lashed out at oned in Istanbul for the rst time since
select the successor to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali his incarceration, saying he is doing
Khamenei. European countries including Germa-
ny in campaigning for the referendum, well but voicing concerns that he is Kurdish militants detonated a bomb
The intelligence and security apparatus really took being kept in jail for political purposes which killed three Turkish soldiers in
notice of the power of Telegram to connect people accusing them of Nazi-like tactics
for banning his ministers from speak- and calling for his release. southeast Turkey, a provincial gover-
and mobilise them, Ghaemi said. He added: They
are cracking down on its impact during this election. ing to rallies of Turkish voters abroad. German Foreign Ministry of- nors ofce said on Tuesday, adding
In a letter to Rouhani in mid-March, reported by the Meanwhile, Turkey dismissed 45 cial Michael Roth, a deputy foreign that ve rebels were killed in clashes
Iranian Students News Agency (ISNA), four reform- more judges and prosecutors on Mon- minister, told reporters that Die Welt in the region.
ist lawmakers demanded the president explain who day as part of investigations into last correspondent Deniz Yucel met with
Merkel Hariri Julys failed coup, the state-run An- Consul General Georg Birgelen and Operations
was behind the wave of arrests. The violence occurred as the mili-
The real question, they wrote, is whether the body adolu agency said, meaning around a German consulate attorney in prison.
4,000 members of the judiciary have It was the rst consular contact tary conducted operations against
responsible for the arrests is the ministry of intelli-
gence or another, which, in any case, you must be the Mideast now been purged. Yucel has been allowed since he was
arrested on charges of producing ter-
Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) mili-
tants in the Uludere area of Sirnak
one to answer. Detained
Last week, Rouhani asked the minister of interior at rorist propaganda and incitement to province, near the border with Iraq, the
a cabinet meeting to look into the suspicious arrests EU slams settlements: The European Turkish authorities have detained, hatred accusations he denies. He governors ofce said. It did not say
of a number of media activists, according to ISNA. Union has expressed frustration with Israel sacked or dismissed more than 113,000 was taken into custody in mid-Febru- when the deaths occurred.
In her letter written before her arrest, Shahidi com- over its demolition of Palestinian homes people from the police, military, public ary after reporting on a hacker attack Five Turkish soldiers were also
pared the crackdown to the disputed 2009 presidential in the occupied West Bank, with the EU service, judiciary and elsewhere since on the email account of the countrys wounded in the remotely-detonated bomb
ambassador taking the unusual step of the abortive coup over suspected ties energy minister, who is also Turkish blast, the statement said, adding that army
election which kept hardline president Mahmoud Ah- reading out a joint statement denouncing
madinejad in ofce for a second term. to U.S.-based Muslim cleric Fethullah President Recep Tayyip Erdogans operations in the area were continuing.
the practice. Gulen, whom Ankara accuses of or- son-in-law. Yucel was formally ar- More than 40,000 people have been
That vote led to the most widespread unrest since the At a meeting last week with the Israeli
founding of the Islamic Republic, with hundreds of peo- chestrating the putsch. rested later in the month. killed in the PKKs insurgency, which
foreign ministrys newly appointed direc- Gulen, who has lived in self-im- Roth thanked Turkey for providing it launched against the Turkish state
ple arrested and dozens killed. Ahmadinejads reformist tor-general, the ambassador delivered a
challengers, Mir-Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi, posed exile in Pennsylvania since access to Yucel, and said Germany in 1984. It is designated as a terrorist
stern diplomatic message, saying Israel was 1999, has denied the charge and con- expects to be able to continue to send group by Turkey, the United States and
have been under house arrest since 2011 as Irans two failing in its international legal obligations
highest-prole political prisoners, and the inability of demned the coup. consular ofcials to meet with him and European Union.
and needed to change policy.
Rouhani to deliver their freedom is a disappointment for The issue came to a head after Israel Anadolu also said the High Council of is working to have him freed. Since the collapse of a two-year
reformers who supported him in 2013. issued demolition orders last month against Judges and Prosecutors (HSYK) had sus- ceasere in July 2015 the mainly Kurd-
pended a judge and an ofcial handling a Refuge ish southeast has suffered some of the
42 homes in the Bedouin village of Khan
Wrote Al-Ahmar, east of Jerusalem, where EU case of 29 alleged members of Gulsens Yucel had sought refuge at a Ger- worst violence since the conict began.
Shahidi, who wrote about domestic politics and member states Belgium and Italy have network from various media outlets, less man diplomatic residence in Istanbul In the last ve months alone, the
womens rights issues as a journalist, worked for Kar- funded a school and helped build structures than a week after the judge ruled for 21 of for several weeks before presenting Turkish armed forces have killed 886
roubi as an advisor and was jailed for several months for the local population of around 150. the suspects to be acquitted. himself for questioning. PKK militants in southeast Turkey and
during the 2009 crackdown. The practice of enforcement meas- The case included the suspected ad- Turkeys Foreign Ministry referred the mountains of northern Iraq where the
Human rights activists say Rouhanis administra- ures such as forced transfers, evictions, ministrators of a Twitter whistleblower queries on whether the consular access PKK leadership is based, the state-run
tion has been more focused on his mission to reduce demolitions and conscations of homes under the pseudonym Fuat Avni, as would continue to the Justice Ministry. Anadolu news agency said on Sunday.
Irans international isolation and improve its economy and humanitarian assets (including EU-
than on securing domestic reform or freeing political funded) and the obstruction of delivery
of humanitarian assistance are contrary cover combating terrorism, conditions in A deal has been worked out with Turkey scarred by conict between state forces
prisoners. to Israels obligations under international Syria and issues concerning Iran and Saudi in this regard. Lebanon, poor in resources, and militants, a textile rm that supplies
Rouhanis biggest achievement was a 2015 deal law, ambassador Lars Faaborg-Andersen Arabia, Merkel added. has urged for a fundamental and viable companies across Europe plans three new
with Western powers that led to the lifting of most in- said, with envoys from all EU member For his part, Al-Hariri expressed grati- solution to the refugees issue, expressing factories a rare bet the government can
ternational nancial sanctions in exchange for curbs states present. tude for the German aid and indicated his deep concern their presence in the long deliver on a vow to regenerate the region.
on Irans nuclear programme. His government is fo- We therefore call on Israel, as the talks with the chancellor would focus on run will cause serious economic and social The government announced a $2.8
cused now on demonstrating that the deal will bring occupying power, to meet its obligations means to ght terrorism and extremism. problems. (KUNA) billion investment scheme for the area in
economic benets, which have so far been slow to vis--vis the Palestinian population ..., Germany, along with other member September, hoping to win over the popula-
arrive. tion with the prospect of economic revival
completely stop these demolitions and states of the European Union, has been
Rouhani hasnt been wiling to stand up for politi- conscations and allow full access of discouraging Syrian refugees from settling Company opens in Kurds area: In before a referendum later this month on
cal freedom in fear that it might jeopardise his eco- humanitarian assistance. in Europe. Turkeys mainly Kurdish southeast, deeply expanding President Tayyip Erdogans
nomic plans, said Tara Sepehri Far, Iran researcher Faaborg-Andersens intervention was rst powers.
at Human Rights Watch. She added: Rouhani and his reported by Israels Haaretz newspaper. The Iskur group, a supplier to fash-
administration are not willing to stand up to hardliners A spokesman for the Israeli foreign min- ion brands including Zara, Adidas and
at the price of confrontation. istry declined to comment on the substance Nike, sees its $100 million investment
In early January, dozens of people gathered for a of the statement, known in diplomatic as showing the way for other companies
rare protest outside the Evin prison in Tehran to show parlance as a demarche, but said it was from western Turkey to take advantage of
solidarity with Arash Sadeghi, who had been on hun- delivered at a get to know you meeting government incentives and lower wages in
with the ministrys director-general. the east.
ger strike for more than two months to protest against Undaunted by the militant Kurdistan
the arrest of his wife, a fellow activist. Videos of the The clampdown against Khan Al-
Ahmar, located in a sensitive area of the Workers Partys (PKK) decades-old insur-
protest were posted on YouTube. gency, it has been operating a $30 million
West Bank that Israel has earmarked for
Meanwhile, Shahidis health continues to deterio- settlement expansion, is the latest in a se- cotton thread plant outside the regions
rate, according to her family. In a letter to Rouhani ries of demolitions that have been roundly biggest city Diyarbakir since 2014 but few
posted on Instagram in mid-March, she accused the condemned by the EU and the United others have followed its lead.
president of failing to full his promises. Nations. (RTRS) We have opened a door in Diyarbakir,
You were supposed be a breath of air for the re- creating an example for other investors
formists after the suffocation of the Ahmadinejad in the west, plant manager Ekrem Kul
days, Shahidi wrote. Not to cut off their breath like Merkel meets Hariri: Germany has told Reuters as workers tended to rows of
Ahmadinejad, just to reach the presidency. acknowledged that Lebanon bears heavy machines spinning thread.
Recently an Iranian-American serving an 18-year burden due to hosting some 1.5 million Iskur halted expansion plans in 2015
prison sentence in Iran for collaboration with a Syrian refugees. with the outbreak of some of the worst
hostile government has been released on bail after Chancellor Angela Merkel, speaking at ghting since the PKK took up arms in
staging a weeks-long hunger strike protesting his im- a joint news conference with the visiting 1984, but Kul said it revived them after the
prisonment alongside other dual nationals targeted by Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Al-Hariri, government initiative. It aims to employ
hard-liners, activists said Monday. said the Lebanese leadership and people more than 2,000 people in the new Diyar-
bear heavy burden due to hosting more bakir plants, up from just 330 now.
Robin Shahini of San Diego was freed from pris- than one million Syrian refugees. Germany Its optimism is rare in a region where,
on in recent days on bail of 2 billion rials, which has given euro 386 million worth of aid for according to the United Nations, the
is about $62,000, said Hadi Ghaemi, the executive Lebanon to help the country cope with the upsurge in violence between July 2015
director of the New York-based Center for Human refugees crisis, Merkel said at the news Jordans King Abdullah II meets with British Prime Minister Theresa May at a and December 2016 killed around 2,000
Rights in Iran. conference before the two leaders held military installation on the outskirts of Amman, Jordan on April 3. Jordans royal people, devastated whole neighbourhoods
Its unclear whether Shahini can leave the country. discussions. court said Monday that May and Abdullah II toured a military facility, viewing a and drove half a million people from their
Talks with the Lebanese guest will rapid response force and joint training program. (AP) homes. (RTRS)


He has vowed to level the playing eld

for small business and conglomerates and
Summit provide equal opportunity for youth from
all backgrounds to inject fresh breath into
an economy showing signs of sputtering
weighed by injustice and corruption.
Impeached former president Park Geun-
US businesses seek action hye was dismissed last month over a cor-
ruption scandal that has implicated some
conglomerates and rocked the country for
Trump-Xi meeting months.
We need to elect a capable president
who can revive the economy. We need a
watched for clues president who can accomplish strong and
robust national
BEIJING, April 4, (Agencies): Chinese President security, Ahn said
Xi Jinping probably wont give President Donald in his acceptance
Trump a round of golf during their rst face-to-face The time for
meeting this week, but he may nd it worthwhile to Ahn Cheol-soo is
ensure his American counterpart does not feel like here and the time
hes leaving empty-handed. for Moon Jae-in is
Some view the informal venue of the summit slipping away.
Thursday and Friday Trumps Mar-a-Lago estate Ahn was a top
in Florida as a sign that neither side anticipates im- contender for the
portant outcomes. Trump, however tweeted last week 2012 presidential
that he expects a very difcult meeting, and on Fri- Philippine Army Battery Unit res a 105mm Howitzer cannon for a 21-gun salute to honor President Rodrigo Duterte dur- election but with-
day said: Were going to get down to some very seri- ing the 120th anniversary celebration of the Philippine Army on April 4 at Fort Bonifacio in suburban Taguig city, east of drew his candi- Cheol-soo
ous business, referencing what he believes is Chinas Manila, Philippines. Duterte threatened on Monday to unleash new attack aircraft and the full power of the state against dacy and endorsed
negative impact on the US economy, especially manu- communist rebels if a new round of peace talks fails, and insisted they accept new conditions including a halt to extortion Moon in a bid to unite non-conservative
and to territorial claims. (AP) voters against eventual winner Park.
facturing jobs.
China, for its part, has re- Trained as a medical doctor, Ahn rose
mained largely sanguine about to national fame when AhnLab, a provider
the event, with Vice Foreign of computer antivirus software, became a
household name. (RTRS)
Minister Zheng Zeguang tell-
ing reporters that both sides
look forward to a successful Spore to repatriate cleric: Singa-
meeting so that a correct direc- pore on Monday said it would repatriate
tion can be set for the growth the chief cleric of a Muslim mosque for
of bilateral relations. offensive remarks targeting Christians and
Like many nations, Chi- Jews, a decision that aimed to repudiate
na is still grappling with divisive speech.
Trumps mercurial nature Authorities in the multi-ethnic city-state,
Trump after the relative transpar- an outpost of stability in a region where
ency and predictability of religious tension is not uncommon, are
sensitive to public remarks they deem
the bilateral relationship under Trumps predeces- might adversely affect religious and social
sor Barack Obama.Both during his campaign and harmony.
after his victory, Trump complained repeatedly During Friday prayers on Jan. 6, the cler-
over Chinas allegedly unfair trade practices, its ic, Nalla Mohamed Abdul Jameel Abdul
perceived lack of assistance in reining in North Malik, made use of the phrase, Grant us
Koreas nuclear ambitions and its drive to cement help against the Jews and the Christians,
control over the South China Sea. the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) said
Some analysts believe Xi might be willing to hand on its website.
Trump a symbolic victory on trade to put a positive The 46-year-old, popularly known as
spin on the meeting. Nalla, admitted making the remarks,
Xi probably cant accommodate Trump on sov- apologised and recognised that it was
ereignty and security issues, but he has a lot of unacceptable in Singapores multi-racial
leeway on economics, said Robert Sutter, a China and multi-religious context, the ministry
expert at George Washington University in Wash- said in a statement.
ington, DC. He pleaded guilty in a Singapore court,
and was ned S$4,000 ($2,862), it added.
Yet even if Xi is able to offer Trump deliverables, He will be repatriated, it said. Any re-
he will still have to deal with a restless US president ligious leader from any religion who makes
valuing unpredictability and seeking advantage for his such statements will be held accountable
agenda going forward, Sutter said. In this undated le photo released by Xinhua News Agency, a Chinese H-6K bomber patrols the islands and reefs in the
South China Sea. The Philippines top diplomat says China remains opposed to a legally-binding code of conduct in the for their actions.
Deficit disputed South China Sea even as negotiations have progressed on other elements of such a code. (AP) The government had the responsibil-
ity to act quickly and rmly to repudiate
Trump was seen as moving trade even more to divisive speech, even if the course of action
the forefront when he signed a pair of executive is sometimes difcult, it added. (RTRS)
orders Friday focused on reducing the trade deficit.
Coupled together, the orders appeared to be a sym-
bolic shot at China, which accounted for the vast Thailand to buy Chinese tanks: The
bulk $347 billion of last years $502 billion Thai cabinet on Tuesday approved the pur-
trade deficit. chase of 10 Chinese tanks worth $58 million
While aides insisted the timing was coincidental, China wary about THAAD to replace an old US model, a government
spokesman said, the second of three planned
the administration touted the moves as evidence of it
taking an aggressive but analytical approach to clos- purchases of 49 tanks from China.
ing a trade gap that is largely due to the inux of goods
from China.
Still, Trump told the Financial Times newspaper
Progress on Sea deal Thailand ordered 28 tanks from China
last year.
These tanks will replace the M41 tanks,
which are small and old, Sansern Kaewk-
that during his meeting with Xi, he doesnt want to MANILA, April 4, (RTRS): China Beijings resistance to the THAAD amnerd told reporters.
talk about tariffs yet, perhaps the next time we meet. and Southeast Asian countries have (Terminal High Altitude Area De- Thailand has used the US M41 light
Having suffered a major blow with the failure of made progress in talks on a code of fense) anti-missile system put up tanks since World War II, said Defense
health care reform, Trump will be seeking to claim conduct for the disputed South China south of Seoul has become a major Minister Prawit Wongsuwan.
some kind of victory in his encounter with Xi, said Spanish King Felipe and Queen Letiz- Sea, the Philippine acting foreign thorn in bilateral ties with the United Relations have been strengthening be-
June Teufel Dreyer, professor of political science at ia come out from the plane upon their minister said on Tuesday. States and is bound to be discussed at tween China and the United States oldest
arrival at Haneda International Airport China claims almost the entire water- this weeks summit meeting between ally in Southeast Asia, particularly since
the University of Miami. in Tokyo on April 4 for a four-day state
Trumps comments on trade and other issues way, through which about $5 trillion in President Xi Jinping and President ties with the United States cooled after a
visit to Japan. (AP) sea-borne goods pass every year. Bru- 2014 coup.
portend some hard bargaining, Dreyer said. She Donald Trump.
added, however, that slowing economic growth in nei, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan While the United States says In January, the cabinet also approved
China could limit Xis options for negotiating on and Vietnam also have claims. THAAD is needed to protect Seoul 13.5 billion baht ($380 million) to buy a
We have made good progress on from the threat posed by North Ko- submarine from China and is considering
So the stage is set for a battle royal, Dreyer said.
Asia coming up with a framework for a reas growing nuclear and missile buying three more.
code on conduct with China, Philip- programs, some Chinese strategists Elsewhere in Southeast Asia, Philippine
Meanwhile, China continues to oppose the tough President Rodrigo Duterte has boasted
measures demanded of it to address former close ally pine Acting Foreign Minister Enrique believe it is also a threat to the viabil-
Study of banned order OKd: Opposi- Manalo said, adding the Association ity of Chinas nuclear deterrent.
of his new friendship with China as he
North Korea, fearing a collapse of the Pyongyang re- tion politicians are criticizing a decision by has talked down the relationship with the
gime would bring a crush of refugees and possibly US of Southeast Asian Nations (ASE- It is clear that there is no one in United States, despite a longstanding ter-
Japans Cabinet to allow schools to study
and South Korean troops on its border. a 19th century imperial order on education AN) and China were more than half- China who really knows the technical ritorial dispute with Beijing.
Trump told the Financial Times the US is prepared that was banned after World War II for way through identifying the contents. capability of THAAD and thats part A US Navy aid unit has also been told to
to act alone if China does not take a tougher stand promoting militarism and emperor wor- From a scale of 1-10, we are at of the problem, said Zhang Baohui, leave Cambodia, the US embassy said, in
against North Koreas nuclear program. ship, saying its a sign that Prime Minister the upper level. Remember, we were a Hong Kong-based mainland expert a new sign of the country loosening links
China has great inuence over North Korea, Shinzo Abes government is becoming starting from zero in January. There on Chinas nuclear deterrent. with Washington as it strengthens ties with
Trump said. And China will either decide to help us more nationalistic. have been a number of elements THAADs full capabilities are se- Beijing. (RTRS)
with North Korea, or they wont. And if they do that Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide agreed and we would denitely have cret so there is a real knowledge gap
will be very good for China, and if they dont it wont Suga told reporters Tuesday the Imperial a framework on which to embark a among Chinese strategists. If they are
Rescript on Education should be allowed as serious negotiation on a code of con- Refugees off agenda Ghani:
be good for anyone. misplaced, they are at least genuine Afghanistans president said Tuesday he
a teaching material if it is used in line with duct. in their concern - they have to assume
Prospect the constitution and the education law. The Negotiators from China and ASE- a worst case scenario.
did not discuss during his Australian visit
Cabinet adopted the policy Friday. AN have met in Indonesia and Cam- taking back asylum seekers, a prospect
Meanwhile, although worried about the prospect of Ofcially, China says it objects to that mobilized hundreds of protesters who
a trade war, American businesses operating in China Opposition politicians on Tuesday called bodia in the last two months to try
the move unconstitutional and unacceptable. THAAD because it will destabilise argued the strife-torn Central Asian country
nonetheless want President Trump to wring some to come up with a nal draft, which the regional security balance. is too dangerous for its nationals to be
concessions on market access from Chinas leader Xi The rescript, banned in 1948, calls on could be approved ahead of the Au-
Japanese to sacrice their lives for the Chinese ofcials have also ex- forced home.
Jingping when the two meet this week. gust meeting by Southeast Asian for- pressed concern about the reported Ashraf Ghani will end the rst visit
emperor. It recently captured national eign ministers in Manila.
Trump warned in a tweet last week the meetings attention because of a political scandal 2,000 km (1,200 mile) range of to Australia by an Afghan president on
at his Mar-a-Lago resort on Thursday and Friday will Manalo also said Manila would THAADs powerful X-band radars, Wednesday.
involving a school whose ultra-nationalistic
be very difcult and American companies must be owner used it. (AP) hold talks with Beijing next month which can look deep into the main- Hundreds of protesters came to the
prepared to look at other alternatives. to tackle issues of concern regarding land, rather than the systems shorter capital, Canberra, on Tuesday calling for
the South China Sea, including Chi- Ghanis government to end discrimination
Trump has said he wants US companies to stop in- range interceptor missiles that can
vesting in China and instead create jobs at home. He Duterte fires minister: Philippine nas militarisation of several man- target North Koreas missiles. against the Hazara ethnic minority and to
has also accused China of manipulating its currency President Rodrigo Duterte has red his made islands in the Spratly Islands. prevent the repatriation of Hazara asylum
Besides casting a shadow over US- seekers rejected by Australia.
to boost exports. interior minister for loss of trust and The bilateral mechanism is one
condence, the most senior government China ties, THAAD has also ruptured Afghanistan signed an agreement with
Critics within US industry have accused China of of two dialogues held by China with the relationship between Seoul and
executive to be removed in a campaign to claimant states. The other is with Australia in 2011 to accept failed Afghan
unfair government subsidies to its companies, and Beijing. asylum seekers. But repatriations have
of ooding the US market with cheap products from root out corruption, two Cabinet ofcials Vietnam.
said on Tuesday. Chinese authorities have closed since been rare and Afghan lawmakers
steel to solar panels, while restricting foreign invest- The United States, the Philippines dozens of Lotte retail stores on the
The rebrand Duterte came to power 10 and Vietnam have protested against have spoken out against forced returns.
ment over vast swathes of the worlds second-biggest months ago on a platform of ghting drugs, mainland after the South Korean con- Ghani declined to say on Australian
economy. Chinas militarisation of the Spratlys. Broadcasting Corp. television on Tuesday
crime and corruption. He has removed doz- US President Donald Trump and glomerate agreed to provide land for
But they also worry Trumps policies on China are ens of bureaucrats, two senior immigration the missile defence system. whether he would be comfortable with
not entirely clear, with his trade team still not in place, ofcials and a former campaign spokesman
Chinese President Xi Jinping are ex- Australia returning Afghan asylum seekers.
pected to discuss Chinese ambitions in There has been a sharp decline in
and may be subject to a grand bargain involving suspected of corruption. Chinese tourists going to South Ko- I do not make these decisions as an
other issues such as North Korea. Duterte has dismissed Department of the South China Sea when they meet on individual. I am not entitled, Ghani said.
Thursday and Friday at Trumps Mar-a- rea, while South Korean singers and
Trump is set to enter the meeting without several Interior and Local Government Secretary, actors have been blocked in various Has the legal due process been completed
key advisors, including his pick for trade negotiator, Mr Ismael Sueno, citing loss of trust and Lago resort in Florida. or not? What has been our treaty? because
ways from reaching a mainland Chi-
Robert Lighthizer who has yet to be conrmed by condence, presidential spokesman nese audience, and dozens of Korean-
its not subject of discussion, I dont have it on
Congress. Ernesto Abella said in a statement, adding top of my ngers, he added.
the sacking served as a warning to all other China is steadfastly opposed to the focused blogs suspended in China. Australia has a strict policy of refusing
His nominee as ambassador to China, Iowa Gov- deployment of advanced US anti- THAAD, never tested in a con-
ernor Terry Branstad, has also yet to be conrmed, presidential appointees. to allow refugees who arrive by boat to
Duterte made the announcement at the missile radars in South Korea be- ict and whose effectiveness is still stay. Where to send asylum seekers from
while several posts in the US State Department that cause it does not know whether the questioned by some Western experts, the Middle East, Asia and Africa who often
formulate Asia policy remain unlled. end of a cabinet meeting on Monday night,
he said. defences, intended for North Korean is designed to intercept and destroy languish in Pacic island camps for years
With this in mind, it is hard to imagine that there missiles, are capable of tracking and ballistic missiles late in ight, either has become a growing political headache
will be much in the way of concrete accomplishments The secretary had, in fact, been
instrumental in convincing the president countering Beijings own nuclear just inside or outside the earths at- for the Australian government.
at this summit, or even that there has been any signi- to run for election, but this did not deter program, experts say. mosphere. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull did
cant interagency discussion on strategy leading up to the president from pursuing his drive for a not mention asylum seekers in his state-
it, said Randal Phillips, Mintz Groups Beijing-based trustworthy government by addressing is- ment Tuesday on Ghanis visit.
managing partner for Asia and the former chief CIA sues like corruption, said the spokesman. This historic visit has ... underscored
representative in China. In a statement, Sueno said Duterte had the growing partnership between our na-
Some of the largest US companies have contributed been given wrong information by those clinched his centrist Peoples Party nomi- tions and has been a valuable opportunity
to the billions of dollars of foreign direct investment who were salivating for his position as nation to run for president on Tuesday, to discuss our ongoing security and devel-
that have poured into China over the past two decades, interior minister. roaring back into contention in the May opment cooperation, Turnbull said.
creating hundreds of thousands of jobs. It is his call if he wants me in his 9 vote after abandoning his presidential Protesters had complained that discrimi-
They include tech companies like Apple, which Cabinet or not, Sueno said. But, for the ambitions in 2012. nation was sanctioned against Hazaras,
record, Mr President, I can say this with all Ahn, 55, has taken a tougher stance on who account for most of Afghanistans
makes much of its iPhone in China, automakers national security than the liberal frontrun-
such as General Motors and Ford, heavy machinery honesty and sincerity, I am not corrupt. Shiite Muslims, and that conditions in
(RTRS) ner for president, Moon Jae-in, who won Afghanistan are not safe for their return.
firms like Caterpillar, retailers like Starbucks and his Democratic Partys nomination on Ghani said the 1.2 million Afghan asylum
makers of shaving foam and detergent, like Procter Monday, saying there should be no mistake seekers who returned from Pakistan and
& Gamble. Tycoon back into contention: South about the dangers presented by North Europe last year demonstrated that conditions
Korean software mogul Ahn Cheol-soo Abe Duterte Korea. in his country had improved. (AP)


World News Roundup


Venezuela rebuked

$2.7 bn demand
unrealistic: Paris
PARIS, April 4, (Agencies):
France will not give in to demands
for an unrealistic 2.5 billion euro
($2.7 billion) aid package for
French Guiana, which has been
swept by social unrest, Prime
Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said
on Monday.
After the French territory in
South America was disrupted by
protests and a general strike, Paris
sent two ministers last week for
talks with a coalition representing
the demon-
The pro-
tests, which
pose a chal-
lenge to the
government in
Paris three
weeks before a
election, began
with demands
for tougher Cazeneuve
against crime, but also reflect a
deeper malaise in the territory which
suffers from high unemployment.
The government offered a 1 bil-
lion euro aid plan but the protest
movement demanded an emergen-
cy 2.5 billion euro plan in talks
over the weekend.
Women cry over the coffin of a relative, a victim of a deadly avalanche due to heavy rains, during a mass burial in Mocoa, Colombia on April 3. (AP)

Colombia starts to bury 273 landslide victims, search continues Group rebukes Venezuela: The
Organization of American States on
Monday took its strongest measure
Scores of decomposing cadavers were banks in the early hours of Saturday, infection. wrongly, said Carlos Eduardo Valdes, yet rebuking Venezuelas slide
being released for burial on Monday as sending water, mud and debris crashing Please speed up delivery of the bodies head of the forensic science institute. toward authoritarianism.
rescuers continued to search for victims of down streets and into houses as people because they are decomposing, said The death toll has ticked up during the Member countries of the region-
weekend flooding and landslides that dev- slept. Yadira Andrea Munoz, a 45-year-old house- day as rescuers searched with dogs and al body said that last weeks
astated a city in southern Colombia, killing Bodies wrapped in white sheets lay on wife who expected to receive the remains of machinery in the mud-choked rubble.
at least 273 people. the concrete floor of the morgue as offi- two relatives who died in the tragedy. Many families in Mocoa have spent Supreme Court ruling nullifying
Desperate families queued for blocks in cials sought to bury them as soon as pos- But officials asked for families to be days and nights digging through the debris the opposition-controlled Congress
the heat to search a morgue for loved ones sible to avoid the spread of disease. The patient. with their hands despite a lack of food, was incompatible with democrat-
who died when several rivers burst their government has begun vaccination against We dont want bodies to be delivered clean water and electricity. (RTRS) ic practice.
That Venezuelan court ruling
was overturned after three days
following strong international and
domestic criticism.
Subcontinent Bangladesh The Organization of American
States pledged in a statement to
continue making diplomatic efforts
to address the situation in the eco-
nomically embattled South
Pakistan sends Afghans home Kaspersky obtains evidence American country.

Lamas visit deepens N. Korea tied to $81m heist 6 killed in family feud: Prose-
cutors in central Mexico say a man
was shot to death by members of a
India-China dispute WASHINGTON, April 4, (RTRS):
Cyber security firm Kaspersky Lab
from North Korea, or that North
Koreans were working with others.
rival clan, and his relatives later
went to the other familys house
GUWAHATI, India, April 4, (Agencies): India said on Monday said it had obtained Still, he said that North Korean and shot to death five men.
Tuesday that China should not interfere in its internal Afghan refugees wait for a transport at digital evidence that bolsters suspi- involvement was the most likely Prosecutors in the central state of
affairs, as the Dalai Lama began a weeklong visit to the UNHCRs Repatriation Center on cions by some researchers that explanation. Puebla said Sunday the killings start-
Indias remote northeast that Beijing has protested. their way to Afghanistan after the bor- North Korea was involved in last Separately last month, US offi- ed in the small town of Yehualtepec
The Tibetan spiritual leader was greeted by cheer- der between Afghanistan and Pakistan years $81 million cyber heist of cials also cast suspicion on as a result of personal conflicts.
ing supporters as he arrived in reopened, in Peshawar, Pakistan on the Bangladesh central banks Pyongyang. An official briefed on After the first man was shot to
Arunachal Pradesh. China April 3. Pakistani officials said that account at the Federal Reserve the probe told Reuters in death, a group of his relatives went
claims the partly ethnically without the help from international to the other familys home, forced
community it is hard for Pakistan to Bank of New York. Washington that the FBI believed
Tibetan Himalayan state as its Russian-based Kaspersky North Korea was responsible. the five victims out of the home at
own territory, and warned last take care of 1.5 million registered and gunpoint and shot them to death in
about as many undocumented Afghan released a 58-page report on And Rick Ledgett, the deputy
month of severe damage to the street. Prosecutors said they were
relations with India and refugees living in Pakistan. (AP) Lazarus, a group linked to the heist director of the National Security still investigating who was involved.
in Bangladesh and the 2014 attack Agency, told reporters at an Aspen
increased regional instability if
on Sonys Hollywood studio, Institute event on March 15 that
the Dalai Lama proceeds with
his trip. which the US government blamed private sector research tying North Protests rattle Ecuador:
Indian Junior Home Minister on North Korea. Korea to the Bangladesh bank heist Supporters of Ecuadorean opposi-
Kiren Rijiju said Tuesday that Among its findings, the report was strong. tion leader Guillermo Lasso gath-
Dalai Lama New Delhi respects Beijings said Lazarus hackers made a direct If thats true, then that says to ered in the streets for a second
one China policy and expects connection from an IP address in me that the North Koreans are rob- night Monday to protest what they
China to accept Indias policies. North Korea to a server in Europe bing banks, Ledgett said. Thats consider fraud at the ballot box
Arunachal Pradesh is an inseparable part of India that was used to control systems a big deal. that tilted a presidential runoff in
and China should not object to the Dalai Lamas visit infected by the group. The Bangladesh Bank heist was favor of his leftist rival.
and interfere in Indias internal affairs, he said. Sundays razor-thin election win
Kaspersky researcher Vitaly one in a string of financially moti- by ruling party candidate Lenin
The Dalai Lama is visiting the state at the invitation Kamluk told Reuters by telephone vated cyber attacks by a division of
of the people of Arunachal Pradesh, Rijiju said. As a Moreno bucked the trend of right-
Zuma Kiir that the finding marked the first Lazarus dubbed Bluenoroff, the wing electoral victories in South
democratic country, India cannot interfere in the reli- time we have seen a direct connec- Kaspersky report said. Targets
gious affairs of any community, he said. America following 15 years of leftist
tion between North Korea and included banks, financial and trad- domination. Even as calls from Latin
Hundreds of supporters, some waving Tibetan flags,
cheered as the Dalai Lamas motorcade entered Bomdila, Africa Lazarus, a hacking group whose ing companies, casinos and digital American governments congratulat-
activities dating back to 2009 have currency businesses in at least 18 ing Moreno poured in, Lasso, a con-
a town in Arunachal Pradesh that borders China.
The Dalai Lama had to cancel his plans to fly to the been documented by the worlds nations, the report said. servative banker, vowed to keep up
state due to bad weather, giving people in Bomdila a
Zuma must step down: South biggest cyber security firms. Adrian Nish, head of threat intel- the fight against the installation of an
Africas largest trade union and ally to the The North Korean government ligence with cyber security firm illegitimate government.
surprise chance to greet their spiritual leader. ruling African National Congress (ANC)
This is the Dalai Lamas seventh visit to Arunachal has denied allegations of hacking BAE Systems PLC, said Kasperskys
Cosatu said on Tuesday that President made by officials in Washington findings were significant, even
Pradesh, and his first since 2009. Jacob Zuma must step down after his Temer faces perfect storm:
change of finance ministers triggered a and South Korea as well as security though they did not conclusively Two landmark corruption trials
credit rating downgrade to junk. firms. link Pyongyang to Lazarus. and the first hurdle for a crucial
Pakistan resumes repatriation: Pakistan The trade union said it no longer believed Kamluk said he could not conclu- It is significant further evi- pension reform mean that April
resumed the repatriation of Afghan refugees on in Zumas ability to lead the party and the sively say that Pyongyang was dence, said Nish, who led a team
Monday, sending nearly 1,200 people back across the could make or break Brazilian
country, and that it would call for the alli- behind the attacks because it was at BAE that in May 2016 was the President Michel Temers presi-
heavily guarded northern Torkham border, an official ance with the ANC to restructured. (RTRS) possible the hackers went to great first to link the Bangladesh heist dency, or bring it to an abrupt end.
at the United Nations refugee body said.
Pakistan is home to the worlds second largest refu- effort to make it look like they were and the Sony hack. A Supreme Court judge is due to
Vessel taken to El Hur: Pirates who lift the seal on plea bargain testi-
gee population, with a total of 2.5 million Afghans mony that could lead to the dis-
living there. Many have been in Pakistan since the seized an Indian cargo dhow with 11 crew
members in waters off the Somali coast ue with old rates charged, he said, adding increasingly split the country along ethnic missal of five ministers. Temers
Soviet invasion in 1979. reform of Brazils social security
Relations between the two countries have deterio- have taken the vessel to El Hur, near the that parliament was expected to repeal the lines. (RTRS)
port of Hobyo in Somalias semi-autono- legislation that approved the fee hike. The system key to his plans to restore
rated significantly in recent years. Kabul and fiscal discipline also faces a first
Islamabad blame each other for terrorist attacks on mous Galmudug state, a pirate leader told previous rate was $100 per foreign worker.
Reuters on Tuesday. The worlds youngest nation has been Armed group kills 8 in Congo: vote in committee by mid-April.
either side of the border. Authorities say a brutal armed group in
After a series of attacks in Pakistan left more than Aw Kombe also said the pirates were in embroiled in civil war since 2013, when
touch with businessmen in Kismayu over President Salva Kiir fired his deputy Riek southern Congo blamed for murdering a
130 people dead in February, Islamabad shut down its releasing the vessel, Al Kausar. Machar, sparking a conflict that has UN team has killed at least eight people Paraguay house delays vote:
border crossings with Afghanistan and began plan- The identity and origin of the hijackers over the weekend. Thousands of protesters gathered
ning to build a fence along the 2,500 km (1,500 mile) was disputed, however. A Galmudug state The fighters loyal to traditional leader outside Paraguays Congress on
border. official said the pirates came from northern Kamwina Nsapu launched their attack on Monday evening in a new but peace-
Human Rights Watch has accused the UN of allow- Somalias semi-autonomous state of Luebo late Friday. Among the victims was ful demonstration over an unpopular
ing Pakistan to forcibly evict Afghan refugees in vio- Puntland while Kombe, a Puntland pirate the area administrators wife. Joseph Mbuyi Senate vote for an amendment last
lation of international law. Rights activists say they leader, put the blame on our friends from Mubenga said after killing his wife, the week that would allow President
expect little change this year in either Pakistani poli- Galmudug state. (RTRS) fighters mutilated her body, decapitating Horacio Cartes to run for re-election.
cies or the inability of the Afghan government and aid her and taking her head, hands and feet. Protesters clashed violently with
groups to support the tide. Mubenga told UN-backed Radio Okapi police last Friday, storming and

$10K work permit fee dropped: that the attackers also set fire to adminis- setting fire to the Congress build-
South Sudan has suspended plans to charge trative buildings including the prison as ing after a group of senators called
650 tons of drugs seized: An Afghan official says foreign workers a $10,000 work permit well as a local convent of nuns. (AP) a special session behind closed
that in the past 12 months the countrys counter-nar- fee, the finance minister said, after criti- doors, rather than on the Senate
cotics department has seized almost 650 tons of con- cism that it would create a huge expense
for aid organisations. $250m plan to end hunger: The floor, to pass the measure.
traband drugs and alcohol. The amendment would still
Gen Baz Mohammad Ahmadi, deputy interior min- War-ravaged South Sudan announced United Nations World Food Programme
the 100-fold hike in the fee for foreign pro- (WFP) on Monday pledged $253 million to have to be approved by the lower
ister for the counter-narcotics police, says the confis- house, where it was expected to
cated drugs include raw opium, heroin and hashish. fessionals in early March. Most such work- fund a five-year plan to end hunger in
ers in the young country are employees of Zimbabwe, which is emerging from a dev- have strong support. But the head
He says that during that same time, the police arrested Britains Chancellor of the Exchequer of the lower house and Cartes ally,
humanitarian groups. astating drought that left more than 4 mil-
2,683 smugglers and traffickers, including 67 women. Philip Hammond (left), shakes hand lion people in need of food aid last year. Hugo Velazquez, told reporters on
The Ministry of Finance acknowledges
He added that 20 policemen and 17 army soldiers these significant issues ... and steps are with Indian Finance Minister Arun An El Nino-induced drought scorched Monday the vote would be delayed
have also been arrested for drug trafficking during the being taken to formulate the best way for- Jaitley before their delegation level crops and killed livestock in the southern until the dialogue Cartes requested
same time period. Ahmadi spoke on Tuesday as part of ward, Finance Minister Stephen Dhieu Dau talks in New Delhi, India on April 4. African nation, forcing the government to took place. It is scheduled to begin
his annual reports on the fight against drug trafficking. told a news conference over the weekend. Hammond is on a two-day visit to the launch an emergency appeal for food from on Wednesday.
The implementing agencies will contin- country. (AP) donors. (RTRS)


World News Roundup

In this photo provided by James Balog/Extreme Ice Survey, the Mendenhall glacier outside of Juneau, Alaska in 2007. (AP)

Then and now: How glaciers around the world are melting
Over the past decade, scientists and much five of the worlds glaciers have Earths 5,200 glaciers show warming ALASKA three quarters of a mile (1.17 kilometers)
photographers keep returning to the thinned. temperatures have increased the number The forward edge of the Mendenhall between 2006 and 2015.
worlds glaciers, watching them shrink There is something fundamentally of melting glaciers and the speed of gla- glacier outside of Juneau has receded PERU
with each visit. Now they want others to compelling about the approach they take. cial retreat, according to the study. about 1,800 feet (550 meters) between Ohio State ice scientist Lonnie
see how a warming planet is melting For all our emphasis on models and Scientists primarily blame man-made 2007 and 2015. Thompson has visited the Qori Kalis gla-
masses of ice in a series of before-and- math, seeing is still believing, said global warming from the burning of coal, SWITZERLAND cier since 1974. Between 1978 and 2016,
after photos. University of Colorado ice scientist Ted oil and natural gas. The Stein glacier has shrunk about it has shriveled 3,740 feet (1.14 kilome-
In the Geological Society of Americas Scambos, who wasnt part of the team. ICELAND 1,800 feet (550 meters) between 2006 ters). Thompson described his regular
GSA Today journal , a group of ice Under natural conditions, glaciers at The Solheimajokull glacier has shriv- and 2015. expeditions to the Peruvian glacier like
researchers and a photographer-film- times melt and retreat while others grow eled by about 2,050 feet (625 meters) SWITZERLAND visiting a terminally ill family member.
maker published pictures showing how and advance. But measurements from between 2007 and 2015. The Trift glacier has retreated nearly (AP)

Geology Environment

Flood breached link Change may be symbolic

Study finds proof Trump revokes Alaska refuge rule

of the Brexit 1.0
LONDON, April 4, (Agencies): Scientists have found
ANCHORAGE, Alaska, April 4, (AP):
The state of Alaskas toolkit for
increasing moose and caribou numbers Trump donates his first-quarter
evidence of how ancient Britain separated from includes killing wolf pups in dens,
shooting wolf packs from helicopters,
Europe in what they are dubbing Brexit 1.0 a
flooding event that happened in two stages thousands
of years ago.
In this Aug 12, 2015 photo, an
Environmental Protection Agency
contractor works on the cleanup in the
and adopting liberal hunting regula-
tions that allow sportsmen to shoot
salary to National Park Service
aftermath of the blowout at the Gold grizzlies over bait. WASHINGTON, April 4, (RTRS): Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke,
In research published in the journal Nature President Donald Trump, who whose agency oversees the
Communications on Tuesday, the scientists said they King Mine, overseeing water flowing But when state officials wanted to
from the mine into a series of sedi- extend predator control to federal made a fortune in real estate before 100-year-old protector of 417
now have proof that the opening of the Dover Strait in ment retention ponds, mitigating dam- running for political office, has national parks, monuments and
the English Channel, severing the land between wildlife refuges, the US Fish and
age from the spill of toxic wastewater, Wildlife Service said no. And after decided to donate his first-quarter other sites, said he was thrilled at
Britain and France, occurred in two episodes an outside Silverton, Colorado. Farmers, salary of $78,333 to the National Trumps decision.
initial lake spill over, followed years of saying no, the agency late last
business owners and residents ini- year adopted a rule to make the denial Park Service, the White House We are going to dedicate and
by catastrophic flooding. tially said they suffered $1.2 billion in announced on Monday. put it against the infrastructure on
The breaching of this land lost income, property damage and permanent. During the presidential cam- our nations battlefields, Zinke
bridge between Dover and personal injuries from the 2015 spill at Alaskas elected officials called that paign, Trump said he would donate said, appearing alongside White
Calais was undeniably one of the Gold King Mine. The total now an outrage and an infringement on his $400,000 annual salary if he House spokesman Sean Spicer at
the most important events in appears to be about $420 million after state rights. The dispute reached the were elected. a daily briefing. We are about
British history, helping to attorneys for a handful of New Mexico White House. Thats no big deal for me, he $229 million behind in deferred
shape our island nations iden- property owners slashed their claims President Donald Trump on Monday told a town-hall style meeting in maintenance on our battlefields
tity, said Sanjeev Gupta, a by $780 million. (AP) signed a resolution approved by the September 2015. alone, Zinke said.
professor at Imperial College US House and Senate to revoke a US
London who co-led the work. Fish and Wildlife Service rule banning
When the ice age ended and most predator control on Alaska ref- revoke the rule. removing certain numbers of predators
Gupta sea levels rose, flooding the uges. Alaskas lone US representative, Alaskas 16 national wildlife refuges to benefit prey populations.
valley floor for good, Britain Republican Don Young, says Alaska cover about 120,000 sq miles (310,800 Predators can kill more than 80 per-
lost its physical connection to the mainland, he said. was promised it could manage game sq kms), an area slightly smaller than cent of the moose and caribou that die
This is Brexit 1.0 the Brexit nobody voted for. animals. Refuge overseers have the state of New Mexico. Residents of during an average year, according to
The first pieces of the puzzle came some 10 years ignored the law, he said. rural villages living a subsistence life- the Alaska Department of Fish and
ago, when researchers found geophysical evidence of Some of you will say, Oh, we style rely on refuges as hunting Game.
giant valleys on the seafloor in the central part of have to protect the wolf puppies, grounds. So do urban sportsmen. Alaskas mandate for killing preda-
English Channel. They believed these valley networks Young told colleagues on the floor of Critics contend Alaska officials use tors comes from a law passed by the
were evidence of a megaflood gouging out the land, the House. Thats not what its about. unsportsmanlike techniques that state Legislature recognizing that certain
probably caused by a breach in a chalk rock ridge Its about the law. would have horrified Teddy Roosevelt, moose, caribou, and deer populations are
Berners Bush Congress explicitly gave Alaska creator of the first federal refuge, to especially important human food sourc-
joining Britain to France.
authority to manage wildlife in the boost moose and caribou numbers. es. When those populations drop too
Combined Alaska Statehood Act and two more Sportsmanship, however, is not a con- low, the Alaska Board of Game, which
In the new study, new geophysical data collected by Discovery laws, US Sen Lisa Murkowski, an sideration, according to state authori- regulates, hunting and trapping, can
colleagues in Belgium and France has been combined Alaska Republican, said after voting to ties, when it comes to surgically authorize intensive management.
with seafloor data from Britain showing evidence of
huge holes and a valley system located on the sea- WWW inventor wins prize: Most
floor. This help the team establish how the chalk ridge people who search on Google, share on Cairo. Due to the bent slope of its sides, the for courtiers and high-ranking officials. (AP) mayor of London says drivers of the most
was breached. Facebook and shop on Amazon have never pyramid is believed to have been ancient polluting cars will have to pay a 12.50
heard of Sir Tim Berners-Lee. But they
The ridge acted like a huge dam and behind it was a Egypts first attempt to build a smooth-sided pound ($15.55) charge to drive in the city
proglacial lake, the researchers explained. The lake over- might not be doing any of those things had pyramid. The necropolis was the burial site London plans emissions fee: The in a bid to improve air quality.
flowed in giant waterfalls, eroding the rock escarpment, he not invented the World Wide Web. Mayor Sadiq Khan says the charge will
weakening it and eventually causing it to fail and release Berners-Lee, 61, is this years recipient start in April 2019 and apply to diesel cars
huge volumes of water onto the valley floor below. of the A.M. Turing Award, computings more than four years old and petrol cars
We still dont know for sure why the proglacial version of the Nobel Prize. more than 13 years old. It will initially
The award, announced Tuesday by the cover central London, with plans to widen
lake spilt over, said Jenny Collier, a co-author of the Association for Computing Machinery, the zone by 2021.
study from Imperials department of earth science and marks another pinnacle for the British The plan aims to halve emissions of
engineering. native, who has already been knighted by nitrogen oxides from vehicles by 2020.
Perhaps part of the ice sheet broke off, collapsing Queen Elizabeth II and named as one of Khan said Tuesday that the air in
into the lake, causing a surge that carved a path for the the 100 most important people of the 20th London is lethal and I will not stand by
water to cascade off the chalk ridge. Maybe an earth Century by Time magazine. and do nothing. (AP)
tremor ... further weakened the ridge and caused (it) to Its a crowning achievement, Berners-
collapse, releasing the megaflood that we have found Lee said in an interview with The
evidence for in our studies. Associated Press. But I think the award is Bush touts AIDS programme:
Either way, the scientists said, if it was not for a set for the Web as a project, and the massive Former US president George W. Bush
of chance geological circumstances, Britain may have international collaborative spirit of all that touted his signature aid project for Africa
remained connected to mainland Europe, jutting out have joined me to help. (AP) during a visit to Botswana on Tuesday,
into the sea like Denmark. saying he hoped Washington would recog-
nise its importance in saving lives threat-
The researchers still have no exact timeline of Remains of pyramid discovered: A ened by AIDS.
events, but said they now want to take and analyse top antiquities official says an Egyptian Launched in 2003 during the first
core samples of the in-filled sediments in the plunge excavation team has discovered the Bush administration, PEPFAR
pools to try and pinpoint the timing of erosion and the remains of a new pyramid that dates back In this July 25, 2008 file photo, rye spikes are pictured in a field near Bad (Presidents Emergency Plan for AIDS
filling of the pools. to the 13th Dynasty, some 3,700 years ago. Muenstereifel, western Germany, during the morning sun. Scientists in Germany Relief), is the worlds largest provider of
They cautioned, however, that this next step will be The head of the Ancient Egyptian have for the first time mapped the entire genome of rye, a cereal known for its AIDS-fighting medicine and has
tricky, since getting samples in the Dover Strait Antiquities Sector, Mahmoud Afifi, said in a hardy properties. Researchers from the Technical University of Munich and the branched out over the years to include
means navigating huge tidal changes and the worlds statement Monday that the remains were Leibniz-Institute of Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research announced on April provision of services for cervical cancer,
busiest shipping lane. located north of King Sneferus bent pyra- 3, that the first full draft of the rye genome will be made freely available to sci- which is linked to HIV infections in
mid in the Dahshur royal necropolis south of entists worldwide. (AP) women. (RTRS)
Ridley Scott to direct WWII movie Battle of Britain

Plaza loses her mind in Ingrid Goes West teaser

LOS ANGELES, April 4, (RTRS): Aubrey Plaza goes insane in a Sundance and has set an Aug. 4 release. Orton recently wrote the MGM drama Operation Finale, in which
raucous teaser trailer for the dark comedy Ingrid Goes West, which secret agents track down Adolf Eichmann, the architect of the Holo-
shows her crashing a wedding and pepper-spraying the bride, played caust. Oscar Isaac has been in talks to star.
Ridley Scott is in early development at Fox to direct and produce a
by Elizabeth Olsen, for not inviting her.
Battle of Britain World War II movie with Matthew Orton writing
The trailer depicts Plazas character Ingrid Thornberg react-
ing to her mothers death and a series of self-inflicted setbacks the script. Brooklyn star Emory Cohen is on board to co-star with Kiersey
Fox bought the project as a pitch last year and set the project up Clemons in Blumhouse Productions Sweetheart, the latest thriller
by moving out West to befriend her Instagram obsession Taylor
with Scotts Fox-based Scott Free production company along with Safe from the team behind the upcoming supernatural suspense lm Sleight.
Sloane (played by Olsen). After a quick bond is forged between House Pictures, operated by Joby Harold and Tory Tunnell. Mat- J.D. Dillard will direct from a script he co-wrote with his Sleight
these unlikeliest of friends, the facade begins to crack in both thew Charman, who received a best original screenplay nomination writing partner Alex Theurer as well as Alex Hyner. Dillard, Theurer,
womens lives. for Bridge of Spies, is executive producing. Steve Asbell will over- and Hyner will all produce along with Jason Blum and Bill Karesh.
Ingrid Goes West is directed by Matt Spicer and written by Spicer see the project for Fox. As with all Blum pics, the logline is being kept under lock and key
and David Branson Smith. The lm, which also stars OShea Jackson The Battle of Britain began on July 10, 1940, as Adolf Hitlers Nazi only to be described as a survival-horror lm. Details behind who Co-
Jr., Wyatt Russell, and Billy Magnussen, premiered in competition at air force, the Luftwaffe, bombarded the British Isles through October. hen is playing are also being kept under wraps.
the 2017 Sundance Film Festival, where it won the Waldo Salt Screen- British seaports and shipping lanes were the rst targets, followed by Production is expected to start this month.
writing Award.

the Royal Air Force airelds and nightly attacks on London all in Cohen earned rave reviews for his role as Bradley Coopers son
Varietys Peter Debruge praised Plazas performance in his preparation for an amphibious invasion of the British Isles. But the in A Place Beyond the Pines and has since had a run of roles that
Sundance review: A semi-ironic, yet still-empathetic Single White Nazis were unable to overcome British resistance in what was the rst included another highly touted role as Saoirse Ronans boyfriend in
Female for the Facebook generation, Spicers squirm-inducing direc- major defeat for Germany in the war and the plans for the invasion, the Oscar-nominated drama Brooklyn. He also recently starred as
torial debut understands both the pleasures and frustrations of judging dubbed Operation Sea Lion, were scrapped. Homer in Netixs series The OA.
ones worth via virtual connections. If positioned correctly, its the sort Scott has completed Alien: Covenant, which Fox opens May 19, Cohen has come close to several high-prole gigs, including the role
of timely satire that could click with younger audiences and further and is attached to direct two other projects Sonys All the Money of young Han Solo that eventually went to Alden Ehrenreich. He can
bolster Aubrey Plazas value in the title role. in the World, centering on the 1973 kidnapping of J. Paul Getty, and be seen next in Netixs War Machine opposite Brad Pitt as well
Producers are Jared Ian Goldman, Tim White, Trevor White, Foxs The Cartel, an adaptation of the Don Winslow bestseller about in the prison action movie Shot Caller starring Jon Bernthal and
Adam Mirels, Robert Mirels, and Plaza. Neon picked up the rights at a corrupt NYPD detective. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau.


In this image released by STX Entertainment, Gemma Arterton appears in a scene from Their Finest. (AP)


Gifted unites Evans with new leading lady

LOS ANGELES: Sonys tentpole
Spider-Man: Homecoming and
New Lines horror movie It
dominated social media chatter
last week with more than 251,000
and 235,000 new conversations,
Finest blends wit, romance in WWII
according to media-measurement By Lindsey Bahr considered for the part of the hero and is stunned to Though Evans is an uncle in real life (his eldest sister
rm comScore and its PreAct realize otherwise. has three kids, ages 3, 5 and 7), he says he bonded in a
Sony and Marvel presented
footage at CinemaCon on March
T heir Finest is a movie about making a movie,
specically a glossy propaganda lm meant to
bolster morale in Britain in the darkest days of the Sec-
Theyre also, late in the game, instructed that they
have to cast an American in the lm because, in addi-
different way with Mckenna: as colleagues. Evans and
Gifted director Marc Webb (The Amazing Spider-
tion to British propaganda, the government now needs Man) saw dozens of girls read for the role, and Mc-
27 for Spider-Man: Homecom- ond World War. It is also very much a movie-movie. this lm to persuade the US to help out with the war kenna stood out with her childlike charm yet old-soul

ing, offering a far deeper look Good-looking, nely acted, and well-told, director efforts. The star they have in mind is a real Air Force maturity.
at Michael Keatons villainous Lone Scherg (An Education) has made a charming, pilot, Carl Lundbeck (Jake Lacy) a Captain America
Vulture and emphasizing Tom She might as well have an apartment, he said. Im
witty and romantic gem. It is Shakespeare in Love in type with golden locks and a million dollar smile. You telling you, Ive met lesser pros in adults.
Hollands experiences as Spider- World War II.
Man as a high schooler who can guess how that goes. The 10-year-old actress also a regular on TVs
Adapted by Gaby Chiappe from the novel Their Designated Survivor is the kind of professional
discovers the power he possesses. Finest Hour and a Half by Lissa Evans, Their Fin- Predictable
The new trailer was released on who asks if she can bring her stuffed seal along while
est is centered on Catrin Cole (a luminous Gemma But just because some of the beats are predictable promoting her new lm. She also has a plush cat with
March 28 and features Robert
Arterton), a copywriter hired by the government to help doesnt mean that Their Finest is ineffective quite
Downey Jr.s Tony Stark reacting her at this interview, noting shes allergic to real cats.
to a particularly destructive scene write the slop, or female dialogue, for a lm meant the opposite. The elegantly composed script even be-
to lift the spirits of a war weary citizenry. Shes a sort Mckenna says she isnt a math whiz like her charac-
by upbraiding the youngster for gins to mirror the lm within the lm as the romantic ter in Gifted. Instead, she feels like shes gifted with
the lack of control. of proto-Peggy Olson whose talents and thick skin get tension grows between Catrin and Tom. Both need an
her a place at the table alongside the men (although she a great family and amazing lifestyle.
Cant you just be a friendly, ending, but what will it be? This experience is so wonderful and it makes me so
neighborhood Spider-Man? says is, they make sure to hammer home, paid less than her Clain in particular is a standout, ironically because
male counterparts). thankful for my life. Im gifted that I have my family
Stark to Parker. hes been made to look less glamorous than usual. His
The movie, which will be out Catrin takes the job out of necessity her husband here to support me and that Im here right now with
mousy brown hair, rounded specs and layers of tweeds Chris, she said, adding, Well, every job could be my
on July 7, has already generated Ellis (Jack Huston) is a disabled and temperamental art- and wool lets his real acting heft shine through. You
1.5 million new conversations. ist whose bleak industrial landscapes arent selling and last, you know?
actually believe hes the underdog. As for Evans gifts? Mckennas got that covered, too.
New Line released a teaser thus not bringing in any money for their rent. Although Without giving too much away, there is a beat
video and poster for It on March Ellis tries to talk her out of the work, Catrin comes alive He has lots of secret talents, she said. He can tap
28, followed by a CinemaCon
(youll know it when it comes) that might sour things dance! Though he still has not tap danced for me.
in the writers room, sparring with the egotistical lead for some audiences, but its not enough to destroy all
presentation and trailer on March writer Tom Buckley (Sam Clain) as they try to meld Evans sheepishly admits that yes, he does tap dance.
29 ve months ahead of its the good thats there. Inspiring, funny and genuinely Im looking to tap dance in a movie, the actor said.
minds to make a compelling story out of a newspaper romantic, Their Finest is a solid, refreshing crowd-
Sept. 8 opening. account of twin sisters who stole their alcoholic fathers I want to nd one! Maybe a nice Gene Kelly biopic.
Mama director Andy pleaser. He can sing and he can tap dance, Mckenna de-
Muschietti directed It, which boat to rescue soldiers from Dunkirk. Their Finest, an STX Entertainment release, is
Its a relentlessly appealing take on the creative pro- clared, putting a point on the subject like a manager
stars Hemlock Grove actor Bill rated R by the Motion Picture Association of America might.
Skarsgard as the evil clown Pen- cess, laced with humor and insight as Tom and Catrin for some language and a scene of sexuality. Running
bicker and banter about just who the hero should be The two did a lot of singing on set between takes, she
nywise. Stranger Things break- time: 117 minutes. Three and a half stars out of four.
(a man or the woman?), and how strictly they should said mostly 1990s pop-rock.
out Finn Wolfhard, Midnight
adhere to the facts (not much, and, by the way, be sure Her dad grew up listening to the Presidents of the
Specials Jaeden Lieberher,
Jack Dylan Grazer, Wyatt Oleff, to cut out the boring parts). What ends up being put Chris Evans glows around his new leading lady, United States of America, a band back in the 90s, Ev-
Chosen Jacobs, and Jeremy Ray into production, of course, is worlds away from real- who makes no secret of her excitement at hanging out ans said, so we would sing Peaches a lot, which was
Taylor play some of the terrorized ity, but theres a lovely discovery of the truth at the with Captain America. She gushingly talks up his tal- one of their better songs.
children. (RTRS) heart of the sisters heroics that eventually makes it ents (He can tap dance!), yet is just as quick to keep Looking at Mckenna warmly, he added: She
onto the screen. him honest when he says something questionable. couldnt actually hear all of their songs because some
Caiappe and Scherg pack the lm with fun side She also travels with a selection of stuffed animals, of their songs have bad words.
LOS ANGELES: The Late Show characters and pseudo showbiz insider jokes, like including a plush seal in a pink dress. Mckenna said she and her dad also love watching
host Stephen Colbert is preparing
to moonlight once again at New when they go out to the past-his-prime actor Ambrose Evans latest co-star is 10-year-old actress Mckenna Marvel movies together, so she already knew about
Jerseys Montclair Film Festival. Hilliard (Bill Nighy, always the scene stealer) for the Grace. They star together in Gifted , a family drama Captain America before working with Evans.
The comedian, a Montclair corpse role of the drunken father whos described opening Friday about an unassuming single guy raising Hes so much more than Captain America, she
resident, has long been a booster as being a shipwreck of a man who is in his 60s but his math-prodigy niece, determined not to let her bril- said. Civil War is always (playing) on the plane. And
of the event, which launches its looks older. Ambrose of course thinks hes being liance interfere with her childhood. I look at it and Im like, Hey, I know him! (AP)
sixth edition on April 28.
Colbert said he has a good
reason for supporting grass-roots
arts efforts. can do this. So Ive got a real soft dian has been headlining six-gure company, Universal dated after the chart is posted as new
I love local festivals because spot in my heart for local creative fundraisers for the fest featuring Pictures claims the top spot in information becomes available.)
of a local festival that started in works organization.Colbert is guests including Jon Stewart, spending with The Fate of the Understandably, Universal Pictures
my hometown (Charleston, SC), in part responsible for raising the Steve Carell and last November, Furious. focused spend toward a sports-
Colbert told Variety in February. $3.5 million needed renovate the John Oliver. (RTRS) Ads placed for the action thriller loving audience, with portions of
It was at the Spoleto Festival (a young festivals new headquar- had an estimated media value of the budget dedicated to airings
performing-arts festival) that I got ters- Investor Bank Film & Media $6.03 million through Sunday for during the 2017 NCAA Basketball
my rst professional gig. It was Center. Investors Bank donated LOS ANGELES: In this weeks 1,035 national ad airings across 42 Tournament and NBA Basketball
also the rst time I met profes- the building, which opened its edition of the Variety Movie Com- networks. (Spend gures are based games. The studio also ran the
sional performers and artists. I got doors last Thursday. mercial Tracker, powered by the on estimates generated from March movie ad frequently across episodes
to know them and they said, You Since its inception, the come- Keaton Colbert TV advertising attention analytics 27-April 2. Estimates may be up- of SportsCenter. (RTRS)


People & Places


Homecoming personal

Watts scales vision

with blockbuster gig
LOS ANGELES, April 4, (RTRS): Jon Watts knows
that Spider-Man: Homecoming represents a gargan-
tuan leap forward.
The indie director only had a two low-budget lm
credits to his name when he was tapped by Sony and
Marvel to rejuvenate the fading superhero franchise.
His previous lm, Cop Car, a well-reviewed thriller,
cost less than $1 million to produce, a fraction of what
Spider-Man: Homecoming spends on any given day
of shooting. But Watts impressed the studios with his
vision for taking Spider-Man and his alter ego Peter
Parker back to high school, focusing on what it would
be like to balance homework assignments and nding
prom dates with fending off a super powered bad guy
like the Vulture (Michael Keaton).
Watts admits that hes nerv-
ous about taking on such an
iconic character and says hes
been working around the clock
editing the lm in advance of its
July 6 release date. He becomes
the third director to oversee a
Spidey lm, following in the
footsteps of Sam Raimi, who di-
rected the rst trilogy, and Marc
Webb, the lmmaker behind the
two less successful Amazing
Watts Spider-Man movies.
Shortly before taking the
stage at CinemaCon last week to present footage from
Spider-Man: Homecoming to a crowd of theater
owners, Watts spoke with Variety about his pitch to
Marvel, John Hughes inuence, and his working rela-
tionship with Tom Holland, the new Spider-Man.
Question: How did you get the gig?
Answer: It was a very long process. Someone at
Marvel had seen Cop Car. It started as a general
meeting and in the meeting they started talking about
Spider-Man and the idea of it being a younger-centered
Spider-Man movie. I had been wanting to make a com-
ing-of-age, high school movie. I had been watching a In this image released by Warner Bros Pictures, Michael Caine (from left), Morgan Freeman and Alan Arkin appear in a scene from Going in Style which releases
bunch of those movies, so I just happened to be really, in the US on April 7. (AP)
really prepared to talk about high school coming-of-age
movies. I just kept coming back to meeting after meet-
ing, and every time I came back thered be more people
in the room and more people in the room. Film
Q: Was that high school lm going to be autobio-
A: A little bit, but this lm met that need.
Q: Were John Hughes lms like The Breakfast
Club and Pretty in Pink an inuence on the lm?
Director steps out of fantasy world and into reality
A: Theres a supercial inuence, but theres also the
sincerity of John Hughes and his writing that shaped this
lm. He takes his characters really seriously and isnt
afraid to be honest about what that experience is like.
Q: Were you a fan of Spider-Man before you got
Nolan previews war epic Dunkirk
the job? LAS VEGAS, April 4, (Agencies): Di- that you look for in lm. and so valuable for so many reasons
A: I wouldnt say that I was a Spider-Man super rector Christopher Nolan has spent his AP: You have said the lm is less and the respect I have for them hav-
fan. Ive met those kinds of fans in doing this movie, career bending minds (and cities) with about character than survival. Can you ing done this, especially now having
and I dont hold a candle. But I loved the idea of Spi- his lms. He works on a scale that is explain what you mean? worked with them. The Spitre is the
der-Man as a kid, and I loved the Todd MacFarlane stubbornly and obsessively cinematic Nolan: I feel like Dunkirk is such most glorious machine.
run in the 1990s, and the rst Raimi movies were and it seems that no concept, be it Bat- a universal event and it involves so AP: And you tell the story from
released when I was in lm school. Those were big. man or the multiverse or dreams, is too many people that to try to encapsulate three points of view?
Q: What did you like about the Raimi movies? In this March 29, 2017 le photo, big for the visionary lmmaker. the specic detail of the human experi- Nolan: The story needs to be told
A: I loved Sam Raimi. To see him apply his aes- Christopher Nolan, director of the up- His latest movie, Dunkirk, out ence wasnt the way to go. What we from different points of view inter-
thetic to a big movie was really exciting. coming lm Dunkirk discusses the July 21, takes him out of the fantasy decided to do was to really try and live twined. We spend time looking at vari-
Q: Did you reach out to him? lm during the Warner Bros Pictures world and into reality and the storied in the moment of the experience ... the ous points of view. On the beach. In
A: No, I was too nervous. I know Marc [Webb] presentation at CinemaCon 2017 in evacuation of Allied soldiers from that very immediate and human desire to the air. Out on the sea.
though from his music video days. All he said was Las Vegas. (AP) beach in France in May and June of survive. Its the most human movie AP: Do you feel like youve evolved
hang out with Stan Lee. 1940. Ive ever made because its about at all since Interstellar?
Q: Was it hard to go from making indie movies to Nolan spoke to The Associated the desire for survival. We wanted to Nolan: Its not really for me to
doing a huge studio blockbuster? Press about Dunkirk at the recent tackle that and make what I refer to as speak to the bigger creative issues, but
A: Its just about scaling up your vision, so that eve- CinemaCon in Las Vegas, where he a very present tense narrative where from a technical point of view, to me
ryone understands what youre trying to do. Youre still was promoting his epic to theater own- youre in the moment with the charac- Dunkirk is a story that Ive wanted
just telling a story. Even if its a massive big screen ex- ers: ters. Youre not necessarily spending to tell for a long time but did not have
travaganza, its still a personal story youre telling. AP: Why Dunkirk? too much time discussing who they the technical expertise to be able to.
Peter Parker, especially in this movie, is a kid who Nolan: As a lmmaker youre al- were before or who they will be after. We shot the entire lm on large format
has been picked by Tony Stark to be a part of this mas- ways looking for a gap in cultural AP: This lm has been rated PG-13. celluloid lm, which has never been
sive adventure in Captain AmericA: Civil War and movies and Dunkirk is a story Brit- Was that a choice you made during done before. With each lm weve al-
is really trying to prove himself. Hes never done any- ish people are raised on. Its in our production? ways included some IMAX photogra-
thing this big before and really doesnt want to screw DNA practically. But it has not been Nolan: All of my big blockbuster phy, but this lm is almost entirely in
up or let anybody down. Thats exactly how I feel addressed in the movies. So for me, lms have been PG-13. Its a rating I IMAX and what isnt is large format.
about making this movie. I have no problem trying to it was a very exciting gap. Ive spent feel comfortable working with totally. It should be a very strong presentation.
relate to Peter Parker, because thats what I feel like at Ford Polanski
a number of years trying to gure out Dunkirk is not a war lm. Its a sur-
every moment in this process. whats the angle of approach, whats vival story and rst and foremost a Also:
Q: Are you hoping to direct more Spider-Man mov- the angle of attack for getting the story suspense lm. So while there is a high LOS ANGELES: British VFX company
ies? Variety across? So we came upon the notion level of intensity to it, it does not nec- Cinesite is reteaming with director
A: All Im doing is focusing on nishing this mov- of creating a very experiential lm, essarily concern itself with the bloody Duncan Jones and his Liberty Films
ie. Were deep, deep, deep in [post-production], so one that rather than trying to address aspects of combat, which have been so banner on the lm Mute for Netix,
you just want to make this one good. Focus on one at LOS ANGELES: Harrison Ford will not the politics of the situation, the geopo- well done in so many lms. We were which is now in post-production.
a time is my attitude. face any penalties over mistakenly landing litical situation, would really put you really trying to take a different ap- Described by Jones as a spiritual
Q: Was Tom Holland cast as Spider-Man before on a taxiway at a Southern California on the beach where 400,000 people proach and achieve intensity in a dif- sequel to his debut feature, Moon,
you got the job? airport earlier this year, the actors attorney
said Monday. are trapped, surrounded by the enemy ferent way. I would really like lots of Mute marks his rst collaboration
A: Yeah, the announcement of us being hired was closing in and faced with annihilation different types of people to get some- with Cinesite since his 2009 breakout.
made on the exact same day. Attorney Stephen Hofer wrote in
a statement that the Federal Aviation or surrender. The fact the story ended thing out of the experience. Cinesite created all visual effects for
Q: Had you met him before you joined the project? Administration will not ne Ford and the with neither annihilation nor surrender AP: Is there any truth to the report Moon, encompassing more than 270
A: No, I met him on the set of Civil War. I met actor will retain his pilots license without makes it one of the greatest stories in that the production bought a $5 million VFX shots, including the photo-realis-
him on the set in Peter Parkers bedroom. I had been restriction. human history. vintage plane to crash? tic CG robot Gerty, which was one of
talking to [Captain AmericA: Civil War directors] The FAA conducted a full investiga- AP: How did you approach it? Nolan: No. We used real antique the lms principal characters, voiced
the Russos about what they were doing, to make sure tion into the matter, including an interview Nolan: The approach is trying to vintage planes and ew them for by Kevin Spacey.
it wasnt radically different than what I was imag- with Mr Ford, and determined that no take the full experience and put the au- the movie but we also constructed Salvador Zalvidea will serve as Ci-
ining. So I had been in touch with them and then I administrative or enforcement action was dience there. What would it be like to full scale models to destroy. A lot of nesites VFX Supervisor for the lm.
went on set when they were shooting the Peter Parker warranted, Hofer wrote. be on the beach? To be on a boat trying money was involved but not that much Twickenham-based The Senate is also
and Tony Stark scene. I was sort of peaking out from Ford mistakenly landed on a taxiway at to cross the channel? Its a huge chal- money. I would never! Obviously working on the project, which is pro-
behind the camera. Then we went out to dinner and John Wayne Airport in Orange County on lenge, but exactly the kind of challenge never ... These planes are so beautiful duced by Liberty Films for Netix.
started talking about all of our ideas. Feb 13 after ying over an American Air-
Q: Spider-Man is becoming the Hamlet of comic lines jet that was waiting to take off. (AP)
book characters. Tobey Maguire and Andrew Gareld The suburban Philadelphia judge had County Judge Steven ONeill said he NEW YORK: Actor David Schwimmer
have all previously played it. Everyone, it seems, is go- LOS ANGELES: Filmmaker Roman Po- previously ruled the jury wont hear from might still let the jury hear Cosbys own said almost every woman in his life had
ing to get a crack at it. What does Tom bring to the role? lanski on Monday lost another bid to end a woman who says Cosby gave her quaal- words on the topic. (AP) been sexually harassed, prompting him to
A: He is Peter Parker. Its amazing. Hes so sincere, his 1970s rape case without serving more udes in the 1970s. However, Montgomery join a star-studded campaign to encourage
so sweet, and so earnest. Thats a big part of why Peter jail time when a Los Angeles judge ruled victims to speak up.
Parker is so relatable. You feel for him. Hes trying re- the French-Polish director could not seek Schwimmer, best known for playing
ally hard to do the right thing and very often screwing relief from the courts while still a fugitive. Ross Geller in the hit sitcom Friends,
up or getting in over his head. Polanski, who lives in France, failed to stars in one of six short videos released on
I know that Tom feels like hes Peter Parker too, just advance any substantially new arguments Monday as part of the campaign #That-
like I do. This is a huge role for him and hes trying his in the four-decade-old case involving a sHarassment as well as being the executive
best, and he can do a backip. I absolutely killed him 13-year-old girl during a volley of recent producers on the project.
on set because in a lot of the other movies, a lot of the legal lings and a hearing in March, Supe- The 50-year-old actor teamed up for the
footage is of stuntmen in the Spider-Man suit, but Tom is rior Court Judge Scott Gordon said. project with Israeli director Sigal Avin
so recognizable. His physicality after being in [the West Gordon, in a 13-page written ruling, said who last year released in her homeland
Polanski, 83, cannot avail himself of the shorts based on real-life incidents of sexual
Ends] Billy Elliott gives him such a commanding con- harassment.
trol of his body that you know that its him in there versus court while standing in contempt of it.
France, where Polanski was born to In an interview with Cosmopolitan
everyone else. I can pick Tom out of a lineup. I made him Polish parents, has refused to extradite the magazine, both Schwimmer and Avin said
do so much more than I probably should have. It has to lmmaker, who did not travel to Los Ange- the issue was dear to their hearts due to
be him, because you can tell when its not. les in 2003 to accept the Academy Award personal experiences. (AP)
Q: How did Michael Keaton approach Vulture? he won for directing the World War Two
A: Whats great about Michael is he brings so much lm The Pianist.
charisma and relatablity to this role. You want people to During the March hearing Polanskis WICHITA, Kan: A haunting rendition of
be rooting for him as much as theyre rooting for Peter. attorney, Harland Braun, asked Gordon Leonard Cohens Hallelujah, sung by
Peter Parker is sort of our ground level view of this to rule that his client had served his time an American high school student into a
Marvel universe. You know what its like to be in the behind bars in 1977, when he spent 42 days wishing well in Italy, has gained a lot of
penthouse with Tony Stark or have this god-like view in jail while awaiting sentencing for the online attention.
rape of a 13-year-old girl. (RTRS) Tiffany Ruan was on a spring trip with
like Thor, and I want to show what its like for regular a singing group from her school in Wichita,
people in this world. The same thing applies for the Kansas, last week when she spotted the
villain. I wanted to have a character who doesnt see NORRISTOWN, Pa: The judge in Bill In this March 9, 2017 photo, actress and playwright Katharine Houghton, who well in Venice.
himself as a villain. Hes just a regular guy in a world Cosbys sexual-assault trial heard argu- starred in the 1967 lm Guess Whos Coming to Dinner with Sidney Poitier, She tells the Wichita Eagle that she saw
that is changing very dramatically. Its interesting to ments Monday without deciding whether poses for photographs in New York. The lm, which earned 10 Oscar nomina- her choir teacher with a group of students
see how he adapts to it. the jury will hear Cosbys decade-old tions (winning two) and landed among the 100 greatest movies by the American singing into the well and she decided to
testimony. Film Institute, is celebrating its 50th anniversary. (AP) record a video. (AP)


Music Music
Drake unshakeable Rap anti-hero

Unreleased 76 Evans Tupac bigger in

Trio gig intimate treat death than life
NEW YORK, April 4, (RTRS):
By Pablo Gorondi Tupac Shakurs recording career
lasted just ve years before he
BOnilltasyEvans Trio, On A Monday Evening (Fan-
A Monday Evening is the rst release of a
was murdered in 1996, but it is
the rappers inuence from be-
1976 recording by the Bill Evans Trio, an autumn con- yond the grave that will be cel-
cert in Wisconsin that nds the inuential pianist and ebrated when he is inducted in
his partners in outstanding form. the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Sharing the stage with bassist Eddie Gomez and on Friday.
drummer Eliot Zigmund on Evans originals like Sug-
ar Plum and Time Remembered or standards like Arguably bigger in death than
All of You and Someday My Prince Will Come, he was in life, Shakur will be
the leader and his ensembles improvisational bril- only the sixth rap act to be voted
liance makes this release well worth discovering. into the Hall of Fame in its 30-
Recorded at the University of Wisconsins Madison year history.
Union Theater by radio DJs The Hall
who interviewed Evans then, of Fame de-
the sound is well-balanced, scribed him as
surprisingly good mono and an interna-
feels intimate despite the large tional symbol
auditorium. of resistance
The impact of Bill Evans and outlaw
on jazz pianists and beyond This cover image released by Fantasy Records shows On A Monday Evening a release by Bill Evans Trio. (AP) spirit, an ir-
from Keith Jarrett to Lyle resistible con-
Mays to Fred Hersch has tradiction, a
been described as overpower-
ing. From his contributions to denitive rap
Miles Davis Kind of Blue to anti-hero. Tupac
Gomez That is a big
his groundbreaking trio with
Scott LaFaro and Paul Motian, Evans innovated, fas- claim for the Harlem-born son of
cinated and entertained in large measure. two Black Panther activists who
Gomez, who spent over a decade with Evans, and spent time in jail for assault and
Zigmund, whose tenure in the 1970s was shorter but released just four albums before
also well regarded, provide not only imaginative sup- being killed at age 25 in a drive-
port but also exceptional creative skills developing by shooting in Las Vegas that
deep musical feedback with the ringing tones of Ev- has never been resolved.
ans piano. On the bowed (or arco) bass solo on All Rap too has evolved, becoming
of You, Gomez occasionally makes his instrument the second most popular music
sound like a saxophone. genre in the United States after
Over the nearly 47 minutes in this set, Evans, rock, reecting and challenging
Gomez and Zigmund add a precious chapter to their
high-caliber legacy. social inequities in its lyrics and
music videos, and inspiring sym-
posiums at prestigious universi-
Jonas Kaufmann, Das Lied von der Erde ties such as Harvard.
(Sony Classical)
Placido Domingo sang it with Bo Skovhus. Fritz Releases
Wunderlich with Christa Ludwig. And now Jonas Shakur has sold 75 million
Kaufmann with ... Jonas Kaufmann! albums, mostly from seven post-
Gustav Mahler wrote Das Lied von der Erde (The humous releases, and although
Song of the Earth) in 1908-9 as an orchestral setting his sales gures will never match
of six songs adapted from ancient Chinese poems. The those of 21st century hip hop
Austrian composer intended the vocal parts to be taken kings like Drake, Kanye West
by a tenor and mezzo-soprano (or tenor and baritone), and The Weeknd, his inuence
alternating throughout the hour-long piece.
remains profound.
Fit For anyone who is serious
Dozens of distinguished artists have teamed up for about learning about hip hop,
recordings over the years. But apparently never did there are certain people whose
one singer see t to take on both vocal parts himself. music you have to deal with and
Until Kaufmann. Tupac is one of those people.
During performances Ive often wondered why You cant say you are knowl-
one needs two singers, the German tenor remarks in edgeable about hip hop if you
the album notes. Also, he confessed, Im so fond of dont know about Tupac, said
the songs for lower voice that I get very jealous when Todd Boyd, professor of cinema
listening to my baritone or mezzo colleagues. and media studies at the Univer-
From some singers this might sound like a frivolous sity of Southern California.
ego trip, but not with a consummate artist like Kauf- Boyd was one of the academ-
mann. Just as one would expect, his singing on this
album is beautiful and at times deeply moving. The ics who rst created the study of
tenor throws himself energetically into the strenuous hip hop culture in the American
exertions of the opening drinking song, and summons university system in the early
a melting tenderness for the extended closing song, This cover image released by Sony Classical shows Das Lied von der Erde a release by Jonas Kaufmann. (AP) 1990s when it was often de-
Der Abschied (The Farewell) with its haunting monized by politicians for pro-
nal repetitions of the word ewig (forever.) moting violence and misogyny.
Yet theres an inevitable lack of vocal contrast from He said Shakur had an emo-
song to song that keeps the work from realizing its Obits tional energy that distinguished
full, shattering potential. Kaufmanns voice has dark- him from many of his contempo-
ened somewhat over the years, so that in the tenor raries and transcended his skills
songs he sounds almost baritonal (though the requisite as a rapper or a lyricist.
high notes are hardly stinted), while in the other songs Angel Baby singer dead When you listen to Tupac,
he lacks the depth of resonance that baritones bring. you feel something. He has a
All in all, an interesting experiment but not one strong emotional impact that I
likely to be repeated anytime soon or to take the place
of other, more traditional versions. The Vienna Phil-
harmonic is conducted by Jonathan Nott.
Lonnie Brooks dies at 83 think speaks to the fact that here
was a guy who, in my mind, was
going perhaps to be a better actor
CHICAGO, April 4, (AP): Chica- on the South Side. He went on stage than rapper, had he lived, Boyd
Orchestra Baobab, Tribute To Ndiouga Di- go blues musician Lonnie Brooks, right after hed gotten into a big ght said.
eng (World Circuit Records) whose relationship with his adopted with his girlfriend, and it was like he
Senegals Orchestra Baobab honors a former band- hometown was cemented by his was taking it out on his guitar. I seen Soaring
mate on Tribute to Ndiouga Dieng, a spicy mix of hit recording of Robert Johnsons how it came from the heart, so I went Shakurs appearance in a
African and Cuban tempos with no rust and a uctuat- Sweet Home Chicago, has died at home to the basement, and got into hologram at the Coachella music
ing pulse. age 83. that mood that Magic Sam had been festival in 2012 sent sales of his
Relying on two-saxophone leads and kora player A prolic musician known for his in, and the blues came to me, Brooks
intense guitar solos and raspy but music soaring. He has also been
Abdoulaye Cissoko to partially ll in for Barthelemy said.
strong voice, Brooks died on Sat- the subject of several documen-
Attisso their long-time guitarist now busy with a le- taries, a Broadway play, a June
gal career the orchestras seemingly effortless abil- In this Feb 13, 2005 photo, guitarist urday night, his son Ronnie Baker
ity to create irresistible dance rhythms remains intact Lonnie Brooks performs with the Chi- Brooks said Sunday. The singer of the 1960s hit Angel movie release All Eyez on Me
even after a 10-year pause. cago Jazz Ensemble at the Simpson Brooks came to the blues by a cir- Baby, a song covered by artists such and an upcoming TV series on
Dieng died in November 2016 but his son Alpha has Theatre in the Field Museum in Chi- cuitous route. as John Lennon and Linda Ron- Shakur and his friend-turned-
been recruited to sing his songs. Regular vocalists Balla cago. (AP) Born Lee Baker Jr. in Louisiana, stadt, has died. rival Biggie Smalls.
Sidibe, also on timbales, and Rudy Gomis continue their he was focused on playing the guitar Rose Hamlin, the 71-year-old lead Everybody loves a mystery.
strong work, joined in exciting guest spots by Cheikh Lo when he was noticed and invited to singer of Rosie and the Originals, Thats a huge part of the mythos
and West African megastar Thione Seck, also a Baobab Variety Chicago by soul singer Sam Cooke died in her sleep on March 30, ac-
cording to a post by her daughter,
that surrounds his death, that its
alumni, who reprises Sey, a dance-oor classic. more than 50 years ago. He stayed and unsolved, said Richard RJ
Formed in 1970, the bands career was revived by changed his name to Lonnie Brooks. Debbie Cray, on the late performers Bond, who in March released
the re-edition of its mouthwatering, hip-shaking Pi- NEW DELHI: A music student of Kishori He recorded a number of al- website. Tupac Assassination: The Bat-
rates Choice, and they got back together in 2001. Amonkar says the singer renowned for her bums for Chicago-based Alligator Hamlin was born Rosalie Hamlin tle for Compton, his fth docu-
This is just their third album since that return af- innovative interpretation of classical Indian Records Living Chicago Blues on July 21, 1945, in Oregon. She was mentary about Shakur.
ter the Grammy-nominated Specialist In All Styles music has died. series, including classics such as raised in Alaska before moving to
Gandhar Bedekar says the 84-year- Other than his murder, the
from 2002 and 2007s Made in Dakar and its a Bayou Lightning, Hot Shot, and California when she was a preteen. Los Angeles lm maker be-
wonderful addition to their rich catalog. old Amonkar died late Monday at her Lone Star Shootout. He appeared Hamlin was 14 years old when she
Its subtlety and insinuation as much as the actual home in central Mumbai after a brief penned Angel Baby, a song that lieves people gravitate towards
in Dan Aykroyds lm Blues Broth-
tick-tick-tock of the percussion and Charlie Ndiayes illness. ers 2000. Lennon would later call one of his Shakurs music today because
velvety bass guitar that complete the seduction, as the One of the leading lights of the Jaipur
In an interview with the Chicago all-time favorites. his observations about politics,
band disguises its achievements with all the skills of a gharana or community of musicians, the media, the police and rela-
Amonkar was trained by her mother who Tribune in 1992, Brooks said the Cray said Hamlin hadnt per-
suave lover. Or, in this case, a whole orchestra of them! blues did not come naturally to him formed in years over concerns for her tionships are still relevant.
was also a well-known singer. His themes are timeless and
Amonkar developed her own distinctive at rst. health, but she had taken up tending
style, drawing on inuences from other Then one night, I saw Magic a lovely garden, according to her universal. He talked about rela-
Drakes album More Life spent a second week at Sam (Maghett) in a little blues club post on the website. tionships between sons and par-
the top of the Billboard 200 chart on Monday, keep- schools of Indian classical music. (AP)

ents, between people and gov-
ing Britains Ed Sheeran in second place while musi- ernments. What he talked about
cian Trey Songz debuted at No. 3, according to gures NEW YORK: When Kendall Jenner isnt Rudin said Monday that the play will also
from Nielsen SoundScan. George Orwells chilling dystopic novel still resonates with the human
strutting down a runway in wings, chees- 1984 will star Olivia Wilde, making her star Tom Sturridge and Tony Award-win- condition, Bond said.
The Canadian singer-songwriter sold another ing as Marilyn Monroe on video or ea ner Reed Birney. It will begin performanc-
225,000 units of More Life, which last week set market shopping with Paris Jackson, you Broadway debut. Boyd said Shakur does not
Producers Sonia Friedman and Scott es in May at the Hudson Theatre. need induction in the Rock Hall
a new record for streaming and proved the biggest- might look for her outside. First published in 1949, Orwells classic
selling album in the United States since Drakes last Whether its next to a pool or on a of Fame to confer legitimacy, al-
tale of a society run by Big Brother in
release, Views, in 2016. motorbike, enjoying the great outdoors is which facts are distorted and suppressed
though the honor is nice for his
The Billboard 200 album chart tallies units from al- one of those things the 21-year-old does in a cloud of newspeak has topped the fans.
bum sales, song sales (10 songs equal one album) and just for herself. best-seller lists. The play When you listen to hip hop
streaming activity (1,500 streams equal one album). Im born and raised in LA. Even as version was created by Robert Icke and even these days there is still a
Sheerans album Divide pulled in some 98,000 a kid I was always outside with my little Duncan Macmillan and was nominated for great deal of reverence for him.
more units in its fourth week of release, and the musi- sister. We were in the mud being stupid, And for any member of the com-
an Olivier Award.
cians single Shape of You added another 85,000 units the Kardashian clan member told The
Associated Press with a laugh in a recent Wildes lm credits include the Acad- munity who is young enough not
to keep its place at the top of the digital songs chart. emy Award-winning drama Her, the to have been alive when he was
Trey Songzs album Tremaine was the only other telephone interview from her hometown.
(AP) Golden Globe Award-nominated Rush around, to go back to his music
new release to debut in the Top 10, selling 67,000 units and the indie comedy Buddies. She now is very important to them,
to take the No. 3 spot on the Billboard 200. (Agencies) also starred in HBOs rock n roll drama
Amonkar Jenner
Boyd said.
NEW YORK: A new stage adaptation of Vinyl. (AP)


Devils Triangle starts with a bang and never lets up

Thien, Morgan, Alderman eye womens fiction prize

LONDON, April 4, (AP): Family sagas from longlist failed to make the cut, including When the Fox learns of a massive dust
China and Kentucky and a sci- story of fe- Margaret Atwood, Annie Proulx and Mary storm thats killing thousands in Beijing, she
male empowerment are among six nalists for Gaitskill. knows the phenomenon isnt natural and the
the international Womens Prize for Fiction. Bookmaker William Hill made Alderman brother and sister trying to kill her are directly
Madeleine Thiens Chinese-Canadian the favorite to win, followed by Adebayo. involved. She calls in Drummond and Caine,
journey Do Not Say We Have Nothing, C.E. who have grappled with her in the past.
Morgans multigenerational Kentucky epic Drummond and Caine are team leaders of a
The Sport of Kings and Naomi Aldermans The Devils Triangle: a Brit in the FBI new group inside the FBI called Covert Eyes.
gender role-reversal thriller The Power were Thriller (Gallery Books), by Catherine Coul- This mission is a perfect way to see how they
all on the shortlist announced Monday. ter and J.T. Ellison work together while uncovering the truth be-
Other contenders for the 30,000-pound The Devils Triangle, the latest book in hind a potentially dangerous weapon that can
($37,000) prize are Nigerian writer Ayobami Catherine Coulter and J.T. Ellisons series control the weather.
Adebayos tale of love and loss in 1980s featuring FBI Special Agents Nicholas Drum- The intensity of the quest to save the Fox
Nigeria, Stay With Me; British author Linda mond and Michaela Caine, starts with a bang while also grappling with her criminal pro-
Grants The Dark Circle, set in a tuberculo- and never lets up. clivities and a missing husband play well into
sis sanatorium after World War II; and British An elusive thief known as the Fox has the story, while Covert Eyes battles hordes
novelist Gwendoline Rileys portrait of a toxic stolen a valuable artifact from the Topkapi of goons with guns and a duo that wont
marriage, First Love. Museum. The artifact is a staff claimed to stop until they have an ancient relic that will
Television executive Tessa Ross, who chairs have been carried by Moses. Her clients are grant them unlimited power: the Ark of the
the judging panel, said the shortlist celebrates a ruthless brother and sister who hide behind Covenant.
narratives that are daring and intimate, that a legitimate archaeological company. They The villains could be pulled straight out of a
examine the depth of human experience in immediately recognize that the staff is a fake James Bond movie and the heroes are crafted
unique and compelling ways. and attempt to kill the Fox, but shes able to for readers to cheer for in all aspects of their
Founded in 1996, the prestigious prize is slip away. When she arrives back home, shes lives, both on and off their FBI jobs. Coulter
open to female English-language writers from In this le photo dated Oct 24, 2016, writer Madeleine Thien, poses for the media with her shocked to discover that her husband has been and Ellison are known for crafting well-told
around the world, book Do Not Say We Have Nothing during a photo-call for the 6 shortlisted authors for the abducted and the cost of his rescue is essen- tales of suspense, and when they combine, the
Several of the biggest names on the 16-book Man Booker Prize for ction in London. (AP) tially sacricing her own life. end result is dynamite.

and start sharing your experiences which may

help others. October is recognized as National
Kuwait Writers Forum Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NBCAM). The
primary purpose is to promote self examination
and screening mammography as the most effec-
tive way to save lives by detecting breast cancer
KWA holds symposium on Translator in a Changing World at early stage. For more information visit: http://

Translation makes the unknown a known Latest

Chinese Embassy notice: Documents
issued in Kuwait and to be used in China
mainland shall rst be notarized and legalised
By Bader Abu Raghabah Al-Otaibi by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kuwait,
Special to the Arab Times and then be legalised by Chinese Embassy in
Kuwait. Specic requirements and information
KUWAIT CITY, April 4: Kuwait Writers for document legalisation, please refer to the
Association (KWA) organized a symposium website of Chinese Embassy in Kuwait.
For documents issued by member countries
on The Translator in a Changing World on of the Apostille Convention*, after getting
March 29, at Sheikha Dr Suad Al-Sabah The- Apostilles from the competent authorities, they
atres Auditorium, at the association venue in can be used in Hong Kong SAR and Macao
Al-Odailiyah area. SAR of China directly.
The symposium was moderated by Bader *Refer to the Convention of Abolishing the
Abu Raghabah Al-Otaibi, the bilingual Ku- Requirement of Legalisation for Foreign Public
waiti writer and translator who welcomed the Documents
audience and introduced the guest lecturer
Dr Tariq Abdullah Fakhrudin, the veteran
Kuwaiti translator to them. Invitation to Grand Mosque: The Visits
Department is pleased to invite you to visit the
Al-Otaibi spoke in Grand Mosque, which is one of Kuwaits most
brief about the contribu- treasured religious and cultural landmarks to dis-
tions of Dr Fakhrudin cover the beauty of Islamic arts and architecture.
as a multifaceted gure Free guided tours are available all year round
and towering personali- on ofcial working days between (9-11 am) and
ty of English translation (5-7 pm), within a special tour program designed
in his native country, to cater to the needs of different age groups. The
Kuwait. He also talked program is as follows:
about Dr Fakhrudins Reception; Auditorium show; (according to
immense contribution age group); Touring the Mosque; Q & A; Art
in his long and illustri- workshops; (according to age group between 5
ous career as well as his and 18 years old); Snack break; Distribution of
works. the Grand Mosque publications and souvenirs;
Al-Otaibi End of tour.
Then, Talal Al- According to these age groups:
Rumaidhi, the General Secretary of Kuwait Age group: 5 to 9 years old: Morning: 60 visi-
Writers Association presented a commemora- tors max; Evening: 20; 10 to 15 years: Morning:
tive plaque to Dr Fakhrudin amidst the cheers 100 visitors max; Evening: 45; 16 and above:
of the audience. Morning: 140 visitors max, Evening: 105:
Relevance Tour language: Arabic- English- French; Ara-
bic (English upon prior request); Arabic- Eng-
Dr Tariq Fakhrudin at the beginning of his lish- French; Arabic (English upon prior request);
speech, talked about the importance and rel- Arabic- English- French: Arabic (English upon
evance of translation. He also spoke at length prior request)
about the techniques and nuances of transla- Rules and Regulations:
tion as well as its essence. The guest speaker Please arrive in time for your visit.
cited examples of different words and phrases All visitors are kindly required to abide by the
to denote the misusage of words in transla- mosques dress code. Male visitors should wear
tion from English to Arabic and vice versa Left to right: The moderator of symposium, the bilingual Kuwaiti writer Bader Abu Raghabah Al-Otaibi and the guest lecturer, the veteran long pants. Shorts and sleeveless shirts are not
which reects its disastrous situation among Kuwaiti translator, Dr Tariq Abdullah Fakhrudin. allowed. Female visitors: should wear head cover
us nowadays. He presented a comprehensive and long loose clothing (available at the mosque).
view of the value of translation in our modern Foods and drinks are not allowed inside the
prayer halls.
life and also numerated the tasks of translator For school visits, teachers are responsible for
in general. their students and are required to cooperate with
The lecturer talked about various aspects the staff members of the Grand Mosque.
of translation and listed out some of its chal- Photography is allowed inside the Grand
lenges and difculties. He explained in detail Mosque (please note that disrespectful poses are
the process of translation in different areas strictly prohibited).
where he stressed on the necessity of using If you would like to book a tour, please contact
English correctly for specic purposes in such us:
places as government institutions at ministries Tel: 22980813/ 22980815/ 22980812
or courts to express other forms of translation. Email:
He also pointed out to the role of technology Fax: 22473708
and its impact on translation process.
During the symposium, Dr Fakhrudin sim- Chinese Embassy notice: Please be noted
ply redened the meaning of translation in his that effective starting today, the photo used in a
own way as a denition of the unknown and Chinese visa application must meet the require-
makes it known as well as a simplication of ments (For details, please visit the website of
the known and makes it more understandable. Chinese embassy
He exclusively talked about the size of the eng/). Application with non-compliant photos
translation industry in Kuwait and revealed will not be processed.
that the Kuwaiti language service market cur- Thank you for your attention and cooperation.
rently turns over almost KD 30 million ($100
million) per year. He also encouraged young IEI Kuwait Chapter membership: The
translators to participate in translation proj- Institution of Engineers (India), Kuwait chapter
ects more actively, and he added they should invites all its members to update their mem-
understand the concept of translation masterly bership information for the year 2016-17 and
where the Translation industry is knowledge actively participate in the chapter activities.
based industry. Indian engineers residing in Kuwait are welcome
Recalled to join the pool of more than 700,000 engineers
by becoming corporate or non-corporate mem-
He recalled many incidents and shared bers of The Institution of Engineers (India). IEI,
interesting anecdotes from his own life Left to right: Bader Abu Raghabah Al-Otaibi, Talal Al-Rumaidhi, the General Secretary of Kuwait Writers Association and Dr Tariq Abdul- Kuwait Chapter conducts many technical events
experiences and his style of presentation was lah Fakhrudin. for the benet of its members. Please watch for
highly appreciated by the audience. the upcoming events in your registered e-mail
At the end of his presentation, Dr Fakh- Fakhrudin is an accomplished Kuwaiti trans- Dr Fakhrudin has several translated books Photos of the Rulers of the Arabian Gulf or announcement in the media. The chapter has
rudin answered the questions raised by the lator, author, essayist, academic and scholar from English to Arabic and vice versa such as States by the Al-Diwan Al- Amiri and The science club activities for members children, and
audience through a brief but lively interactive in English language (linguist). He earned a Essentials of College and University Teach- Islamist Movements and Groups in Yemen ladies wing activities for the members family.
session. bachelors degree in English Literature from ing: A Practical Guide by Eleanor Boyle by Falah Abdullah Al-Mudairess. And in his IEI, Kuwait chapter has facility to register student
Finally, the moderator of symposium Bader Kuwait University, and then he obtained his and Harley Rothstein, Disorientations: A eld of specialization, Dr Fakhrudin has also members for AMIE Examination for those inter-
MA as well as PhD in Comparative Literature conducted many researches and studies. ested in pursuing career enrichment.
Abu Raghabah Al-Otaibi thanked the guest Society in Flux: Kuwait in the 1950s by Peter For more information and on chapter member-
speaker Dr Tariq Abdullah Fakhrudin and from New York University. He served as a Lienhardt, Documents from the Age of Pearls He has worked as a journalist and pub- ship, kindly contact IEI, Kuwait chapter ofce on
audience for their attendance and he concluded head of the English department of Kuwait by Abdullah Yousef Al-Ghunaim, Historic lished various articles and essays, and one of 22445588 extn. 314 between 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm
by saying the Kuwait Writers Association is University at the beginning of his academic the most signicant of which was the book re- (Sunday through Thursday) or through email to
always the home of writers and for the writers. career. Later on, he served as Director of view that he published in Majalat Al-Kuwait You may also contact Engr
The symposium was well covered in the Arab Open University, Kuwait branch. (Kuwait Magazine) in 2015 under the title of Ashok Kumar (97275974) or Engr Karthikeyan
local print and electronic media, and many He has delivered many lectures at several Impressions of James Bonds Author about (99840191) for any further clarication.
prominent Kuwaiti writers attended the event universities worldwide such as the University Kuwait where the late famous English writer
such as Laila Al-Othman, Dr Khaleefah Al- of Oxford, University of Bath, Georgetown Ian Fleming had visited it in 1960.
Weghaiyan and Muna Al-Shafei. University, New York University, Kuwait Dr Fakhrudin has also published profes- Share your story with Amricani: Do you
or any of your family members, acquaintances or
The guest lecturer: Dr Tariq Abdullah University and the Arab Open University, sionally the English copy of Al-Kuwait friends happen to have a story with the Ameri-
Fakhrudin Kuwait branch. He is uent in Arabic, Eng- Al-Youm (The Kuwait Today), the ofcial can Missionary hospital in Kuwait (Mustashfa
The guest lecturer, Dr Tariq Abdullah lish and French. gazette of Kuwait. Lemraicani) during the years from 1914-1967,
the ofcial period of offering medical services in
fees. This is a genuine public service. 94087800 English/Arabic. Kuwait?
Please share with us your story or your
memory during those old days by writing the
click Drinking problem?: Friends of Bill W. are Cancer online support group: If you are event and sending it to the following email ad-
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providing support and share our experience with
to help them please check us out and we promise Narcotics Anonymous: NA can help with Veteran Kuwaiti translator Dr Tariq Abdul- each other. There are lot of things which even
to try to help at There are no addiction problems. Totally confidential: lah Fakhrudin doctors cant tell so be member of this website Continued on Page 24


Dar Al Athar

A new museum for Berlin to connect the past and future

MacGregor reveals details of Humboldt Forum

By Cinatra Fernandes imperial and military aggression
Arab Times Staff which it never was. It was replaced
by the Parliament building of the
KUWAIT CITY, April 4: Neil East German State. The Building
MacGregor gave a fascinating lec- had a great deal of asbestos and
ture titled A new museum for Ber- in bad condition and so after huge
lin revealing details of the highly protests from East Germans, it was
anticipated Humboldt Forum in demolished. The valuable steel that
Berlin, scheduled to open around remained was supplied to the Burj
the end of 2019. The talk was held Khalifa in Dubai, that was coming
at the Yarmouk Cultural Center as up at the same time.
part of the Dar Al Athar Al Islami- The Humboldt Forum is going to
yyahs 22nd cultural season. be built in a reconstruction of the
MacGregor is advisor to the old 18th century baroque palace.
German Minister of Culture on You will have here now, not the
the planning of the Humboldt seat of power or the government,
Forum in Berlin. Previously, he but the collections of the world.
was Director of the National Gal- It is as an intellectual project
lery and of the British Museum, without compare anywhere in the
both in London. He has broadcast world and is symbolically a very
frequently with the BBC, and powerful statement. Where once
the book accompanying his radio was European power at its most
series in 2010, A History of the concentrated, here will now be
World in 100 Objects, has been the cultures of the world beyond
translated into many languages. Europe, he remarked.
It attempts to show, by the close Allow
study of individual objects, the
many connections that link differ- The purpose of this, he pointed
ent cultures and civilizations. out, is to allow a new understand-
At the beginning of the 18th cen- ing and a new discussion of the
tury, the Berlin Palace, designed relationship between Europe and
by Andreas Schlter was an im- the rest of the world, and also the
portant secular Baroque building. different cultures of the world
This old town palace of the Kings and how they relate to each other.
and the Kaisers in the heart of The Humboldt Forum is named
Berlin, is today being rebuilt with in honour of the two Berlin
a very different purpose: to house brothers, Alexander and Wilhelm
the great collections of the cultures von Humboldt, who in the early
of East Asia, Africa, America and nineteenth century pioneered a
Photos by Rizalde Cayanan, courtesy of DAI new way of thinking globally
Oceania. Neil MacGregor delivers a lecture at the Yarmouk Cultural Center on Monday evening.
The story of this new museum about human cultures and the
begins with the fall of the Berlin natural environment.
Wall, a moment that changed the The new museum will include
world. The politics of Europe a pedestrian passage that passes
and the world have never been through the building, and a repur-
the same since and it was also a posed structure and courtyards
moment that changed Germany to serve as new public places for
profoundly. The reunication of the city. On the side facing the
Germany changed Berlin pro- Spree, the building will feature
foundly. a modern facade. Along with
the museum galleries, there will
Opened also be exhibition spaces, where,
Berlin was a 19th century drawing on all the collections of
city conceived and built as one, Berlin, themes of universal inter-
linked by the Boulevard Un- est may be explored.
ter den Linden running up to MacGregor presented a few ob-
the Brandenburg Gate. A city jects that would be part of the Mu-
divided in 1945 and brutally seums collection and stated that
divided after 1961, the Bran- DAI Director General and co- A photo from the event Neil MacGregor an apt symbol of the Forum was
denburg Gate stood as a frontier founder Sheikha Hussah Sabah best scene in an object from the
not only between West and East Al-Salem Al-Sabah
Congo, a double headed dog that
Berlin, but also between the century, MacGregor illustrated In 1820, the King of Prussia de- There was nothing like it any- and coins and sculptures that was has within it nails and blades. It
socialist-communist world and how carefully planned the city was cided that he would build opposite where in the world. In London or open to all. MacGregor shared that was used in traditional societies as
the capitalist world, MacGregor a place where the promises citizens
remarked. It was at this frontier and how it was led and shaped by his royal palace, a great new mu- Paris, the collections were split up. it carries many historic and contra-
made to each other were recorded,
that the tensions of the Cold War the royal baroque city palace. The seum that would house royal col- This was one of the great cultural dictory moments that include some every blade and nail serving as a
were played out and this gate that city grew from the east to the west lections and be open to everybody. achievements of the 19th century bitter memories of failed revolu- mark of promise. The two heads
was opened after 1991 and that and all the buildings, avenues and In time, this expanded to become and hugely admired by every- tions, to becoming the seat of the look towards the past and the
became the link between the East new streets were designed around the extraordinary ensemble of ve body, MacGregor stated. Kaiser, the venue where wars were future, and represent the continuity
and the West of the city and it is the palace. With the Berlin Palace world-renowned museums on an The Berlin Palace, from the be- proclaimed and the socialist revo- of a society that has to live with its
the gate that leads us down the as the Humboldt Forum, all of the island in River Spree on which the ginning was not like other palaces lution began, a site of violence, past however difcult and look to
avenue. surrounding historic buildings will cultures of the whole world were as it always had a museum that destruction in the world wars and its future. That is what we hope the
With an engraving of the 19th re-gain their urban orientation. put together. housed a collection of antiquities the nal demolition in 1950 as an Humboldt Forum will be.


Ambassador Renato Pedro Villa (6th from left), with Pinoy artist Romano Roman (7th from left). #WorldClassPinoy Chefs led by Chef Henry (extreme right).

Landmark Hospitality & Maxs Operations Manager Mohammed Ismail Maxs crew and guests Chef Henry Suarez with Pinoy Arabia FM team.
(4th from right)

Filipino pride celebrated with #WorldClassPinoy

Philippine envoy graces Maxs first anniversary

By Michelle Fe Santiago
Arab Times Staff
P hilippine Ambassador to Kuwait
Renato Pedro Villa joined
Filipinos in Kuwait in celebrat-
ing Filipino pride with hashtag
#WorldClassPinoy during the
rst anniversary of Maxs Restau-
rant in Kuwait on Monday evening
showcasing the best of the Filipino
cuisine, performers and artists, a
tting tribute to all the Filipinos in
Kuwait who have best exemplied
their world class traits and skills in
various elds.
We would like to congratulate
Maxs on its rst anniversary, a true
testament to world class Filipino cui-
sine. We are very happy that Maxs is
nally in Kuwait which is known for
its signature fried chicken that speaks
so much of distinct Filipino palate
and Maxs long tradition of quality
cuisine that dates back in 1945. Truly
world class, stated Villa.
Landmark Hospitality and Maxs
Operations Manager Mohammed
Ismail and Restaurant Manager Gilbert
Enano welcomed all the distinguished
guests to the event that included Philip-
pine Labour Attache Atty Alejandro
Padaen, Cultural Attache Alethea
Nabo, Landmark Hospitality Execu-
tives, Assistant Marketing Manager
Gilroy Britto, Brave Director Nandini
Vohra, bloggers in Kuwait and various
leaders of Filipino organisations as well
as the Pinoy Arabia FM team, Papa P.
Randy, DJ Ben, DJ Darling Dude and
DJ Spark.
Zumba class participants
We would like to thank you all
for coming tonight. Thank you for Participants enjoy powerful moves and music
all your support, stated Ismail who
joined Villa in the ceremonial cutting

Gym Team, ZCrew Q8 hold retro Zumba class

of the cake.
The programme hosted by Maxxy
Santiago of The Filipino Channel, DJ
Mika and DJ Raymund of Pinoy Ara-
bia FM kicked off with an invocation
led by DJ Mika followed by the per- By Michelle Fe Santiago I would really like to be a part of that
formances of a wide array of Filipino Arab Times Staff workout again, quipped Linda Rayes,
singers and dance groups. For the a Lebanese Zumba fan.
The Gym Team in partnership with Capili of Pilates and More
opening salvo, Jumel Carvajal, a Fili- ZCrew Q8 and in cooperation with Fit
pino tenor and stage actor rendered Womens Gym urged everyone to try
in Time, Nanay Eden and Pilates and Zumba and enjoy the music as well as
an operatic piece Nessun Dorma by
more held a Zumba class featuring the routines it offers. She outlined the
Luciano Pavarotti while teen belter
Najwa Lacson entertained the crowd ve presenters showcasing retro 80s health benets of the class to regular
with a song from the Walt Disney music and grooves. participants and invited everyone to
movie Anastasia. Other perform- The event kicked off with Blanche visit Pilates and more and check the
ers were Sing Galing Duo champion Bravo a certied Zumba trainer from other classes they offer. Tess Badiola
Carlo Delnado and Joanna Slayton, Edge Gym of Holiday Inn Hotel of Fit in Time also explained their
JamStart lead vocalist Arcie Suyu, danced and led the group to popular presence in the event and their sup-
Filipino Bossa Nova Queen in Ku- 80s tune. Bravo a certied Zumba port to health awareness. She said
wait Rowena Tinio, Voice Coach and instructor and group tness trainer
that the Electronic Muscle Stimula-
Singing Champ Jennifer Uy. is also a professional hiphop and
ballroom dancer. Mynnah Anna Ber- tor Fit in Time serves as alternative
Two #WorldClassPinoy dance workout to those who want to achieve
groups -- the Next Episode Crew and nardo Dy of Champions Health Club
followed immediately with her sets of fast results and less time involved.
the One Groove gyrated, somer- She encouraged everyone to try the
saulted and conquered the centrestage funk music and routines. Dy a ZIN,
group tness trainer is also a profes- machine. Nanay Eden Restaurant, the
with the latest dance craze to the rst Filipino casual dining restaurant
delight of the audience. sional dancer on television. Jamie
Red of Rush Gym took the stage after in Kuwait also announced its ofcial
One of the highlights of the event opening on April 14 and invited
was the unveiling of the Maxs mural Dy. Red who works for Rush Gym
women, a certied tness and Zumba everyone to try their dishes.
by #WorldClassPinoy artist Romano The Z Crew Q8 is composed of
Roman, inspired from the upcoming instructor took everyone to series of
high impact routines and to the music instructors from different gyms who
celebration of the Philippine Indepen- come together at 8:30 am on Friday
dence Day and a tribute to the mil- of the 80s. Finally, Janice Capili and Zumba instructors
lions of Overseas Filipinos across the Anne Pobre of Pilates and More, both at Chai Al Dhaha Hall of Radisson
globe. Romano nished the colourul certied tness trainers and Zumba It was so entertaining to see every- rst I danced to them and had a really classes, I thought it was all about Blu Hotel under the patronage of
masterpiece in just two hours from instructors took turns to bring the one on the oor singing and dancing great time stated Anna Banaga, a Latin music but I never did expect Ida Pellaud, spouse of the Radisson
6:30 to 8:30 pm during the event. crowd on their toes with their power- to popular tunes of the 80s. Music nurse. routines we used can be just as Blu Hotel General Manager Philippe
Capping the #WorldClassPinoy ful moves and music. were so familiar that it was the very When I got hooked to Zumba entertaining and worth the workout. Pelaud.
event was the sumptuous dinner
featuring the new menu of Maxs 2. Please write your story or memory Amricani. Share with us! conducted at Rajdhani Palace Hotel leadership, creative thinking and non-
that was also launched on that night and sign it with your full name, and your where in more than 100 members verbal communication.
that included the Philippines famous contact number. April 7 representing various socio-cultural The presenters detailed the CLP
chicken and beef adobo, broiled 3. It will be great if you send us your and religious organizations of Kuwait program, which is scheduled to
bangus belly, eggplant salad, chicken click personal photos or those of the place
CIGI to conduct CLP in Kuwait:
The Kuwait Chapter of CIGI, acro- participated. The 120 minutes presen- begin on the 7th of April. A com-
BBQ on a skewer, sizzling seafood related to the story (optional). nym for Centre for Information and tation was delivered by CIGI Senior prehensive course plan has been de-
and many more that were prepared Latest Your story will be part of a new book Guidance India, is all set to begin its Resource Persons Sameer Mohammed signed in which the total course will
by #WorldClassPinoy chefs led by to be published by DAI. agship program CLP (Community and Engineer Afzal Ali. The session be divided into three sets namely
Chef Henry Suarez who ew in from I am condent that your contributions Leadership Program) in Kuwait. that briefed the scope and benets of
Dubai for the event. Continued from Page 22 will be an essential part of the history of An introductory session to CLP was CLP included tips and exercises on Continued on Page 25


Visitors to US memorial transported back in time

USs WWI centennial lures visitors to museum

KANSAS CITY, Missouri, April 4, (AP):
Crossing a glass walkway that spans a eld
of 9,000 poppies, visitors to the ofcial US
memorial to World War I are transported
to a time when tanks and air warfare were
new and the hopeful owers sprang up on
the barren, trench-dotted battleelds where
hundreds of thousands of soldiers died.
The museum, which is housed under a
tower that rises 217 feet (66 meters) into the
Kansas City skyline and is topped by a giant
ame, will be the site of a remembrance
Thursday to mark the 100-year anniversary
of the United States entering the war.
The poppies that visitors pass while
entering the museum represent the 9 mil-
lion combat deaths of the Great War, about
116,000 of them Americans. In Flanders
elds the poppies blow. Between the cross-
es, row on row, goes a famous poem about
the Belgian battleelds where hundreds
of thousands of soldiers died on the wars
Western Front.
With the centennial of the ghting draw-
ing more attention to the war, more than
200,000 visited the museum last year, an
increase of about 50 percent from three
years earlier. They included visitors from
more than 70 countries.
The sites Egyptian Revival-style
monument was erected in a burst of postwar
patriotism after $2.5 million was raised in
less than two weeks in 1919, an amount
that would be equal to about $35 million
today. Children helped, going door to door
collecting money in what was an early 20th
century story of crowdsourcing, according
to museum spokesman Mike Vietti.
So noteworthy was the achievement that
Allied commanders from Belgium, Great
Britain, Italy, France and the US gathered in
1921 to dedicate the site. Its located across
the street from the Kansas City train station
that more than half of US troops passed
through before being shipped overseas.
When the monument was completed ve
years later, a crowd of more than 150,000 In this Feb 16, 2017 photo, a visitor leaves the National World War I Museum in Kansas City, Missouri. (Inset): Visitors stand on
turned out to hear President Calvin Coolidge a glass walkway over 9,000 poppies inside the entrance of the National World War I Museum. (AP)
speak at the dedication.
But years of deferred maintenance led
the site to be closed in 1994. A massive
$102 million transformation followed,
funded by a sales tax, bond issue and private
donations. The exterior was repaired, and
the design rm behind attractions such as
Washingtons Holocaust Memorial Museum
was tapped to create a new museum that
would tell World War Is story of assassina-
tion, empires swept away and new nations
born. The site, now known as the National
World War I Museum and Memorial, was
made ofcial in legislation that President
Barack Obama signed in 2014.
The museums collection of documents
and artifacts has a global breadth, cover-
ing the period both before and after the US
entered the war. The conict ended in 1918
with the Treaty of Versailles, though many
historians believe the treatys terms helped
set the stage for World War II a generation
Among the items used to tell the complex
story of the connection between the two
wars is the tunic and cape of Paul von Hin- A docent walks past a French artillery piece at the National World War I Museum. (AP) A visitor watches a video presentation. (AP)
denburg, a German commander and national
hero who later became Germanys president
and in 1933 appointed Adolf Hitler chancel-
Visitors can also see the rapidly evolving
Museum of Manhattan
weaponry that led to widespread casualties
as commanders struggled to adapt. Theres
a British torpedo, a US-made Naval mine, a
life-size replica of a British biplane known
as the Airco DH.2 and a French Renault
tank that Vietti described as a weapon of
terror as well as a weapon of war.
One exhibit highlights the damage an
artillery shell would have done to a house
in the French countryside, while another
allows visitors to glimpse inside replicas of
the trenches where doughboys fought and
often died. In the Horizon Theater, World
War I lm footage plays on a 100-foot
(30-meter) screen above a full-scale tableau
of no mans land.
The sites original museum now hosts ro-
tating exhibitions, with the latest highlight-
ing propaganda posters.
Matthew Naylor, the president and CEO
of the museum, keeps his grandfathers
wartime shaving kit on display in his ofce.
While issued by the British, it was made in In this March 31, 2017 photo, Muslim artifacts are encased for display, during the exhibition
Germany. He noted that the two countries America to Zanzibar: Muslim Cultures Near and Far, at Childrens Museum of Manhattan
were trading partners before the war. in New York. (AP)
The fragility of world relations at the
time, Naylor said, has parallels to today that
some would say are ominous.

If You Go...
National World War I Museum and Me-
morial: 2 Memorial Drive, Kansas City,
Missouri; .
Tuesday-Sunday, 10 am-5 pm, $16. Mu-
seum closed April 5-6 for centennial com-

Continued from Page 24

Individual Development, Family Orientation

and Sociological Development. Youngsters interact with a display of musical instruments at the Childrens Museum of A youngster interacts with a display on musical instruments while, Lizzy Martin (right), Di-
The Individual Development set includes Manhattan. (AP) rector of Exhibit Development and Museum Planning at the Childrens Museum of Manhat-
various sessions that focus on personality tan, is interviewed at the exhibition. (AP)
development, creativity & problem solving
skills, effective leadership, essential life skills,
career enhancement workshops, emotional Muslim culture show a hit at Childrens Museum of Manhattan
intelligence, spiritual psychology, motivation
and empowerment. An exhibition about Muslim cultures around ary 2018 at the Creative Discovery Muse- than what they encounter in the media. Our New York. And they can explore ancient
The Family Orientation Set includes mod- the world is proving popular at the Chil- um in Chattanooga, Tennessee, followed exhibition helps address this need. trade routes on a camel or an Indian Ocean
ules on interpersonal relationship, pre-marital drens Museum of Manhattan. by a run in 2019 at the Please Touch Mu- The exhibition includes interactive fea- boat called a dhow.
counselling, child & geriatric counselling, fam- The museum has seen an increase in seum in Philadelphia. tures like a global marketplace where chil- The exhibit is decorated with geometric
ily improvement program, student psychology visitors since the show opened, with a third As a rst-of-its-kind exhibition, the con- dren can pretend to buy spices from Egypt, tile designs, patterned rugs, ceramics and
and counselling, remote & applied parenting. of those visitors from outside the New York tent of America to Zanzibar is new for most ceramics from Turkey and rugs from Mo- other works of art. A 3-D installation shows
Social Development set includes sessions on area. visitors, said Andrew Ackerman, the mu- rocco. They can also weigh their catch at mosque architecture from the Maldives to
project management skills, team building, The show, called America to Zanzi- seums executive director. Many parents the Zanzibar sh market, smell Indonesian China.
bar: Muslim Cultures Near and Far, runs are eager for their children to experience fruits, serve Tajik tea and design outts in- The exhibit is designed for children aged
Continued on Page 27 through December and will open in Febru- a broad range of cultures in a deeper way spired by West African tailors who work in 2 to 10 and their families. (AP)


Fords toughest, smartest, most capable truck for ultimate off-road performance

All-new F-150 Raptor charges into the Middle East

KUWAIT CITY, April 4: Eagerly an- F-150 for enhanced stability off-road. with increased boost calibrations, cast driving efciency. The transmissions
ticipated and still unmatched by any auto The all-new F-150 Raptor also boasts its stainless steel manifolds and full dual closer ratio between gears and Ford-
manufacturer, Ford Americas truck rst-ever dual exhaust and new 17-inch exhaust, oil-cooled pistons and more ag- patented hydraulic control system better
leader introduces the all-new 2017 wheels with next-generation BFGo- gressive engine control calibrations. optimise the power and torque curves of
F-150 Raptor to the Middle East, adding odrich All-Terrain tyres designed for An all-new four-wheel-drive, torque- the new 3.5-litre high-output EcoBoost
agility, versatility and roominess to the off-road performance. on-demand transfer case, with advanced, engine.
toughest, smartest, most capable F-150 Smartest F-150 Raptor ever easy-to-use off-road mode driver-assist Raptors all-new adaptive shift
Raptor ever. F-150 Raptor is powered by Fords technology, further improves Raptors algorithms monitor more than a dozen
Developed with the DNA of a Baja all-new, second-generation high-output performance so it is easy to drive off- powertrain and driver control signals in
race truck, F-150 Raptor is unique 3.5-litre EcoBoost engine that produc- road across varying terrain. real time ensuring the right gear at the
among off-road and performance vehi- es more power with greater efciency F-150 Raptors new transfer case, right time for an engaging driving expe-
cles, with a purpose-built engine, chassis than the outgoing 6.2-litre V8. which manages power distribution rience, including Raptors normal, sport,
and suspension that enables it to travel Within performance circles, Fords between the front and rear wheels, com- weather, mud/sand, rock/crawl and Baja
fast over challenging desert landscapes EcoBoost engine has gained a following bines the best attributes of clutch-driven, modes. In addition, a high-speed, one-
or crawl over rocky terrain. among truck enthusiasts and racing on-demand all-wheel drive with durable, way clutch allows for non-sequential
Using the same high-strength, alumin- fans alike. Already robust and efcient, mechanical-locking four-wheel drive shifting. Weight savings play a key role
ium alloy body and a fully boxed high- Ford developed the second-generation to send power to the wheels in slippery in improved shift performance. The
strength steel frame as the current F-150 3.5-litre EcoBoost, which the Ford Per- conditions. 10-speed gearbox the rst from Ford
trucks, the 2017 Raptor is up to 227 kg All-new 2017 F-150 Raptor formance team then tuned specically The pioneering off-road driving mode not to employ cast-iron components
lighter than the 2014 model. Combined for the new Raptor. technology has evolved into an all-new uses advanced materials and alloys that
with a new high-output second-gener- Raptor was designed to be a no- The all-new F-150 Raptor starts with Key 3.5-litre EcoBoost engine Terrain Management System that result in less weight. Additionally, an in-
ation EcoBoost engine and 10-speed compromise, off-road performance ma- a purpose-built fully boxed frame the improvements include a new twin direct enables the driver to select modes to tegrated torque converter/turbine clutch
transmission, it delivers a 21 per cent chine, said Thierry Sabbagh, managing backbone of the truck that is the and port-fuel injection strategy, stronger optimise driving dynamics to environ- helps shed around one kilogramme,
improved average torque-to-weight ratio director of Ford Middle East. The 2017 strongest in the F-150 line-up, featuring and lighter crank and valvetrain compo- mental conditions from snow to mud, while also reducing the packaging foot-
and a 23 per cent improvement in EPA- Raptor is the best high-performance off- more high-strength steel than the outgo- nents, a redesigned twin-turbocharger sand and more. print. By re-engineering almost every
rated combined fuel economy compared roading pick-up truck available, and as ing Raptor. system with electronic wastegate, and All-new 10-speed automatic trans- part, Ford proudly introduces its ultimate
with the previous generation Raptor. The one of the most successful and popular The F-150 Raptors chiselled looks a redesigned valvetrain and variable- mission high-performance off-road pickup truck,
new engine produces more power with trucks in the world, represents Fords are reminiscent of Trophy Trucks displacement oil pump. The all-new 10-speed automatic the all-new 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor,
greater efciency than the current 6.2-li- willingness to consistently sit on top of the fastest and most powerful class of Among the high-output EcoBoost transmission, standard on the 2017 across the Middle East now.
tre V8, delivering 421 PS* at 6,000rpm the truck food chain. off-road pickups. F-150 Raptor is more performance enhancements for Raptor Raptor, features Auto Start-Stop and an * As per Gulf Standardisation Organ-
and 678 Nm of torque* at 3,750rpm. Toughest F-150 Raptor ever than 150 mm wider than the standard are more aggressive turbo compressors integrated electric pump that improve isation (GSO) ratings.

Event focuses on raising awareness on healthy environment

Al Tijaria launches plant a tree drive

KUWAIT CITY, April 4: Plant A
Tree in My Country is the latest
initiative launched by The Commer-
cial Real Estate Company Al Tijaria
as part of their We care Corpo-
rate Social Responsibility program.
This initiative is the brainchild of Al
Tijarias Chairman Abdulfatah M.
R. Marae. The event focuses on in-
creasing awareness on planting more
trees and to further plant as many
seedlings as possible in Boulevard
and across Kuwait. On April 1, 2017
the rst inaugural initiative of this
campaign was successfully held in
Adwan Al Adwani, Chairman of
Time for a Brake?
Al Salmiya Group for Enterprise De-
velopment has stated that this fruitful
cooperation between Al Tijaria Real
Estate Company, Al Salmiya Group
Renault Al Babtain launches
A photo from the event.
and Kuwait Institute for Scientic
Research is a result of our care in
providing a healthy environment and
new after-sales campaign
safe outdoor area for families to enjoy KUWAIT CITY, April 4: Abdul-
their best moments. mohsen Abdulaziz Al Babtain Co
Adwani added that more than 500 the exclusive agent of Renault in the
seedlings were planted in differ- State of Kuwait, has once again reaf-
ent areas in Boulevard in less than rmed its ongoing commitment to
an hour. He further appreciated the improving road safety by launching
efforts of all the volunteers in ac- a new After Sales Campaign for all
complishing this achievement which Renault owners.
includes the staff of Al Tijaria Real The After Sales Campaign
Estate Company, afliated companys reminds customers to maintain
staff, tenants such as Costa Caf,
volunteer groups such as: Loyac, Date their braking system on time,
Palm Friends Society and Ataa Hub and keep their family safe. The Salary account
Society, Accounting Club at GUST campaign offers special discounts
University and Rotana Hotel staff. that include 30% discount on parts,
Adwani also thanked Symphony
Style Hotel Kuwait for their valuable
15% on labor and 20% on acces-
sories, as well as, free Aircomatic
New Thuraya draw
service with any repair of 30 KD
participation in this event by offering
the volunteers light snacks and drinks and above; to benefit from the free winner announced
and distributing giveaways which Aircomatic service, the customer
should have an activated MYRE- KUWAIT CITY, April 4: Burgan Bank,
can be recycled and used as seedlings the second largest in terms of assets, an-
once consumed. NAULT account.
Renault Al Babtain urges all nounced today Ms. Mona Ahmed Ab-
Mrs Rawan Adnan, Marketing &
Leasing Dept Manager has stated Renault owners to take advan- dulmohsen Al Ali as the lucky winner of
that Al Tijaria aims to encourage the Al Thuraya Salary Account monthly
tage of this offer and to maintain draw. The winner was presented with a
citizens and residents to preserve their safety measures. Renault Al
the environment and initiate similar Nissan Patrol SUV.
Babtain Service Center, won Best The draw rewards new and existing
campaigns, through this initiative. We Customer Service Award during
A photo from the event look forward to being a role model for customers who transfer their salary to
the Renault Middle East Con- Burgan Bank by offering them a chance
neighboring countries and the rest of vention that was held in Dubai. to win a Nissan Patrol SUV every
Special screening of Smurfs held the world in the long run.
We Care is the title chosen by
Renault team offers its expertise month. With every KD 10 available in
& assistance with every step of the account, the customer receives one
The Commercial Real Estate Com- customers journey.
pany to highlight its corporate social chance to enter the draw.
McDonalds draws smiles on childrens faces responsibility initiatives in alliance
with applying corporate governance
The service center is fully
equipped with state-of-the-art tech-
nology that guarantees value, safety
The Al Thuraya account holders have
the option to hold money in Kuwaiti Di-
nar and any other major currencies and
principles and as part of our responsi-
KUWAIT CITY, April 4: It was a bility in saving the environment and and driving pleasure. Moreover, can access other account-related services
night of movie magic for a special towards a greener future. the service center offers services such as standing orders, loans and credit
group of children, as McDonalds Al Tijaria Real Estate Company that include but are not limited to cards and much more.
Kuwait held a private screening thanked all the volunteers and em- oil change, break change, seatbelt Customers wishing to open the Al
of the new animated blockbuster, ployees for their valuable participa- warming, tire pressure monitoring, Thuraya account can do so by simply
Smurfs: The Lost Village. Chil- tion in planting the trees and making checking uid levels and transmis- visiting the nearest Burgan Bank branch
dren from the Kuwait Association this initiative a success. sion replacements, etc. and obtain all the necessary details, or
for the Care of Children in Hospi- The After Sales Campaign is cur- simply call the banks call center on
tals (KACCH), the Kuwait Orphan- rently running in Renaults Special 1804080. For further information, cus-
age and Dasman Bilingual School Etihad supports Service Centers located in Al Rai
until May 4, 2017.
tomers can also visit the banks website
were invited to go on a fun and
exciting journey into the wonderful autism awareness
world of the Smurfs, in an exclusive
screening held this past Thursday at
Marina Mall Cinescape.
Abu Dhabi, UAE, April 4: Etihad Royale Hayat visits AUS to
Airways, the national airline of
The highly-anticipated lm gave
the young audience a cinematic
experience to remember, but the
the United Arab Emirates (UAE),
is showing its support for Autism educate on healthy lifestyle
Zain employees donating blood Awareness Month.
evening did not end there. Follow- Highlighting the need for increased KUWAIT CITY, April 4: Under the bohydrates and free of sugar to maintain
ing the screening, the audience was awareness and understanding for au- umbrella of Community Awareness a healthy body. Students and teachers
treated to a special movie-themed
McDonalds dining experience, fea-
Zain holds 1st internal blood tism, Etihad Airways joined thousands
of businesses, buildings and iconic
Program at Royale Hayat Hospital,
Dr Ahmed Al Mulla, Head of Surgery
at AUS were interactive and had the
chance to ask questions and get expert
turing Smurfs Happy Meals. At the landmarks in Light It Up Blue a Department and Consultant General, answers regarding various health issues
end of the evening, the children left
the screening wearing huge smiles
donation campaign of year global initiative on World Autism
Awareness Day by bathing the exte-
Laparoscopic, Bariatric and Oncology
Surgery and a team of experts visited the
and preventative medicine including
personal and hands hygiene to ght in-
American United School on 28th March fectious diseases.
and with goodie bags lled with fun KUWAIT CITY, April 4: Zain, the are in urgent need of blood like people rior of its facilities in blue light. In the 2017 to raise awareness on health related During the visit, Dr Ahmed Al Mulla
gifts and Smurfs memorabilia. leading telecommunications company with rare blood types. Zain strives to month of April, which is recognised as issues among students and teachers. highlighted the importance of Royale
Nothing makes us happier than in Kuwait, recently held the rst in- contribute to its community through Autism Awareness Month locally and Experts from Royale Hayat Hospital Hayat Community Awareness Program
drawing smiles on the faces of our ternal Blood Drive campaign for its its numerous corporate social respon- internationally, the airline will also be discussed medical topics such as the and the role it plays in educating and
youngest fans, and what better way to employees of the year. The campaign, sibility initiatives and is pleased with organising community and staff initia- risks of obesity, medical treatments and encouraging the community to adapt a
do so than taking them on a journey held at the companys main headquar- the success this particular activity has tives to promote autism awareness and methods of prevention, such as having a healthy lifestyle.
into the magical world of lm? said ters in Shuwaikh, came in partnership achieved. the UAEs socially inclusive society. healthy balanced diet that is low in car- In addition to awareness programs,
Sherif Coutry, Marketing Director at with the Central Blood Bank of Ku- The company is keen to organize the Department of General Surgery and
McDonalds Kuwait. These private wait. internal blood drive campaigns for Obesity Surgery, Endoscopy and On-
screenings have become one our most Zain organizes this initiative several employees in collaboration with the cology at RHH provides advanced ser-
popular community initiatives over times a year as part of its Corporate Central Blood Bank to encourage em- vices to treat any related disease, such as
Sustainability and Social Responsibil- ployees to donate blood and save lives. stomach stenosis, gastric bypass, gastric
the past few years, and they have ity strategy towards the health sector. Zain afrmed that its contribution to
proven to be a major hit with children balloon, stomach ring, stomach capsule,
The campaign also aims at encourag- organizing internal blood drives falls restoration of obesity and cosmetic re-
and families alike. ing employees to donate blood and under its CSSR strategies. constructive surgery after obesity, in
Coutry further added: The save lives. Zains solid Corporate Sustainabil- addition to many diseases related to the
McDonalds experience is all about The blood drive campaign wit- ity and Social Responsibility strategy gastrointestinal system, such as gall-
bringing joy and laughter to our nessed positive feedback and partici- primarily focuses on the wellbeing of stones, abdominal hernia, diaphragm,
communities, and our Brand Prom- pation from Zain employees, further the entire nation. For this reason, the esophageal reux, diaphragm, tumors,
ise is simple, easy enjoyment. reinforcing the companys keenness company has maintained its support gastroenteritis, intestine and colon, tum-
These movie screenings are simply in having a productive role in social of numerous initiatives that spread my tucks, anal surgery, breast surgery
one way on which we deliver on and health activities, especially those awareness and help make a difference and surgery, and thyroid and endocrine
that promise. that contribute with saving people that to peoples everyday lives. A photo from the event. surgery.


h o r o s c o p e
By Jacqueline Bigar
Happy birthday for Wednesday, April 5, 2017:
imagination. The decision you make now could
be very different from what you initially had Aries - (Mar 21 - Apr 19) You might try very hard to keep everyone clear of
the apparent impending problems. What you say
has more impact than you realize. Expect an appro-
Virgo - (Aug 23 - Sept 22): **** Others observe your performance.
You might wonder what would be best to do
thought possible. You will be much happier under the present circumstances. A partner
This year you get past many obstacles because with the results. Tonight: Let your hair down. **** You might have been concerned about a priate response from the others involved. Tonight: **** Read between the lines. Maintain a or loved one is likely to offer his or her
of your resourcefulness. You also express an certain amount of confusion. However, youll see Out and about with loved ones. laidback attitude. You might not like a lot of feedback. Prepare to change your style if
unusual magnetism that attracts others and
helps solve problems. If you are single, youll Aquarius - (Jan 20 - Feb 18)
how easily others can let go of their views and be
ready to listen. Seize the moment, and allow your
Cancer - (June 21 - July 22)
what you are hearing, but listen carefully
before you respond. Someone else will make a
necessary. Tonight: You are a force to be
dealt with wherever you are.
have several potential suitors appear. To make creativity to take the lead. Tonight: Allow more fun strong impression on you and also might help
***** Your buoyant personality might be
a good choice, you need to decide what type of
relationship you want. If you are attached, the challenging to a loved one. A matter involving
to happen; take a midweek break. **** Curb a tendency to focus on one specif-
ic detail and let it consume you. Stop and take
others view a situation differently. Tonight:
Not to be found.
Sagittarius - (Nov 22 - Dec
two of you seem to grow because of a more property could develop an explosive quality if
you are not careful. In any case, allow others Taurus - (Apr 20 - May 20) in the big picture. You might see yet another 21)
positive attitude that emanates from your
sweetie. You naturally reect back the good the freedom of self-expression without judging
them. Tonight: At a favorite haunt.
*** You might have misheard what some-
perspective of what is going on. You will be
a lot happier once you gain some clarity and
Libra - (Sept 23 - Oct 22) **** Balance your needs and responsibilities
vibes. LEO helps you to lighten up when you one said. Avoid misrepresenting the facts, and understanding. Tonight: Dinner for two. with others. Take news with a grain of salt. Pace
**** You know where you are going and yourself, and get as much done as possible. Once
are down. move forward with a conversation even it feels
The Stars Show the Kind of Day Youll
Have: 5-Dynamic; 4-Positive; 3-Average;
Pisces - (Feb 19 - Mar 20) somewhat awkward. You are likely to present
an idea that will make others stop and think.
Leo - (July 23 - Aug 22) what you need to do. Overthinking tends to
make you nervous. Relax, know what you
you free up some time, youll feel more adventur-
ous. Be careful with a partner who always thinks
2-So-so; 1-Difcult **** Speak your mind. Be willing to de- Listen to the feedback. Tonight: Make week- want, and then zero in on your goal. Joint - he or she is right. Tonight: Out late.
**** You might feel momentarily confused ear- nancial matters could be involved in a project
tach and take a more complete look at what is end plans. ly in the day. Dont worry youll clear up prob-
Capricorn - (Dec 22 - Jan 19) happening. You are likely to hear some strong
opinions. You have a lot on your mind, which Gemini - (May 21 - June 20)
lems much more easily than you thought possible.
You might need to detach in order to see the big
or decision. Ask questions, if need be. Tonight:
Where your friends are. Born today: Actress Bette Davis (1908),
**** You might want to reconsider a deci- might block you from being as innovative as picture. As a result, you will gain more understand- actor Michael Moriarty (1941), singer/song-
sion involving your personal life. Apply your you can be. Tonight: Survey the possibilities. **** Confusion surrounds communication. ing. Tonight: Do whatever you want. Scorpio - (Oct 23 - Nov 21) writer Pharrell Williams (1973)

home decor indoor gardening beauty tips taste buds

embroidered wall art amaryllis shave smartly mango ice candy

Step 1: Use a seam ripper to open the bag along Amaryllis scientic name is Hippeastrum_ hybrids Shaving can irritate dry skin. As you shave unwant- Ingredients: 2 ripe mangoes, peeled and mashed,
the seams, so youre left with a at piece of fabric. Amaryllis is an easy bulb to grow. Its enormous ed hair, youre also scraping off natural oils. 1-1/2 cups evaporated or fresh milk, 1/2 cup water,
Hand-wash, and press with an iron. cluster of trumpet-shape blooms may require stak- The best time to shave is after you shower. 1/2 cup rened sugar, 15 pcs Ice candy cellophane
Step 2: Embroider the words and images as de- ing to keep them upright, but blooms may last for Hairs are softer and more pliable after bathing, Ice Candy wrapper.
sired, matching your embroidery oss to the bags up to 6 weeks. making shaving easier. Procedure:
colors. Keep the plant cool (60-65F) while in bloom but Always use a shaving cream or gel, and shave in Wash, peel and mash mangoes and place on a
Step 3: Center your bag on a blank canvas slightly warmer at other times when it is actively the direction the hair is growing to protect your skin. deep bowl.
board-choose a board that allows for at least two growing. It needs bright light and evenly moist soil, Make sure the razor is sharp. A dull razor blade Add all remaining ingredients in a bowl, stir well
inches of the bags fabric to wrap around all sides. except when it is dormant. can cause additional irritation. Change your razor until sugar dissolves.
Apply Shurtape double-sided carpet tape to the Force the bulb to go dormant in late summer or blades often. If you are using a blade youve used Prepare your ice candy wrapper, funnel, and a
boards side and back early fall by withholding water and placing it in a before, soak it in rubbing alcohol to clean it. ladle.
Step 4: Tightly wrap the bag around the board, cool, dry location for a couple of months. Resume Insert the tip of the funnel in cellophane and hold
pressing it rmly against the tape; then trim away watering and move it to a warm spot to force new tight.
any excess fabric along the back. Add picture- growth Ladle mango mixture into the cellophane leaving
hanging hardware to the back of the board (if de- at least 2 inches for sealing.
sired) and display. Twist the cellophane to seal the mixture and knot
Repeat the same procedure until all wrapped.
Freeze ice candy overnight before serving.

Dear Abby whats on today emergency number 112

Civil ID info: 1889988
Wife is looking for a Site for checking travel ban

way out of marriage Springtime Music: Dar Al-Athar Gallery hours Sunday to Thursday:
By Abigail Van Buren Al-Islamiyyah will open 22nd cultural 10:00 am-1:00 pm and 4:00-8:00 pm.
season 2016/2017 today at Al-Yarmouk Saturday: by appointment. Getting To
Cultural Centre, Yarmouk, Block 3, The Gallery A1-Watiah, Behbehani
Dear Abby: I have been married for three years. We are
both retired. Five months after the wedding, my husband let Street 3 with organ and choir concert Compound, House No. 28. For further
me know that he wasnt interested in being intimate anymore. Springtime Music by Cantores Maiores information call +965 2243 3183. web-
We no longer share a bedroom. Hes overweight, not in the choir at 07:00 pm. Dr Valentina Maria site: www.daralfunoon-kwcom.
best of health, and refuses to change his diet or exercise. Baginska, music director, conductor,
I feel like I am living with a very nice male friend. Other organ soloist will lead the choir while
than the lack of affection, he isnt a bad person and he pays Kinga Masternak will be on piano. Or- Bridge game: Bridge tournament is
all the bills. I did state clearly to him be- gan recital will include Claude Balbastre being held every Sunday and Wednes-
fore we were married what I was look- (1724-1799) Prelude and Fugue in D day at 20:00 hours, played at the Grad-
ing for in a husband, and he agreed to Minor; Felix Mendelssohm (1809-1847) uates Club, next to Kuwait Engineer-
everything I said. Although I am lonely, Sonata in D Minor, Choral, Andante ing Society. Interested Bridge pairs
I would never cheat on him. sostenuto, Allegro molto, Fugue Sos- or individual players please contact
I have been thinking about an exit tenuto, Finale Andante. Marian Sawa Mohammed Merchant, Tel: 24815622,
plan. We pray every night and attend (1937-2005) Taneczne Obrazki; Fran- 24841158, 99612287.
church together. He refuses to con-
sider any type of marriage counseling. co Castelli (*1939) Toccata in C Mi-
Im not stressed, but I know I must get nor. Entrance is free. Fathers Love Intl Ministries:
out of here. Any suggestions on how to Have you had a challenging week?
save this marriage? Fresh at Dar Al Funoon: Dar Al Want to hear something different for a
Abigail Van Buren The exit plan change? Something positive and ener-
Funoon is presenting exhibition titled
Dear exit: The answer to your question is no. You Fresh by Karim Ghidinelli until April 22 gizing? At FLIM, you will find all this and
made clear to your husband that being intimate in a Karim Ghidinelli was born in Brescia, much more ... Love, laugher, life and
marriage was important to you. You say he agreed Italy. He received his Bachelors and liberty. You will find a community of
to everything. Because that was not the truth and Masters degrees at Savannah College God-loving believers, who come every
you were misled, consult an attorney to nd out if the of Art & Design, Savannah, GA. He has Friday, Saturday, Monday and
marriage can be annulled. widely exhibited in the United States of Wednesday to praise and worship
America and Europe. For the third time, together. There always a word of bless-
Ghidinelli will present his most recent ing and edification for everyone who
Dear Abby: My husband and I have been married for 10
years. We are both in our 50s. Six months ago, I found him work at Dar Al Funoon. Karim lives and comes to the Fathers House. So, dont
with nail polish on his toes. When I asked him about it, he works in New York, USA. be left out! Come join the family! You
explained that it started in his 20s when a girlfriend painted Artists statement: Fresh, as in re- A yer of the event. will be restored, received, renewed and
his toes, and he liked it. He has been painting his toes ever newed, innovative and free. Freshness greatly rewarded!
since. He said he doesnt wear polish all the time, but he does as the liberation from stagnant and re- Fathers Love Encounter Service on
it for himself and he likes how it looks. I asked if he was a dundant policies and tendencies. Fresh Friday at 11:00 am to 2:00 pm
cross-dresser, and he assured me he isnt. as positive, peaceful and meaningful African service on Saturday at 7:00
Im not sure how I should feel about this. Im writing for evolution. In this ever certain world of pm to 9:00 pm
opinions from you and others. I cant turn to my friends be- absolute truths and populist totalitari- Empowerment Services on Monday
cause I dont want this to become small-town gossip. anism. I offer no answer, merely the at 6:30 pm 8:30 pm
Painted in New Jersey honesty of my journey, my reections Tamil Service on Wednesday at 7:00
Dear painted: You asked for an opinion, so heres and dilemmas, Id rather continue to pm to 9:00 pm
mine. Frankly, Im surprised it has taken you 10 ask, than attempt an overly simplistic Please call 66020972, 99874730,
years to notice this. Because your husband enjoys answer. 51003531
painting his toenails, look the other way and dont
obsess about it. We all have quirks, and what hes experiments that include strawberry
doing is harmless. DNA, Oreo moon phases, and bending
P.S. I have it on good authority that he isnt the
only man who does it. light! Designed for children ages 10-13,
each Experience Science 90 minute ses-
click sion (3:30 - 5 pm), which will be held at
Dear Abby: I am estranged from my son because he the Yarmouk Cultural Centre, includes
changed his last name when he married. He did it over my a look at the role of Muslim scientists
objection. Reportedly, his wifes parents tried to dissuade Latest in a specific field, whats happening in
them from doing it, too. The explanation we were given was that field today and a couple of hands-on
they need to have the same last name to feel like a family. Continued from Page 25
I suppose our last name was not acceptable, although they experiments.
claimed they had nothing against it. Week One (April 15): Human Biology
I tried to compromise and suggested my son use a hyphen- effective communication, public speaking and DNA
ated name. They agreed to it, but changed their minds after and presentation skills, conict resolution, Week Two (April 22): Astronomy
the wedding. I suspect that their reason was they want their social psychology and behavior modeling Week Three (April 29): Chemistry and
children to have a different last name than ours. techniques. Alchemy
What is your take on this? Am I overreacting by wanting The course will span over 12 months Week Four (May 6): Optics and Physics
to have nothing to do with them? with 3-hour sessions held on the rst Week Six (May 13): Family Day at
Mom of another name Friday of every month. Prominent speakers Amricani
from India and other GCC chapters will be To register your 10-13-year-old for this
Dear mom: Yes, you are overreacting. If you keep addressing the sessions. Various live sce-
this up, your grandchildren will miss out on a loving programme, please visit the museum shop
grandma. It is possible that your son and his wife narios, workshops and practical approaches at either the Yarmouk or Amricani cultural
preferred a name that was less ethnic or easier to will be among the methodologies used centres. Spaces are limited; to register,
spell. Hyphenating names can create problems during the classes. email:
especially if it continues into the next generation. The venue of the program will be A yer of the event.
announced later. Registration and other
detailed information are available on 9904
Chapter - Dr Amir Ahmed inaugurated biology, astronomy, chemistry, physics, General
Dear Abby is written by Abigail Van Buren, also 2276 and 9725 8324.
known as Jeanne Phillips, and was founded by The session began with the Quran the session and Abdul Gafoor delivered optics, and math, Muslim scholars like NYF offers free yoga classes: NYF
her mother, Pauline Phillips. Contact Dear Abby recitation by CIGI visionary Ashraf the vote of thanks. Ibn Haythem, Ibn Hayyan, Al-Fazari, Kuwait offers free yoga, breathing, medita-
at or P.O. Box 69440, Los Mohammed followed by the welcome and others, made significant contribu- tion and reiki classes by a well-experienced
Angeles, CA 90069. speech and introduction of speakers by April 15 tions to their fields. female yoga teacher for all age groups.
(Source: Universal Uclick) Chief Coordinator Abdul Azeez. Vice DAI Experience Science: Scientists Experience Science is a special Classes are given on the basis of different
President Faseehullah presided over the from the Islamic world helped build programme led by Dr B (Dr Bahareh health problems, stress and other problems
function. The Chairman of CIGI Kuwait the foundation of todays science. In Azizi), whos planned some pretty cool by different techniques. Contact: 99315825.


Couch slouch
Ivanka to speak with CBS

Turkish dramas continue

to sell despite local turmoil
LOS ANGELES, April 4, (RTRS): Undeterred India pay-TV network. And a Spanish redo of
by local turbulence, Turkish TV dramas con- psychological thriller The End will soon air
tinue to expand their global footprint. Netix in Spain on Telecinco.
recently nabbed more than 400 hours of dizi, Turkish serials are still going strong. In
as the shows are known locally, and local hits Latin America they are hotter than ever. In
such as Insider, produced by Ay Yapim, and Chile, Peru, Panama, and Uruguay last year at
Kanal Ds Wounded Love continue selling least four out the top 15 shows in all catego-
solidly around the globe. ries were Turkish, while not a single one was
Paradoxically the countrys post-coup at- American.
tempt climate has been conducive to more for- Timur Savci, head of shingle TIMS, which
eign production companies coming in, thanks spearheaded the countrys TV boom with
in part to the roughly 17% drop in the Turkish Magnicent Century, and other small-screen
lira value against the US dollar being seen as execs say that the ratings system introduced
a positive. In January, LA-based Karga Seven in Turkey in 2012, using high-consumer TV
Pictures (Hunting Hitler), which is owned by households as its base, has become a stum-
Red Arrow, opened an Istanbul ofce to churn bling block. Having that audience segment
out Turkish content. Endemol Shine Group, as reference constrains creativity by favoring
which opened an outpost in 2014, is a big local repetitive storylines, and long running times,
player, as is Fox. they claim. This in turn is making it more
According to the Istanbul Chamber of Com- challenging for Turkish producers to export
merce, annual revenue from overseas sales of their content, Savci says.
Turkish TV shows surpassed $350 million in
October, up from $300 million in 2015.
For us the Turkish market is denitely Ivanka Trump will be interviewed by
growing, says Prentiss Fraser, exec VP and CBS This Morning co-host Gayle King
managing director at Fox Networks Group in her rst television interview since being Mermaid Hales Parcells greets children as she performs at the Virginia Beach, Virginia on April 3. The aquarium presents a mermaid show
Content Distribution. The company is launch- named Assistant to the President, CBS News one night each week during the month of April. (AP)
ing six titles at MipTV, including local hit announced on Monday.
Second Chance, about a woman starting King will interview Ivanka on Tuesday in
over after her husband disappears without a
Washington, with the interview airing this
Wednesday during This Morning between
Mental health burden growing across the world
7 a.m. and 9 a.m. A preview of the interview
There are some indications that the Turkish
TV boom could be peaking, with fewer smash
hit shows among the multitude being churned
out. But experts say the phenomenon that has
will be presented Tuesday night on the CBS
Evening News With Scott Pelley and on
CBSN, CBS News 24/7 digital streaming
Experts urge huge expansion of online therapy
news network.
made Turkey the second-largest exporter of She is expected to discuss her ofcial White LONDON, April 4, (Agencies): A massive be a major part of the answer. and generic narcotic painkillers has agreed to
scripted TV content after the US is still in full House staff role and what she hopes to accom- and growing mental health burden across Through a proactive approach we can cre- pay the US government $35 million to resolve
swing. The market starting to evolve toward plish in her new position. Ivanka is President the world can only be tackled successfully ate an additional virtual system of care which a probe of its distribution of those drugs.
the OTT sphere. Donald Trumps eldest daughter and was with a major expansion of online psychiatric could build capacity, improve the quality of Mallinckrodt PLC said Monday it has
In January the rst Turkish streaming series, recently named to the new position within her resources such as virtual clinics and web-based care and make mental health care more effec- reached an agreement with the US Drug
titled Masum (Innocent), launched on local fathers administration, which will see her take psychotherapies, specialists said on Tuesday. tive, he told the ECP. Enforcement Administration and the US at-
platform BluTV. About six months earlier up an ofce in the West Wing as well as get- With resources tight and the global mental Web-based psychological treatments such torneys for the Eastern District of Michigan
Netix launched in Turkey in partnership with ting a top-secret security clearance. health system only serving around 10 percent as online cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) and Northern District of New York. The deal
local telco Vodafone, after buying a mega of patients even now, specialists speaking at have proven effective in several conditions is subject to further review and approval by the
package of local content for worldwide play the European Congress on Psychiatry (ECP) including depression and anxiety. Krausz said DEA and Justice Department.
from Eccho Rights. Netix is expected to soon United Shades of America with W. Kamau said the web is the only option for signi?cant there is also potential for online CBT to be
announce its rst Turkish original. Bell returns to CNN April 30, Variety can extra treatment capacity. modied for conditions such as post-traumatic
At MipTV Ay Yapim will launch its rst reveal exclusively. The World Health Organization (WHO) said stress disorder (PTSD). WELLINGTON, New Zealand: An outbreak
OTT original, Phi, about a celebrity psy- In the rst episode of the new season, W. last week mental disorders in particular Online assessments, web-based psycho- of typhoid fever among a church community
chiatrist who is a compulsive womanizer. The Kamau Bell delves into the lives of immigrants depression are now the leading cause of ill therapies,... and online research strategies will in New Zealand has caused one death and left
show is being touted as the rst in a new wave and refugees, and he interviews white national- health and disability worldwide. signicantly change the eld, he told the at least 14 other people hospitalized, health
of edgier Turkish TV fare. It will be interesting ist Richard Spencer, who tells the host, I Rates of depression have risen by more than congress. authorities said Tuesday.
to see how the launch of Netix and Amazon want to bathe in white privilege. 18 percent since 2005, the WHO says, and a Technologies like virtual reality and A person who traveled to the Pacic Islands
Prime as well as local streaming platforms in In other episodes, Bell, a native of Chicago, lack of support for mental health combined arti?cial intelligence can also be used in certain recently apparently contracted the disease
Turkey could impact the market. will return there to speak with politicians, resi- with a common fear of stigma means many do therapies for anxiety, and various online games there then spread it to others in New Zealand,
Meanwhile, in the latest instance of a shift dents and gang members about myths and the not get the treatment they need. and apps are being developed to support treat- Health Minister Jonathan Coleman said.
from exporting ready-made TV shows toward realities regarding violence in that city. Hell Michael Krausz, a professor of psychiatry at ment of depression in children. Most of the cases began emerging last week,
formats for remakes, a Hindi-language adapta- also visit Muslims in Michigan, the Appala- the University of British Columbia in Canada, and Coleman said authorities dont believe
tion of Turkeys female empowerment megahit chian region, Standing Rock, San Franciscos and a leading specialist at the World Psychiat- Also: the disease has been spread through water
Fatmagul premiered April 3 on Foxs Star Chinatown, and Puerto Rico. ric Association, said E-mental health should TRENTON, NJ: A top maker of brand-name contamination.

tv highlights
Cinema programme from Thursday 30/03/2017 to Wednesday 05/04/2017

Akher Deek Fe Masr (Arabic Film) 01:00 (Thu, Fri) 360 3 11:45 (No Fri) Fanar 1 17:45 13:30, 15:30, 20:00, Monday
14:45, 17:30, 20:30, 23:15 Marina 3 00:05 22:00, 00:05
Sharqia 1 13:15 (No Fri) Kong: Skull Island Showtime Available for Groups 09:30 am
Ajial 4 15:45, 21:15 Avenues 10 11:45 (No Fri) Grand Hamra 8 14:30, 16:45, 19:30, 22:15
20:00, 22:15 A Beautiful Planet 3D 10:30 am
Sharqia 2 23:00 18:30 (Thu) 17:00, 21:45, 00:05 Grand Gate 3 14:30, 16:30, 18:30,
Fanar 3 21:30, 23:45 05:30 pm, 07:30 pm
Muhalab 1 14:30 360 5 13:00 (No Fri) 20:30, 22:30
Marina 1 22:15 Collide Humpback Whales 3D 11:30 am
Muhalab 2 19:30 (No Fri, Sat, Mon) 15:30, 20:30, 22:45, 01:00 00:30 (Thu, Fri)
Avenues 1 13:15 (No Fri) 09:30 pm
22:30 Sharqia 3 19:45 360 13 14:15, 16:30, 21:15
15:30, 17:45, 20:00, Hebbuli (Kannada Film) Flying Monsters 3D 12:30 pm, 06:30 pm
Fanar 2 14:15, 19:15 Muhalab 3 22:00, 00:05 Grand Hamra 4 15:15, 17:30, 20:00, 22:30
22:15, 00:30
Marina 1 15:15, 19:45 Fanar 4 23:45 Grand Gate 6 14:00, 16:15, 18:45, 21:15 Avenues 8 18:30 Journey to Space 3D 08:30 pm
Avenues 4 12:45 (No Fri)
Avenues 2 12:15 (No Fri) Marina 1 13:15 (No Fri) 23:30 (Thu, Fri) 360 14 21:30
17:45 (No Mon)
14:45, 19:45, 22:15, 00:45 17:45, 00:30
22:00 Power Rangers Smurfs: The Lost Village
Avenues 4 15:15, 00:15 Avenues 9 19:15, 21:15, 23:15, 01:15 Showtime Available for Groups 09:30 am
360 8 12:15 (No Fri)
14:30, 16:45, 19:00,
Avenues 8 13:30, 16:00 360 2 11:45 (No Fri) Fanar 2 16:45 (Arabic Film) Journey to Space 3D 10:30 am
Avenues 11 00:05 14:15, 16:15, 18:15, Avenues 2 17:15 Avenues 9 13:15 (No Fri) 04:30 pm
21:15, 23:30 360 7 12:15 (No Fri)
360 9 15:00, 19:45 20:15, 22:15, 00:15 Avenues 10 19:15 15:15, 17:15 Flying Monsters 3D 11:30 am
14:45, 17:15, 19:45, Al-Kout 2 23:45 360 5 17:45 360 4 12:00 (No Fri) 09:30 pm
Al-Kout 2 11:45 (No Fri) 22:15, 00:45
16:45, 21:30 Grand Gate 7 20:15, 22:15 360 14 11:30 (Sat) 14:00, 16:00, 18:00, A Beautiful Planet 3D 12:30 pm, 02:30 pm,
360 9 12:30 (No Fri) 16:00 (No Thu, Fri, Mon)
Bairaq 3 18:00, 20:45, 23:15 00:15 (Thu, Fri) 20:00, 22:00 05:30 pm, 08:30 pm
17:15 360 15 14:15, 19:15
Laila 20:15 Bairaq 3 12:00 (No Fri) Kenya: Animal Kingdom 3D 01:30 pm
360 13 11:45 (No Fri) Sleepless Grand Hamra 5 19:45, 22:30 14:00, 16:00 Humpback Whales 3D 03:30 pm, 06:30 pm
Dont Knock Twice 18:45, 23:30 00:45 (Thu, Fri)
Muhalab 2 11:30 (No Fri) Ajial 3 17:00 Secret Ocean 3D 07:30 pm
360 14 18:45 (No Thu, Fri, Mon)
Grand Gate 8 14:45, 17:15, 19:15, 01:00 Grand Hamra 7 14:30, 17:00, 19:30, 22:00 19:00, 21:00 (Thu)
360 15 11:30 (No Fri)
21:15, 23:15 16:45, 21:45, 00:15 Avenues 7 16:15 Grand Gate 7 14:15, 16:15, 18:15 Wednesday
Avenues 8 11:30 (No Fri)
Safra 5 Njoom (Arabic Film)
Al-Kout 2 14:15, 19:00 Logan Showtime Available for Groups 09:30 am
Daylights End 00:15 Fanar 5 12:00 (No Fri) Flying Monsters 3D 10:30 am
Bairaq 2 17:30
Sharqia 1 15:30, 17:45, 00:30 Grand Gate 4 14:15, 16:45, 19:30, 22:00 360 14 14:00 (Fri, Sat) 14:00, 16:00, 18:00, Avenues 10 14:15 05:30 pm
Fanar 2 12:00 (No Fri) 00:30 20:00, 22:00, 00:05 360 4 00:05
A Beautiful Planet 3D 11:30 am
21:45, 00:05 Max Steel Grand Hamra 3 15:00, 17:00, 19:00, 21:00 Avenues 3 12:15 (No Fri)
06:30 pm, 09:30 pm
Avenues 7 11:45 (No Fri) 23:00 (Thu, Fri) 14:30, 16:45, 19:00, The Windmill Massacre
Grand Hamra 1 14:15, 16:15, 18:15, Humpback Whales 3D 12:30 pm
14:00, 18:15, 20:30, 20:15, 22:15 21:15, 23:30 360 6 17:30
Guru (Telugu Film) Avenues 4 20:00 Kenya: Animal Kingdom 3D 07:30 pm
22:45, 01:00 01:00 (Thu, Fri)
360 6 12:45 (No Fri) Grand Gate 5 14:45, 16:45, 19:00, Muhalab 2 13:30, 16:30 (Fri) 360 9 22:00, 00:05 Hamah (Kuwaiti Film) Journey to Space 3D 08:30 pm
15:00, 19:30, 21:45, 00:05 360 11 13:15 (No Fri) 360 14 15:30 (Thu)
21:00, 23:00 19:30 (Fri, Sat, Mon) Thursday
Al-Kout 4 12:45 (No Fri) Fanar 3 15:30 (Fri) 15:30, 17:45, 20:00, 17:00 (Thu, Fri)
15:00, 21:45, 00:05 Get Out 22:15, 00:30 Showtime Available for Groups 09:30 am
18:30 (Fri, Mon)
Sharqia 3 12:30 (No Fri) Ajial 2 15:30, 18:30, Al-Kout 3 12:30 (No Fri) Honey Bee2: Celebrations A Beautiful Planet 3D 10:30 am
Smurfs: The Lost Village 14:45, 21:45, 00:05 14:30, 16:30, 18:30, (Malayalam Film) 07:30 pm
21:30 (No Thu)
Sharqia 2 13:00 (No Fri) Muhalab 1 12:15 (No Fri) 20:30, 22:30, 00:30 360 14 18:30 (Thu, Fri, Mon) Flying Monsters 3D 11:30 am
15:00, 17:00, 19:00, 21:00 17:00, 22:15, 00:30 Life Bairaq 2 11:30 (No Fri) Plaza 15:45, 21:30 (Thu) 06:30 pm, 09:30 pm
Muhalab 3 12:00 (No Fri) Fanar 1 13:00 (No Fri) 18:45 Kenya: Animal Kingdom 3D 12:30 pm
14:00, 16:00, 18:00, 20:00 Journey to Space 3D 05:30 pm
Fanar 4 11:45 (No Fri)
15:15, 20:00, 22:15, 00:30 How to find us Ajial 1 15:45 (No Fri)
Marina 2 12:45 (No Fri) 18:45, 21:45 Humpback Whales 3D 08:30 pm
13:45, 15:45, 17:45, 15:00, 17:15, 19:30, 1. 360 Zahraa Area, South Surra, 6th Ring Road, corner of
19:45, 21:45 21:45, 00:05 King Faisal Highway Dora (Tamil Film) Friday
Marina 3 12:00 (No Fri) Avenues 5 21:00 (No Fri) 2. Ajial Ajial Complex, Fahaheel Plaza 15:45 (No Thu) A Beautiful Planet 3D 02:30 pm, 06:30 pm,
14:00, 16:00, 20:00, 22:00 23:15 3. Al Bairaq Between Jaber Al Ali East & Al Agalia West Ajial 4 18:30 (No Thu) 09:30 pm
18:00 (No Thu) Avenues 6 11:30 (No Fri) 4. Al Fanar Al Fanar Complex, Salem Al Mubarak Street, near Journey to Space 3D 03:30 pm
Avenues 5 13:00 (No Fri) 13:30, 15:45, 18:00, Sultan Center, Salmiya Kavan (Tamil Film) Humpback Whales 3D 04:30 pm
15:00, 17:00 20:15, 22:30, 00:45 5. Al Kout Al-Kout Complex, at the end of the Coastal Road, Plaza 21:30 (No Thu) Secret Ocean 3D 05:30 pm
19:00 (No Tue) 360 1 12:30 (No Fri) Ajial 3 19:00, 22:00 (No Thu)
Fahaheel Kenya: Animal Kingdom 3D 07:30 pm
Avenues 11 12:00 (No Fri) 14:45, 17:00, 19:15, 6. Al Muhalab Al Muhalab Complex, Behind Hawally Clinic, Hawally Flying Monsters 3D 08:30 pm
14:00, 16:00, 18:00, 21:30, 23:45
7. Al Sharqiya Arabian Gulf Street, Souq Sharq, near the Amiri Hospital Loot 2 (Nepali Film)
20:00, 22:00 360 10 20:15, 22:30, 00:45 Saturday
360 10 12:15 (No Fri) 360 12 01:00
8. Laila Gallery Salem Al Mubarak Street, near Sultan Center, Salmiya Ajial 1 16:00 (Fri)
14:15, 16:15, 18:15 9. Marina Marina Mall, Between Salem Al Mubarak Street & Showtime Available for Groups 09:30 am
Al-Kout 1 22:00, 00:15
Arabian Gulf Street, Salmiya
Katamarayudu (Telugu Film)
360 12 13:00 (No Fri) Al-Kout 4 17:15, 19:30 Flying Monsters 3D 10:30 am
10. Metro Metro Complex, Farwaniya, near Crowne Plaza Hotel & Ajial 2 15:30, 18:30, 21:30 (Thu) 05:30 pm, 07:30 pm
15:00, 17:00, 19:00, Laila 22:30
21:00, 23:00 Grand Hamra 2 14:15, 16:30, 19:15, 21:45 Farwaniya Garden A Beautiful Planet 3D 11:30 am
Al-Kout 1 12:00 (No Fri) 00:00 (Thu, Fri) 11. Plaza Salem Al Mubarak Street, near Sultan Center, Salmiya IMAX 03:30 pm, 08:30 pm
14:00, 16:00, 18:00, 20:00 Grand Hamra GC 15:00, 17:30, 20:00, 22:30 12. The Avenues The Avenues Mall, Al Reggai near Al Rai, 5th Ring Imax film programme at The Scientific Journey to Space 3D 12:30 pm, 06:30 pm,
Bairaq 1 13:00 (No Fri) 01:00 (Thu, Fri) Road & Ghazali Road Intersection Center 09:30 pm
15:00, 17:00, 19:00, Grand Gate 2 14:15, 16:30, 19:15, 21:30 NB: Friday no show before 1:30 pm Humpback Whales 3D 01:30 pm
21:00, 23:00 23:45 (Thu, Fri) Sunday
Regular show KD3:000; 3D-Digital KD3.500; VIP show Kenya: Animal Kingdom 3D 02:30 pm
Laila 16:15, 18:15 KD6.000. On Monday, price is KD1.500 except Digital movies. Showtime Available for Groups 09:30 am Secret Ocean 3D 04:30 pm
Grand Hamra 5 14:45, 17:15 Naam Shabana (Hindi Film) Flying Monsters 3D 10:30 am
Grand Hamra 6 14:00, 16:00, 18:00,
Cinescape cinema movies inquiries and Fax Back hotline 1803456 07:30 pm Notes: All films are in Arabic. For
Sharqia 3 17:00
20:00, 22:00 Muhalab 1 19:15 13. The Scientific Center IMAX Opp Holiday Inn, Salmiya, Gulf Road A Beautiful Planet 3D 11:30 am English, headsets are available upon
Grand Gate 1 14:00, 16:00, 18:00, Muhalab 2 13:30, 16:30 (No Fri) 06:30 pm, 09:30 pm request. Film schedule is subject to chang-
14. Grand Al-Hamra Grand Al-Hamra, tel: 22270333, www.grand Journey to Space 3D 12:30 pm es without notice.
20:00, 22:15 Fanar 3 12:45, 15:30 (No Fri)
Grand Gate GC 15:00, 17:00, 19:00, 18:30 (No Fri, Mon) 15. Grand Gate Grand Gate, tel: 22056464, Humpback Whales 3D 05:30 pm For information call 1 848 888 or visit
21:00, 23:00 Avenues 8 21:30 Kenya: Animal Kingdom 3D 08:30 pm

Patients with rare, aggressive, virus-linked skin cancer respond to immunotherapy

High blood sugar may up prostate cancer death risk

WASHINGTON, DC, April 4: Cancers sweet We wanted to understand why different bio- found a higher risk of prostate cancer death in including 25 patients with MCC show eight itching. Most side effects were mild.
tooth may play a role in increasing the risk of markers of glucose had different associations men who registered hyperglycemic on two of complete responses, meaning elimination of all
lethal prostate cancers, according to research- with prostate cancer death, says Michael Mar- the tests, although the result was not statisti- detectable tumors lasting at least 30 days, and
ers at the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Cen- rone, pre-doctoral student at the Johns Hopkins cally signicant. eight partial responses, meaning approximately In an early clinical trial of 113 patients with
ter and the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School Bloomberg School of Public Health. Similar trends were found between African- 50 percent reduction in tumors, as of the data advanced cancers, including those of the breast,
of Public Health. The ndings are preliminary To do that, the researchers used all three bio- American and Caucasian men. The results sup- analysis in February 2017. The patients were lung, bladder, head and neck, colorectal, prostate,
results from a review of data collected among markers to better classify normal blood sugar port ndings of similar previous studies, but part of a large clinical trial underway at more kidney and melanoma, an experimental immuno-
more than 5,000 men enrolled in the Athero- levels and hyperglycemia. The researchers the investigators caution that the small size of than 30 hospitals in the US and internationally therapy drug called CPI-444 that targets a chemi-
sclerosis Risk in Communities Study, a pro- analyzed survival time of 5,276 men between the group limits their ability to draw denitive studying the use of nivolumab in patients with cal pathway in tumor cells controlled by adenos-
spective national study of heart disease that 1990 and 1992 through the end of 2012, total- conclusions. a variety of virus-linked cancers. ine may help keep patients cancers in check.
began in 1987. In addition to tracking heart ing 96,617 person-years, a factor that reects We need to explore glycemia further in larg- We saw responses in patients with ad- With a median follow-up time of 16 weeks, 23
disease risk factors, data were collected on the accumulation of participants follow-up vis- er groups of men, so that we can tease out the vanced MCC who received previous chemo- of 37 patients evaluated thus far have not experi-
three tests, or biomarkers, that measure glucose its with study coordinators. Analyzing the data, molecular mechanisms of these potential links therapy for their disease, as well as those who enced worsening disease, and they are continuing
levels in the blood. The tests included glucose the researchers found that 69 men had died of between glucose levels and prostate cancer, were receiving nivolumab as their rst treat- to receive immunotherapy treatment. Some of the
levels after fasting; the A1c test, a measure of prostate cancer by 2012. Nine of them had low says Corinne Joshu, PhD, assistant professor of ment, says Suzanne Topalian, MD, professor patients are receiving CPI-444 alone, and some
how much hemoglobin in the blood has been glycemia, ve were in the normal range, 30 had epidemiology in the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg of surgery and oncology at the Johns Hopkins are receiving the drug with an additional immu-
tagged with glucose; and the glycated albumin high levels of one of the three glycemia tests, School of Public Health and member of the Bloomberg~Kimmel Institute and the lead in- notherapy drug called atezolizumab.
test, a measure of albumin protein molecules 16 registered high on two tests, and three were Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center. vestigator for the clinical trial. She noted that Leisha Emens, MD, PhD, associate profes-
that have bonded with glucose in the blood. high on all three tests. Six men had previously the researchers spotted responses in patients sor of oncology at the Johns Hopkins Bloom-
berg-Kimmel Institute, says that physicians
Previous studies have shown inconsistent diagnosed diabetes. Men who were classied tumors as early as eight weeks after the start of
results for the association between hypergly- as hyperglycemic on all three of the tests had More than a year into an international clini- treatment with nivolumab. leading the group of 11 participating hospitals
cemia, or high blood sugar levels, and prostate nearly ve times increased risk of prostate cal trial of the immunotherapy drug nivolumab The effects of treatment were long lasting in in the US, including The Johns Hopkins Hospi-
cancer death depending whether fasting glu- cancer death, compared with men who were (anti-PD-1), researchers report that more than most patients, and median rates of overall and tal, and Australia, are nding that some patients
cose or the A1c test was used to measure glu- classied as normal on all three glycemia tests. half of a small group of patients with an aggres- disease-free survival have not yet been reached receiving either CPI-444 alone or in combina-
cose. The reasons why hyperglycemia may be Men classied as hyperglycemic using one of sive and rare form of skin cancer called Merkel among these patients. There were no deaths tion with atezolizumab are experiencing control
linked with prostate cancer death are not well- the tests had twice the risk of dying of prostate cell carcinoma (MCC) have responded to the among the 25 patients after a median follow-up of tumor growth. Notably, says Emens, some
understood, but the researchers say it may pro- cancer compared to men who were classied as drug. period of 51 weeks, and 20 of them experienced of the patients who have responded to CPI-444
mote how cancer cells multiply and proliferate. normal on the three tests. The researchers also Preliminary results from the clinical trial side effects that included fatigue, diarrhea and were previously treated with immunotherapy.
China, Cherry Coke, and the Oracle of Omaha Qatar jet fuel cargo disrupted
Coca-Cola is featuring a different where Cherry Coke went on sale earth kind of person in China, an- At least one jet fuel cargo cargo had been delayed or and middle distillates includ-
kind of celebrity on its cans in Chi- for the rst time last month. And on other selling point, Rein said. meant for export from Qatar cancelled. ing jet fuel and diesel.
na: Warren Buffett. limited-edition cans sitting on store Buffett is so well known in China, has been disrupted after Qa- No other details of the cargo Qatar Petroleum offered
While Buffett is admired and shelves today in China is the beam- when his Berkshire Hathaway be- targas unexpectedly shut its were immediately available. prompt condensate for April
thought of as a folksy straight talker ing face of the Oracle of Omaha. gan streaming its annual meeting 146,000 barrel-per-day con- Qatar Petroleum and Pet- loading through private nego-
in the US where Coke is based, Business leaders in China tend online last year, it was translated densate splitter at the Ras roChina were not immediately tiations. Qatargas, the worlds
employing an 86-year-old billion- to have an outsized following, in real-time into Mandarin Chinese. Laffan renery over the week- available for comment. largest liqueed natural gas
aire to sell sodas in the US would some cases greater than that of Buffett is also an admirer of the end, industry sources said. The No. 1 splitter could be producer began operations at
be a tough sell for even the most sports stars, according to Shaun economic prowess of China. Berk- The cargo was meant for shut for up to 15 days. its second condensate splitter
savvy Madison Avenue marketing Rein, founder of the China Market shire Hathaway, in addition to be- loading to PetroChina but has A splitter processes deodor- Ras Laffan 2 last year,
rm, even with Buffetts voracious Research Group. ing Cokes biggest shareholder, been disrupted, one of the ized eld condensate (DFC) doubling the Gulf states ca-
appetite for Cokes. And like in the US, Buffett is also owns nearly 10 percent of Chinese sources familiar with the mat- and low sulphur eld conden- pacity to process condensate.
Its a different story in China, seen as a non-corrupt, down-to- car maker BYD Co. (AP) ter said, declining to say if the sate to extract mostly naphtha (RTRS)

Market Movements 04.-04-2017

Change Closing pts Change Closing pts
GERMANY - DAX +25.14 12,282.34 AUSTRALIA - All Ordinaries -13.90 5,895.80
FRANCE - CAC 40 +15.22 5,101.13 JAPAN - Nikkei -172.98 18,810.25
EUROPE - Euro Stoxx 50 +8.72 3,481.66 S. KOREA - KRX 100 -20.88 4,352.84
PHILIPPINES - All Shares +47.14 4,460.56
INDIA - Sensex +289.72 29,910.22
HONG KONG - Hang Seng +149.89 24,261.48

Aramco extends bookbuilding by one day for Islamic bond

Saudi hires banks for debut US dollar benchmark sukuk

LONDON, April 4, (RTRS): The King-
dom of Saudi Arabia has mandated Citi-
LSE CEO in Saudi
group, HSBC and JP Morgan as global
coordinators to arrange xed income
meetings ahead of a debut US dollar
benchmark sukuk offering across ve
and 10-year maturities, according to a
as part of May visit
London Stock Exchanges CEO Xavier
Seeking higher revenues, Saudi

sets out stall for light crude oil

The meetings will take place in Abu Rolet will meet Saudi ofcials in Riyadh
Dhabi, Dubai and London, commencing as part of a visit by British Prime Minis-
April 9. ter Theresa May, a spokeswoman for the
BNP Paribas, Deutsche Bank and exchange said on Tuesday.
NCB Capital, along with the global co- The LSE and other top stock ex-
ordinators, are mandated as joint lead changes are pitching to win a slice of
state oil company Saudi Aramcos ini-
managers and bookrunners for the Reg
S/144A trade. The sovereign is rated A1 tial public offering, expected to be the Kingdom plans to change oil pricing for European customers
by Moodys and A+ by Fitch. worlds largest.
Meanwhile, Saudi Aramco has ex- Winning a share of the Aramco listing premium of around $4 per barrel over petitive price against other producers, (BWAVE), the sources said.
tended the bookbuilding process for its would be a boost for the LSE, which has DUBAI, April 4, (RTRS):
Oman futures. That has since narrowed you would be producing at higher cost Both price references are part of the
debut local currency sukuk by one day seen few listings since Britains vote to Despite OPECs oil output to around $1.25. but selling at low prot. Brent benchmark used to price much
beyond the original deadline of April leave the European Union and needs to curbs, Saudi Arabia has The Organization of the Petroleum Saudi Arabia produces a range of of the worlds crude. The move, which
3, sources familiar with the matter said convince investors it has a solid growth Exporting Countries, Russia and a crudes ranging from Arab Extra Light takes effect on July 1, will allow buyers
strategy following the collapse of its been offering its customers
on Tuesday. The books are expected to number of other producers pledged to to Arab Heavy. It has nine reneries of Saudi crude in Europe to hedge bet-
close on Tuesday, with nal allocations proposed merger with Deutsche Boerse. more light crudes while cut- cut output by about 1.8 million barrels with processing capacity of about 2.9 ter, the sources said.
likely to take place on Wednesday, said Aramco is expected to list a small ting heavy grades, a trend per day (bpd) from Jan 1, the rst curb million bpd, of which just above 1 mil- The Saudis are switching to the
a banker working on the deal. portion of its shares on the Saudi stock in eight years, to boost prices and erode lion bpd of rening power runs on me- settlement as BWAVE is difcult
market, with the rest likely to go to one, that could increase as the
The reason behind the extension is a glut. dium and heavy grades. to hedge, said one industry source
that some accounts needed extra time to two or possibly three of the worlds big- kingdom wants to maxim- OPEC is discussing whether to ex- Strategically, if they have to cut briefed on the matter who declined to
obtain internal approval before placing gest exchanges. ise revenue and needs more tend the pact beyond June. back a little they would prefer to cut be identied.
their orders. The size of the deal is likely The IPO, expected in 2018, could be Saudi Arabia, the worlds top oil back the expensive offshore production Two other industry sources con-
worth around $100 billion, Saudi of- heavy oil to power its own
to be between $2 billion- and $4 billion- exporter, accounts for some 40 percent and sustain the lighter crudes, said Sa- rmed the planned changed from July
equivalent, the banker added. cials have said. reneries. of the pledged OPEC curbs and has re- dad al-Husseini, an energy consultant 1.
Rolet will attend a roundtable discus- This trend, if sustained, will im- duced output by more than 500,000 bpd and former senior executive at state oil The European market, long domi-
The sukuk is Aramcos rst attempt sion which Prime Minister May will
to diversify its funding sources in an era pact rening margins particularly to slightly below 10 million bpd, with giant Saudi Aramco. nated by Russian oil supplies, has been
host at the Saudi stock exchange on in Asia, and narrow the spread be- cuts concentrated mainly in medium Light, sweet crudes are more valu- neglected by major OPEC producers
of low international oil prices. The oil Tuesday, a spokesman for the prime
giant, which Saudi ofcials have valued ministers ofce conrmed. tween light and heavy crude glob- and heavy grades. able to reners because they are eas- due to poor growth as they focused on
at over $2 trillion, is preparing to sell ally, industry sources and analysts Those cuts, and increasing output of ier to process, while heavier and sour expanding Asian markets.
He met earlier on Tuesday with Saudi US shale oil, have increased the price grades often trade at a discount. But as Russia moved aggressively
up to 5 percent of its shares in an ini- energy minister Khalid al-Falih, people said.
tial public offer expected to take place That would be bad news for sophis- of Middle Eastern heavy crudes for Saudi Arabia burns more crude in into Asian markets and with a growing
familiar with the matter said. Asian delivery, making it economical summer for power generation, on aver- oil glut intensifying the ght for cus-
in 2018. May arrived in the Saudi capital on ticated reners, which value heavy
Aramco started gathering orders for grades because the lower cost of such for traders to ship crude from Rus- age using 700,000 bpd for electricity to tomers, OPEC members such as Saudi
Tuesday, ofcial Saudi state news agen- sia, the Atlantic Basin and the United keep the population cool in the hottest Arabia and Iraq ramped up sales to Eu-
its debut sukuk part of a 37.5 billion cy, SPA reported. oil results in higher margins, and good
riyal ($10 billion) programme on news for older, simpler plants that gen- States to Asia. months from May to August. rope, taking on former Russian custom-
New York, Hong Kong, Singapore, Most of the heavier Saudi grades Saudi Arabia, the worlds top oil ers such as Poland and Sweden.
March 27, a document issued by the Tokyo and Toronto are also seeking erally need light, sweet crude.
banks leading the transaction showed. Saudi Arabia cut the April prices of comes from offshore elds - mainly Sa- exporter, plans to change the way it In late 2015, Kuwait began pricing
to win a slice of the Aramco IPO and faniya, Manifa and Zuluf, which makes prices oil for Europe from July, indus- its European exports against another
According to the original timeline, Saudi ofcials have been meeting with light crude it sells to Asia for the rst
the last date for orders and allocations time in three months in an effort to production costly compared to other try sources said, in an effort to increase part of the Brent benchmark, dated
exchanges to decide where the shares Middle Eastern producers such as Iran the appeal of Saudi crude by making it Brent, after years of following Saudi
was expected to be April 3, with settle- should be traded. shore up demand. The spread between
ment expected on April 9. Arab Light and Heavy was at $2.45 a and Iraq, industry sources said. easier for customers to hedge. Arabia in pricing oil against BWAVE.
The oating rate Islamic bond has a barrel, the narrowest since September. You have to meet local demand State oil giant Saudi Aramco will The move was aimed at making its
seven-year maturity and offers 25 basis Arabia, NCB Capital and Riyad Capital Before the OPEC output pact, in rst, and domestic reneries in Saudi start pricing its European exports crude more competitive as oil produc-
points over the six-month Saudi Arabian are the joint lead coordinators. They are mid-November 2016, Brent futures for Arabia need the heavy grades, one in- against the ICE settlement for the Brent ers ght for market share.
Interbank Offered Rate (SAIBOR). joined by GIB Capital, Samba Capital delivery in June 2017 were trading at a dustry source said. benchmark after years of pricing its oil BWAVE is also used by Iran, while
Alinma Investment, HSBC Saudi and Saudi Fransi Capital in dealer roles. To sell the heavy grades at a com- against the Brent Weighted Average Iraq uses dated Brent.

Airline to purchase at least 30 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft Govt commissioned review

Irans Aseman Airlines signs deal to buy Boeing jets Saudi Oger awaits PwC
DUBAI/PARIS, April 4, (RTRS): Irans
Aseman Airlines has signed a tentative
deal to buy at least 30 Boeing 737 MAX
project review findings
jets, in the rst new business with the DUBAI, April 4, (RTRS): Saudi some of the debts it owed to private
US planemaker since President Don- Oger is still waiting for the outcome sector rms, said one of the sources.
ald Trump took ofce vowing to take a of a government-commissioned One source estimated Oger was
tougher stance towards Iran. review into its billions of dollars owed about 30 billion riyals by the
Owned by Irans civil service pension of projects in the kingdom, which government and that many of its
foundation but managed as a private could help determine the struggling building projects, which constitute
company, Aseman is Irans third-largest construction groups future, bank- the bulk of its business, have been
airline by active eet size, according to ing sources say. inactive for the past six months or
the CAPA consultancy. The ndings also keenly more as the companys cashow
Irans ofcial Islamic Republic News awaited by banks in the kingdom had run down. Maintenance projects
Agency said on Tuesday representatives owed about 13 billion riyals ($3.47 are the exception, and the company
of Aseman and Boeing had signed an billion) were due to be shared has continued to work on these, the
agreement in Tehran covering as many with Saudi Oger before the end of source said.
as 60 jets, including options, after a year January, according to the sources. The company has been struggling
of negotiations. After dominating the Saudi con- to meet bank payments since its ac-
Boeing described the deal as a struction market for years, Saudi counts were frozen by authorities af-
memorandum of agreement, mean- Oger, owned by the family of Leba- ter several lenders took legal action
ing it is only outline for the time be- nese Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri, against it, the sources said.
ing and subject to government ap- began to ounder as a result of cuts Alawwal Bank and Banque Saudi
provals. It covers plans for Aseman in government spending and pay- Fransi had recently joined National
to buy 30 aircraft with options for a ment delays. Commercial Bank (NCB) and Sam-
further 30, it added. The government appointed Price- ba Financial Group in seeking court
If completed, the main part of the deal waterhouseCoopers (PwC) to con- orders demanding payment.
for 30 jets would be worth $3.4 billion at In this le photo, the rst of the large Boeing 737 MAX 9 models, Boeings newest commercial airplane, sits outside duct the review focusing on Saudi The sources were unsure which
list prices, though airlines typically pay its production plant, in Renton, Washington. Boeing Co announced on April 4 that it has signed a new, $3 billion Ogers major projects in the king- projects were included in the re-
around half that. deal with Irans Aseman Airlines for 30 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft. Chicago-based Boeing said the deal includes dom and examining claims about view but, according to Saudi Ogers
Boeing has already agreed to sell 80 purchase rights for an additional 30 737 MAX aircraft. (AP) how much it is owed by the gov- website, among the major schemes
aircraft to ag carrier IranAir under a ernment, said the sources, who are it is involved in are the King Abdu-
deal between Tehran and major powers and entities following a ballistic missile with the sale. ident Hassan Rouhanis government familiar with the matter. laziz Center for World Culture, the
that led to the lifting of most sanctions test. Iran retaliated with its own sanc- Boeing continues to follow the lead strives to highlight improvements re- The review is likely to determine King Abdullah Financial District
in return for curbs on its nuclear technol- tions. of the US government with regards to sulting from the nuclear pact in the run- how much the company will receive in Riyadh and the King Abdullah
ogy development activities. In a statement on the Aseman deal, working with Irans airlines and any and up to May presidential elections. So far in outstanding payments, as well as International Conference Center in
Trump has said he opposes the nu- Boeing cited US Department of Com- all contracts with Irans airlines are con- IranAir has received three new Airbus whether it will continue working on Jeddah.
clear sanctions pact, but has not stated a merce data suggesting an aerospace tingent upon US government approval, jets under the deal. the projects, they said. The sources said one outcome
public view on the aircraft deals reached sale of this magnitude creates or sustains it said. Rouhani is likely to run a campaign PwC, the Ministry of Finance of the review could involve the
under the accord, which the US aero- approximately 18,000 jobs in the United In December the European Union highlighting economic benets of the and Saudi Oger did not respond to government making sufcient pay-
space industry says would support his States. banned Aseman from ying to the EU nuclear deal, which opened Iran to for- requests for comment. ments to the company to allow it to
agenda for protecting US manufacturing Boeing deliveries to Aseman would due to safety concerns, highlighting eign investment. But Supreme Leader The company is not believed to continue working on the projects
jobs. start in 2022, although the US plane- gaps in Irans ageing eet following de- Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has said have been a beneciary of recent until completion, at which point
Washington last month imposed sep- maker must rst apply for licences from cades of sanctions. Rouhani must do more to improve the moves by the government to pay Saudi Oger would be wound down.
arate sanctions on 25 Iranian individuals the US Treasury allowing it to proceed The latest deal comes as Iranian Pres- economy.

Gold imports surge as Turks IRS to use private debt collectors amid huge telephone scam
heed Erdogans call, vote looms WASHINGTON, April 4, (AP): The mer. The rms can keep up to 25 percent ers, she said.
IRS is resuming the use of private debt of what they collect.
collectors amid a wave of telephone
Callers worked off scripts posing as
Since the fall of 2013, more than 1.9 agents for the IRS or US Immigration
To combat fraud, the IRS says it is million people have received unsolicited and Customs Enforcement. They told
ISTANBUL, April 4, (RTRS): Turkish Mehmet Ali Yildirimturk, a gold spe- scams in which fake government agents sending letters to taxpayers alerting them telephone calls from fake government unsuspecting victims that they had failed
gold imports rose 17-fold to 28.2 tonnes cialist in Istanbuls Grand Bazaar, add- tell innocent taxpayers to pay up or face that their accounts are being turned over agents, according to the inspector gen- to pay taxes or were at risk of deporta-
in March, as Turks looking to hedge cur- ing that a moderate recovery in the lira jail, the tax agency announced Tuesday. to private debt collectors. The private eral for tax administration. The callers tion, and that a fast payment was needed
rency risk ahead of a referendum in two had also made gold more affordable The IRS stopped using private debt companies will then send letters to the demand money, saying the victim owes to get out of trouble.
weeks time followed President Tayyip again. collectors in 2009 after the agency deter- taxpayers before calling them. unpaid taxes. To date, over 10,300 vic- Murphy offered several tips to detect
Erdogans calls to buy gold instead of Gold imports to Turkey rose almost mined that IRS employees could better The IRS remains extremely con- tims have paid more than $55 million to con artists.
dollars. eightfold to 36.7 tonnes in December af- do the work. But Congress passed a law cerned about the many con artists out the criminals. The IRS has said the scam No one will hear from a private col-
After the sharpest falls in the Turkish ter Erdogans calls, their highest month-
lira since the 2008 nancial crisis last ly level in just over two years, accord- in 2015 requiring the IRS to restart the there who masquerade as IRS employees is so widespread that multiple criminal lection rm unless they have unpaid
November, Erdogan called on Turks to ing to data from the Precious Mines and program. or contractors, said Mary Beth Murphy, organizations are taking part. tax debts going back several years and
sell dollars and buy lira or gold to prop Metals Markets of the Istanbul bourse. The IRS says it will soon start turn- who heads the small business and self- In October, the Justice Department theyve already heard from IRS multiple
up the local currency. Gold imports have Prices in Turkey surged from 132 lira ing over the accounts of 100 taxpayers a employed division at the IRS. announced charges against 61 defen- times about this debt, she said. We
been rising year-on-year ever since. ($36) for 24-carat gold in January to week to four private debt collectors. The We urge everyone to be on the look- dants in the United States and abroad in dont collect taxes on iTunes cards or
People have started opting for gold 153 lira in February. On Tuesday, gold program will grow to 1,000 accounts a out for scammers who might use this connection with call center operations gift cards, and we dont do it with ag-
rather than foreign currencies, said prices were around 148 liras. week for each rm by the end of sum- program as a cover to swindle taxpay- based in India. gressive, threatening phone calls.

In this le photo,
Utah Supreme Court rules against Tesla in push to sell cars shows the Tesla
Motors showroom in
Salt Lake City. The
Teslas push to sell its all-electric vehicles in depends on convincing customers that electric company that Tesla set up to sell cars in the Utah Supreme Court
Utah hit another roadblock Monday when the cars are better than those with a gas engine. state, called Tesla UT. Tesla UT applied for an has ruled against
state Supreme Court upheld a decision by Utah The company also argued that Utah law doesnt auto dealer license, and because Tesla UT is Tesla in a push to sell
licensing ofcials to deny the automaker a li- block car makers from selling directly, it only wholly owned by Tesla, state licensing ofcials its sleek, all-electric
cense to sell new cars. blocks car makers from owning a dealership were correct in a 2015 decision denying the li- vehicles in the state.
Tesla had argued that a state law barring car thats set up as a franchise. cense, the justices wrote. The court said in an
manufacturers from owning dealerships didnt In the decision Monday, Supreme Court jus- In a statement, Tesla said the ruling was dis- opinion issued on
apply to the company. Tesla sells its cars direct- tices didnt address whether Utah law blocks a appointing for Tesla and all Utah consumers Apirl 3, that Utahs
ly to customers rather than using independent car maker from selling its vehicles directly or interested in consumer choice, free markets, State Tax Commis-
dealerships, something Tesla attorneys argued whether its vital for the car maker to sell its own and sustainable energy. The company said it sion was correct in a
is vital to their business. product. will pursue all options in Utah and will continue 2015 decision denying
Tesla must sell its own cars because a sale The justices instead focused on a subsidiary offering service in Utah for Tesla cars. (AP) Tesla a license to tell
its cars in Utah. (AP)

Slower growth could jeopardize financial and social stability of some countries

IMF chief warns slowing productivity risks living standards drop

WASHINGTON, April 4, (RTRS): more difcult to reduce excessive in-
Living standards around the world
could fall unless governments invest
more in research and education that
equality and sustain private debt and
public obligations, she added.
Economists have long viewed
IMF warns domestic politics could derail key Ukraine reforms
can help revive weak productivity productivity gains as essential for KIEV, April 4, (RTRS): The Inter- 50 percent of their overseas earn- and lawmakers to disclose their as- of slightly more than $2 per day, the
national Monetary Fund warned on ings from 65 percent. sets online. IMF said.
growth, International Monetary Fund sustaining higher wages and liv- Tuesday that Ukraines domestic Ukraines international backers The main risks on the domestic Ukraine has as many pensioners
Managing Director Christine Lagarde ing standards, but have struggled to politics could derail vital reforms have mixed praise for the countrys side stem from reform delays due as workers who pay into the pen-
warned on Monday. explain a protracted slowdown in such as raising the pension age and return to macroeconomic stability to the narrow majority of the gov- sion system and many people shirk
Lagarde said in a speech in Wash- productivity growth since the early tackling corruption that are needed with criticism for Kievs stop-start erning coalition in parliament and paying pension contributions. That
ington that the private sector alone 2000s. to crank up economic growth and progress on tackling entrenched possible policy reversals as key means Ukraines pension decit is
will not be able to generate enough Lagarde said the post-crisis reces- tame high public debt. corruption and modernising its laws reforms face strong pushback from estimated at 6 percent of GDP, the
innovation to lift productivity to ac- sion has left a permanent scar on The Fund released $1 billion to and institutions. vested interests, said an IMF re- IMF said.
ceptable levels without government output per worker and total factor Kiev this week as part of a $17.5 Prime Minister Volodymyr Groys- port. The government has asked for
help. productivity, a broad measure of in- billion aid-for-reforms bailout for the man, who took power a year ago Kiev expects three further aid more time to implement pension re-
Ukrainian economy, which plunged after the previous government col- tranches this year worth $4.5 billion forms, promising to do so by Janu-
Her remarks were accompanied by novation that includes both labor and into recession following the Rus- lapsed, has a thin parliament ma- in total. So far, counting the $1 bil- ary next year.
release of an IMF study that found capital inputs. sian annexation of Crimea in 2014 jority and has been unable so far to lion disbursed on Monday, it has re- The IMF had delayed its deci-
that the 2008-2009 nancial crisis We estimate that, if total factor and the outbreak of separatist vio- pass pension and land reforms that ceived $8.38 billion under the pro- sion on disbursing new aid from
and deep recession played a bigger productivity growth had followed its lence. are resisted by a noisy opposition. gramme launched in March 2015. March to assess the impact of an
role in slowing productivity than pre-crisis trend, overall GDP in ad- The extra funds paved the way Flagship anti-corruption schemes Ukraine has one of the highest economic blockade Kiev imposed
previously thought, stiing global de- vanced economies would be about 5 for the central bank to deliver an have also struggled to get off the levels of pension spending in Eu- on separatist-held territory. It now
mand and investment. percent higher today, Lagarde said. immediate boon to investors by cut- ground or been sabotaged by vest- rope, while having one of the low- expects the economy to grow by 2
Another decade of weak produc- That would be the equivalent of add- ting the amount of foreign currency ed interests, most recently in the est levels of average pension ben- percent, down from an earlier esti-
businesses are required to sell to case of a law forcing public ofcials ets, providing an old-age income mate of 2.9 percent.
tivity growth would seriously under- ing another Japan and more to
mine the rise in global living stand- the global economy.
ards, Lagarde told an audience at the She said that all governments One thing is clear: we need more nologies have hugely beneted from She cited IMF research last year Lagarde said a critical improve-
American Enterprise Institute, a pro- should do more to unleash entrepre- innovation, not less. Market forces large-scale state spending on devel- showing that an increase of private ment in education and worker retrain-
business think tank in Washington. neurial energy, including cutting bar- alone will not be able to deliver that oping the internet and global posi- research spending by 40 percent in ing programs was needed to aid those
Slower growth could also jeop- riers to competition, investing in edu- boost, because innovation and inven- tioning satellite system, while defense advanced economies could increase displaced by the effects of techno-
ardize the nancial and social stabil- cation and providing tax incentives tion are to some degree public goods. spending often creates new technolo- their GDP by 5 percent in the long logical change, trade and structural
ity of some countries by making it for research and development. Lagarde said smartphone tech- gies that have civilian uses. term. reforms.

US trade deficit falls in Feb as 93 pct of Quebecers oppose raise

Bombardier big pay hikes
exports increase to 2-year high spark protests, Trudeau ire
MONTREAL/OTTAWA, April 4, Last February, it received C$372.5
(RTRS): Canadian plane and train million in loans from Ottawa.
Slowing domestic demand weighs on imports maker Bombardier Inc tried to con-
tain a public relations debacle on
They didnt realize what im-
pact it would have on the popula-
Monday after protests and a dress- tion and on the elected ofcials as
WASHINGTON, April 4, ing down by Prime Minister Justin well, Quebec Economy Minister
(RTRS): The US trade de- Trudeau over hefty executive pay Dominique Anglade told reporters at
hikes just weeks after its latest gov- a Montreal aviation conference.
cit fell more than expected ernment loan. A poll by French-language net-
in February as exports in- Bombardier, which has received work Quebecor Media showed that
creased to a two-year high more than $1 billion in federal and 93 percent of Quebecers opposed the
provincial government aid since raises.
and slowing domestic de- 2015, awarded its top ve executives This should have been managed
mand weighed on imports. and board chairman raises of up to by Bombardier internally, said a
The narrowing in the trade gap 50 percent for 2016. Quebec aviation industry executive,
comes as the Trump administra- The pay hikes, disclosed in public who requested anonymity because
tion is pushing ahead with its lings last week, sparked protests of the sensitive nature of the topic.
agenda for fair trade and bringing outside Bombardiers Montreal Quebecers nanced a piece of the
back manufacturing jobs to the headquarters on Sunday and calls CSeries, they feel like Bombar-
by opposition leaders for a company dier belongs to them. So they were
United States as it seeks to boost freeze on executive compensation. shocked.
economic growth. Bombardier retreated on Sunday, Speaking in Parliament on Mon-
The Commerce Department said saying that more than 50 percent day, Trudeau criticized the compa-
on Tuesday the trade decit de- of the total planned compensation nys planned compensation hikes for
clined 9.6 percent to $43.6 billion. will be deferred until 2020 and will its senior executives.
Januarys trade shortfall was revised be payable only if the company Were obviously not pleased
slightly down to $48.2 billion from achieves performance goals. Execu- with the decision that Bombardier
$48.5 billion. The politically sensi- tive Chairman Pierre Beaudoin also made around its remuneration for its
tive US-China trade decit dropped renounced his raise on Friday. executives, Trudeau said in Parlia-
26.6 percent to $23.0 billion in Feb- We didnt do a good job of com- ment. But were happy to see them
ruary. municating it, Chief Executive make decisions that are xing that
The decline in the US-China trade Alain Bellemare told a Quebec radio for Quebecers and Canadians con-
decit comes ahead of Chinese Presi- show on Monday. If you look at it dence.
dent Xi Jinpings visit later this week. In this Feb 23, 2015 le photo, container ships wait to rose for a third straight month. The decit fell to $43.6 at face value, I can understand why Trudeau had given a more muted
President Donald Trump has declared be unloaded at the Port of Los Angeles. The US trade billion in Feb 9.6 percent below January decit of $48.2 people were so angry, so unhappy. response when pressed on the issue
decit declined sharply in Feb 2017 as imports from billion, the Commerce Department reported on March The compensation packages for last Thursday, saying: We respect
China the grand champions of cur- China fell by a record amount and American exports 4. (AP)
rency manipulation. the executives and the board chair- the free market and choices compa-
The U.S has its work cut out for it domestic product in the rst quarter af- growing US demand will increasingly clines in imports of cell phones and man included salary, bonuses and nies will make, but we also have a
if it is going to try to alter the pattern ter subtracting 1.82 percentage points spill over into the global economy motor vehicles. Imports had risen in stock options. The company was responsibility to ensure the invest-
of trade that has developed between from fourth-quarter growth. and result in a wider trade decit over recent months, in part on higher oil able to defer part of the raises be- ments we make with taxpayers
China and US companies over the last In addition to trade, weak consumer time, said John Ryding, chief econo- prices. There was a drop in crude oil cause the remuneration tied to op- dollars are leading to good jobs and
10 to 20 years, said Chris Rupkey, spending also likely constrained the mist at RDQ Economics in New York. imports in February. tions is forward dating, a spokesman growth.
chief economist at MUFG Union Bank economy in the rst three months of In February, exports of goods and Some of the decline in imports said on Monday. While Bombardiers nancial
in New York. the year. The Atlanta Federal Reserve services increased 0.2 percent to in February likely reects slower Bellemare said the pay was need- situation has improved since 2015,
American workers might want is forecasting GDP rising at a 1.2 per- $192.9 billion, the highest level since consumer spending. Data on Friday ed to retain top talent. with the company setting a 2018
something done on this, but US com- cent rate in the rst quarter, a decelera- December 2014. Exports were lifted showed real consumer spending de- But Quebec and Canadian gov- breakeven target, the company is
panies certainly do not want to see a tion from the 2.1 percent pace logged by gains in the shipments of automo- creased for a second straight month ernment ofcials said they were not still burning cash as it ramps up pro-
shift in the globalization trend. in the October-December period. biles and parts, which were the highest in February, the rst back-to-back surprised by the public anger against duction of its agship CSeries jet
Economists polled by Reuters had The government is eyeing trade as a since July 2014. monthly decline since April 2009. Bombardier, which announced plans and works to bring a new business
forecast the trade gap falling to $44.8 vehicle to lift annual economic growth Exports of industrial supplies and Still, food imports hit a record high in 2016 to lay off more than 14,000 jet, the Global 7000, to market.
billion in February. to 4 percent and boost the manufactur- materials were the highest since De- in February and imports of capital people in the province and globally Bombardier is doing a lot better,
When adjusted for ination, the ing sector. Trump last Friday ordered a cember 2015. There was an 8.0 percent goods were the highest in nearly two over two years. but they are not out of the woods yet,
decit decreased to $59.7 billion, with study into the causes of US trade de- jump in exports to the European Un- years. Bombardier, which was forced to so they still need the government
exports of goods the highest on record cits and a clamp-down on import duty ion, with goods shipped to Germany Imports of goods from China tum- consider bankruptcy in 2015 after to be looking at them favorably,
as an earlier drag from a strong dollar evasion. surging 8.6 percent. Exports to the bled a record $8.6 billion to $32.8 bil- facing a cash crunch while develop- said one transportation analyst who
fades. The real trade decit was $65.1 Trump also wants to renegotiate the United Kingdom soared 17.3 percent lion in February, a 20.8 percent drop ing two new planes, received a $1 spoke on condition of anonymity be-
billion in January. North American Free Trade Agree- and Japan also bought more goods from January. billion investment from Quebec in cause he is not authorized to talk to
The dollar was trading marginally ment (NAFTA), which was signed in from the United States. The nation also saw a decline in its CSeries 110-130 seat jet program. the media.
higher against a basket of currencies, 1994 by the United States, Canada and However, exports to China fell 2.7 goods shipped from the European Un-
while prices for US Treasuries were Mexico. percent and Mexico saw a 7.1 percent ion, Canada and Japan.
lower. US stocks were little changed.
Despite the decline in the real trade
decit, trade will probably be either
The US is an economy that is at full
employment and facing challenges of
low productivity growth and slowing
drop in goods shipped from the United
Imports of goods and services fell
The trade decit with Germany was
the smallest since January 2013. The
trade gap with Mexico jumped 46 per-
Airbus, Samsung & others firms
neutral or impose a small drag on gross labor force growth, which implies that 1.8 percent to $236.4 billion amid de- cent to $5.8 billion.
lobby Trump team on investment
Cash flow and credit scores key for getting bank loans WASHINGTON, April 4, (AP): At a time what he calls an America First eco-
of public skepticism about globalization, a nomic agenda and has spoken of tearing
dozen CEOs from foreign-based compa- up trade agreements and imposing taxes
Ask Brianna: Can I start a business if I have student debt? nies with big US operations meet Tuesday
with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin,
on companies that move out of the United
States, produce goods in another country,
Ask Brianna is a Q&A column from dent loan payments eat into your cash Reducing payments on private stu- a year and a half after graduating from Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross and then export back to the US
NerdWallet for 20-somethings or any- ow, and a history of missed payments dent loans requires other strategies. If Delaware Valley University in Doyles- congressional leaders to talk up the ben- Joseph Taylor, CEO of Panasonic
one else starting out. Im here to help will affect your credit score. Banks youre working full time and have a town, Pennsylvania. She continued ets of foreign investment. North America notes that complicated
you manage your money, nd a job and look at both cash ow and credit scores credit score in the mid-600s or higher, to pay down her $20,000 student loan Executives from Airbus Americas, global supply chains make it harder to
pay off student loans all the real- when evaluating small-business loan you may be able to renance your stu- balance and used personal savings to Panasonic Corp of North America, Sam- dene products as Made in America or
world stuff no one taught us how to do applicants, says Jay DesMarteau, head dent debt. build her business, Serendipity Shops. sung Electronics America and other rms Made in China.
in college. Send your questions about of small-business banking at TD Bank. Youd get a lower interest rate, but She budgeted around her monthly loan will make the case for policies they say Often, components are produced in
postgrad life to askbrianna@nerdwal- This doesnt mean you need to lenders will want to see that youll payment like she did for every other will keep foreign rms coming to Amer- several countries, then shipped to the shelve your small-business plan until be able to pay them back easily. That unavoidable expense. ica. United States for assembly. Or vice ver-
Q: Id love to start my own business, youve paid off those student loans, makes renancing a good option for The school loan was never really an Were all facing a much stronger pop- sa. Under the North America Free Trade
but Im still paying off student loans. but youll need to manage your debt people whose business is currently issue, she says. You just factor it in. ulist environment, said Nancy McLer- Agreement, which Trump wants to rene-
Will I be able to I become an entrepre- burden thoughtfully and strategically. a side gig or is already consistently Evaluate the market and make a plan non, president of the Organization for In- gotiate, many manufacturers set up opera-
neur? Heres how. generating enough income to cover all Before you commit to your business ternational Investment, which organized tions in the United States and Mexico and
A: Starting a business is tempting Lower your student debt bills expenses comfortably, including debt idea full time, nd free or cheap ways the meetings. We want to ensure that ship components across the borders.
for so many reasons: You can be your Cash ow is king when youre start- obligations. That can be difcult in the to test whether theres a market for it. foreign investment in the United States is Our supply chain extends to Japan to
own boss, set your own hours, create ing a business, and cutting your month- early stages. When youre ready, write a business not a blind spot. Spain to Mexico, Taylor said. You cant
something from scratch maybe even ly student loan bill is one way to free Never miss a loan payment plan that includes projected sales and Preliminary numbers from the Com- just say, We can do everything in one
change the world. up money. The federal governments Make all your student loan payments revenue. merce Department show that foreign- country.
But businesses have startup costs, income-driven repayment plans can on time so you build a sterling credit Many businesses fail because they based companies invested $396 billion Barry Eccleston, CEO of Airbus Amer-
and most grads are already in the red. provide relief by capping your federal score. Lenders will use it when con- miscalculated their likely expenses and into their US operations last year, up 12 icas, says the populist backlash against
In 2015, about 7 in 10 college gradu- loan payments at a percentage of your sidering whether youre eligible for a revenue, says Bob Godlasky, direc- percent from 2015. Those companies free trade creates an uncertainty about
ates left school with student loan debt, income. You must apply on student- small-business loan. tor of academic mentoring at Orange employ 6.4 million workers in the United where trade and other economic policies
an average of $30,100, the Institute for and recertify your eligibility Nicole Beltz, 28, didnt fall behind County Score, part of a national volun- States. are headed. Businesses like certainty, he
College Access & Success reports. Stu- every year. on her bills when she started a business teer business mentoring network. President Donald Trump is pursuing said. My CFO likes certainty.


This le photo shows a

Charter Communications
van in St Louis. Now
Charter wont have to compete with other cable companies now
cable giant Charter wont
have to compete with Federal regulators are letting had agreed to extend its net- regime, the FCC said Monday point of mandating a network
other cable companies Charter out of a requirement that work to areas where there is that Charter can instead build buildout where there is al-
in new areas. Federal would have forced it to compete already a broadband provider. in areas where there isnt high- ready service. The reversal is
telecom regulators have with other broadband providers This requirement was enacted speed internet already. the latest in a slew of meas-
tweaked a condition of its and possibly cut prices. because most US households The agencys new chair- ures at the FCC that benet
deal to buy Time Warner The decision relaxes one dont have a choice for high- man, Ajit Pai, says getting the telecom industry.
Cable. They had said of the conditions imposed on speed home internet. Greater more Americans online Pai said in a statement Mon-
Charter would have to Charter when it absorbed Time competition could lower prices. whats called closing the day that the previous buildout
compete with another Warner Cable and represents But smaller cable companies digital divide is important requirement had not been in
fast-internet provider for another sign that the countrys worried about that competition to him. He wants to cut regula- the public interest and was
1 million customers. Now telecom cop is tilting in favor of and asked the Federal Commu- tions to encourage broadband against the goal of promoting
they can build in areas the industry it monitors. nications Commission to revisit companies to expand their greater Internet access for all
that dont have fast inter- Charter Communications the requirement. Under a new networks and doesnt see the Americans. (AP)
net. (AP)

GCC markets quarterly report

National Bank of Kuwait

Equities underperform in Q1 as Kuwait rallies

R egional markets had an unimpressive start to the
year, underperforming international markets, though
Kuwait bucked the trend with a strong rally. The GCC
MSCI total return index advanced a mere 0.6% on the
quarter, dragged down by a weak showing for the Saudi
market. Performance was mixed among other regional
markets, with Kuwait putting in a stellar performance.
Total GCC market capitalization stood at $946 billion at
the end of the quarter, having lost $6 billion during 1Q17.
Internationally, most equity markets continued their
post US election rally, buoyed by an improving outlook.
US markets were making new highs and the S&P 500
and the DJIA were up 6.1% and 5.2%, respectively, in
anticipation of upcoming business-friendly policies in the
US. Markets were also buoyed by a more hawkish Fed,
which raised rates in March, well before earlier expecta-
tions; it is now looking to hike rates two or three more
times in 2017. Markets took that as further conrmation
of a more positive outlook. European equities took their
cue from US markets and advanced 7% in 1Q17 despite overall, dragged down by Saudi Arabia. Saudi equi- boost GCC equities got from the OPEC deal to cut output
a less dovish ECB stance and boosted by positive data ties gave back some of the strong gains seen in 4Q16, late last year faded by 1Q17. Corporate earnings for 2016
from the eurozone. weighing on regional indices. MSCI GCC was up 0.6% were disappointing in most cases, especially for Qatar. Prof-
Emerging markets (EM) rebounded following a poor in 1Q17. While a record international bond sale in 4Q16 its of 42 listed Qatari corporates were down 12% while a
showing in 4Q16 as ows to EMs picked up. The MSCI triggered a rally and helped abate concerns over domestic sample of 18 companies announced earnings 27% lower than
EM index was up a strong 7.8% outperforming the MSCI liquidity, focus seems to have shifted back to the fun- analyst estimates. Even the second tranche upgrade by FTSE
World, which closed up 5.6%. Improved economic out- damentals. The low oil price environment continued to EM status in mid-March failed to provide a sustainable
looks in most of these markets boosted equities. Mean- to weigh on Saudi growth, with recent data pointing to lift. By contrast, Bahraini corporate earnings were positive,
while, fears of more protectionist US trade policies, further softness. Corporate earnings in 2016 continued with a sample of 37 companies seeing growth of 14%. The
which were behind most of the sell-off in 4Q16, appear to reect weakness, with prots down 6% y/y. Earnings Bahraini market was up 11%.
to have abated for now. Emerging markets, along with also appeared to surprise to the downside; prots of 69 With the exception of Saudis Tadawul, market activ-
other risky asset classes, also benetted from the contin- companies were 16% lower than analyst estimates. ity picked up. The daily traded value averaged $1.5 billion,
ued ow of positive data from advanced economies. Ac- Meanwhile, Kuwait equities saw a strong 1Q17, stand- slightly lower than in 4Q16. Kuwait saw a big jump in turn-
cording to the IIF, capital ows to EMs have recovered ing out as one of the best performing markets thus far over. The daily traded value in Qatar was also up a strong
notably. Net portfolio EM inows totaled $31 billion in this year. The value-weighted index was up 8.7%, its 54% driven primarily by the FTSE upgrade. GCC markets
the rst two months of the year compared to outows of best quarter in over six years. A hefty pick up in trad- also saw a reversal of the outows that followed the US elec-
$25 billion in 4Q16. ing volumes was at least as noteworthy. Daily volumes tions in line with EMs. According to EFG Hermes, net in-
Regional markets were mixed but underperformed reached levels not seen since the nancial crisis and aver- ows to the region averaged $223 million per month in the
aged more than double 4Q16. The immediate catalyst for rst two months of 2017 compared to a monthly average of
the rally may have been the October 2016 acquisition of $167 million in the 4Q16. The Qatari market accounted for
Americana by a UAE investor, which appeared to inject the bulk of this reversal on the FTSE upgrade. Kuwait also
much needed optimism in the market. Equities may have saw a pickup in net foreign inows in January.
also been helped by expected changes in the composi- Valuations for GCC markets are looking more expen-
tion of some frontier market indices which could boost sive but remain underpriced compared to EMs. Price-to-
Kuwaits weight in them. earnings per share (P/EPS) for most GCC markets were
Kuwaits rally comes after years of lagging the re- up compared to 4Q16. However, with global emerging
gion despite solid economic fundamentals. Kuwait has markets at a P/EPS of 19.4, GCC markets remain rela-
enjoyed relative stability on the political arena, which tively cheap.
paved the way for faster reform and project implementa- Regional markets, lacking a catalyst of their own, will
tion. Thanks to its strong nancial position, Kuwait has continue to be driven by international markets and oil.
also experienced a milder scal adjustment than other Progress in the US on passing tax reform and infrastruc-
GCC countries. As such, there has been no slowdown ture spending will be closely watched, while monetary
in nonoil growth in 2015-2016. This has been reected policy in advanced markets will continue to be a key fo-
in corporate prots, which fared better than GCC peers. cus for investors. In Europe, elections in France and Ger-
Indeed, earnings announcements surprised on the upside many, and Brexit talks will continue to affect sentiment.
by 5% in 1Q17. In the GCC, markets will continue to follow scal adjust-
Other markets, for the most part, lacked any direction. The ments and progress on structural reform closely.

Offer on maintenance services

GCC banks should adapt fast with Northern Gulf launches its
disruptive technologies: Marmore new pre-summer promotion
KUWAIT CITY, April 4: Get your
car ready, because here comes the
is to ensure that our customers are
satised and comfortable with our
summer heat! As the summer sea- services and products, therefore, we
son draws closer, and in line with have developed this offer to ensure
Study highlights potential impact of Blockchain tech on various sectors its strategy to ensure the best after that they can enjoy the summer sea-
sale services that ensure the peace of son by offering them peace of mind.
KUWAIT CITY, April 4: mind for consumers during the hot This is on top of the benet of own-
weather, Hyundai Northern Gulf has ing a car that enjoys only the highest
Marmore MENA Intelli- launched a new offer. of quality and modern design. It is in
gence, a research subsid- The summer promotion includes appreciation of our customers great
iary of the Kuwait Financial maintenance services in addition loyalty that we continuously strive to
to a 30% discount on the total in- develop promotions that meet their
Centre Markaz, recently voice and a free computer inspec- requirements to provide customers
rolled out its report From tion of which includes engine per- with what they deserve.
Bitcoin to Blockchain. In formance, the brake system, the air This offer is a reflection of
this release, Marmore fath- conditioning and cooling system, Northern Gulfs constant efforts
and the electrical, lighting and to provide customers only with the
oms the potential impact of safety system. best there is to offer. It also por-
the Blockchain technology The offer is valid from April 2-7, trays their desire to provide the
on various sectors in the 2017 and is applicable to all Hyun- highest level of quality in terms of
GCC region. dai car models from the year 2014 or products and services that aim to
older. This offer will allow Hyundai earn customer satisfaction there-
Reading along the lines of Fi- customers to prepare their cars for fore strengthening its position
nancial Times, Blockchain is a the summer and the heat it brings amongst competitors whilst offer-
data-recording structure that moth- with it so that they can enjoy peace ing consumers the latest incentives
ers a shared ledger that is distrib- of mind during the hot weather. and cars that are characterized by
uted among networked computers, Customers can now enjoy the ad- futuristic design, state-of-the-art
allowing users to make and verify vanced services that are available technology and much more.
transactions immediately, elimi- world scenarios. The concept of Foundation (DFF) of emerging chain Council, on using Blockchain every day of the week from 7:30 am There is also signicant effort
nating any interference from a cen- decentralization that Blockchain technologies, has been hitting the in the following areas health re- until 6 pm at the Hyundai Service towards elevating the quality of ser-
tral authority. New transactions are promises has creased the brows of top of the list by nurturing and de- cords, managing conict diamonds, Centers located in Al Ahmadi, Shu- vice through employing additional
cross-checked by the network and, several central bankers, who are veloping latest technologies. land title transfer, business registra- waikh, and Al Jahra. sales experts, having a larger number
when approved as valid, are added also increasingly becoming re- The objective of the DFF is to tion, digital wills, tourism engage- Commenting on this offer, a of available spare parts and deliver-
to the Blockchain. ceptive to the idea of incorporat- ring in new technologies for the ment, and shipping. spokesman at the service center said, ing them for repair to garages, offer-
The traditional payment model ing Blockchain to their systems. government and bureaucratic ser- Dubai has lofty ambitions of Northern Gulf takes great pride in ing competitive prices, launching ex-
ropes in a third party, trusted by Although overnight adoption is vices. Dubais approach is new in creating smart cities, and these launching this summer promotion clusive offers at premium prices and
everybody, to be involved in a unlikely, we envisage Blockchain that it dares to defy its traditional are likely to deliver stacks of data that aims to provide the best there providing spare parts centers in key
transaction. Blockchain puts that being used in some form or other nature of simply serving as a hub daily. Tracing the progress of the is to offer to customers in terms of industrial areas.
model to a test by eliminating the to carry on regular transactions and is actually bent on leveraging Blockchain technology, it is not services and maintenance for Hyun- In addition to its unique marketing
centralized system and replacing over the next 57 years. on new technologies for catering to easy for anyone to question its dai cars. One of our strongest goals campaigns, Northern Gulf continu-
The GCC region, traditionally, the needs of the state. capability of handling the pool of ously strives to offer new promo-
it with a system that is widely dis- tions and surprises to its consumers
tributed and secured by cryptog- has lagged behind in adopting The DFFs Dubai Future Ac- data.
celerators program, for instance, and worldwide fans of Hyundai cars.
raphy. Transactions that happen disruptive technologies. Lack of Blockchains can be put to use in It consistently goes the extra mile
on the Blockchain network are a robust start-up environment and has singled out 30 companies and almost any form of record keeping, to ensure customer satisfaction and
public, allowing anyone to join difficulty in mirroring the suc- has given them 3 months devel- agreement, contract, or register. to provide the opportunity to own a
the network and verify the trans- cess of global start-ups have been opment time and access to mil- Recently, the UK government has Hyundai car at an attractive price.
actions. threatening the potential of the lions of dollars of venture capital started probing the use the Block- The company also endeavors to
Banks and financial compa- GCC region. to put their technologies to a test chain for public services lending build Hyundais reputation as a suc-
nies are exploring Blockchain to Given the deance to change, with local government authori- credibility to the fact that Block- cessful, leading automotive compa-
tide their day-to-day challenges. coupled with the absence of a ro- ties. Two key projects Hyper- chain is primed to move into main- ny that manages to compete against
Many technology pundits and bust framework, it is too early for loop, a high-speed transportation stream. other companies that have long since
bankers had projected that even investments in Blockchain to befall system, and a Blockchain project The below table outlines, without established their positioning. The
though Bitcoin could possibly be in the GCC region. The argument developed by Consensys were baring their potential applicability promotions developed are always
restricted to a few thousands on that nothing noteworthy is happen- economically buttressed by the for the GCC region, just a few ways in line with Hyundais philosophy
the internet, the underlying tech- ing in the GCC region fails to hold program. the Blockchains are being used or of prioritizing the needs of the cus-
nology The Block Chain water. Dubai recently steered a series could be put to use in the times tomer regardless of whether before
holds a huge potential in real- Dubai, through its Dubai Future of pilots, through its Global Block- ahead. A yer of Northern Gulf promotion or after the purchase.


Transneft could raise oil exports to Belarus from April Alan Howard raises over $700 mln for his new fund sources
Russias Transneft has the tech- Transneft could pump extra must receive a message from British hedge fund manager Alan times move money from existing ard declined to comment. How-
nical capacity to pump 24 million oil if it receives requests from oil Belarusian reneries that they are Howard has raised more than funds as well as raising cash from ards new fund, which is named
tonnes of oil to Belarus this year companies, Igor Demin said. able to process 20 million tonnes $700 million from outside investors investors externally. after his initials, will charge a man-
and could start pumping addi- While most companies have of crude oil in the April-December for a new fund that he will solely The AH Fund seeks a minimum agement fee of 0.75 percent and
tional volumes from April, an of- already planned April exports period, Demin said. manage, two sources with knowl- $50 million investment from each a performance fee of 30 percent.
cial at the oil pipeline monopoly and booked vessels for the ship- Russian companies have an edge of the matter told Reuters. investor, documents led with The product which is still
told Reuters on Tuesday. ments, Demin said some still had allocation to export 4 million One of the sources said the US regulator the Securities and open to new investment - has
On Monday, Russia agreed resources that they could export tonnes of crude oil to Belarus AH fund, which started trading on Exchange Commission showed. been launched at a time when
to restore oil supplies to Belarus to Belarus this month. in April-June. Russia earlier March 1, had raised an additional That is far bigger than the average Brevan Howard, which manages
to 24 million tonnes after Minsk To do so, Russias Energy Min- cut rst-quarter oil supply plans $2 billion from the main fund at hedge fund investment per investor $14.6 billion, has seen an asset
said it would pay off debt owed istry must issue additional alloca- to four million tonnes from a Howards rm, Brevan Howard of $1.9 million, according to data decline of around $22 billion since
to Russian natural gas exporter tions for exports to Belarus above planned 4.5 million due to a dis- Asset Management. Hedge fund from global industry tracker Preqin. 2012, from a combination of losses
Gazprom. the current quota. Transneft also pute over natural gas. (RTRS) rms that launch new funds some- A spokesman for Brevan How- and client withdrawals. (RTRS)

Car and tech firms racing to secure slice of market

Mercedes joins forces with Bosch to develop self-driving taxis

FRANKFURT, April 4, (RTRS): Mer- man Sachs said last year. which followed Qualcomms $47 bil- unveiled a prototype car which it de-
cedes-Benz owner Daimler and sup- Daimler is focusing its efforts on the lion move to acquire Dutch automotive veloped with the help of Bosch back
plier Robert Bosch are teaming up to app-based car-sharing and ride-hailing chip supplier NXP. in 2012. Mercedes-Benz responded by
develop self-driving cars in an alliance sector dominated by Chinas Didi, and Before deciding to partner with developing an S-class limousine that
aimed at accelerating the production of US-based Uber and Lyft. Like autono- Bosch, Mercedes-Benz had two engi- drove 103 kms (64 miles) between
robo-taxis. mous cars, this market is a big global neering teams working on autonomous the German towns of Mannheim and
The pact between the worlds larg- growth area and is expected to expand vehicles. One took an evolutionary ap- Pforzheim a year later.
est maker of premium cars and the by 28 percent a year to 2030, accord- proach, upgrading the capabilities of Real commercial applications for
worlds largest automotive supplier ing to consultancy McKinsey. conventional vehicles, while the other autonomous cars will start to take off
forms a powerful counterweight to Within a specied area of town, team took a more radical approach to between 2020 and 2025, Ola Kaelleni-
new auto industry players like ride- customers will be able to order an auto- the cars design. us, Daimler board member and head of
hailing rms Uber and Didi which are mated shared car via their smartphone. Cars which do not rely on any Group Research and Mercedes-Benz
also working on self-driving cars. The vehicle will then make its way au- driver input have a different architec- Cars development told Reuters last
Technology companies and carmak- tonomously to the user, Daimler said. ture and sensor setup, with more radar month.
ers are striving to adjust to a shifting The idea behind it is that the vehicle and cameras, Christoph von Hugo, a If you take the robo-taxi, you start
landscape in the auto industry as con- should come to the driver rather than senior Mercedes-Benz safety manager, perhaps in a city or several cities or areas
sumers increasingly use smartphones the other way round. told Reuters at a recent event to present of cities, and then you grow from there,
to locate, hail and rent vehicles, rather The cutthroat competition to launch safety systems. he said. The key is to get to something
than going out and buying cars. self-driven cars has forced carmakers The current Mercedes E-Class can that you can commercialise, scale up.
The alliance not only marks an end In this Feb 2, le photo, the logo of Mercedes is photographed at the annual to shift strategy from an evolutionary cruise without driver input on high- The systems and hardware ex-
to Daimlers efforts to develop an au- news conference at the companys headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany. (AP) toward a revolutionary approach. ways, keeping the distance to the car pertise provided by Bosch will help
tonomous car largely on its own, but Instead of evolving driver assistance in front and staying in lane using a sys- Mercedes-Benz make autonomous car
moves the auto industrys ambitions supplier make ground in a competi- it had rst envisaged the commercial systems to achieve full autonomy, tem which has level 2 autonomy. technology which can be produced in
beyond simply developing prototype tive autonomous driving system sector launch of automated taxis, or robo- carmakers are now experimenting Full autonomy known as an large numbers.
vehicles towards industrial-scale pro- where rivals Continental and Delphi taxis. with radical car designs combined eyes off, brains off or level 5 sys- Bosch is already one of the worlds
duction of self-driving cars. ZF and others have also made heavy The prime objective of the project with software-driven development tem does away with even the need largest suppliers of advanced driver as-
Financial terms were not disclosed investments. is to achieve the production-ready de- which has led to alliances with tech- for a steering wheel. sistance systems (ADAS) and recently
of the deal between the two German For Daimler and its Mercedes di- velopment of a driving system which nology companies. We dont want to wait until level 3 announced an alliance with US tech
companies, which was announced on vision, teaming up with Bosch helps Mercedes-Benzs arch rival BMW has arrived before we start with level rm Nvidia to develop a self-driving
Tuesday. them throw more engineering resourc- will allow cars to drive fully autono- teamed up with Israeli autonomous ve- 4/5. That will be too late, von Hugo computer for production cars. Mer-
Bosch which was founded in es at autonomous cars, allowing them mously in the city, Daimler said in a hicle tech company Mobileye and chip said, adding that the prospect of new cedes-Benz and auto supplier ZF also
1886, the same year that Mercedes to speed up the process of creating a statement on Tuesday. maker Intel last year to develop new revenue streams from maintaining have separate alliances with Nvidia.
founder Carl Benz patented the motor- production-ready system for autono- The market for advanced driver as- technology that could put autonomous eets of robo-taxis was a big motivat- The Bosch-Daimler alliance will
car will develop software and algo- mous cars by several years. sistance systems and autonomous ve- cars on the road by 2021. ing factor for doubling up the carmak- rely on high-denition mapping sys-
rithms needed for autonomous driving The autonomous system will now be hicles is expected to grow from about Intel has since agreed to buy Israeli ers R&D efforts. tems provided by HERE, the digital
together with the carmaker. ready by the beginning of next decade, $3 billion in 2015 to $96 billion in autonomous vehicle technology rm Autonomous vehicles came closer mapping rm owned by BMW, Mer-
The deal will help the automotive Daimler said, without disclosing when 2025 and $290 billion in 2035, Gold- Mobileye for $15.3 billion, a deal to road-going reality after Google cedes, Audi and Intel.

Companys expansion, borrowing hit

Rosneft hopes Iranian rulings All euro business should be

can help it beat EU sanctions
4, (RTRS): Russian oil major
Rosneft hopes to benet from

European court rulings that have

allowed some Iranian banks to
involved in Tehrans nuclear
activities, Rosneft said in legal
Rosneft is hoping to benet
from a similar attitude to sanc-
moved from London: Weber
escape from European Union
tions imposed over Ukraine. The
oil rm said it had not com-
Top lawmaker says block should protect interests of EU financial hubs
Russias largest oil rm has mitted any illegal actions in any
been subject to sanctions since jurisdiction, including Ukraine, STRASBOURG, April 4, (RTRS): All nancial business But with Brexit, the case for London maintaining its leading role in euro-
2014, following Russias an- and has nothing to do with the denominated business has become weaker.
nexation of Ukraines Crimea Ukrainian crisis. denominated in euros should be moved from London to
People expect that we do the euro business and all the business which is linked
region. Chief Executive Igor In 2014, the European Court the European Union after Britain leaves the bloc, an EU to the euro on European soil, Manfred Weber, who heads the conservative group-
Sechin, a close ally of Russian of Justice struck down an EU lawmaker said on Tuesday.
President Vladimir Putin, is him- decision to freeze the assets of ing, the largest in the European Parliament, told a news conference in Strasbourg.
self under sanctions. Irans central bank, a measure London is the worlds leading nancial centre for the clearing of deriva- Weber, an ally of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, said that it was not con-
Sanctions complicate fund- put in place prevent Iran devel- tives denominated in euros, a lucrative business that the European Central ceivable that after Brexit business conducted in euros should remain in London.
raising for the state-run Ros- oping nuclear weapons. Bank had tried in vain two years ago to relocate to the eurozone. He added that the bloc should protect the interests of EU nancial hubs, like Par-
neft and have prevented West- Last year, Irans Bank Mellat is, Frankfurt, Dublin and Amsterdam.
ern companies from helping it also won a case that its assets Weber declined to answer specic
develop deepwater, shale and should not have been frozen. It questions on whether this would
Arctic oil deposits, including a argued that it was not linked to involve the moving of clearing of
large venture with Exxon Mo- Irans nuclear programme. euro-denominated derivatives.
bil. The EU council said it could The European Commission could
Rosneft is attempting to an- not comment on the case in the propose a forced relocation from Lon-
nul EU sanctions in the Euro- General Court (Case T-715/14) don to the European Union of the clear-
pean General Court, following as it was still ongoing. The ing business in legislative proposals on
a ruling by the European Court timing of its ruling was not im- derivatives t