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Nellely Azpeitia


English Honors/ Period 4

12 November 2016

Letter to the President-Elect: Mexican Immigrants

Dear President-Elect,

My name is Nellely, I am a fifteen year old undocumented student striving for a successful future.

My father first left Mexico when he was only nineteen years old, leaving behind his family in hope of a

better paying job to support them. He walked across a desert for three days with a group of thirty young

hopeful men and an older man leading the way to America. In the end only a total of six men survived the

journey including my father. Young immigrants are denied education and the ability to travel to other

places for college, because theyre undocumented. Immigrants do not have many job opportunities in

order to provide the best lifestyles for their families. Although some people are against this idea because

they fear that immigrants can be dangerous, denying legalization for some immigrants can affect America

negatively. A law allowing Mexican immigrants to become United States citizens, under certain

guidelines, must be made to aid those who have earned the right to legally live here.

Since I have realized the importance of education I have worried for my own future. Bryan

Latimer, assistant producer of NBC News explains, The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals

program, referred to as DACA, allows young unauthorized immigrants who qualify, to stay in the country,

work and study without fear of deportation. A law that has given much hope in the past only recently is

being questioned, spreading fear among young immigrants. Most were brought here as children and all

they have known is America. The freedom it is said to possess and the great opportunities within the

country. Except that does not entirely apply for us, undocumented students, we are not completely assured

our education or a job to pay for it. From a very young age, adults and teachers have lectured us to finish

our education so we can advance. Education is possible, but standing in our way are obstacles that make it

almost impossible. In my future I want to be studying, working, and thriving. How can I fully succeed
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with so many barriers in the way? If younger immigrants were legalized than they could have the proper

education in order to contribute to the growth of the country.

Growing up, I never questioned why my father was waking up at three in the morning to work or

why my mother only worked at a fast food restaurant. It seemed normal. The main reason why

immigrants cross the border is because they believe there are more job opportunities. While this can be

true, immigrants are sometimes poorly treated and paid, because they are immigrants. They have to

tolerate humiliations, they have to live in fear, they have to live in shame, because they are immigrants.

Immigrants live a dream in America: immigrants live a nightmare in America. Some adults would also

like the opportunity to perhaps finish school, which would help them obtain a job that they enjoy and pays

well in order to give their families a better living. They are humans and work hard, and support their

families, and wish to live here. Let them live here.

There are terrible people who step into this country and, unfortunately, those are the faces that

determine our image; we are labeled as rapists, narcotic dealers, and many other negative stamps. I

understand why people do not want us in this country but not everyone is the same. Those few Mexican

immigrants that commit crimes should not represent those trying to live a happy life. People will fight for

justice, justice will fight for people. If immigrants were deported the way you, Mr.President-Elect, want

them to be it would affect the country negatively. According to Jeanna Smialek and Brendan case from

Benchmark, there are not enough workers to fill all of the jobs undocumented workers would leave. It

is not all about the benefits for immigrants, it is the risks the country could potentially obtain. God created

every human equally, the only difference is that we were born in different countries. Crimes that

Mexicans commit are no different than those made by Americans.

Legalizing immigrants who have worked hard to make a living in the United States should occur

under specific regulations. These guidelines could include learning english, acquiring your GED, and

living a certain period of time in the United States. For immigrants America is the path to the stars they

wish to reach. There are people who pose as threats to America but not all illegal immigrants are

dangerous. Education would not be so stressful for young immigrants if they could become citizens of the
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United States. Families could possess healthier and wealthier lives if certain immigrants could be

legalized. Let them build a life here. Let me make my mark here.