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1. This game suitable to be played by two players.

2. Consist of 20 pieces of tokens numbered 1-10 per set in red and green.

3. All the numbered tokens are placed on the board face lying down.

4. First player will open any token followed by the second player.

5. When there are two pieces of tokens (red and green) next to each other, the player that

opens the token need to determine whether he or she can eat the opponent tokens or

be eaten.

6. The token with bigger number can eats the smaller number and making it his or hers.

7. The game is played until all the tokens have been eaten.

8. Players can move their token one square at a time in any direction (up, down, left and


9. The winner is the player that has more tokens.


1 1 6 2 9
4 2 3 5 8

3 9 4 7 10

5 8 10 7 6