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Franais 3 Madame Pinto

Grading Rubric (Presentational Mode)

Note: This project will be worth 20 points, and you will be graded according to the following rubric.
Please see me with any questions or concerns you might have about this project or how it will be graded.

Does Not Meet

CRITERIA Exceeds Expectations Meets Expectations

4 3 2 1

Strong Good Moderate Minimal

Language Function Consistently narrates and Handles successfully Creates with language by Creates with language by
describes in all major uncomplicated tasks and combining and recombining combining and
The speaker is able to handle time frames. Able to social situations requiring known elements; ability to recombining known
in communicate on familiar exchange of basic express own meaning; elements; is able to
a consistent, comfortable, topics, and matters of public information related to expands in quantity and express personal
sustained, and spontaneous interest. particular interests, and quality. Handles successfully a meaning in a very basic
manner. areas of competence. variety of uncomplicated way. Cannot handle
Narrates and describes in communicative tasks and successfully a number of
all major time frames, topics necessary for survival in uncomplicated
although not consistently. target-language cultures. communicative tasks.
These exchanges include
personal information related to

Text Type Uses connected sentences Uses mostly connected Uses strings of sentences, Uses simple sentences
and paragraph-length sentences and some with some complex sentences and some strings of
Quantity and organization of discourse. paragraph-like discourse. (dependent clauses). sentences.
language discourse
Franais 3 Madame Pinto

Impact Presented in a clear and Presented in a clear and Presented in a clear and Presentation may be
organized manner. organized manner. organized manner. Some either unclear or
Clarity, organization, and Presentation illustrates Presentation illustrates effort to maintain audiences unorganized. Minimal to
depth of presentation; degree originality, rich details, and an originality and features rich attention through visuals, no effort to maintain
to which presentation unexpected feature that details, visuals to maintain and/or details. audiences attention.
maintains attention and captures interest and audiences attention and/ or
interest of audience attention of audience. interest.

Comprehensibility Is readily understood by Is readily understood by Is understood by native Is generally understood

native speakers native speakers speakers, even those by those unaccustomed
Who can understand this unaccustomed to the unaccustomed to the unaccustomed to the speaking to the speaking/writing of
persons language? Can this speaking/writing of non- speaking of non-natives. of non-natives, although this non-natives, although
person be understood only by natives. may require some additional interference from another
sympathetic interlocutors used effort. language may be evident
to the language of non- and gaps in
natives? Can a native speaker comprehension may
unaccustomed to the speaking occur.
of non-natives understand this

Language Control Demonstrates significant Demonstrates significant Demonstrates significant Is most accurate when
quantity and quality of quantity and quality of quantity and quality of producing simple
Grammatical accuracy, Intermediate-level language. Intermediate-level Intermediate-level language. sentences in present
appropriate vocabulary, When attempting to perform language. When attempting Accuracy and/or fluency time. Pronunciation,
degree of fluency Advanced-level tasks, there to perform Advanced-level decreases when attempting to vocabulary, and syntax
is breakdown in one or more tasks, there is breakdown in handle topics at the Advanced are strongly influenced by
of the following areas: the one or more of the following level or as language becomes the native language.
ability to narrate and areas: the ability to narrate more complex. Accuracy decreases as
describe, use of paragraph- and describe, use of language becomes more
length discourse, fluency, paragraph-length discourse, complex.
breadth of vocabulary. fluency, breadth of
Franais 3 Madame Pinto