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Part One is Framing

I value morality derived from ought in the resolution, which

implies a moral obligation. All other values are nonsense, we
can always just ask why they matter which is infinitely

Only consequences of our actions matter suffering is the

most important consideration
Ariansen 98 Per Ariansen (University of Oslo, Department of Philosophy). Anthropocentrism with a human
face. Ecological Economics 24 (1998) 153162

Suspending for a while the idea of morality as a game, one could approach


it out as an ethical project in contrast to other projects of rationalization.

Government actions will inevitably lead to trade-offs between

citizens since they benefit some and harm others; the only
justifiable way to resolve these conflicts is by benefitting the
maximum possible number of people since anything else would
unequally prioritize one group over another. Several impacts
A) Side constraint theories are useless for foreign policy
since theyll inevitably violate some constraint.
B) Answers util indicts non-consequentialist moral theories
prevent any action which is worse than not being able to
use util.
C) Takes out indicts about calculability since governments
already use util which proves it is possible to do so.

Independent of considerations of future happiness or life,

death is always the worst possible evil since even if there is a
different moral good than happiness, if we die we never get to
access that good
Uyl and Rasmussen 81 Prof.s Philosophy Bellarmine and St. Johns (Douglas Den Uyl and Douglas
Rasmussen, Prof.s Philosophy Bellarmine and St.Johns, 1981, Reading Nozick, p. 245)

In so far as one chooses, regardless of the choice, one choose (


without also (implicitly at least) valuing that which makes valuation possible.
Thus, the standard is preventing extinction

Independently, risk of extinction outweighs

A) Its a huge impact extinction effects everyone and
probably hurts a lot
B) Its irreversible any other impact can be fixed, but
extinction cant.
C) If theres any skepticism about what is morally good, then
preventing extinction is a prerequisite to finding that
moral truth.
Part Two is Extinction

I contend that preferring globalization in matters of

international trade risks extinction.

Scenario One is Terror Globalization and market growth cause

and enable terrorism.
Cronin 03 Senior Associate at the Oxford Leverhulme Programme on the Changing Character of War
(Audrey Kurth, Behind the Curve: Globalization and International Terrorism, Project MUSE)
The objectives of international terrorism have also changed as a result of globalization. Foreign
global media outreach, or a diverse network of financial and information resources.

That escalates and cascades into miscalc and prolif terrorism

results in extinction several warrants.
Ayson 10 (Robert Ayson, Professor of Strategic Studies and Director of the Centre for Strategic Studies: New
Zealand at the Victoria University of Wellington, After a Terrorist Nuclear Attack: Envisaging Catalytic Effects,
Studies in Conflict & Terrorism, Volume 33, Issue 7, July)

A terrorist nuclear attack, and even the use of nuclear weapons in response by


to the act of nuclear terrorism on another member of that special club.

Scenario Two is War market liberalization and growth

increases statistical risk of war.
Boehmer 10 [Charles Boehmer is a Ph.D. in Political Science from Pennsylvania State University,
Economic Growth and Violent International Conflict: 1875-1999,]

The theory set forth earlier theorizes that economic growth increases perceptions of state

China may be more likely to escalate a war given its recent national performance

Scenario Three is the Environment globalization destroys the

environment and biodiversity and increases emissions.
Trang 15 [Nguyen Minh, Faculty of International Economic Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam, The relationship
between economic development and environmental degradation in Vietnam, CeSEM, April 4, 2015,
degradation-in-vietnam/, July 21, 2016]

That is a miraculous success for Vietnam. Within the same last two decades,

of environment, beyond which we can never take back what we lose.

Two impacts first, loss of biodiversity equals extinction lack

of oxygen, inability to treat diseases, and lack of basic
commodities that underpin the global economy.
Earth Eclipse nd (Earth Eclipse, No Date, "Why is Biodiversity Important and Reasons For Loss of

Biodiversity is the variety within and between animal and plant life in a particular habitat


. The genetic diversity, for instance, helps species to fight diseases.

Second, warming destroys all life on Earth once we hit a brink

theres a runaway cycle of warming. Warming is real,
anthropogenic, and threatens extinction prefer new evidence
that represents consensus.
Griffin 15 (David, Claremont philosophy professor, The climate is ruined. So can civilization even survive?,

Although most of us worry about other things, climate scientists have become increasingly worried


the whole world to replace dirty energy with clean as soon as possible.