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Assignment Chapter 1

Problem 1

The Taco Inc. Model 4013 centrifugal pump has an impeller of diameter D=12.95 in. When
pumping 20C water at =1160 rev /min , the measured flow rate Q and pressure rise
P are given by the manufacturer as follows:

Q(gal/min) 200 300 400 500 600 700

P( psi) 36 35 34 32 29 23

1. Assuming that P=f ( , Q , D , ) , use the Pi theorem to rewrite this function in

terms of dimensionless parameters and the plot the given data in dimensionless form.
2. It is desired to use the same pump, running at 900 rev/min, to pump 20C gasoline at
400 gal/min. According to your dimensionless correlation, what pressure rise P

is expected, in lbf / ?

Problem 2

A model propeller 1.5 ft in diameter rotating at 1800 rpm is tested in a

wind tunnel with air velocity of 200 ft/s. The thrust and torque measured
are 20 lbf and 12 ft-lbf, respectively. The heat capacity ratio of air is

k= =1.4 . The gas constant value for air is R=53.3 ft . lbf /lbm . R

The thrust of a propeller is known to be dependent on axial flow velocity V,

fluid density , rotating speed N in rpm, and diameter D in ft. Assume the
flow is incompressible.


1. The appropriate nondimensional parameters (take the thrust and the

fluid velocity as fixed parameter)
2. The expected performance of the prototype and its rotating speed if
its diameter is 7.5 ft and air velocity is 350 ft/s.
3. The Rotational Mach number at 530R. Discuss the assumption
stated above (incompressible flow)