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Task 4:

An interview with a Primary School Science

Sample interview questions for the Principal and/or Responses from the Principal and/or science
science coordinator/teacher re: science provision in the coordinator/teacher re: science provision in the setting.
Is there a science coordinator and/or how many -Regards Well Spring school, it is a new school
1 specified science teachers are there in the school? that opened from two years. So, there is only
one Science teacher (Mr. Jordan). Because of
What are the duties/responsibilities of the science
teacher/coordinator? that, most of elementary teachers in private
schools teaches multiple subjects and they
Does she teach any, all students or just specific year focus specifically in language and reading
groups? literacy.
Obtain a teaching schedule and any schemes of work,
lesson plans, software used etc. from the science -There is not a specific duty for science
coordinator/teacher. coordinator. But, the science teacher plans for
the connected lessons and she goes through
The lesson plan is included as a the curriculum objective and do some
attachment after the reflection experiments, crafts in classroom to achieve the
goals. Furthermore, the science coordinator
has an accommodation between him and the

-Science coordinator teacher which is the main

teacher in school teaches from grade 6 to 10.
Secondary students take a higher level and
heavy science subject. While, students in
elementary from Kindergarten to grade 5 they
have one teacher who teaches them (literacy
language, math, and science/social studies).

-There is a weekly plan for all three subjects,

each week Ms. Jaci did a week before. She
prepared-well for the lessons in next week.
Also, she ordered science books to have same
2 Who is responsible for science policy and provision -In terms of science policy that Well Spring
within the setting? school used for teaching science is that they
(Can we obtain a copy of the policy?)
used Pennsylvania Policy Standards. However,
Pennsylvania Policy Standards my Mentor tries to do International Science
current used policies for science: Standards to match ERO with student
The policy is attached in the E-Portfolio learning outcomes.
Tasks section, under the reflection of task 5.
You can look at the PDF file attached. These -Besides, my mentor thought about
standards are similar to what my mentor implementing International Standards for
used. science for a purpose which have clarified and
more informal tasks in International science
3 Online/Blended Learning: -Well Spring School have a website in the
Internet URL:
Does the setting have its own website? If so, what is
the URL, who created it and who is responsible for
managing and updating it?

Is there any online/blended learning taking place

related to science? If so, how is this delivered?

What ICT resources are used specifically for teaching


-However, for secondary students they have a

website with science teacher for practicing and
it is like a Dashboard that the teacher can
upload useful things for learners. The science
coordinator used Edmodo application for
secondary students.
Elementary young learners, does not have a link
to work with. They are small young learners;
because of that in science they took Inquiry-
Based activities more than complex information
and science speeches.

-Regarding ICT recourses, there are some

devices that students can work with it like
iPad, Tablets, Computer. But, there is lack of
technological recourses that students use.
Sometimes science teacher use iPad to present
the first 5Es which is Engagement or the last
one which is Evaluation.
4 What science equipment/manipulatives/resources -Science equipment is provided for all levels in
can be found the setting? (Is there a list? Differentiate the school. There is some science equipment
between the classroom; the science lab and other areas in the setting
e.g. library) that related to mathematics. But, they
separate all math tools in one side in each class
Is there a budget for materials? while science tools in the science coordinator
teacher class or lab.
Who trains teachers and staff in the use the
-Well Spring school decided to open a
Who manages the equipment and materials? laboratory in next year in the new campus
because this building is temporary now. Some
of the tools that I looked forwarded for
elementary students are; cylinder, Trays,
scales, liquids, pH indicators, seeds, rocks,
plastic and glass cups, microscopes.

-On the other hands, elementary classrooms

used as a lab also in science classes. There are
no labs for elementary yet in this building. My
mentor have a space and free area besides her
class that can do some experiment with
students outside sometimes.

-In terms of budget for science tools, there is

no budget for science tools. The school
provides only the basic materials however, the
teacher must pay for the tools that she wants
if it does not provided in the school. However,
for science coordinator he requests the tools
that he needs from the principle and he
provided for him.

-Regarding training teachers and staff for

equipment, there are no specific person who
trainee them. Teachers and staff learned by
themselves how to use the science and math
materials using the labels in the tool and read
it. If they do not understand how to use it,
they google it and search about how to use it in
classroom for experiments and as a class tool.
So, they follow some instructions that directs
them how to use a specific tool.

- However, the students need to be taught how

to use the materials before they use it in
science experiments.
-Furthermore, managing tools and materials is
done by the teacher itself. When she cleans
the classroom, decorate it, and organize it. She
does not actually depend on someone who
manage the tools. Unless she gives her TA
teacher assistant directions where to put
some tools and what we are going to use for
todays science lesson. In science lab, Mr.
Jordan he is responsible of managing the
equipment for learners.

(go back to task 2&3 and look at the
manipulatives and the function of it in details if
you interested to).
5 Is/Are there dedicated science labs in this setting? -Science labs are needed in every school. At
If yes, how is it used and by whom? How is it least one science lab will be enough for
organised? What equipment can be found here?
elementary students. In terms of Well Spring
If no, why not? e.g. lack of funds? No need? Enough school, it is elementary and secondary school
science equipment and expertise in each classroom? from Kindergarten 1 to grade 10. There are
lacks of science setting. I do not think there is
Does the setting feel it has enough specialist science
a lack of funds but the school is new and in
teachers, technicians and dedicated science rooms?

-In the new building, the school coordinator

decided to have 3 sections of each class.
According to current classes, there is only one
section for each class. For example, 3rd graders
have only one class. Once the enrollment for
school and the new year begins everything will
be prepared. I hope that I can visit the school
next year though to look forward the specialist
places for elementary students. Like science
labs, mathematic club, art club, computer labs.

-In my point of view, I think the setting for

science has a lack of teachers. There is only
one specified teacher for science which he is
teaching higher graders. However, young level
students in elementary have only one teacher
who holds the three main subjects math,
science, and literacy. The school follows
American Curriculum which is teaching part of
whole. Thats mean the school teachers focus
on one point step by step each week.
6 Which science resources does the setting feel it Main Question Answer: there few resources
needs or would like to have to achieve its vision or related to the technology because right now
better science teaching and learning? Im using my mobile phone to record videos, so
e.g. Science Kits, books, Wi-Fi, manipulatives/models, its kind of not good quality so I hope that we
digital cameras/camcorders, lab equipment OR soft have a video camera such as
materials (consumables- colored paper, glue, popsicle
sticks etc.). - Dino-lite camera: its made of plastic,
and its so feasible because of its size,
however my microspore is big and I cant
take it everywhere, so this camera is
just a workable proof for my data so I
will be able to projected on my screen in
the class to show them what is
happening in the current experiment, its
really cool and beneficial, but because
its so expensive I couldnt buy it.

7 What are the safety rules? Main Question Answer: we used to update
the safety rules continuously according to
Are the safety rules posted in the science setting?
current science conditions and the concepts
Who developed these and are they that they are going to test it.
Question 1 Answer: yes, there are seven
safety rules posted in each lab which are:
Leave your personal items outside the lab
Never test in science labs
Clean up your area when class in over
Report accident as soon as they happen
Wear safety gaggles when completing a task
that makes them necessary
Use supplies carefully, try not to waste.
Dont touch the supplies until you are told
what to do.
Question 2 Answer: the science head and
operation manger Mr. Tapn, his role is to make
sure that we are following the safety rules just
in case.

8 What safety equipment is available and when is it Main Question Answer: we have Fire
used commonly? Extinguisher, first aid kit, emergency numbers
and Safety shower or eyewash, but we did use
any one of them till now because we didnt face
any accident.

Is safety equipment available for all students in the

classrooms? Question 1 Answer: yes sure, I we provide any
safety equipment we will address student about
it, otherwise we will not buy it.
Is equipment cleaned, if so by whom? Who manages
this duty?
Question 2 Answer: Yes, the equipment is
cleaned by lab technician, we usually even me I
went to the workshop provided by school to
learn how to clean equipment.
The lab technicians are their responsibility to
manage cleaning duties.
9 Planning for learning- how are the science lessons Main Question Answer: There are specific
planned for in the setting? standards which is Pennsylvania Standards
which have efficient and effective science
methods to teach students with various topics.
For the Gems School, all the teacher has the
Does the MOE/Zone/KHDA provide unit plans/lesson
plans? (can we obtain a copy of this?) access to active learning online site so all the
resources including the lesson plan is provided
Are there weekly planning meetings? What is usually in the website, to be honest what I have found
done in the planning meetings? as experienced teacher since 2001, I have
found that is one of the best software and
thats depend on the teachers way of
delivering the lesson


Question 1 Answer: The Well Spring School is

private schools, so there are no Ministry of
Education unit plans or lesson plans for science
curriculum. The teacher usually looking forward
overseas and the required outcomes must be
achieved in a determined time.

For the Gems School, they used the lesson plan

which is provided in the active learning website,
its so clear for the teachers.

The lesson plan provided as an

attachment with the task.

Question 2 Answer: For Well Spring school,

there are no weekly planning meetings because
as I said there are only one teacher who
teaches 3rd graders as well as for 2nd graders
and 1st graders. The teacher prepared-well the
weekly plan a week before by herself.
Independently achieving the goals of standards
For Gems School, we dont have a meeting
Who attends the planning meetings?
specifically for science, but there is weekly
Does the school have specific goals related to science planning meeting for all grades, and in that
(TIMMS scores etc.)? meeting we discuss the curriculum for the
whole week for all subjects English math and
science also.

Question 3 Answer: for Gems School, usually

the teachers, the grade leader and SLT
members of ours first leaders who handle
grade 3, 4 and 5

Question 4 Answer: yes, we have specific

targets and skills that the children should
achieve by the end of the year.
One of target is that they have to able to think
like a scientist and question like a scientist, and
inquiry discover, experiment and come with a
conclusion by themselves which is the most
important skills in science.

10 How is learning assessed in the science classroom? Main Question Answer: by giving them a test
includes the concepts that they learned it.
Is there an assessment plan for the semester? What
does it include?
Question 1 Answer: we give them a test at the
Do teachers collect student data? What data, when, of the terms includes the lessons that the
and what is it used for? teacher covered
How do students get feedback so that they can make
improvements? Question 2 Answer: we collect data from their
mini test, progress tests and we consequently
collecting data from their work in the class by
their oral participations
Besides that, we passed a sheet for the
students to write how they feel about the topic
for example if they feel good about the topic,
not good or very good, which is self-evaluation

Question 3 Answer: we give them oral and

written also, for example after each lesson we
write what went well and even better if.
When we give them a feedback for the science

Figure: written feedback

we give them also a feedback for their English

11 What science professional development / training Main Question Answer: we went for several
do teachers currently receive or have recently had? science workshops
How frequently and from whom did they /are they
receiving this?
Question 1 Answer: we did workshops in class
Do they have a document that outlines this PD? with all science teacher, that was so cool.
It was like a modern lesson of how rocks can be
What PD do they think teachers in the setting still taught

Question 2 Answer: yes, we do, we put our

meetings and everything in minutes and we have
our own calendar and I always forward it to my
SLT, and I checked also how each teacher
check teacher documents especially for

Question 3 Answer: to be honest some

teachers do not have subject knowledge, and if
they have the subject knowledge they dont
know how to deliver it in the class because
their cultures background is so different.
They also needs to love their students as there
are own children.
Reflection Task 4:

Interviewing Science Coordinator reflection

In terms of interviewing the science teacher, I cannot find an elementary

science teacher. I think I face difficulties managing a meeting for questioning a

science teacher. However, my mentor helps me as well to answer most of the

questions because elementary teachers are multiple subject teachers. I suffer

from getting the more provision from the copies of science lesson plans because

there is a lack of lesson planning for only science. Furthermore, I enjoyed doing

the interview with my mentor who makes our relationship stronger and connected.

The role of science is not taking big time of students each week. I observed

that students take two science sessions each week. Every Mondays and

Wednesdays, in the other day's students, takes social studies. However, I noticed

that the policies of science, syllabus are connected for example students for the

first week will take about evaporation water and rainforest and the next week the

teacher connect to environmental issues. I liked that she feasibly goes from one

topic to another. The transition in science is flexible and could be changed because

it is an idea that students get the concept of it. 50% of the conceptual process

depends on students thinking. I think students have an excellent opportunity to

focus on science topics.

Furthermore, science recourses are provided for all students who are a good

point for science coordinators and students. Actually, I was upset because

students have only one science coordinator. But, I hope they get more science

coordinators. The thing that I dislike is that there is a principal teacher for the
grade level. For instance, grade 3 students have one teacher Ms.Jaci who teaches

them science, mathematics, and literacy. I cannot judge the situation that

students are in now. But, also in the other hands, it is beneficial for the teacher to

know students weaknesses points. For example, a student has a real mathematics

skill while he does not like literacy and reading stuff.

Overall, having a good time with my mentor which helped me a lot to gain the

most relevant information about the task. She is caring which makes me

comfortable that she is helping and discussing with me central questions in the

task. I tried my best to understand the roles and the responsibilities for a science

teacher in school.

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