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What are you thinking about today that will connect with the path with heart?

I believe that our path depends of our choices, what is happening today is
connected with our decisions, and our choices are influenced by our
behavior, how we deal with the facts and the people surrounding of us. We
have energy within us that is expelled to our exterior and, when these
energies are transmitted, they will attract more energy with the same
propose and intensity. So, If you are happy, It will influence in your
appearance and the others will probably think you more beautiful or nicer,
and, consequently, you will be happier. Of course bad days or bad energies
happen, but we need to control these situations, and the best way is not
concentrating all our positives energies on these facts, otherwise they will
increase. We need to concentrate our thought in good things like love,
peace, gratitude, forgiveness and blessings. So, as I look for my happiness
daily, for today and every day, I try:
to be blessed for everything;
To solve my problems and make choices based on mindfulness and
kindness to follow the best choices of my heart;
To have more patient with the facts of my life, not staying angry or
anxious for a long time, but not being accommodated with
To transmit my good energies (my smile, my attention, my
compassion, my friendship, my love ) for the others - what goes
around comes around!