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September/October 1998 Backwoods Home Magazine RECIPES

loin or tenderloin can be broiled or

cooked on the charcoal grill. Less ten-
You must understand venison der cuts like round are best cooked
with moist heati.e., stewing or
to be able to cook it successfully potroasting.
With little fat, venison is a dry
By Bill Palmroth Overwhelm the family by serving meat. Efforts must be made to pre-
venison in so many ways that they serve moisture. Wrapping in foil,
enison, the collective term for using a cooking bag, or covering with

V the meat of all hoofed big

game animals including deer,
elk, antelope, and even bighorn sheep,
learn to like it.
Most cooks like to try new recipes
now and then and even make up some
of their own. Be reasonable. Expect
bacon strips will help.
Remove any venison fat before
cooking. This seems like a contradic-
differs from domestic meats in some some limited successes and maybe tion since the meat is normally low in
important ways. Understanding these even a failure or two when experi- fat, but any game flavor will be most
differences will be an important factor menting with venison. Write some pronounced in the fat. Substitute beef
in your successes or failures as a chef. notes to yourself when you hit on a or pork fat if needed.
When using domestic meats like combination the family really enjoys. Use acid to tenderize. Vinegar,
beef and pork, one has some tomato sauce, and french
assurances that the animal was dressing sauces are
probably fed no strongly fla- good possibilities.
vored foods, was fattened well, Crushed papaya fruit
aged correctly, and even limit- also will do a suitable
ed in exercise. Venison offers job of tenderizing.
none of these promises. If Meat should be mari-
cared for like domestic meat nated in the chosen
(and it should be) after the sauce at least 24
kill, however, it also hours. Venison treat-
should be excellent. ed this way may be
The effect of a dif- broiled or charcoaled.
ferent lifestyle on the Venison generally
meat of big game is sweeter than domes-
must be considered tic meats. Reduce
when substituting it in sugar by one-fourth in
your favorite recipes. Here sauce recipes origi-
are some helpful hints on nally developed for
how to prepare it properly. beef or pork.
If your family enjoys the Successful cooking may
natural flavor of venison, your need to start several steps
only cooking problem is mak- sooner for best results. Those
ing the meat tender. If your who truly relish good venison invari-
animal has a stronger flavor or the Keep these general rules in ably cut their own by boning it out.
folks at home do not prefer the natural mind for successful venison This removes much of the tough con-
venison taste, you may increase their cookery: nective tissues, leaving straight-
enjoyment of these meats in three Dont overcook. Venison, espe- grained muscle for steaks and roasts.
ways: cially deer, has short fibers that tough- The following recipes are based on
Disguise the flavor with spices, en quickly. Overcooking or using very boned-out meat. If someone else cut
herbs, or seasonings. Recipes with high temperature leads to tough meat. the meat, it is a simple task to remove
barbecue sauces, soy sauce, and mari- Serve venison about medium-well, any bone before trying one of these
nades will help this effort. never rare or very well done. old favorites.
Dilute the flavor by mixing veni- Most venison has little fat and in
son with other meats and vegetables in this way only corresponds to low- Panfried venison:
stews, soups, and hamburger dishes. quality beef. Take this into considera- One of the oldest and probably still
tion when cooking. Tender cuts like the best ways to serve venison is quick

September/October 1998 Backwoods Home Magazine

frying of thin steaks. Cut thin steaks

from the loin, sirloin, or round or
3/8-inch thick. Flour or bread lightly.

Quick fry in a sizzling hot skillet not

over 1 minutes per side. Season with
salt and serve hot. Use cooking oil,
butter, bacon grease, or beef suet for
shortening. Frying time is critical.
Meat should be brown outside and
gray or just a hint of pink in the mid-
dle. If steak is dry or tough, it was
overcooked. Leavings in the skillet
make good pan gravy.

Venison roast:
Another method that preserves
moisture is cooking in foil. Lay out a
thawed roast on a sheet of foil large
enough for double wrapping. Sprinkle
with one package of dehydrated veg-
etable soup mix. Roll the roast in the
mix until as much of the dry soup as
possible is coating the roasts surface.
Wrap tightly in the foil and place in
the oven preheated to 350 degrees.
Depending on how well done you like
your venison, cook the average 2 to 3-
pound roast 1 to 2 hours. The dry
soup mix provides salt and seasoning;
the meat will come out moist and

Crock pot venison:

Cut steak-sized portions to 3/4-
inch thick. Brown approximately 1
pounds of these in a skillet and place
in the bottom of the average 3 to 4-
quart crock pot. Cover with a can of
cream of mushroom soup thinned with
up to cup milk. Top with 2 table-
spoons of butter. Peel or scrub 6 small
to medium potatoes and place them on
top of the meat and soup. Finish fill-
ing the crock pot with uncooked
chunks of squash or similar form of
vegetable. Set on low and forget for 8
to 10 hours. If you do this after break-
fast in the morning, supper will be
ready and waiting with no further
effort. The meat will be tender and the
soup will have formed a delightful
gravy for the potatoes.