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Stephani Anugrahman Fraction

2 Weeks (35 Minutes/Day) Grade 3

Lesson: 3. Comparing and Ordering Fraction

Unit Overview
Main Idea (Claim) Summative Assessment
Students will understand how to operate fraction Fraction Table
and able to connect and modify each of the

Guiding Questions Objectives (know/understand/do/value)

The student will . . .
1. How can we know that one fraction is bigger 1. Be able compare which fraction is bigger than
than the others? the others by putting some random fractions in
2. How can we apply equivalent fraction in order.
everyday life? 2. Apply the knowledge of equivalent fraction and
order/comparing fraction in daily life.
Time Instructional Procedures and Strategies
1. Learning environment: Desk and carpet in front of the slide.
2. Students Group List for fraction war
3. Mini whiteboard for each of the student and a whiteboard marker
4. Fraction War Pieces
5. Cake for the class
Beginning the Lesson
5 mins1. Written Review: Ask all of the students to take their mini whiteboard and a board marker.
All the students will sit on the carpet. In a slide, show the students a worksheet guess the
equivalent (Who am I worksheet). One question on one slide. Give them 1 minute to do
the problem on their board then count 1, 2, 3 and all students should raise up their
board. Students who answer right will get one extra point on their class performance. Ask
them to put the mini white board on their desk and gather back to the carpet.
2. Transition: Teacher will tell, Talking about fraction, I always remember how my mom
5 mins loved to buy two big cakes every February. Why? Because February is me and my little
brother birthday!
3. Which one is bigger?:
a. (Show two birthday cakes on the slide) One vanilla cake for my brother and his 5 best
friends and one chocolate cake for me and my 6 best friends. (Divide one circle into 5
parts and one into 6 parts.)
b. Each of my brothers best friends will get of the vanilla cake and each of my best
friend will get of the chocolate cake. (Discuss with students that a piece from the
vanilla cake is represented by the fraction 1/5 and that a piece from the chocolate cake is
represented by 1/6.) Ask students if they were given one piece from each cake, would
the pieces be equal, or would one be larger than the other?
c. Have students pair and share their ideas. Next, have students discuss as a group. Tell
students that this is what they will learn about today, comparing fraction.
Developing the Lesson
1. Comparing Fraction: Write the fractions 1/5 and 1/6 side by side. Discuss with students
how the numerators are the same but the denominators are different. Discuss that when
Stephani Anugrahman Fraction
2 Weeks (35 Minutes/Day) Grade 3

we divide two equal wholes into more pieces, the size pieces become smaller. Tell
10 students that its important to note the denominators of the fractions. Even though the
mins denominator for 1/6 is greater, the fraction 1/5 is greater than the fraction 1/6.
2. Practice Time!: Students need to take their mini whiteboard again. Teacher will write
these questions on the whiteboard and ask students to answer. Questions are taken from
comparing sheet: 1a, 2b, 6c, 7c, 8a
3. Fraction War Game!: Tell them the instruction first before separate them into group
and give them the fraction war pieces. Instruction:
a. Ask the students to group based on the assigned group (put the group name on the slide)
b. Each group will get Fraction War pieces.
10 c. Teacher will show a fraction on the slide and each group has to choose one fraction that is
mins bigger than the fraction shown by the teacher.
d. The player with the highest fraction gets to keep his card and his opponents. Who will
collect the most fractions?
Closing the Lesson
1. Review: Gather students together on the carpet.
a. Discuss with students how to compare the value of a fraction when both numerators are
the same.
b. Make sure to ask students to explain why a greater denominator does not mean a greater
5 mins2. Exit Slip: Cut the problems from Comparing Fraction Strips and Comparing Like
Fraction. Students need to line up and teacher will give each students a problem that they
should solve in order for them to be dimissed.
Formative Assessment Differentiation
1. White Board Review 1. Slide will help visual learner understand more.
2. Fraction war game


1. Worksheets:
ksheet=1 Comparing Fractions
b. Who am i?
Comparing Fractions from Pie Chart
d. Comparing Strips
e. Compating Like
2. Fraction in Between Games Ideas:
3. Lesson taken and modify from:

Evaluation and Reflection

Stephani Anugrahman Fraction
2 Weeks (35 Minutes/Day) Grade 3