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Lesson Plan Template

Name: Hamda Saleh Noor Mohammed

Professional Development Plan
I want to Mange classroom.
I did reward chart for students.
Talk with student in positive way.
Clear instructions.
Strategies Used:-

The teacher will use reward chart for students to they to control they self.
The teacher will use flash cards, smart board to engage students.


If the students understand the instruction from that I will achieve my first goal.
When I talk in positive way with students.

Grade Level: Subject: Learning Outcome (ADEC code and words):

Identify phases of the butterfly life cycle.
KG2/ 2 Science

Resources (what materials/equipment will you and Preparation (what do you need to make or check before
the students use? Be specific) class?)
Story book (Juha and his donkey), colourful of Check the smart bored.
cotton, paper, thread, beads, worksheet, scissors,
colors and glue. Check the sound.
Check whole classroom.
Check electricity.
Key vocabulary
Donkey, butterfly, laying eggs, caterpillar, greedily,
running, leaf, climbs, nearest, guaranteed, branches,
cocoon and pupa.
Introduction (warmer activity + teacher active engagement)
Whole Time: 15 min

The teacher will read the story in carpet area.

The teacher will sit on the chair and the students will sit around teacher.
First the teacher will read the story for students.
The teacher will read it again with ask questions for students.

Independent Experience (small group activity 1)

The teacher will give students colourful of cotton, paper and glue. The students will make
caterpillar with cotton.

Independent Experience (small group activity 2)

The teacher will give students thread and beads. The students will make caterpillar with beads

Independent Experience (small group activity 3)

The teacher will give students worksheet, scissors and colors. The students will cut the pictures of
life of the butterfly stages will order it after that they will colors the pictures.

The teacher will return students in carpet and review the stages of life of the butterfly. The teacher
Closing Time:

and students will talk about what they did in centres.

15 min

The teacher will assessment student the end of story about stages of butterfly life. The teacher will ask each
student about name of stage. Also the teacher will assessment student when they are doing activities.
SWC Lesson Reflection

Select (S):
Identify a lesson and what standards are you addressing
Teach students stages of butterfly life.

Describe (D):
Who is the lesson for? The lesson for regular and special need students.
Where did the lesson take place? The teacher did this lesson plan in classroom.
What were you trying to achieve in your lesson? The teacher trying to achieve her aims.
What did the students do? The students are understand the letter do and they interact with

Analyze (A):
Why do you think the students responded the way that they did? Because I used different way
and good way they like it.
How well did your teaching relate to the students prior understanding? The students understand
and I achieved my aims and I engaged them by videos.
How well did you engage the students? I engaged students by story.

Appraise (A):
Explain the nature of the experience from the students perspective this experience was good for
me to how control students and achieved the lesson.
Did your lesson meet your teaching goals? Yes.

Transform (T):
How might you enhance student learning of this lesson in the future? I will explain every page for
What are the implications for your professional practice? When students give the name of stages
of butterfly life a stages.