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Girl`s Kama Sutra

By Various

Hey. I'm Girl. Don't you just

Iove this sexy outfit? I guess you
can say this book is a period piece-
it's about getting a piece. Period.
This is a book for those who
like to groove. For most of you, it
won't tell you anything you don'l
already know.
For everyone else-well, I hope
you don't hurt yourselves. It's only
entertainment. Just a few ways I
likes to get off. Enjoy.

Okay. You're excited. You have a date for the eventng

and you're about to get some. First things first: WASH
YOUR ASS Nothing can destroy a night of great fucking
like having a stank ass. Think about it; Would you lap up
ice cream if it was lying in mud? (I hope you said no.) Well,
that's what you'd be asking your partner to do if you've
been running around all day and you haven't washed up.
Don't get me wrong- natural body scents are a turn on,
but not when they curl your nose hairs. Besides, bathing
together is sexy. Having another to scrub your private
parts is great fore-play. Take your time and lather all
those areas you'd like to taste. You could spend the whole
time in the bath if you like. It's a good way
to stay clean while you're getting dirty.

You can fuck
anywhere; in a
staircase, on a barn
roof or against a
tree-even in a tree.
And it's usually
spontaneous. But if
you plan and want
to impress a gir), the
setting can be a real turn on, for
both of you. Some items that
may be helpful: Wine and spirits- to
help you to relax. Incense and
heated oils-gives the room an exotic and very seductive
scent. Oils and body lotions-scented and edible for erotic
massage. Flowers- to decorate and perfume your room.
Herbs-(not the soup kind) like wine, can help to relax, if
you prefer. Ice cream -my personal choice to use for

massaging. Or you can just eat it. Soft lighting-candles are
much more romantic than electric light. Mus ic Put on
your favorite jams to rock to. And if you don't need any of
this to get your fuck on, then go on about your business.

An expression of great power, kissing
is the most intimate part of a
relationship and is an art in itself.
Exploring another's mouth with your
own is hlghly erotic. The entire mouth
should be used to tick, suck. nibble and
probe. A sexual relationship begins with
kissing and can tell a lot about you. To be a great kisser
takes practice, but it's worth the work.

Using your mouth to explore your
partner's body will give you both a
sexual connection you can get no other
way. To taste their natural body oils
can send your hormones racing, not to
mention the electric currents you'll be
sending through the body you're bitng
and sucking. You can also use the
edible body oils to enhance their taste.
(I prefer ice cream, strawberry.) Having
a favorite flavor on a warm body is very
erotic and your girl or guy will appreciate the extra time
you spend devouring them.

Guys like tits. Period. Big uns, small
uns, in between uns, it doesn't
matter. Tits are the first features a
guy notices about a girl. There's
nothing wrong with that-unless it's
the only thing he focuses on. But,
while he's focusing, learn him about
how sensitive a woman's breasts are
and how they shouldn't be ignored
as erogenous zones, not just a pair
of fun bags. Let him know that special attention should be
paid to the nipples and the soft skin around them. Have
him use all of his mouth to set you off;
have him lick it and flick it, squeeze 'em and tease 'em.
Let him know how much it turns you on when he knows
that he's not the only one attached to your breasts. Add
some of that edible oii you keep around. Or maybe a few
scoops of ice cream.

Feeling up each other
ignites the body, bringing
those nerve endings to
the surface so that when
they're touched again you
get even hotter. A slow,
seductive massage gets
your body flush with excitement. Never underestimate the
power of a good massage. Take your time and work that

body. Your muscles should be well relaxed for what's in


Here we go. Every - I mean
every girls favorite part of
foreplay. A good tongue lashing
will have that girl singing your
name long after it's over. But
there are still lots of guys who
don't like to do it (fucking
cavemen) and they're the ones
girls don't call back right away.
Ladies, make sure your kitty is
well groomed-you don't want a
forest down there. (And also
make sure you're 'April Fresh',
inside and out; he may not be in the mood for tuna.) Boys,
the kitty is your friend; play with it, lap it, kiss it. And
make sure you rock that man in the boat. Use some
imagination; girls like having a place to sit. The idea is to
get her good and wet for intercourse, so make that kitty


Just like girls, guys Iove oral
gratification. Almost nothing
pleases him more than having
his wand polished by a girl's
pretty mouth; guys like
watching a girl eat his meat.
And, luckily, most girls like
eating it. But there are still a lot
who don't. (Fucking
cavewomen) For those who do
(like me), you know what l'm
talking about. Treat that rod
like an ice cream pop- a
'meatsicle'. The most sensitive
part is the head. Lick it, suck
it-but not too long. He may
shoot his goo too soon and be
ready for a nap; then you'll
have to finish yourself off.
There's no need to swallow the
whole thing-unless you're good at it and want to impress
him. And pay attention to his balls, but be careful-you've
got to treat'em like expensive china. Once he's good and
stiff, you're ret to go.

There's no
renaming the classic.
One of my favorite
positions, you can
accompiish the
previous two pages at
the same time. Or just
add it on. (Trust me-
add it on.) This one never gets tired. The reversed
positions provide a different stimulation and can
encourage both of you to put a little more into your
performance. Yowsah.

That was just the

wind up. the following
is the main event.
Sometimes foreplay
and oral sex is enough
to get off on. I've had
many a night when
that was more than
enough. Intercourse isn't always necessary to achieve
orgasm or to have a great sexual encounter. But, for the
sake of this book-and because I likes it-here are some ways
I boogie.

When you finally get his
drawers down an he's - PEE-
WEE - Don't laughf Most girls
have an ideal penis size and
some guys just may fall short.
(Sony bout that.) That doesn't
mean your entire evening is
wasted. He might be great at
lots of other things and just
may make you forget about
your sexual priorities. But if it just doesn't work for you-
and since you're there anyway-then just hit it and quit it.
But don't let him leave feeling bad. He may have a
friend;and he could be hung like- MR. ED - When you find
thal guy who you think just may send you to the
emergency room, but you're just too friggin' horny to kick
him out, think one word: medication.(See page 3)
Taking intoxicants won't make that guy's big dick any
smaller but it will mellow you out and take you to the
planet o) Just gotsta have it'. And, guys, if she backs out of
it, it doesn't mean she's frigid- she's fragile. Her pussy,
that is. You break it, you bought it. But if you're a girl who
needs al) those inches, then I guess you know what to do
with 'em. Just go easy on her,
boys. You have something she'll
have to ease onto. Lucky
bastards. (And send me some


I like being on top
first. This gives me the
chance to dictate how
the evening goes (or
morning, whatever).. I
have more control over
all those spots that
need to be nit, letting
him know how I iikes
it. By being on top I
also have control of the
tempo and how much
of him I choose to take
inside me, depending
on his size. This
position also produces
less friction against
his sensitive cock
head, meaning he'll
last longer. (This could
depend on the last
Urne he got some. And
the first Urne with a
new partner is
sometimes uneasy.) Many girls don't know this about
this position-or guys. So saddle up, honey, and take him
for a ride.


(Nothin' but the dog in
me) This is the one.
You know it. You Iove
it. You can't fuck
without it The most
primitive of sexuai
positions is also the
most popular, and
with good reason. Of
all the people t've
spoken with over the
years, both men and
women, more than 80% of
them agreed this s the
position that gets them off
the best. I consider it the
great equatizer because
it's the one position that
provides both of you with
the widest range of
motion and you aiso get
better penetration than if
either of you were lying
down. I guess those
fuckng cavemen and women knew the deai way back
when. Woof.

Whenever I end up sleeping
with a guy, I usually wake up
in thi situation. And It's not an
un-pleasant way to awaken,
es-pecially if l've been rocked to
sleep. Getting stroked in sucii
a relaxed position really
prolongs your encountor.
Another way to make sex last
longer, if you have the time, is
to alternate between
intercourse and fore-play. (Like
page 8. Just trying to help.) This also helps to prevent your
organs from wearing out too much; you should be able to
walk when it's over without the use of cruthches. I had to
learn the nard way. (No pun intended.)

This being a
variation on page 13,
you still get some great
penetration while,
again, girlie gets to control the action, like hitting those
spots the way she likes and at the same time she can work
those vaginal muscles to clamp around that dick, in effect
milking it. (Girls, you should also do this while facing him;

the look on his face while you're squeezing his meat on the
upstroke will be priceless. I gotta start taking pictures.) But
unlike other positions when he's behind, although still
able to go deeper,


Speaking of that ass, girl, you just may have one that's
irresistible and he might want to take your temperatura.
Once considered the last taboo, this is a rather advanced
form of intercourse but is really nothing new. The ancient
Greeks are rumored to be well known for it. ( Maybe that's
why everyone wore dresses-easy access. It makes me
wonder about alt those 'great' philosophers though) If you've
never done it before, but want to give it a try, my advice is
to start out small-a finger, then two. just enough to
relax your back-door for his prong. (Unless his thang is know.) But make sure you oil up enough to make

the going easier. If done gradually, it can be enjoyable- a
rather perverse
thrill. III admit.
But isn't that
what sex is

Just for her:

Fact: on the average, a girl's orgasm is much more
complex than a guy's. ( Which is the matn cause for a girl's

penis envy.) Most of us need that extra half nour, another
lick-or more than one guy. Most girls think about it - but
they'd never tell a guy that-and wonder what it would be
like;an extra pair of hands to feel her, another tongue to
taste her. Damn. It can be so wicked. But the sweet truth
is most girls don't need it. It would just be something
she'd try once if she were drunk enough and was sure
she'd never see them again; something to tell her girls
when they're out.

I've been with two guys at

once quite a few limes and,
fuck, I likes it. And l'm sure
I'll be doing it quite a few
more times. it usually happens
because two guys sometimes
have more courage to
approach me than they would
if they were running solo. And
they don't mind sharing me-
that first time. Afterwards,
they each want one on one sessions with me and even if
the guy is

a great lay, I can't help but think about how it was when
his buddy was there to help him out. It can be intense
having two guys to get off with. And more girls than you
think know what it's like. So you guys watch that closet
door you try to open;one of them bones might fall out and
hurt cha.

Okay, more than two guys
can be considered excessive-
and just damn greedy. It also
means you girls won't have
control for long, no matter how
horney you are or if it is in your
bed. But things like this don't
usually take place unless
you're paid to do it, or there's
been a lot of drinking done
beforehand.Or you're an
actress and youreally want that
role. But if you do find yourself
in this situation, you will
definitely get your money's
worth, and a few dollars more.
Just don't forget that it can
get kind of messy towards the
end, though.


Even if the sex you're having is great, you can still

make it greater by role playing. Steady sex with someone
doesn't have to get stale before you decide to spice it up.
In fact, if it has gotten stale, it'll take a greater effort to
make it great again. So, a good way to keep it interesting
is to add that spice now while it's great. Surprise him one
night by appearing as his school teacher and keep him
after class. Have him show you his dangling participle and
grade him on the curve-yours. Or do my favorite I caii
'church and state' where you can personally settle who
should be on top. Make him repent and show him how to
use his big ole night stick. You're only limited by your
imagination, so spice it up.

And when it's over, then what? And just how do you
know when it's over? Usually, it's when he blows his wadd
and falls asleep. (Sorry, guys. But most of you know what
l'm saying.) Boys, tf you finish and she wants to go to the
gym to work out or go bike riding, you still have some work
to do. But if you girls get worn out first (hey, it happens),
you can bet you won't be getting any sleep until he gets
his. I Iove getting my brains fucked out; it's always followed
by the best sleep I can have. You can do that- or talk,
drink some vino and just chill. Unless you have to leave to
get back to your husband, or wife. Or daddy's waiting up
for you. It's always cool to share that glow and aquaint
yourself with his/her post sex vibe. Would you hit it with
this person again? Or do you just want to be alone?
There's no way to tell by reading a book with dirty
pictures. You gotta go out there and get some. As for me,
l'm gonna take a nap. Edumacating wears me out.