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The most endearing feature of Engineering is its rich amalgamation of Physical and

Mathematical Science enhancing the virtual experience. My first introduction to

Computers came in higher secondary school, with Computer Science as a vocational
subject. What appealed to me most was its role in bridging the gap, between the
abstract and the manifested. As a step forward, I joined the Electronics and
Communication Engineering program at Indian Institute of Information Technology
Guwahati. Ever since I joined the department, focusing on academics to build firm
conceptual roots, I have consistently maintained a distinction with a cumulative GPA
of 9.58/10.0. During the program, I played with physical electronic components and
dabbled with digital design, in the Electronics lab. This coupled with courses like,
Introduction to VLSI - which deals and indeed gives a glimpse of the journey of
Silicon to Singualrity made me to contemplate a lot.
The four well spent academic years, here, have been instrumental in laying the
foundation, and providing enough motivation for me, to pursue research. Courses
like Operating Systems, Computer Architecture and ____ (fill it up with courses),
provided me with in-depth knowledge of ___________(Fill the topics which u feel are
important to join thelab ). However, my research interest in VLSI eveolved because
of ____ (reason). During my Penultimate year I have worked on a project titled
Detection of Jammer in Multi-User Scenario under the guidance of Dr.Sam Darshi.
The main objective is to identify the reason behind deep fade of the signal and
detect the same if it is being caused by a jammer. Proposed a method based on
Outage Probability to detect the presence of jammer in multiuser environment and
effect of interferers are also taken into an account for better characterization of
network. With my awe for VLSI design I shifted towards the field of Digital VLSI
Design. As a part of my Bachelors thesis I am working on a project titled Photonic
Multicore Network On Chip(NOC) under the guidance of Dr.Soumyajit Poddar . Aim
is to obtain low latency, high throughput with minimal power in multicore
network.the project consists of proposing an efficient architecture of Photonic
Network on Chip by using hybrid switching methods and Quantum-Dot Leds
between routers and reduce Power consumption by designing a low power and
minimal size routers.
I would like to pursue research that will solicit the involvement of
________________(Mention the Feilds). I would like to contribute to each of these fields
during my research. My primary research platform, however, will be VLSI. I would
like augment my research work with VLSI design prototyping, as proof of concept
My ambition is to head a Research and Development firm involved in designing
embedded systems that will borrow heavily from my research work. I would like to
leverage the knowledge and insight gained from the Masters in Research Program
at IIIT Hydearabd, to further this ambition and make it a reality.