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Name: Kara Whetstone

Grade Level: First Grade
Content Area: Social Studies
Beyond-the-Basic Productivity Tool Used: Timeliner
Standards Addressed: SS1H1 Read about and describe the life of historical figures in American

Blooms Level of Critical Thinking:

Remembering Understanding Applying Analyzing Evaluating Creating
Description of how to implement in the class: The students will be learning about three historical
figures in American history. They will be learning about Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and
Theodore Roosevelt. I will be reading the students a short article about each of these men and why
they are known as historical figures. After I read these articles to them, I will ask the students what
each of these men did and why it was important. After we discuss these men, I will ask the students to
go to their desks and I will pass out a worksheet that has a picture of each man with a box under it. I
will then ask them to fill in each box with one important thing about each historical figure.

Once they have completed this worksheet, I will check each students work to make sure it is correct
and assist if needed. I will also provide the articles for the students to look at while filling out this
worksheet. Once all of the students work is correct, I will ask the students to go sit at a computer.
They will then be asked to make a timeline on Timeline that shows what they wrote on their
worksheet. I will have a template that each student will open so all they have to do is type in their
responses under the historical figures picture. After the students complete their time line, I will post
a few of the best one on to my classroom blog for the parents/community to see.
Level of Technology Implementation (LoTi): I feel that this lesson is a LoTi level 4 because the
students are using technology on their own, as well as assuming an adult position by making their
own timeline. Also, I will be posting these onto the classroom blog.
Description of the sample BBPT file provided *: Attached is an example of the timeline the
students will be making in Timeline. This program and activity will help the students learn about
historical figures as well as how to use a timeline.
Other comments about your proposed BBPT Activity: I think that this software and lesson is great
and will really help my students learn about these men and what they did to help our country.