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Rubric: assignment 2 (Masher)

6 questions created 6
6 Questions - Usefulness in electronic format:
Question design & Quality of questions (requires higher order thinking)
Feedback 20
Any other 2 potatoes used? JMix, JClose, JMatch, JCross 6
Additional 2 question types - Usefulness in electronic format:
Question design & Quality of questions (requires higher order thinking)
Feedback 10
Masher used?
Formatted colours
Formatted fonts
Specific order 6
Submitted zipped folder? 2
TOTAL [50]

During the last contact sessions (week of 29 September) we spent time in class to explore the
different question options offered by the Hot Potatoes software. You should now be equipped to
complete the activity below.
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During the contact last contact sessions (week of 29 September) we assisted you in using the Hot
Potatoes software. You have gone through the registration process to obtain full functionality of the
software, using the following information:

User name: Geoffrey Lautenbach


To register, you must insert the user name and key into the space provided in any of the “J options”,
for example JQuiz, under Help. Please note:

• If you work in a UJ computer lab, you may have to register every time you use Hot
• To be able to work at home or at your workplace you will have to install the software onto a
computer there. If you want to register for your own name and key (for installations on your
own computer) you may follow the registration process in your own time. They will send you
your name and key vie email.

Using the Hot Potatoes software, complete the following exercise:

Select a small component of your learning area/subject and create the following assessment items
for that unit or section of work using the tools indicated below.

Hints and requirements:

• Each question must include good feedback where possible and where
appropriate (see previous sections work for guidelines).
• Name each question logically so that you can put them into the exact order
required for submission.

• Create a single folder (using your surname and initials) in which you save all of
your files

• Save each native file (e.g. JQuiz) in your folder.

• Then export each file again as a web page to the same folder.

• Save all pictures, sounds and movie files in the same folder (keep the file size
small please).

• Avoid spaces in file names. Use an underscore if needed e.g. question_1

Use JQuiz to create the following six questions

• three good multiple choice questions (you may use the three best examples
from your assignment 1). At least one of the questions must include a picture,
video, or sound.

• one short-answer question, where the learner has to type the answer into a text
box on the page. The page must match the learner’s answers to a list of
answers you have defined.

• one hybrid question (a combination of a short-answer question and a multiple-

choice question where, if the student fails to get the answer right after two tries
(set in the configuration screen), the question changes to multiple-choice to
make it easier.

• one multi-select question that asks the learner to select a certain number of a
specific set of items e.g. Which of the following are nouns?, followed by a list of
words which includes some correct and incorrect answers.

Then include four additional questions, using any of the following:

• JClose to create a simple gap fill exercise (fill in the correct word in the
spaces). Try to find a way to use this tool to the maximum effect for your
learning area. Avoid simple word games – think big!

• JMix to make a single jumbled words/sentence exercise that is relevant to your

chosen topic. Be innovative and think of new ways to use this tool in your
learning area.

• JMatch to make a single matching exercise based on your topic.

• JCross to create a single crossword puzzle related to your chosen topic. Ensure
that you create useful clues for each word.

You are expected to explore this exercise in the time leading up to the next contact session.

Remember to save all of your questions in ONE folder (include all pictures, videos and sounds too).
Bring the questions along to the next contact session where we will use the “Masher” to create a
quiz. It is essential that you complete this exercise as we will be using the masher at the next
session to compile a complete quiz using all of your questions. This will be assignment 2.
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