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SMK Dato Permaisuri(YEA4101)

English Daily Lesson Plan

WEEK : 1 DAY / DATE : Tuesday, 3 January, 2017 -
PERIOD : 2 6th & 7th DURATION : 60 minutes FORM : 1A
THEME : People TOPIC : New Year, New You
Skill : Listenin Speakin - Moral Value : Respect the differences and value
g g the similarities
Key Concepts / Key Vocabulary : Resolution, customs, Resources :
traditions KSSM English Form 1 textbook, Mobile phone and

Learning Outcomes: Specifications :

1.3 Listen to and respond critically to a wide range of 1.3.1 Listen to a spoken, audio and visual texts to:
spoken, audio and visual texts i) retrieve main ideas
ii) retrieve supporting details
1.2 Speak intelligibly, eloquently and appropriately for 1.4.1 Express feelings and give simple descriptions of
different purposes, audiences, contexts and cultures personal experiences orally

Learning Objectives : Success Criteria :

By the end of the lesson you will be able to : I will be successful if I can :
1) Listen to a talk programme on New 1) Complete a tree map given in the textbook (pg.2)
Year resolutions 2) Read and practise saying aloud sample resolutions from
2) Speak about your New Year the textbook (pg.2)

Lesson Outline Differentiation /

Starter 1) Ss describe the picture of how Malaysians; Malays, Chinese,
(Suggested Indians and other ethnic groups celebrate their New Year
Time : according to their respective beliefs, customs and traditions.
Min) 2) Ss answer these questions:
10 i) What does New Year mean to you?
ii) Do you celebrate any other day besides New Year
according to your beliefs, customs and traditions?

Main Activity 1: Listening to a Morning Talk Programme

Activities 1) Ss listen to a Morning Talk Programme
(Suggested 2) Ss complete a Tree Map given in the text book (pg.2)
Time :
Min) Activity 2: Saying Them Aloud
40 1) Ss read and practise saying the resolutions aloud (pg.2)

Plenary Pair work: Think-pair-share Tips to make

(Suggested 1) Ss think to themselves on one of their new year resolution. resolutions:
Time : Im going to
Min) Im thinking about
Im planning to
I have decided to

[Strength] [Weakness] [Opportunities] Follow-up
Progress Lesson
Learning improvement
Objectives /
Successful Criteria

* A starter activity is a short activity that comes at the beginning of the lesson to capture students interest,
right before the actual key activities begin.
*A plenary activity is a short activity that comes right at the end of the lesson after all key components have
been taught, to wind up a lesson successfully and effectively.
*Differentiating the content means we adjust the content so that it can be accessed by all students.
(Strategies : Reduced content, Simplified Content, Accessible text, Link content to student interests, multiple
intelligences, vocabulary lists, Word walls, Pictures, Dictionaries, Global connections.
*Differentiating the learning process means we need to find the most efficient and effective ways : and for
different students this means different approaches. (Strategies : Flexible grouping Mixed ability groups, Ability
groups or Interest groups, Tiered activities, Anchor activities, Time, Translation, Instructions)
*Differentiating the learning product means students can demonstrate their learning in a variety ways; it
doesnt always have to be the same kind of assessment. Giving students a choice gives a sense of
empowerment, and naturally increases their motivation and engagement. (Strategies : Talk about their
learning, Write (Creative writing and factual writing), use pictures, use mind maps and other graphic organisers,
use software tools for presentation, such as Powerpoint, use drama, build models, use multi-media tools eg.
Youtube Videos, Make posters, Use songs, Write journal prompts, Create role-plays, Build word walls and / or
vocabulary lists, Participate in highly structured and interactive games.