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HPA Axis Essentials

This guide summarizes the body systems

each product supports to assist you in making
the right decisions for each of your patients,

HPA Axis Essentials

Herbal Solutions for Stress Management depending on their specific needs.

Adrenal Brain Nervous Liver Digestive Whole Immune Thyroid Pancreas Female Male
System System Body System Endocrine Endocrine

Core Products HPA Axis Legend Herbal Solutions for Stress Management
Phase 1: Alarm

Rhodiola & Schisandra Adrenal Digestive System Pancreas

Rhodiola & Ginseng Complex Brain Whole Body Female Endocrine

Nervous System Immune Male Endocrine

Additional Considerations
Liver Thyroid

Ginkgo Forte

Adrenal Brain Nervous Liver Digestive Whole Immune Thyroid Pancreas Female Male
DiGest System System Body System Endocrine Endocrine

FemCo Core Products

Phase 3: Exhaustion
Rhodiola & Schisandra

Core Products Rhodiola & Ginseng Complex

Phase 2: Resistance

Rhodiola & Schisandra Withania Complex

Rhodiola & Ginseng Complex Adrenal Complex

Withania Complex Nevaton

Adrenal Complex Kava Forte

Eleuthero Astragalus Complex

Additional Considerations Additional Considerations

Echinacea Premium St Johns Wort 1.8g

DiGest Echinacea Premium

Thyroid Complex HiPep

Kava Forte Thyroid Complex

Nevaton Rehmannia Complex

Ginkgo Forte Ginkgo Forte

Valerian Complex Valerian Complex

Livton Complex Livton Complex

HerbaVital Gymnema

FemCo FemCo

Tribulus Tribulus
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Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Adrenal (HPA) Rhodiola & Schisandra Eleuthero
Axis and Stress A synergistic herbal blend of Rhodiola rosea root
andSchisandra chinesis fruit help the body during
Each tablet is standardized to contain 950 mcg
of eleutheroside E to ensure optimal strength
times of stress with specific support for the liver andquality.
The hypothalamus, pituitary and adrenal glands and their complex interactions constitute the HPA axis. and nervous system.
Enhances the bodys natural ability to adapt to
TheHPA axis is the major part of the neuroendocrine system that controls the bodys normal reactions Each tablet is standardized to contain 4.5 mg temporary stress
tostress and regulates many body processes, including those of digestion, the immune system, mood and of rosavins and 1.5 mg of salidroside to ensure
Supports physical and mental endurance
optimalstrength and quality.
emotions, reproduction and the cardiovascular system as well as energy storage and expenditure. The HPA Promotes vitality
May support healthy liver function
axis is also the primary mechanism for interactions that mediate the general adaptation syndrome (GAS). Supports healthy physical performance and
Restores and enhances immune system function*

maintains general well-being

Supports healthy cognitive function and Astragalus Complex
emotionalbalance* A strong tonic blend containing Astragalus,
Echinacea purpurea root and Eleuthero that
Selyes Stress Model enhances immune system function
Rhodiola & Ginseng Complex Maintains feelings of general well-being and
Normal A synergistic herbal blend of Rhodiola rosea root supports vitality
and Panax ginseng root that works as a tonic
Resistance Facilitates the bodys normal response to
Hypothalamus to benefit the whole body and provide a quick
State energyboost
Promotes a healthy response to
Anabolic Can significantly improve health and fitness
Corticotropin-Releasing Phase Enhances mental clarity, boosts vitality and increases
Hormone CRH energy levels
Negative Catabolic Nevaton
Supports physical endurance and promotes stamina
Feedback Phase Supports the bodys natural defenses against
A blend of St Johns Wort, Schisandra, Damiana
Arginine and Skullcap that offers nervous system and
AVP emotional and environmental stressors* digestivesupport
Calms the nerves and restores balance in temporary
Withania Complex mood swings
Containing Ashwagandha, Licorice, Skullcap Encourages balance between the body and mind
Anterior Pituitary Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 and Korean Ginseng, this formula increases
Eases the effects of occasional stress
Alarm Resistance Exhaustion vitality, maintains well-being and supports
naturaldefenses. Provides support and maintenance of the liver*
Adrenocorticotropic Tiredness Fatigue Supports and maintains the body as it ages
Hormone ACTH Kava Forte
Helps protect against fatigue
Helps nurture general health and wellness A well-balanced herbal formulation that may help
relieve anxious feelings and improve mood and
Adrenal Cortex Herbal Support for Stress Supports a healthy immune system and
mental well-being
Each tablet is standardized to contain 50 mg of
As health care professionals we have many herbs to help patients cope with the effects of stress. kavalactones per tablet to ensure optimal strength
Cortisol CORT Below is abrief summary of the key herbal actions and herbs that support the stress response.* Adrenal Complex and quality.

Please note there is overlap in the categories and this table is only designed to indicate the major action of each herb. Combines Licorice root and Rehmannia rhizome, two Made only from water-extracted noble cultivars
powerful adrenal tonics that help the body adapt to of Kava, strictly regulated and carefullyselected
the challenges of everyday life
May help relax both body and mind, soothe nerves
Adaptogens Tonic Adrenal Tonics Each tablet is standardized to contain 25 mg of and induce sound sleep
glycyrrhizin to ensure optimal strength and quality.
Supports the relief of muscular tension*
Restores adrenal function to reduce the effects of
Increases the bodys resistance Improves tone, vigor and function Improves the tone
Hans Selye, MD, PhD, an influential pioneer in the field of stress, first identified the general adaptation syndrome in the stress on the body
tophysical, environmental, of the whole body. Tonics can and function of the
1950s. He identified three phases (alarm, resistance and exhaustion) as a guide to assist health care professionals. Dr. Selye Supports adrenal gland health and energy
emotional or biologicalstressors* give a boost inenergy* adrenalglands*
cautioned that GAS is a spectrum requiring a thorough analysis of each patient. The impact of stress is individualized and
production to help combat fatigue
Try them in your
Promotes the bodys normal resistance function
varied in its outcome. For this reason, it is important to have a range of solutions available to suit the variation in patient
presentation. On the reverse side, youll find the HPA Axis Essentials chart summarizing the body systems each product
Rhodiola Eleuthero Korean Ginseng Licorice andsupports a healthy immune system* clinic today!
Schisandra Astragalus Rehmannia
supports. This guide will assist you in making the right decisions for individual patients based on their specific needs.*
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.