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Herbal Solutions for

Musculoskeletal Health

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Herbal Solutions for
Willow Bark Quality Issues
Musculoskeletal Health Willow Bark has been used for thousands of years to support Willow Bark extract used
in European clinical trials
musculoskeletal system health, but in recent times had fallen from & in Saligesic
A healthy musculoskeletal system is vital for the bodys normal favor due to inconsistent therapeutic outcomes. Recent European Salicin

function. Musculoskeletal discomfort can limit mobility, cause additional clinical trials however, using a particular type of Willow Bark extract
have demonstrated excellent results. The Willow Bark extracts used
stress and affect quality of life. As health care professionals you can in the clinical trials were standardized to the marker compound
provide much needed support for your patients musculoskeletal salicin, however there are other salicin esters in Willow Bark such
as salicortin, 2-O-acetylsalicortin, fragilin and tremulacin, together
system, especially when its challenged by discomfort. with other components which are important for this herb. MediHerb
Saligesic contains the extract used in the European clinical trials.
MediHerb has specifically developed a range of quality herbal products
to support many aspects of musculoskeletal health.

Kava Forte Nervagesic

Supports relief of muscular tension and effects Specifically formulated by Professor Kerry Bone
Boswellia Complex Saligesic of everyday stress to relieve nervous system discomfort

MediHerbs best selling joint support formula Contains a high potency extract of Willow Bark Contains Kava root extracted entirely with Promotes relaxation in the nervous system
used by health care professionals around standardized for its salicin content, which has water to provide the full spectrum of active and muscles, including muscular cramping and
the world been proven to support musculoskeletal health constituents, including the kavalactones exercise-related muscle discomfort
in European clinical trials. See Willow Bark Standardized to provide 50 mg of kavalactones Combines high quality extracts of Corydalis,
Beneficial for patients requiring joint support to
quality information on the next page per tablet for optimal strength and quality Jamaican Dogwood and California Poppy, which
maintain their active lifestyle
Has been shown to support a healthy contain many important compounds including
Contains high quality extracts of Boswellia, MediHerb has invested in research to further
musculoskeletal structure and system, especially alkaloids, isoflavonoids and other flavonoids for
Celery Seed, Ginger and Turmeric - key herbs understand the therapeutic activity of Kava
the knees, hip and lower back optimal strength and quality
for supporting and maintaining healthy joints
Relieves exercise-related musculoskeletal M1345 40 Tablets Provides antispasmodic activity for
Benefits the bodys normal inflammation smooth muscle
responses to strenuous exercise
Maintains healthy joints and promotes muscle
Provides musculoskeletal support by assisting M1379 40 Tablets
tissue relaxation
in clearing acidic waste from the body via the
kidneys and promoting healthy circulation
M1395 40 Tablets
M1152 40 Tablets
Kava Quality Issues
M1157 120 Tablets 100 water Kava extract
Traditionally Kava beverages are prepared by chewing or pounding 90 ethanol Kava extract
Kava standard
the root to produce a cloudy, milky mash, which is then consumed 80
orally. It is known that extraction with different solvents affects the 70
Bone Complex Gotu Kola Complex phytochemical profile of the extract. 60

% apical
A unique bone support formula, that combines Promotes the normal development of bone and MediHerb investigated the difference in bioavailability of the water
high quality extracts of Epimedium, Red Clover, other connective tissue extract of Kava and the 96% ethanol extract using the Caco-2
Black Cohosh and Kudzu, herbs that are well- monolayer in vitro model. The kavalactones (as kawain) were found
A synergistic blend of Gotu Kola, Grape Seed 20
supported by traditional use and research to be potentially bioavailable as they all crossed the membrane quite 10
and Ginkgo that supports all types of connective readily with the exception of one kavalactone (yangonin). The water 0
These efficacious herbs contain compounds tissues throughout the body including skin, extract of Kava was only slightly less bioavailable than the ethanol 0 40 80 120 160
called flavonoids, which research has shown stomach and duodenal tissue extract. Therefore the clinical effect of the water extract of Kava Time (min)
to be beneficial for maintaining strong and would be similar to that of an ethanol extract.
Formulated to promote the bodys natural tissue
healthy bones
repair process
Designed to promote normal bone remodeling
Supports normal development of connective
function and healthy bone density
and epithelial tissue, particularly during times of
Ideal support for mature womens healthy increased physical stress eg strenuous exercise Support your patients musculoskeletal system health with MediHerbs herbal solutions.
bone and tissue function
Promotes the bodys natural tissue
drainage process
M1145 40 Tablets
M1313 40 Tablets

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