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Davis V. Monroe County Bd. Of Ed. 526 U.S.

629 (199)

Legal Brief #2 Katie Seidel

- Davis v. Carter (2009). Eleventh Circuit Court 08-10162

- Find Law Cases and Codes. FindLaw: Cases and Codes. Retrieved March 14, 2017, from

-The morning after voluntary Football practice Tyler Davis collapsed and died
- Pamela and Lorenzo Davis filed suit against Rockdale County Public Schools, State of Georgia
and various employee or Rockdale County High School including the three football coaches]
- Plaintiffs Pamela and Lorenzo claimed that the coaches violated Tylers right to due process by
withholding water and not attending to Tyler after he collapsed during practice and that these
decisions resulted in the deprivation of his right to life, liberty, bodily integrity, and safety.
-The main issue of this case is the potential violation of due process
- Defendants filed a motion to dismiss the complaint and claimed they were entitled to qualified
immunity in regards to the civil charges brought against them.
- This case did reach the Supreme Court and Justice OConnor presided over this case.
- The case was vacated and remanded.
- Davis voluntarily participated in the after school activity.
- The allegations by the plaintiffs do not allege that the coaches engaged in corporal
punishment or made physical contact with Davis.
- It was proven that the coaches did not act willfully or with malicious intent to injure.
- The claims brought by the plaintiffs should be reviewed under tort law.
- As a coach at the collegiate level, this ruling does have an effect on me. It is important to
act in the best interest of the student athlete and to be aware of safety risks while
practicing or competing
- This issues brings attention to potential civil liability in the realm of torts.